Ontraport Review, Features, Pricing & Alternatives

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Here is the Ontraport Review, Ontraport is the best platform for sales and marketing. It has a great CRM platform that is integrated with so many apps. Ontraport is the all-in-one platform for sales, Marketing automation, page, and for builders and payments. You need just a few clicks to integrate with WordPress. Payment is so easy with this so you can sell faster.

You don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, or JavaScript for Creating pages. When it comes to the topic on page and form building, it takes lots of effort and time. You can create pages using drag-and-drop options. It allows you to create forms using Brave, ConvertPlus, ConvertPro, Jotform, Justuno, miloTree, OptinMonster, and so on.

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10Expert Score
Best Platform For Marketers
This is the best online platform which is a SaaS that is a cloud-based service. I have been using this for 1 year and it helps me a lot. It has WordPress Plugin and I can connect with Shopify also. I have created a membership site for my customers. It supports other payment Gateways. I am recommending this to the marketers.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
Ontraport API
  • Easy To USe
  • It Comes With So Many Integrations
  • We Can Connect With WordPress
  • It Helps To Create Pages And Forms Easily
  • It Comes With Drag-And-Drop Option
  • It has UTM Tracking
  • It Is A Cloud-Based Service So No Need To Install Any Software
  • We Can Create Dynamic Content On Ontraport
  • Providing API to Connect Other Tools
  • Mobile App Also Available
  • Other payment gateways available

🏆 Ontraport Review: What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is the all-in-one platform for the business of sales and marketing. If you are managing so many platforms separately then you might feel it is not good, it is hard to maintain all the tools.

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With the help of Ontraport, you can integrate all the tools in one place. Using Ontraport you can create a landing page with the help of integration such as Beaver Builder, ClickFunnels Payment Integration which accepts payments, Leadpages, and so on.

You do not have to depend on the old gateway method. Ontraport has so many gateways as Authorize.net, Elavon, eWAY Rapid, Network Merchants Inc, Payflow Pro, Paypal Standard, and many more. You can integrate with social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Heyo to grow your business.

Many people may think like that how to do Ontraport login or how does Ontraport work, to them I have today that you don’t have to worry about this. Ontraport has its Youtube channel, from there you can find all the solutions to your Ontraport problem.

🏆 Ontraport Features: What We Are Getting on Ontraport?

🔥 Sales And CRM


Ontraport CRM

Ontraport platform is providing effective CRM from which flexible and more customizable platform on the internet. Ontraport helps to collect more data regarding contacts. You can also track your sales team movement using this.
Ontraport has marketing messaging and sales processes on the same platform. You can track multiple pipelines at the same time. You can create as many pipelines as you want for onboarding, online funnels, projects, retention tracking, and so on. You can create new records and link among them which will help you to manage and automate your process.
Plus, you can access your data from anywhere using a mobile app also.

🔥 Segment And Organize

Using this you can organize your customers in a better way which helps you to access the data. You can see your customer’s data for a topographic view in your funnel. It helps you to update a large amount of data easily. You can easily set appointments.

🔥 Smart Pipelines

Ontraport Pipeline

Smart Pipelines is part of Ontraport. It helps you to sell more with little effort only. you can manage any part of your work by creating multiple pipelines. You can see different data from each pipeline. In every pipeline, you can find the right data using cards and you can change the color based on your information. You can update all the cards at once.

🔥 Unified Contact History

Ontraport Contact History

From every page visited, resource downloaded, emails, What they are buying, refund they have received, login, email opened, links clicked, and form information you will get data.

Using this you can grow your business, and make your mistakes correct.

🔥 Task Automation

Task automation will do everything for you such as making a phone or it can review applications for you. You can track your workflow direction.

🔥 Custom Objects

You can arrange your data in a way so you can find out the data. Custom Objects allows you to see your employee. You can connect everything with each other. You have to create a new record and set the relationship between them.
Using custom objects you can organize your data in your records. You don’t have to overwrite data again.

🔥 Lead Scoring and Routing

You can increase your sele with most leading your website. You can create multiple scores using this.

🔥 Mobile App

You can use the mobile application to manage your business. Effective CRM in your hand. You can access contacts. Everything you can do like your web version can be done. Manage your calls from starting to end. You don’t have to worry about managing your team and tasks. You can now schedule and track the events easily using the mobile app.

🔥 Trends

You can find new data in a bigger way. Everything you will find in one place. Charts are customizable. You can customize your dashboard with important data. In your dashboard, you can find contacts, emails, SMS, Page Visits, Sales, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Payment Plans, Tasks, Campaigns, Calendars, Custom Objects, and Partner Programs.

🔥 Marketing Automation

Ontraport is the best platform for marketing automation. Using this you can work with more data on this platform. Campaigns are so easy and you can integrate with more channels.

🔥 Campaign Automation

Ontraport has the most effective campaign builder for marketers. This is a new generation campaign builder where everything is easy to understand. You can execute automation easily, you have to select the template first, then customize it. In the end, you can publish the campaign.

🔥 Email and SMS Messaging

Email delivery is the best part of Ontraport. Using UTMs you can find which emails are leading for sales.
You can use your own SMS number to send text messaging. Both ways texting is available on this platform. You can schedule a time to send text messaging.

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🔥 Email Deliverability

It is completely internal infrastructure, they are assuring there is no outsourcing. In every service level, SPF(Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) custom sending domains. You can send seedlist tests to send standing and track the process. You can use any third-party SMTP to send emails such as SendGrid.

🔥 Tracking and Attribution

If you waste your money on ads then sadly say it won’t work. If you have more data then you can predict more accurately but it would be difficult when you have fewer data. You can track what converts and track complete customer data.
Plus you can sync with Facebook for effective ads. You can identify every visitor. If visitors clear the cookies, then still you don’t have to worry about it. You will not lose if the customer switches the device or use a different email address.

🔥 Facebook Custom Audiences

You can show the right Facebook ads automatically. Get hyper and specific ads based on page visits. Depending upon the deep funnel data you can retarget it. Forget about spreadsheets, Create audiences and send them automatically to show right and specific ads. You need to integrate your Facebook with your Ontraport account. After that, you have to create a new audience and then add contacts to it. After converting remove the contacts.

🔥 Pages and Forms

It is easy to create web pages. You have to drag and drop to build web pages. You can design forms for advanced online marketing.
With Ontraport, you can create membership sites. Dynamic content is in demand compared to static web pages.
Now you can connect this with WordPress so you can integrate it with many plugins. You can identify your visitors.

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🔥 Drag-And-Drop Editor

Forget about coding problems. This time is for the drag-and-drop era. If you want to create web pages before then you had to learn HTML, CSS, and a backend language which was time-consuming and takes lots of effort.
Using Ontraport you can build so many pages just using their tools. You can track your visitors using UTM tracking. Get free SSL with Ontraport.

🔥 Membership Sites

Ontraport membership

You can create a membership site using Ontraport. No required integration for membership. You can build it in Ontraport.
To create a membership site you have to install a membership campaign then choose a domain and logo. After that customize the pages. Now people can sign up on your page.

🔥 Form Builder

Collect more information and convert it into sales. Accurate data can help you to make decisions.
With Ontraport you can create forms easily.

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🔥 Dynamic Content

Dynamic content represents a web page that gets changes in user behavior. You can create dynamic content using Ontraport. Moreover, you can set intervals for the time delays in your content. Lastly, you can merge data from the URL onto the dynamic pages. No need for any programming experiences.

🔥 WordPress Integrations

Connect your WordPress account with Ontraport for creating forms, payment, tracking emails, and so on.
You can create a one-time payment using Ontraport Plugins.

🔥 Payments

Using the Ontraport platform you can sell faster. With payment, the platform grows your sales.

🔥 Order Forms

It is easy to check out with the Ontraport platform. Every data is safe with Ontraport. Using the same drag-and-drop form builder you can collect payments. Forget about the regular payment gateway, Ontraport has a large number of getaways and allows you to receive any currency payment.

🔥 Offline Transactions

The hardest part of a business is receiving payments. Payment and refund are a critical part of any sales but Ontraport makes it easy for everyone. You can set the payment structure using Ontraport as Advanced Payment first and the rest of the payment later. You can send an invoice, create pro-rate bills, refund orders, and so on.

🔥 Complex Offers

Create offers for your buyers for increasing sales. Customize your payment models and extend your goals. You can create free trials with this. You can have one-time payments, subscriptions, payment plans, trial periods, coupon codes, and many more on your site.

🔥 Upsells And Order Bumps

Customers won’t have to re-enter their details for making payments. It will be auto-cached to save their time.
Need one click for customers to upgrade their version.

🔥 Decline Recovery

Most of the sellers get card fail in their online business which is so disturbing.
It is better for subscription plans to get automatic reminders and if cards get bounces.
Customers will receive reminders if the card gets declined.

🔥 Customer Center

You can get a customer center for your customers with a few clicks. It is easy to build a customer center with a drag-and-drop option. It has easy and simple password management for your customers for managing their passwords. You can host the customer center on Ontraport subdomains for free. For WordPress users, it is easy to install on the Ontraport plugin. Using customer center, customers can set their username and password easily, they can update their card details, name, and emails id.

🔥 Referral Tracking

You can track and get more referrals from your clients and customers. With this, you can get better tracking. You can build a partner portal for the solution of partner management. Just provide custom referral links and pre-written emails for your business promotion.

🔥 Platform

First, build your business on it and scale it when requires. With this platform you all data is safe and secure. With Ontraport tools create your business within a few steps. You can Ontraport API to connect with more tools.


Ontraport API

You can transfer your data with more tools using Ontraport API. Using Ontraport you can send or request contacts data with a specific tag, you can search emails faster, and many more. You can access campaigns, contacts, content, credit cards, Facebook apps, forms, groups, gateways, products, orders, landing pages, and so on.

🔥 Integrations

Ontraport comes with so many apps and you can integrate with it such as Zapier, Shopify, Zoom, JotForm, so on. There are so many integrations for API Helper such as Apiant, ApiX-Drive, Data Sync by HubSpot, etc. You can find integrations for call tracking, and broadcasting such as Call Loop or CallHippo.

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🔥 Security and Scalability

It is completely safe for customer data when you are growing your business and scaling the site. All data will store with a daily backup. There are so many attacks happening on websites. Protect yours by authorized IP address.

🏆 Ontraport Pricing: Is It Value For Money?

🔥 Basic $79

  • Contacts: 1000
  • Emails for unlimited
  • Account Users: 1
  • Account Setup

🔥 Plus $147

  • Contacts: 2500
  • Emails for unlimited
  • Account Users: 2 Addition users are $47/month
  • Account Setup
  • Ecommerce available

🔥 Pro $297

  • Contacts: 10000
  • Emails for unlimited
  • Account Users: 3 Addition users are $47/month
  • Account Setup
  • Ecommerce available
  • Email Delivery Consulting available

🔥 Enterprise $497

  • Contacts: 20000
  • Emails: 200000/month
  • Account Users: 5
  • Account Setup
  • Ecommerce available
  • Email Delivery Consulting available
  • VIP Support Option

🏆 Ontraport Alternatives: Is There Any Other Similar Platform Available?

There are so many alternatives are available on the internet, but what is best for compare with Ontraport. You don’t have to worry regarding this matter. We have compared all the details which could be alternative Ontraport.

🔑  Ontraport Vs Keap

Both platforms have similar features. We have mentioned the comparison between them.

  • Key Features: Both Platforms have nearly the same, Ontraport and Keap both is available on the mobile version which makes helpful so helpful. Customer support is better in Ontraport.
  • Ease To Use: Compared to Keap, Ontraport has a better dashboard. Although Keap also has a simple environment, the beginners could find it difficult to use.
  • Cost: Keap is starting from $40/month.

🔑  Ontraport Vs Kajabi

Like Ontraport, Kajabi also has the same features for the users. Many people refer to Kajabi for creating courses development.

  • Key Features: Although they have similar features, there are some limitations on Kajabi such as you can not choose so many fonts and web design is average. On the other hand on the Ontraport you can build beautiful pages easily with drag-and-drop options.
  • Ease To Use: Both platforms have a simple user interface but Ontraport is simple to use which is built for beginners.
  • Cost: Kajabi little expensive which is starts from $119/month Ontraport starts from $79 which is cheap.

🔑  Ontraport Vs Hubspot

Hubspot is a platform for marketers for making sales and providing customer services. Most of the users prefer this for the CRM platform.

  • Key Features: You will get conditional filtering with Ontraport which is really good. The drawback of Hubspot is they are offering SMS and Postcards for automated campaign messaging. Both have good CRM but Tags, Custom Tabs, Automation Log, Activity Log are missing on the Hubspot CRM platform. Hubspot is not ideal for e-commerce and membership site.
  • Ease To Use: Otraport has a better interface for its users compared to Hubspot.
  • Cost: Although Hubspot is cheap Hubspot is not offering any 30-day free refund policy which is provided by Ontraport.

🏆 Final Words On Ontraport

At the end of this section, we have done an Ontraport review and covered every feature about Ontraport. If you are searching for an all-in-one platform for your business then Ontraport is the right platform for this. Ontraport comes with so many integrations. It has a powerful campaign for marketers.

You don’t have to depend on third-party tools for tracking, Ontraport has the UTM tracking features for click tracking and allows you to use Ontraport API for your tools.

Thank you for reading this section. If you like this please follow our Facebook group SaaSTalks for more SaaS product discussion and keep yourself updated with the upcoming Saas Industry.

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Ontraport Review, Features, Pricing & Alternatives
Ontraport Review, Features, Pricing & Alternatives

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