Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

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Out-of-the-Box redefines file management by seamlessly integrating Dropbox with WordPress. This ultimate plugin showcases Dropbox files within WordPress, offering an intuitive interface and customizable features for enhanced user experience.

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You will get: Simplifies file management between WordPress and Dropbox effortlessly. Offers a user-friendly interface with robust customization options. Seamlessly integrates Dropbox files into the WordPress environment. Provides enhanced control over documents and media on your website. Streamlines content handling, especially beneficial for content creators. Revolutionizes file management, boosting efficiency for developers and businesses.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox Plugin Review: Overview

Out-of-the-Box Review: This is a revolutionary plugin that redefines how Dropbox integrates with WordPress. This user-friendly tool simplifies file management, offering a comprehensive array of features that streamline workflows within the WordPress ecosystem. With an intuitive interface and robust functionalities, Out-of-the-Box empowers users of all expertise levels to effortlessly manage and showcase Dropbox files directly on their WordPress sites. From secure file sharing to creating captivating galleries and streaming media seamlessly, this plugin harnesses the potential of Dropbox’s cloud storage, bringing it seamlessly into the heart of WordPress. Seamlessly bridging the gap, it’s akin to the best project management software, empowering users to efficiently handle files while optimizing website performance. Its feature-rich toolkit not only simplifies file handling but also optimizes website performance by reducing server load and enhancing accessibility.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

By seamlessly bridging the gap between Dropbox and WordPress, Out-of-the-Box transforms file management into a hassle-free experience. This plugin revolutionizes the way users interact with their website’s content, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility in showcasing Dropbox files. With its innovative functionalities, Out-of-the-Box not only ensures efficient file management but also bolsters website performance, making it an indispensable asset for WordPress users seeking a seamless Dropbox integration that enhances their overall site experience.

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Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review
Out-of-the-Box: Effortless Dropbox Integration for WordPress
Discover the seamless synergy between Dropbox and WordPress with Out-of-the-Box, a revolutionary plugin streamlining file management for your site
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Ease of Use
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Value for Money
Included features
  • Simplifies file management between WordPress and Dropbox effortlessly.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface with robust customization options.
  • Seamlessly integrates Dropbox files into the WordPress environment.
  • Provides enhanced control over documents and media on your website.
  • Streamlines content handling, especially beneficial for content creators.
  • Revolutionizes file management, boosting efficiency for developers and businesses.
  • May require a learning curve for users new to WordPress or Dropbox integration.
  • Some advanced features might require additional configuration or technical expertise.
  • Occasional compatibility issues reported with certain WordPress themes or versions.

What Is Dropbox? What Makes Out-of-the-Box Stand Out?

Dropbox is a widely recognized cloud storage service that allows users to store and share files, documents, images, videos, and more in a virtual cloud-based environment. Founded in 2007, Dropbox provides a seamless platform for users to access their files from different devices and locations, ensuring data availability and easy sharing across teams or individuals. It offers synchronization across various devices, making files accessible from computers, tablets, or smartphones with an internet connection. The platform also allows for collaborative work by enabling file sharing and collaboration among team members, making it a popular choice for both personal and professional use.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

What sets Out-of-the-Box apart from its competitors is its array of distinguishing features and exceptional functionalities. This plugin boasts unique attributes that elevate its performance and usability. Its standout aspects encompass remarkable advantages, unmatched capabilities, and superior features, making it an exceptional choice for users seeking unparalleled performance. With defining traits and extraordinary elements, Out-of-the-Box offers distinctive attributes that cater to various user needs and preferences. Its outstanding qualities and extraordinary offerings provide users with exceptional experiences, setting it apart as an exceptional solution in its domain.

List Of Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

Duplicator Pro

Known as a robust backup and migration plugin, Duplicator Pro offers users the ability to create secure backups of their WordPress sites. It allows for easy storage of backups on various cloud services including Dropbox. Notable features include enhanced security measures, scheduled backups, and quick recovery options in case of emergencies. Its migration features enable smooth transfers of WordPress sites between hosts or servers without causing downtime.


  • Advanced backup and migration plugin.
  • Offers automated scheduled backups.
  • Supports various cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Provides powerful site migration features.
  • Quick migration wizard for easy site transfers.
  • Allows site cloning from live to staging environments.


A popular WordPress backup plugin, UpdraftPlus supports Dropbox among several other cloud storage services. It facilitates efficient backup and restoration of WordPress files and databases. With support for multisite, it enables users to handle backups for individual sites within a network without needing to restore all sites simultaneously.


  • One of the most popular backup plugins for WordPress.
  • Allows backups of files, databases, external databases, etc.
  • Manages logs and sends status notifications post-backup.
  • Multisite is compatible with a dedicated backup panel in the network dashboard.
  • Offers Dropbox Sub-Folders addon for enhanced cloud storage functionality.


Considered a reliable WordPress backup and restoration plugin, BackupBuddy automatically generates backups based on a predefined schedule and securely stores them in various locations, including Dropbox. It simplifies the process of rolling back a WordPress database, essential in case of hacking or site issues.


  • Offers automatic backup creation and storage to various locations, including Dropbox.
  • Enables direct uploads of digital downloadable files to Dropbox.
  • Provides site restoration options, including WordPress database rollback.
  • Customizable backup contents for selective backup.


This plugin provides both free and pro versions. The free version allows users to create complete backups of their WordPress sites and conveniently store them in Dropbox. It offers scheduling options to automate backups according to the site’s update frequency.


  • Free plugin for creating complete backups of WordPress sites and storing them on Dropbox.
  • Supports various backup schedules based on website update frequency.
  • Offers multiple remote storage options like S3, FTP, Google Drive, etc.
  • Ability to check and repair the database and encrypt backup archives.


While primarily a WordPress form plugin, WPForms integrates with Dropbox through add-ons. It enables users to create forms that allow file uploads directly to Dropbox from their WordPress website. This feature is handy for collecting user-submitted files and securely storing them in the cloud.


  • Beginner-friendly contact form plugin that integrates with Dropbox via Zapier and Uncanny Automator.
  • Enables direct uploading of user-submitted files to Dropbox cloud storage.
  • Allows file management within the WordPress admin dashboard.


This plugin simplifies document management by providing a File Browser. It automatically generates galleries from Dropbox folders, offers Audio and Video players for media streaming, and allows file uploading directly to Dropbox from the WordPress site, offering seamless integration of Dropbox files with the WordPress interface.


  • Integrates Dropbox files directly into WordPress sites.
  • Offers File Browser for easy document management.
  • Automatically generates galleries from Dropbox folders.
  • Provides Audio and Video players for media streaming.
  • Allows file uploading to Dropbox from the WordPress site.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox Plugin Review Key Features

  • File Browser: It provides an intuitive file browsing experience, allowing easy management of documents directly within the WordPress interface, accessing files stored on Dropbox.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

  • Search Functionality: Enables users to search files by name or extension, enhancing the accessibility of content. Full-text search is available for Dropbox Business users.
  • Inline Preview: Users can directly view documents and pictures using an embedded lightbox, eliminating the need for downloading before viewing content.
  • Embed Files: Offers the ability to embed Dropbox documents directly into WordPress pages or posts via an embedded button in the WordPress Editor.
  • Shared Links: Allows the creation of shared links, enabling easy access to files without requiring a Dropbox account.
  • User Folders: Facilitates secure sharing by enabling users to manage their own private folders. WordPress Users can be linked manually to their respective folders.
  • Cloud Optimization: It offloads heavier website elements to Dropbox, reducing server load and optimizing performance while allowing users to download files directly from Dropbox.
  • Multiple Skins: Provides several well-designed skins for the media player that can be easily selected via plugin settings.
  • Gallery Creation: The plugin automatically generates stunning galleries from Dropbox folders, simplifying the process of showcasing images and visual content.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

  • User Permissions: Integrates seamlessly with WordPress User roles, allowing granular control over file access and actions such as viewing, downloading, uploading, renaming, and deletion.
  • Shortcode Builder: Although feature-rich, it offers an intuitive Shortcode Builder, enabling even beginners to configure the plugin as per their needs effortlessly.
  • Notifications: Provides customizable email notifications for file downloads and uploads, keeping users informed about file activities.
  • Audio & Video Players: Integration of HTML5 media players enables direct streaming of audio and video content from Dropbox. It supports multiple formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, m4v, oga, ogv, and webmv.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

  • Responsive Design: Ensures content display compatibility across various devices, maintaining usability and accessibility.
  • Smart Loading: Optimizes loading by including only necessary JavaScript files on pages, enhancing user experience.
  • Optimized Performance: Emphasizes fast loading times and efficient caching for smooth operations and reduced bandwidth consumption.
  • Object-Oriented Code: Utilizes sophisticated programming patterns to ensure top-notch performance and compatibility.
  • Upload to the Cloud: Users can seamlessly upload files from WordPress to their Dropbox accounts using the plugin’s Upload Box feature. This feature can also be integrated into a client area using the User Folder feature.

Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

  • Multilingual Support: Includes .po and .mo files for easy translation and provides an option for users to contribute translations.
  • Lifetime Updates: Offers free, automatic updates for continual improvements and feature enhancements.

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Out-of-the-Box Review | Dropbox plugin for WordPress: Final Thoughts

The Out-of-the-Box Dropbox plugin for WordPress is a powerful and versatile tool that revolutionizes file management within the WordPress environment. Its array of features streamlines the integration of Dropbox with WordPress, offering users a seamless experience in handling and displaying files. The plugin’s intuitive interface and extensive functionalities, such as the File Browser, Gallery Creation, and Audio/Video Players, make it an ideal choice for users seeking efficient ways to manage various types of content stored on Dropbox.

With its ability to upload files to the cloud, create user-specific folders, and optimize website performance by utilizing Dropbox as a storage solution, Out-of-the-Box ensures enhanced productivity and a smoother workflow. Moreover, its compatibility with multiple media formats, robust security features, and responsive design further solidify its position as a comprehensive Dropbox plugin for WordPress.

Out-of-the-Box Frequently Asked Questions

Is Out-of-the-Box compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes, the plugin is designed to work seamlessly with most WordPress themes. However, in rare cases, there might be conflicts with certain themes due to their specific configurations.

Can I customize the appearance of the file galleries created with Out-of-the-Box?

Absolutely. The plugin offers customization options allowing users to modify the appearance of file galleries, including layout, colors, and display styles to suit their website’s design.

Is it possible to restrict access to certain Dropbox files or folders within WordPress?

Yes, the plugin allows user permission settings. You can control who has access to view, download, upload, or modify files and folders based on WordPress user roles.

Does Out-of-the-Box consume a lot of server resources when displaying Dropbox files?

No, the plugin utilizes smart loading techniques to ensure efficient resource usage, loading only necessary files on a page. This helps maintain optimal server performance.

Is Out-of-the-Box regularly updated and supported?

Yes, the plugin receives regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and ongoing support for users encountering issues or seeking assistance.


Dropbox plugin for WordPress

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Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review
Out-of-the-Box WordPress Dropbox plugin Review

Original price was: $299.Current price is: $39.

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