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Running a business can be stressful, which is why you need the best tool at your fingertips. So if your business involves managing projects, communicating with clients, sharing files, creating proposals, sending invoices, and getting paid, then Plutio is the one-in-one software for you. One of the reasons why is because of how reliable it is. Scroll through to find out more.

Plutio Review

9.6Expert Score
A Perfect All-in-one Business Software
Easy to organize all aspects of my projects, from initial proposal, identifying essential tasks, collaborating with the client, monitoring time spent, task progress through to invoice creation, and payment collection. Recurring tasks are intuitive and essential for me. We use the platform to manage active clients, their projects, their tasks, and events. There is a live web chat feature that you can embed on your website to allow prospects to communicate. Study the features and you will find that this is an overall great value tool for project management.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • Plutio is very powerful and versatile
  • A simple but complete portal for your project collaborators and clients
  • You can manage everything easily
  • Look and feel are fairly nice. Visually, Plutio is pretty great.
  • Amazing project management tool with advanced features
  • You get a trial of only 7 days

What Is Plutio?

‘Before we get into what Plutio is, it’s important to understand what business management software is.

A collection of programs that can help maintain, enhance, and even automate business processes, making them more organized and efficient, is defined as business management software. It also helps list, complete, and report business responsibilities in a faster and more systematic manner, reducing the risk of human error.

Now coming to Plutio, Plutio is a business management software that enables you to run a business and complete all of your tasks. Users can use this business management platform to manage projects, track time, and create proposals and invoices. This software allows users to easily manage multiple projects at the same time and is also GDPR compliant.

Plutio assists users in staying organized so that they can focus better on their tasks. Through a powerful timesheet, one can track his or her time from anywhere and keep track of the time entries of others. When users send invoices to customers, they are paid quickly through PayPal and Stripe. Using Plutio’s built-in drag-and-drop editor, users can create visually appealing business proposals.

Individuals can communicate with everyone in the company using the software’s integrated email and real-time messaging features. With Plutio CRM, users can add or invite people and collaborate in real-time. Plutio’s Public API allows users to integrate it with third-party apps or create their own integrations. We all know CRM software system helps business owners to manage and analyze customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Check our guide on Best CRM Software Systems & Providers 2022.

Also, Plutio’s high levels of customization and its reliability help set it apart. Read on and find out just how customizable Plutio is, and other features as well.

Plutio Features

Now that you know what Plutio is let’s look at its key features of the Plutio. Here are some of the best ones:

You can turn features on/off to fit your setup and workflow.

A. Dashboards and Client Portals

Plutio Dashboard

With Plutio, you can create fully customizable dashboards and branded client portals with rich content, interactive charts, metrics, and more.

  • Interactive graphs – It shows data in real-time through interactive charts such as bars, pies, lines, and more.
  • Metrics and goals– You can track metrics in real-time and set goals against them.
  • Dynamic content– Show dynamic data that will auto-populate depending on the logged-in user.
  • Rich media – Add images, videos, rich text, and even embed HTML widgets.
  • Multi-page support– Create as many dashboard pages as you want, each with different data and layout.
  • Dashboard per user role – Create bespoke dashboards for each user role so everyone only sees what is relevant to them.
  • Third-Party Data – Connect and pull data from third-party sources to show them in-app.
  • Income Over Time Widget – Monitor your income over time based on invoices paid or 3rd party data.
  • Billable Time Widget– Quickly check how many hours are ready to bill to clients or customers.
  • Labor Costs Widget– Stay on top of your labor costs based on hours tracked by contributors.
  • Task List Widget– Keep specific lists of tasks for you to monitor such as overdue tasks, tasks assigned to you, or tasks without due dates.
  • Sent Proposals Count– Get a quick read on if you’re reaching your weekly sales goals with proposals sent.
  • Image Widget- Show any image you want on your dashboards, from logos and marketing materials to family portraits.
  • Calendar & Agenda Widgets– See your week at a glance, your next appointments, or your task due dates, all in the same place. Check Our Guide On Best Calendly Alternatives In 2022.
  • Custom HTML Widget – Need something else? Use custom HTML to load any widget from anywhere.

B. Tasks

Plutio Task Features

Plutio lets you create tasks for whatever needs to get done. Plutio will help keep you organized so you can stay focused.

  • Custom fields– Create fields for tags, priority, estimates, approvals, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Colored tags– Add color tags to tasks for an enhanced visual view.
  • Checklists– Create as many sub-tasks as you want to break a task into smaller pieces.
  • Task templates– Save tasks as templates and use the new /template shortcut to quickly create tasks from a template.
  • Descriptions – Keep your task name short and to the point, put all the details in the description.
  • Comments– Discuss and collaborate on tasks with your clients and contributors.
  • Start dates – Make sure you’ve plenty of time to get a task done by setting a start date.
  • Due dates – set due dates to ensure no deadlines are missed.
  • Repeating tasks – Set tasks to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually.
  • Reminders– Get reminded by email or push notifications before your task start or on due dates.
  • Delegation – Assign tasks to people so everyone knows what to work on.
  • Followers – Add followers to tasks so they are kept in the loop, effortlessly.
  • Mentions – Easily mention someone in a task, they will be added as a follower and kept updated.
  • Attach files and images – Upload files and images from your computer or Facebook, Google Drive, and even via link or FTP.
  • Move tasks – Move tasks between projects, task boards, and task groups.
  • Copy tasks – Effortlessly duplicate tasks to other projects, task boards, and task groups.
  • Task boards – Create and manage multiple task boards and easily move tasks and task groups between them.
  • Unique link– Each task has its own unique link which you can easily copy and share for direct access to tasks.

C. Time Tracking

Plutio Timesheet Features

Plutio lets you track your time from anywhere and visualize everyone’s time entries in a powerful timesheet.

  • Instant time tracking – Quickly start the time tracker on current tasks or as creating a new task.
  • Manual logging– Forgot to track your time? you can manually log time into your timesheets.
  • Billable tasks– Toggle time as billable or non-billable.
  • Timesheets – Each project has its own timesheets.
  • Edit tracked time – Edit the rate and time on any logged time from the timesheet.
  • Print-ready timesheets– All of its timesheets are print-friendly.
  • Downloadable timesheets – Export any timesheet as a fully editable XLSX file.
  • Invoices from timesheets – Create an instant invoice for all the billable tasks within a timesheet.
  • Real-time stats– Full view on the time tracked and their billing status.
  • Public link – Share timesheets with anyone using a unique public view-only link.
  • Send timesheets– Send an email to anyone with the timesheet attached.

D. Project Management

Plutio Project Management Features

Plutio is one of the best project management software for small teams. From tasks and time tracking to files and conversations, everything you need to organize and complete projects in one place.

Read Our Guide On How To Choose The Right Project Management Software?

  • Clean dashboard– Have a bird’s eye view of all your projects and their current stages.
  • Project templates – Save projects as templates to reuse them again.
  • Custom fields – Add more information to your projects by creating custom fields.
  • Custom statuses – You don’t need to change the way you work, set your own project workflow and stages.
  • Progress indicator – Each project has a visual progress bar that updates in real-time.
  • Project files – Upload files directly from your computer or third-party apps like Google Drive or Facebook.
  • Brief – Use the brief editor to set clear goals and deliverables for every project.
  • Tags – Stay organized by creating tags for project type, size, or anything else.
  • Colored tags – Add color tags to your projects to visually group them.
  • Turnaround dates – Set the start and deadline dates of your projects.
  • Project currency – Projects will inherit the default workspace currency, but you can override it per project.
  • Hourly rate – Specify the hourly rate of each project to be used when billing for tracked time.
  • Contributors – Add contributors such as clients or teammates to collaborate with you on projects.
  • Conversations – Start a conversation with anyone involved in the project.
  • Public view – Share your project tasks publicly using a customizable link.
  • Permissions – Projects will inherit the default user permissions, but you can override them per project.
  • Multiple views – Visualize your projects in a simple list, cards, or a stunning timeline view.

E. Invoices

Plutio Invoice Features

Plutio allows you to create invoices, send them quickly, and receive notifications when they are opened. Plutio also has a variety of payment methods (Stripe, Paypal, bank accounts) and currencies to choose from, making it extremely flexible when it comes to creating invoices. Some other important invoices features are:

  • Multiple payment methods – Connect your Stripe, PayPal, or bank account and accept payments securely.
  • Multi currencies – Invoices inherit the default workspace currency, but you can override the currency per invoice.
  • Subscriptions – Create and manage recurring billing and invoices.
  • Payment schedule – Effortlessly split an invoice to spread out payments across multiple invoices.
  • Custom fields – Customize your invoices to match your needs with custom fields.
  • Send and track – Email your invoices to be paid and track when they are opened and paid.
  • Invoice Generator – Generate invoices with the click of a button, including your company info, client’s info, and billable time.
  • Receipts – Automatically send customized receipts to clients the moment they make a payment.
  • Instant notifications – Receive push notifications as soon as your invoices are viewed or paid.

F. Proposals

Plutio Proposal Features

Plutio lets you create eye-catching proposals using an intuitive drag and drop editor. Track when they are opened and signed. One of the greatest electronic signature tools is DocuSign, which is ideal for bigger businesses because it enables you to save and use more document templates, integrations, and features. You will get essentials proposal features like:

  • Electronic signatures – Your clients can sign and approve proposals with legally binding online signatures.
  • Blocks – Build proposals from a variety of blocks such as videos, text, tables, images, and more.
  • Send and track – Effortlessly track when your proposals and contracts are opened and signed.
  • Automation – Automatically create projects and invoices when proposals are signed.
  • Templates – Create templates for your proposals, contracts, and even blocks.
  • Assign to projects – Attach proposals to projects so you could keep track of where they belong.
  • Public link – Each proposal has a unique public link so you could share it with anyone.

G. Contracts

Plutio Contracts Features

Contracts are essential for both your and your client’s protection. As a result, you may need to draught a contract for your future clients. These can be electronically signed and added to quotes and invoices! You can also take advantage of pre-designed templates. Check Our Guide On Some of the key features you will get are:

  • Electronic signatures – Create contracts and legally binding documents in minutes with electronic signatures.
  • Multiple signees – Set your contracts to be signed by one or multiple parties.
  • Send and track– Effortlessly track when your proposals and contracts are opened and signed.
  • Attach to a proposal– Make your proposals legally binding by attaching a contract.

H. Client Management

Plutio Client Management Features

With the ability to add or invite people, you can collaborate in real-time and build stronger relationships.

  • Comprehensive profiles -Everyone has a clean profile with all you need to know accessible in an instant.
  • Profile notes – Easily add private notes to contact and company profiles.
  • Activities – Log and schedule calls, meetings, or anything else on people’s profiles.
  • Company profiles – Create profiles for companies and easily group people with them.
  • Custom fields – Track more details about everyone in your workspace with custom fields.
  • Archive – Archive profiles suspend their access to the workspace.

I. Inbox

Plutio Inbox Features

When interacting with your customers, it can quickly become complicated if you are chatting via Whatsapp, email, and several other platforms at the same time. It’s best to keep a history of conversations and centralize everything in one place. This also applies to the exchange of attachments and various links. Plutio understands this, and therefore they’ve created a robust inbox to help you and your team be on the same page. There are various free email marketing tools, that will help you to grow your customer base with amazing customizable layouts. Some of the important features that Plutio offers in this area are:

  • Direct messages– Start a conversation with anyone securely and privately. (Best Direct Mail Services Of 2022)
  • Group & Team Chat – Create group channels and invite people to collaborate.
  • Reply from email – Unseen messages are sent to email and can be replied to directly from the email
  • Chat widget – Add a customizable live-chat widget anywhere you want, such as your website or app.
  • Canned responses – Save thought-out and pre-written responses so that you can instantly reply while on the go.
  • Convert to tasks – Convert any message or email into a task with a click of a button.
  • Snooze – Snooze conversations to get back to them at a later time.
  • Send later – Schedule an email or a response to be sent at any time you choose.
  • Conversation IDs – Keep track of your conversations with Conversation IDs.
  • Conversation-to-Task – Easily create tasks from incoming conversations.
  • Lead Collection – Collect email addresses of incoming senders.

J. Chat Widget

Plutio Inbox Features

This is a fantastic feature that most competitors lack. You can include a live chat wherever you like: On your website, in a quote, on a bill… The customer can chat with you at any time! PLutio’s chat wizard features let you create live-chat widgets that can be added to proposals, invoices, and wiki pages or easily embedded into your website.

  • Instant direct messages – Start a conversation with anyone in private from within Plutio.
  • Shared inbox – Easily add collaborators to the live-chat inbox.
  •  Fully Customizable – Choose the color, position, images, behavior, team-member permissions, and more.
  • Custom Triggers – Show or hide the live widget on click, after a certain time, or on a particular action.
  • Continue on email – Unseen responses are sent to the contact’s email and their responses will be pulled into the inbox.
  • Delegate Conversations – Delegate conversations to anyone in your organization.
  • Chat Support – Easily support current customers with always-available in-app or website chat widgets.
  • Embeddable Anywhere – Use your chat widget anywhere with an embeddable HTML snippet.
  • Mobile-Friendly – Respond to messages from anywhere with instant mobile messages.
  • Unlimited Number – Create as many chat widgets as you need, per website, client, team member, department, or more.

K. Forms & Surveys

It might be interesting to create a survey to get feedback from your customers, or to collect images or information for the development of a project, the possibilities are endless! Plutio allows you to collect data via beautiful responsive forms and surveys that can be shared or embedded online.

Read Our Guide On Best Online Form Builders For Websites.

  • Content – Add images, videos, and tables to give forms context or provide more details.
  • Intro page – Show a fully customizable welcome page before directing to the form.
  • Confirmation page – Auto direct to a customizable confirmation page on submission.
  • Activation date – Publish forms but automatically accept submissions on a certain date.
  • Expiration date – Automatically close forms when a certain date is reached.
  • Submissions limit – Automatically stop accepting new submissions when the limit is reached.
  • Responses – View and sort responses through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Search and sorting -Search, sort, and flag responses for easy access.
  • Dropdown – Perfect for questions with many pre-set options.
  • Signatures – The signature field with a variety of singing options.

L. Whitelabel/ Branding

You can also get this software as a white label. In fact, You can change the name, change the colors, and the logo. It is also possible to put your own domain name and email address!

  • White-label – Making Plutio truly yours and impress your clients by replacing the Plutio branding with your own.
  • Custom domain name – Replace the default Plutio subdomain such as with your own custom domain name.
  • Custom email address – Set your email address for all outbound emails and notifications.
  • Your logo – Replace the Plutio logo with the logo of your brand. (Best Logo Maker & Designer In 2022)
  • Interface colors – Change the interface colors to match your brand.

M. Integration

Plutio Integration

Plutio allows various integrations with other tools and software such as:

  • Public API – Connect to third-party apps or even your own systems, to sync data and create automated workflows.
  • Zapier– Connect to more than 500 apps and create automated workflows.
  • Integromat– Automate repetitive tasks and make your work easier.
  • Stripe -Setup Stripe as a payment method to accept credit card payments.
  • Square -Connect your Square account to accept credit card payments.
  • PayPal – Accept online payments and get paid instantly into your PayPal account.
  • Google Calendar – Connect and sync your Google calendar with Plutio instantly.

N. Import/ Export

Plutio allows you to import almost anything, making it simple to move tasks, projects, calendar items, contacts, and other data from anywhere. Plutio allows you to import almost anything, making it simple to move tasks, projects, calendar items, contacts, and other data from anywhere.

O. WIKI (Knowledgebase)

Plutio Wiki Features

You can create as many wiki workspaces as you need with Plutio’s wiki feature. All of the settings and permissions are completely customizable. Plutio’s private wiki can be used to create a private space where you can freely jot down any ideas that come to mind.

Create a knowledge base if you want to keep everyone in your company up to date. You can also create a help center with frequently asked questions so that your customers or potential customers can quickly find solutions to their problems.

O. Some Other Features Of Plutio

Some other attractive features of Plutio, that makes it stand out from its competitors.

  • Multiple workspaces – Swiftly manage and switch between workspaces from one login.
  • Multilingual – Plutio is available in 25 languages, including Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, French, and Japanese.
  • User roles & permissions – Create custom user roles and give each a different level of permissions.
  • Client portal – Invite your clients to collaborate with you or to simply view progress.
  • Dark mode – Choose to adopt a dark system-wide appearance instead of a light appearance.
  • Personalizations – Set your preferred date and time format, time zone, and week start day.
  • Default colors – Choose 9 default colors to be used workspace wide like on tags for projects and tasks.
  • Instant notifications – Customize how and when you receive email and push notifications.
  • Daily digest emails – Receive a daily summary of all tasks overdue and due on the day.
  • Activities feed – Stay in the loop with a real-time feed of everyone’s activities.
  • Search – Quickly find what you’re looking for using a lightning-fast search.
  • Filters – Apply advanced filters to show only what you need and eliminate clutter.
  • Fully responsive – Its unique interface is designed from the group up to fit any screen size.
  • Free apps – Its desktop and mobile apps give you access to everything from anywhere.
  • Secure – All data transmitted between the Plutio server and your browser is always protected and encrypted.
  • Use what you need – You can turn off products and tools that you don’t use, helping you stay clutter-free
  • Advanced text editor – From comments to proposals and notes, all of them have a feature-rich text editor.
  • Themes – Fully customize the workspace color palette using a built-in theme editor.

Benefits Of Using Plutio

I hope, you have got to learn about its features.  Now it’s time to look at the benefit of using Plutio.

1. Highly customizable interface

Plutio’s user interface is ridiculously simple to use and highly adaptable. You can rearrange and customize the layout to suit your needs and working style. Even if you manage multiple businesses with a single login, plutio allows you to switch between them on the fly.

2. Reliable CRM Module

The CRM tools in Plutio allow users to invite or add people to collaborate and build relationships. Users can create company profiles and track information about individual employees using customizable fields and colored tags. It also gives you real-time status updates so you can see whether a member is online, offline, or away. You can also log and schedule calls and meetings, as well as add private notes to company profiles and contacts.

3. Powerful time tracker

Plutio has a powerful time tracker that tracks and reports on various types of time, such as paid and unpaid time, billable and nonbillable time, and logged time, in real-time.

Its timesheets can also help you get a better picture of how efficient and effective your employees are at managing their time. Even better, the timesheets are downloadable XLSX files that print out beautifully.

4. Robust Inbox

Plutio’s inbox has a number of tools that can help you improve teamwork by simplifying communication across the organization. Direct messages, groups, and email task sync are just a few of the features that can help everyone stay on the same page.

5. Create professional-looking proposals

Using a simple drag-and-drop editor, Plutio allows users to create proposals as well as a legally binding contract. It can also track a document from the time it is created to the time it is signed.

How Does Plutio Works?

Now that you’ve learned about some of the best features Plutio has to offer, as well as the advantages of using some of them, it’s time to learn how to use Plutio.

Time tracking

Plutio, as explained previously, can track time and generate invoices for any of your projects. Go to the timesheets section and select “new time entry” to begin keeping track of your time.

How Plutio Works 1


Then, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Select when you want to start time tracking, and when you want to finish. You can also set a fixed duration on how long you want to track time.

Step 2: Input the entry title and describe what it is your tracking time for in the description section.

Step 3: Select who is tracking this time entry and select which category this falls to.

Step 4: Input your business’ usual billing and cost rate and set if the time your tracking is unpaid, invoiced, paid, or non-billable.

How Plutio Works 2

Simply go to the Project Timesheet section to see all of the information about the time spent and the invoices you’ve created for billable time.

How Plutio Works 3

Invoicing, Proposals, and Contracts

Plutio allows you to create invoices, proposals, and contracts from scratch or from a selection of templates.

Follow these steps if you want to make an invoice template:

Step 1: On the left sidebar, hover over the icons until you find the “template” icon and click on it.

How Plutio Works 4

Step 2: Click on “browse template.”

How Plutio Works 5

Step 3: Select “invoice” on the “type” dropdown menu that’s right next to the category dropdown menu.

How Plutio Works 6

Step 4: Choose one of the templates available and customize it to your liking.

Step 5: Rename when you’re done.

Step 6: Alternatively, you can also create your template by clicking on “create template” right after you clicked the templates icon.

After you’ve created an invoice template, go to the invoice section and follow the steps below to send an invoice to your customers.

Step 1: Click on “Create invoice”.

Step 2: Fill in the title of the invoice and who it’s addressed to

Step 3: Select the template you’ve made

Step 4: Choose the project that the client is attached to

Step 5: Select the issue date and decide on the issue date

How Plutio Works 7

Step 6: Create An Invoice

Plutio accepts a variety of payment methods, the most popular of which are Stripe and Paypal. Your customers can pay with their bank account as well, all you have to do is change the invoice number format.

Proposals and contracts are both created in a similar manner. The only difference between proposals and contracts is what is written on them.

Task Management

Task management is one of the most important aspects of any business management software, and Plutio excels at it. It’s simple to create a task in Plutio, as shown in these steps:

Step 1: Select the Task section

Step 2: Click on create a task

How Plutio Works 8

Step 3: Input the name of the task on the title column

How Plutio Works 9

Step 4: Describe what the task entails

Step 5: Set the start and due date

Step 6: Choose which collaborator you want this task to delegate to

Step 7: Select who will follow this task

Step 8: Start timer

You can change the view of the tasks you have by clicking on the list view and timeline view.

Plutio Pricing Plans

Plutio has four simple pricing plans to choose from, all including a 7-day free trial where you don’t even have to enter your credit card details, which are:

  • Solo plan – costs $19/month. You’ll have access to all features we’ve mentioned before and more.
  • Studio plan – costs $39/month. You’ll get every feature from the Solo plan, plus a client portal, enabling you to invite clients.
  • Agency Plan – costs $99/month. You will get all the features of Studio Plans Plus White-Lebel Features.
  • Enterprise Plan – It is a customizable plan and includes all the features of the Solo plan, Studio plan, Agency Plan Plus features like Single Sign-On, Account Manager, and Custom onboarding.

Plutio Pricing Plans

Plutio Coupon Code and Discounts

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Plutio Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives to Plutio that you can try are as follows:

Conclusion Of Plutio Review

By the time you get to this point, I hope you have a better idea of what Plutio can do.

One of Plutio’s main advantages is its customization flexibility. Plutio is an exciting choice for helping a business run smoothly because it is simple to use and is well-known as a reliable business management software.

You’ll need Plutio if you’re a freelancer or run a small business with contractors.

With this 7-day free trial, you can see how easy it is to integrate PayPal or Stripe payments, as well as how to set up a proposal, send out contracts, and send out invoices.

We encourage you to give it a shot. No credit card is required for the 7-day free trial. If you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, or a small business owner, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you liked my detailed review of Plutio. If you have any questions or confusion, you can mail us or leave your question in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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Plutio Review, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives. Best Business Software
Plutio Review, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives. Best Business Software

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