PNG Boosters Review, Features, Pricing + OTO.

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Want To Get rid of Image editing on Photoshop, Fancy Editing Software, or Background Removal Tools for Cutouts? Try PNG Boosters-World’s First “Human Emotions Based PNG Cutouts.Β 

Currently, PNG Boosters is the strongest online product for PNG Cutout Images. Read This Article To know more…


πŸ† PNG Boosters Review

10Expert Score
Such a Valuable Graphic Product!
I have always had a hard time finding premium quality PNG Cut-out images for my online projects. I have a lot of online projects, so the Images need to be high quality and I was in need of a great selection of images. With PNG boosters, I've been able to cover up my all Graphics need. I can also use these PNGs for other projects, like for my blog or even my email marketing campaigns!
Ease Of Use
Quality Of Outputs
Value For Money
  • Use in almost any project regardless of its destination background style or colors
  • Blend in seamlessly with any project
  • Leave the right message in the form of graphics
  • Precisely cut out for high quality
  • Professionally cut out by graphic designers
  • Now can put emotions in your graphics
  • Create unlimited unique scenes as per choice
  • Take your productivity to the next level ultra versatility
  • Engage more viewers than ever before
  • Compatible with all software
  • Membership platform with free updates forever
  • Premium bonuses
  • 30 days money back guarantee

We are emotional creatures, and the truth is that most of our decisions are made based on how we feel at any given time. We tend not to think things through before reacting.”

Humans are slaves to emotion, and the majority of your decisions will be made based on how you feel at any given time. Psychologists have found that humans think second but emotion comes first! When we’re confronted with sensory information such as pictures or video clips, for example, people can process things faster.

Human emotional marketing has been around for centuries, but businesses are just now starting to take advantage of its power. Brands can tell stories that connect with audiences on an emotional level in order to achieve different goalsβ€”brand awareness or customer retention among other things.

Emotional Marketing

Effectiveness Of Emotional Marketing:

  • You become more memorable.
  • Your content becomes more shareable.
  • It influences Purchasing Decisions.
  • It helps build customer loyalty and produce brand advocates.
  • It can be leveraged for building a powerful message.
  • It builds Personal and Deeper Connections with the audience toward achieving the desired result.

PNGBoosters Review

Graphics are the lifeline of the online industry and if we add emotions to it then we can definitely force our Audience to take action. That’s why, there is a Huge Requirement for Multiple Emotions based PNG Cutout Images to create better compelling emotion-based graphics, videos, ads, email letters & sales pages.

But there are a few drawbacks also. You need professional photo editing software which is not only expensive but also time-consuming to make use of. And secondly, if you want to hire artists, they are not cheap.

Even worse, sometimes there are images covered with background and you can’t just drag them into your work.

What if the image you wanted to use in the background has already been completely removed and ready to be applied to any setting?

YES!!! This is possible now, also without the use of a heavy photo editor.

Introducing PNG Boosters!!!!

In this article, I will review PNG Boosters. Without a huge budget, without learning curves or specific designing skills, you are able to add some Human Emotions in your graphic content and make your Audience FEEL your marketing message with the right emotion. So without ado, let’s get started with an in-depth PNG Boosters Review.

πŸ† What Is PNG Boosters?

PNG Boosters

Nobody likes it when their message is lost in translation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use different emotions to convey your intentions? The PNGboosters library will help you do just that!

PNGBoosters is the world’s first library of thousands of ultra-high quality cut-out images that are based on human emotion. PNGboosters is the ultimate unique product that will unlock a new dimension and convey the right message with your graphics by using strong emotions. Visible editing improvements, reduced graphic design time, express any idea or emotional reaction to your content easily with amazing images from PNGboosters!

PNGBoosters Cutouts

PNGbooster will unlock a new dimension of the human experience that has never been done before with this custom library of images created by studying thousands of different emotions from around the world! The cut-out images are categorized based on all the emotions that we humans are capable of expressing.

Use the right expression, situation, and emotion to say what you want within minutes with PNGbooster. You can find everything from happy, sad, one-night stand, etc., all grouped into various emotion categories like love and romance, lustfulness (eye candy), vanity (i am beautiful), or happiness like holidays like Christmas kitsch.

All PNGs can be integrated with any work/project and You can even Sell your Work with our All-Inclusive Commercial Rights!

πŸ† PNG Boosters Features And Benefits

  • All 5000+ People’s PNG Cutouts: Do you need to add people to your graphics or videos? Specializing in high-quality human emotion PNG cutouts, PNG Boosters has the largest collection of over 5,000 PNG images in 30 emotions and ALL age groups (baby, child, adult, and senior).

PNG Boosters Image Collections

  • Categorized in more than 30 Human Emotions: You can file those cutouts according to their emotions. Whether it be anger, joy, surprise, sadness, or any other emotion you can choose from its pre-categorized selection of PNGs and add to your work. We also have a number of additional categories such as animals and sports which contain multiple PNG.

PNG Boosters Emotion Collection

  • Sub-categorized in both Genders and ALL Age Groups: Each PNG comes separated by gender and age groups such as baby, child, adult, and senior. This allows for that perfect level of accuracy when adding people to your work as you can be sure we have the exact PNGs you need to represent the full mix of age and gender.

PNG Boosters Age Group

  • Create Unlimited Unique Scenes: There are no limits to the number of unique scenes you can create! Whether you want a family gathered around the dinner table, or several football players getting ready for an intense match, PNG Boosters allow for unlimited creativity. You can even further personalize your image by adding custom backgrounds and other elements.
  • No more Time Waste on Photoshop, Fancy Editing Software, or Background removal Tools: Time is money! PNGs are easily added to your project by simply dragging and dropping. No need for any fancy editing software! Sometimes artists require backgrounds to be removed in order to create an interesting scene however with PNGs you can simply drag and drop onto a plain white background and the PNG will do all the hard work for you, saving you time!
  • Low One Time fees: PNGs are a one-time purchase which means that there are no recurring fees or ongoing charges. You pay once and then own the images forever to use in unlimited projects across multiple brands.
  • Use in Unlimited Projects: PNG Boosters are a great product for beginner and professional designers alike. They can be used in any type of project including adverts, brochures, presentations, websites, or even social media! These images are royalty-free to use however you like.

PNG Boosters image

  • Add Emotions in your Graphics, Ads, Presentations, or Videos: PNG Boosters allow you to add emotions to your projects quickly and easily. Whether it be a business presentation, an emotional advertisement, or a heartfelt social media post, its pre-categorized files make adding people in any mood a simple task!
  • Get More Sales and Engagement: Its images are easy to use and come at a low one-time fee, allowing you to make your money back through increased sales. PNGs allow for a larger number of people to see your ads and receive your message due to their shareability across social media platforms. They are also proven to have higher engagement rates than normal photos or screenshots!
  • More Authority and Branding: When branding yourself and your business, it is important to get attention and make a statement. PNGs can help you create this effect through vibrant colors and eye-catching scenes which will get you noticed by both social media followers and website visitors alike.
  • Ultra High-Quality Cutout PNG Images in Multiple sizes: Our PNGs come in high quality 300 dpi resolution, meaning that you can use them for any project large or small! They are available in both small (1MB) and large (10MB) sizes. This product is also to be used as an all-in package where you get the rights to use this for an unlimited number of your websites, blogs, videos, etc.
  • Professionally Cutout by In-house Designers team: Unlike many other PNG products, all of its images are cut out by an in-house design team. This means that there is no outsourcing or paying per image which can quickly add up and make your product expensive. PNG Booster pricing allows for a large range of images to be used without breaking the bank!
  • No Watermarks or Branding: PNG Boosters are royalty-free and come with a clean background, this means that you can use them in any personal or commercial product without the hassle of removing a watermark or branding. They also do not contain any type of logo which can be distracting to your project.

πŸ† How Do PNG-Boosters Works?

PNG Boosters Works in 3 Simple Steps.
πŸ”₯ STEP 1 -Select Desired Emotion-Based Cut-out from PNG Boosters.

PNG Boosters Step 1

πŸ”₯ STEP 2 – Preview & Download your Desired Graphic from Mobile or Desktop (No Need to download heavy files to your computer).

PNG boosters Step 2
πŸ”₯ STEP 3 – One-click Download and Just Drap & drop to Use it with Any Backdrop as per your requirement.

PNG Boosters Step 3

πŸ† Reason To Use PNG Boosters

If you want to use Human Emotion-based PNGs in your projects or client’s projects, currently you have 3 available options for this.

OPTION 1: You can use Background Removal Software to make PNG Cutouts or Remove the Background Manually by Editing.

But there exist several drawbacks. Online software produces less precise/accurate finishing when used for background removal. It is a very painful and time-consuming task.

OPTIONS 2: Get them Proficiently Done by Designers.

The problem with this option is that they will charge you at least $5 per image with commercial rights. And if you get 5000+ cutouts as a bundle, it will cost you around $25000 in general.

OPTION 3: You can also Subscribe to some Templates Club of Membership Sites. And the problem is that you will find repeated images with fewer variations.

These are the reasons why you should choose PNG-Boosters. It’s the best option for people with a smart mindset, just like you! You can secure your PNG Boosters One-Time License with Commercial rights for just a One Time Price of $47.

πŸ† Who Can Use PNG Boosters?

PNG Booster works on both Mac and Windows platforms. PNG Boosters can be used by :

  • Freelancers/Agencies: For freelancers or agencies whose work involves dealing with third-party PNG images, PNG Boosters can save a great deal of time as they no longer have to spend hours optimizing PNG image sizes themselves manually using other tools/online services available in the market today. PNG Booster is perfect for both the PC and Mac
  • Internet Marketers: PNG Boosters can help marketers who are working with PNG images in their email marketing campaigns, PPC, or SEO campaign to deal with PNG image sizes with just one click of a button. PNG Booster is easy to use and understand with its user-friendly interface
  • Bloggers/Influencer: PNG Booster offers bloggers an opportunity to earn additional income through affiliate programs offered by PNG Boosters where they get paid for sharing their knowledge about PNG optimization using PNG Booster’s technology solution on their blogs or websites.
  • All kind of Marketers: PNG files rank high in search engines and therefore having an optimized PNG file helps them outrank their competitors in search results. PNG Booster helps marketers increase CTRs and reduce bounce rates due to slow PNG file load times.
  • Intermediate or Advanced level Marketers: PNG Booster is a great PNG optimization tool that offers professional marketers a quick PNG image compression solution with a user-friendly interface.
  • MMO: PNG images are widely used in email marketing campaigns, PPC, and SEO campaigns by marketers which can be easily optimized using PNG Boosters.
  • Email Marketer: PNG Booster is an easy-to-use PNG file optimization tool that helps marketers save time and money by optimizing PNG files with just one click of a button.
  • Agencies: PNG Boosters provide PNG image compression solutions for all types of marketers. PNG Booster’s affiliate program allows them to earn more income online through blogging/website tutorials on PNG file compression using PNG Booster technology.

πŸ† PNG Boosters Pricing

πŸ”₯ PNG Booster Bundle Mini (without Reseller) [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ PNG Booster Bundle Advanced [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯FRONT-END: PNG Booster Personal [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ FRONT END: PNG Boosters Commercials [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ OTO 1: Video BoostersΒ  [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ OTO 2: Video Boosters| DownShell, Without Bonuses [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ OTO 3: PNG Booster Reseller (100 Licenses) [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ OTO 4: PNG Boosters Reseller (500 Licence) [CHECK OFFER]

πŸ”₯ OTO 5: PNG Boosters Reseller (1000 Licence) [CHECK OFFER]

PNG Booster Bundle Mini (without Reseller)


PNG Booster Bundle Advanced


FRONT-END: PNG Booster Personal


FRONT END: PNG Boosters Commercials


OTO 1: Video Boosters


OTO 2: Video Boosters| DownShell, Without Bonuses


OTO 3: PNG Booster Reseller (100 Licenses)


OTO 4: PNG Boosters Reseller (500 Licence)


OTO 5: PNG Boosters Reseller (1000 Licence)

$ 127


Note: Here are some of the up shell links for your reference only. You must buy the front-end first and then buy any OTOs if you want.
Warning: Do Not Buy the OTOs lonely. If you do this, you will receive nothing and you have to spend your time asking for a refund.

Money-Back Guarantee

money back guarantee

You will be covered with a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Purchase PNG Boosters today in complete confidence, because the risk is all on them. If you are not satisfied with PNG Boosters for any reason, then just email them and they will refund your entire money.

So, Investing in PNG Boosters is 100% safe and Risk-Free and has loads of VALUE.

πŸ† Bonus With PNG Booster

Along with PNG boosters, You will also be entitled to some special Bonuses which are Priceless and Available Nowhere else in the Market.

πŸ”₯ Bonus #1 – 173 HD Background Ready To Use in Powerpoint.

PNG Boosters Bonus 1

πŸ”₯ Bonus #2 – Get 25 DFY Instagram Marketing professional banners. You just need to edit and go for a multipurpose marketing

PNG Boosters Bonus 2

πŸ”₯ Bonus #3 – An extensive collection of Graphics (Sales Funnel, Social Media, Backgrounds, Viral Images, Facebook Covers, Call to Actions, Headers Business Cards, and More..)

PNG Boosters Bonus 3

πŸ”₯ Bonus #4– 55 High-Quality Background Videos (White Label Rights)

PNG Boosters Bonus 4

πŸ”₯ Bonus #5– 900 Video Explainer Assets with Resell Rights. (Compatible with VideoBuilder, Explaindio, VideoScribe, et al)

PNG Boosters Bonus 5

πŸ”₯ Bonus #6- PNG Boosters Insider’s View Community Access. These Bonuses will auto be added inside your membership area.

PNG Boosters Bonus 6

Just need to get access to PNG Boosters to get access to all the Bonuses here.

πŸ† Conclusion OnΒ  PNG Boosters

As we know now that PNG Boosters is the ultimate product that will Unlock a new dimension & Convey the Right Message to your Audience with the Right Emotion. Anyone working on any project can easily pick images from the list of emotion and idea categories to create different expressions, situations, and emotions.

Now you can make some personalized images full of emotions within clicks. Definitely worth a shot if you are a Marketer or Into Graphics or Videos.

Hope you liked reading this article on “PNG Boosters Review“. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to join our Facebook group-Saas Talks where we discuss about Saas-related topics.

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Specification: PNG Boosters Review, Features, Pricing + OTO.

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PNG Boosters Review, Features, Pricing + OTO.
PNG Boosters Review, Features, Pricing + OTO.

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