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PostX is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables bloggers to create visually stunning and highly customized websites. With a wide range of design blocks, advanced editing features, and dynamic animations, it offers innovative typography control, RTL support, and unlimited templates. Optimize your content presentation and engage your audience with PostX’s versatile features.

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You will get: Extensive range of ready-made design blocks. Advanced editing features. Dynamic animations for captivating content presentation. Compatibility with Elementor. Innovative typography control with support for Google fonts. RTL readiness to break language barriers and cater to diverse audiences.

PostX is a versatile and user-friendly plugin designed to enhance the functionality of WordPress websites, particularly for those looking to create dynamic and visually appealing content. With its range of blocks and templates, PostX simplifies the process of building engaging blogs, magazines, portfolios, and more. It offers tools to improve site performance, SEO, and user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started with WordPress, PostX can help you create captivating web content without the need for extensive coding knowledge. It’s a valuable addition for those seeking to streamline their web design process and provide an enhanced user experience for their website visitors.

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PostX Review: Elevating Content Customization and User Experience
PostX is a powerful WordPress plugin for content customization, offering design blocks, animations, and compatibility with Elementor and SEO plugins.
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Ease Of Use
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Included Features
  • Extensive range of ready-made design blocks.
  • Advanced editing features.
  • Dynamic animations for captivating content presentation.
  • Compatibility with Elementor.
  • Innovative typography control with support for Google fonts.
  • RTL readiness to break language barriers and cater to diverse audiences.
  • Limited support for third-party page builders beyond Elementor.
  • Some users may prefer additional integrations with other popular SEO plugins.

Overview Of PostX Review

PostX is a WordPress plugin that adds functionality to the Gutenberg editor, enhancing the capabilities for content creation and design on WordPress websites. It offers a range of blocks and templates designed to simplify the process of building visually engaging and dynamic web content.

One of its key features is the ability to create responsive and visually appealing post sections using a variety of customizable blocks. This can be especially valuable for bloggers, news websites, magazines, and portfolios looking to present their content in an attractive and user-friendly manner.

PostX also places an emphasis on performance and SEO. It provides tools to help websites load faster and be more accessible across different devices. This can contribute to better search engine rankings and an improved user experience.

 PostX Review: Benefits

PostX offers a range of practical benefits for WordPress users, designed to streamline content creation and enhance the functionality of their websites. From simplifying the design process to improving performance and SEO, here are some key advantages of using PostX:

  • Simplifies content creation in WordPress, particularly for blogs, magazines, and portfolios.
  • Enhances the Gutenberg editor with a variety of customizable blocks and templates.
  • Allows for the creation of visually appealing and responsive post sections.
  • Improves website performance, leading to faster loading times and better user experiences.
  • Offers SEO-friendly features that can contribute to improved search engine rankings.
  • Provides flexibility through integration with popular page builders like Elementor.
  • Enables users to create unique designs and layouts without extensive coding knowledge.
  • Enhances the overall functionality of WordPress websites without the need for additional plugins or coding.
  • Suitable for both experienced developers and those new to web design, offering a user-friendly interface for content creation.

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PostX Review: Features

PostX is a powerful WordPress plugin that revolutionizes content customization. With a wide range of ready-made design blocks, advanced editing features, dynamic image and content animations, and unlimited templates, PostX empowers bloggers to create visually stunning and highly personalized websites.

The plugin’s SEO meta functionality enhances search engine visibility, while the ‘Read More’ functionality improves user engagement. PostX’s compatibility with Elementor and its RTL support further add to its versatility. With PostX, bloggers can take complete control over their content presentation, elevating their website’s aesthetics and user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a WordPress enthusiast, PostX is a must-have tool for unleashing creativity on your website.

Block Library Variations

  • Block Library Variations: PostX comes with a diverse range of ready-made design blocks, each offering endless customization possibilities. From eye-catching layouts to stunning typography options, these blocks make it easy to unleash your creativity. Simply click, choose, and import the desired blocks to elevate the appearance of your posts/pages.
  • Starter Packs: Designed with both versatility and ease of use in mind, PostX’s Starter Packs cater to various niches like news reporting, culinary arts, and travel blogging. These packs streamline your creative process, allowing you to focus on content creation while maintaining an impressive visual appeal.
  • Layout Offerings: With an extensive selection of layouts, PostX ensures that your content is presented in the most engaging and effective way possible. From traditional grids to dynamic masonry styles, the myriad of offerings caters to diverse content needs, making showcasing content a breeze.

PostX Review

  • Endless Customizations: PostX empowers users with unmatched customization options. Every asset within the Gutenberg blocks can be fine-tuned to perfection. Whether it’s tweaking typography, altering post-block queries, or making micro-level changes, you can easily achieve the desired look with just a few clicks.
  • Super Dynamic Post Slider: Make a lasting impression with PostX’s dynamic post slider. The immaculate slider designs add an extra layer of beauty to your website. With intuitive settings, you can showcase custom posts in a visually appealing manner, captivating your audience’s attention.

PostX undoubtedly stands as a game-changer in the world of WordPress plugins. Its vast array of design blocks, starter packs, layouts, and customization options make it a go-to choice for content creators seeking an exceptional visual experience. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your online journey, PostX has everything you need to make your WordPress site shine. Give it a try and unlock the true potential of your content creation journey.

Advanced Query Building

  • Quick Query Picker: PostX’s Quick Query Picker is a time-saving gem for content creators. This powerful dropdown menu enables you to handpick appropriate posts for showcasing on your blog page. Whether you want to display popular posts, high-commented articles, or posts arranged by order, the Quick Query Picker puts control in your hands, ensuring your blog page is visually appealing and engaging.
  • Pinpoint Posts Taxonomically: Highlighting specific categorical posts has never been easier with PostX’s Post Taxonomies feature. You can effortlessly showcase posts that cater to your readers’ interests, narrowing them down using the Taxonomy Value option. This smart dropdown system ensures your readers enjoy a seamless browsing experience, with relevant content at their fingertips.


  • Ordering is Easy: PostX’s Query Builder simplifies the post-ordering process, making it a breeze for bloggers to organize their content effectively. With dedicated buttons and filters, you can sort posts by date, order, value number, and more, tailoring your blog page to suit your preferences. The convenient offset slider adds a hands-on touch, giving you full flexibility in presenting your posts.
  • Further Pickings: PostX goes above and beyond, providing exceptional post-selection options. Unlike many other plugins, you can include or exclude specific posts using their post ID. Additionally, you have the option to showcase posts from a specific author using their Author ID. This level of customization ensures that your blog reflects your unique vision and style.

PostX is a game-changer for bloggers seeking an elevated content curation experience on WordPress. Its powerful features, including the Quick Query Picker, Post Taxonomies, Query Builder, and further post pickings, allow for effortless content management and customization. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your blogging journey, PostX offers a user-friendly and efficient solution to engage your readers and showcase your best content. Take your blogging to new heights with PostX and let your creativity flourish.

AJAX Filtering and Pagination

  • Precise Content Filtering: PostX introduces high-level content filtering with specific filter customizations. Bloggers can easily enable or disable filters and adjust filter values to precisely display content that resonates with their target audience. Additionally, the option to change the Filter text ensures seamless navigation, allowing readers to explore content effortlessly.
  • Implement Easy Navigation: With AJAX Pagination, PostX offers an advanced navigation system that provides high-fidelity browsing experiences for readers. Custom pagination designs, positioning, and responsive design properties can be easily added, enabling smooth navigation through your blog posts.


  • Read More Functionality: Enhance user engagement with the built-in ‘Read More’ functionality in PostX. This feature enables bloggers to customize the ‘Read More’ text and apply design changes to the button, making it visually appealing and consistent with the overall website theme. The slider controls allow further flexibility in presentation, catering to diverse reading preferences.
  • Unlimited Customizations: PostX unleashes the power of limitless customizations, enabling bloggers to design their websites according to their unique vision. The in-built filtering and pagination options offer a wide range of choices, allowing content creators to personalize their blogs like never before. Whether it’s tweaking layouts, color schemes, or presentation styles, PostX gives bloggers full creative freedom.

PostX sets a new standard in content filtering and navigation for WordPress bloggers. Its precise content filtering, easy navigation with AJAX Pagination, ‘Read More’ functionality, and unlimited customizations empower bloggers to create a website that truly reflects their brand and engages readers effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your journey, PostX is the go-to tool to elevate your blog, improve user experiences, and captivate your audience. Embrace the power of PostX and take your WordPress website to new heights.

Archive Builder Addon

  • Advanced Editing: PostX introduces an Archive Builder, offering users the ability to choose their archive page type and tailor it to specific needs. Whether it’s category, date, author, or post_tag pages, bloggers can select the most suitable template to showcase their content. With the available options, the Archive Builder allows for precise and efficient content organization, streamlining the browsing experience for readers.


  • Customized Page Creation: PostX’s Archive Builder grants unparalleled freedom for website owners to create fully customized pages that reflect their brand identity and vision. With a wide range of in-built options, bloggers can craft pages with precision, adding personalized touches to every aspect. The Archive Builder’s flexibility ensures that no two pages are the same, allowing bloggers to stand out in a competitive digital landscape.

Conclusion: PostX’s advanced editing features and customized page creation options make it a standout plugin for WordPress users seeking complete control over their content presentation. The Archive Builder’s ability to tailor archive page types and the freedom to create highly customized pages provide bloggers and website owners with limitless possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a novice WordPress user, PostX is the go-to solution to elevate your content and create a unique online presence. Embrace the power of PostX and unlock a world of advanced editing and customization for your WordPress website.

Table of Contents Addon

  • Collapsible Table: PostX’s Table of Contents Addon introduces a collapsible table feature that streamlines content navigation within blog posts. Bloggers can easily customize the type of table and adjust button placement for a seamless user experience. Moreover, the ability to modify opening and closing texts offers additional flexibility in tailoring the table to suit individual preferences.
  • Sticky Table: By enabling the sticky table functionality, PostX ensures that users can interact with content effortlessly, even as they scroll through lengthy blog posts. The plugin provides options to position the table to the left, right, or top of the page, catering to diverse layout preferences and enhancing overall usability.


  • Back to Top Functionality: With the ‘Back to Top’ feature, PostX facilitates quick navigation back to the top of the page. Users can easily access the main content without excessive scrolling, promoting a more enjoyable reading experience. The option to change positioning and icon styling in the settings grants bloggers greater control over the user interface.
  • Table Styling: PostX offers a comprehensive suite of customizable design properties for all the functionalities within the Table of Contents blocks. Bloggers have full control over headings, table body content, and other elements, ensuring a seamless blend with their website’s aesthetics and branding.

PostX’s dynamic table features revolutionize content navigation and interaction on WordPress websites. The collapsible table, sticky functionality, ‘Back to Top,’ and versatile styling options provide bloggers with powerful tools to optimize user experience and keep readers engaged. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a WordPress novice, PostX is the go-to plugin for creating an intuitive and visually appealing content journey. Embrace the cutting-edge features of PostX and take your website’s user experience to new heights.

Advanced Category Settings

  • Category Styling and Positioning: PostX offers an intuitive solution for displaying categories to website visitors. With the in-built styling and positioning dropdown, bloggers can effortlessly choose to showcase categories over posts in various styles and orientations. Whether it’s a traditional layout or a modern design, the customization options ensure that category representation aligns perfectly with the website’s overall theme.


  • Category Specific Color Pro: PostX introduces the ‘Specific Color Pro’ functionality, enabling bloggers to add a touch of elegance to their category layouts. By showing category-specific colors with selected layouts, the plugin automatically adjusts the color scheme to match each category. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal but also aids in organizing content for users, creating a cohesive and engaging browsing experience.

PostX’s category features offer an unmatched level of customization and organization for WordPress bloggers. With its category styling and positioning options, website owners can present content in different styles and orientations to suit their unique vision. The ‘Specific Color Pro’ functionality adds an extra layer of style points, elevating the overall aesthetics of the website. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a WordPress enthusiast, PostX is the go-to plugin to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your website.

Optimize Excerpts with Leading SEO Integrations

  • Content Excerpt: PostX introduces a powerful content excerpt feature, allowing bloggers to customize how their content previews appear. With the excerpt limit functionality, users can choose to display a specific number of characters from the content, offering a concise and engaging preview. Alternatively, bloggers have the option to show the entire excerpt content for a more comprehensive overview. This versatility ensures that content previews perfectly align with the website’s design and messaging.


  • SEO Meta Functionality: PostX takes search engine optimization to the next level with its seamless integration with popular SEO plugins like RankMath, SEOPress, All-in-one SEO, and Yoast. Bloggers can easily enable any of these SEO add-ons to write and display SEO meta descriptions for their posts. This functionality allows for better search engine visibility, improving the chances of attracting organic traffic and increasing website rankings.

PostX proves to be a valuable asset for bloggers seeking to enhance content display and boost search engine optimization efforts. With the content excerpt functionality, users can create engaging content previews that entice visitors to explore further. Moreover, the SEO meta support ensures that bloggers can optimize their posts for better search engine visibility and overall website performance.

Content Customizability

  • Dynamic Image Animation: PostX introduces a dynamic image animation feature that allows bloggers to transform the way content appears on their site. With a plethora of pre-made animation options and design properties like image overlay and animation types, users have complete freedom to experiment and find the perfect animation style that suits their website’s theme and messaging. This feature serves as an excellent tool to captivate users and keep them engaged with your content.


  • Content Animation: PostX goes beyond static content presentation, offering a range of content animation options to add flair and appeal to the overall design of your website. Users can easily set the positioning of animated content, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance. The in-built animation options provide additional customization possibilities, enabling bloggers to create seamless and visually appealing transitions that enhance user interaction.

PostX’s dynamic image and content animation features elevate content presentation to new heights, allowing bloggers to create visually engaging websites that captivate their audience. With the liberty to choose from various pre-made animation options and design properties, users can add their personal touch to the website’s overall aesthetic.

Saved Templates Library

  • Unlimited Templates: PostX introduces the Save Templates Addon, allowing users to create and save an unlimited number of templates as shortcodes. This powerful feature offers bloggers the freedom to design custom Gutenberg blocks according to their unique vision. Once saved, these templates can be easily implemented on any page, streamlining the content creation process and ensuring a consistent and visually appealing website.


  • Elementor Compatibility: PostX seamlessly integrates with Elementor, one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress. With this compatibility, users can harness the full potential of the Save Templates Addon in conjunction with Elementor Shortcodes. This powerful combination enables smooth usability and functionality, empowering bloggers with endless creative possibilities.

PostX stands out as a game-changer for bloggers seeking unmatched design flexibility and enhanced functionality. The Save Templates Addon with unlimited templates allows users to create custom Gutenberg blocks and implement them effortlessly using shortcodes. Moreover, PostX’s compatibility with Elementor Shortcodes offers a seamless experience for Elementor users, further expanding creative horizons.

Customizable Coolness!

  • Innovative Typography Control: PostX introduces top-notch typography control that enables bloggers to apply impeccable typography to their Gutenberg block designs. With built-in typography controls, users can fine-tune custom typography settings, showcasing their creativity with precision and flair. Furthermore, the support for Google fonts adds versatility, allowing for seamless integration of different font styles to match the website’s theme and brand identity.
  • RTL Readiness: PostX breaks language barriers by offering RTL (Right-to-Left) support. With this feature, bloggers can display their content flawlessly, regardless of their native language. Alongside RTL support, PostX allows additional design customizations, enabling users to tailor their websites to cater to diverse language audiences.


  • Indefinite Listing and Layout Combinations: PostX provides limitless possibilities for blog listings and layout combinations. Users are not confined to pre-made options but have the freedom to mix and match designs to satisfy their creativity. This level of customization ensures that bloggers can create unique and highly personalized experiences for their website visitors.
  • Responsiveness Control: With advanced responsiveness control, PostX gives users the power to decide which content is shown or hidden on specific devices. This granular level setting enables bloggers to exercise precise control over content visibility, ensuring an optimized and user-friendly experience on various devices.

PostX stands out as a versatile and innovative WordPress plugin, empowering bloggers to create visually stunning and highly customized websites. With its typography control, RTL readiness, infinite listing and layout combinations, and advanced responsiveness control, PostX offers unparalleled creative freedom. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a WordPress enthusiast, PostX is the go-to tool to elevate your content presentation and provide a personalized experience for your audience.

PostX Review: Alternatives

PostX Review vs. Gutenberg Block Plugins

PostX Review: PostX Review is a dedicated review that focuses specifically on the PostX plugin, offering a detailed exploration of its features and functionalities. As a powerful Gutenberg post plugin, PostX Review highlights how users can efficiently create visually appealing post grids, sliders, and more using the PostX blocks and layouts. The review showcases the ease of content organization and presentation that PostX brings to WordPress websites, making it an ideal choice for bloggers and content creators seeking to optimize their content display.

Gutenberg Block Plugins: In contrast, the term “Gutenberg Block Plugins” encompasses a broader category of plugins that provide various blocks, not solely limited to post grids or sliders. While Gutenberg itself offers a collection of built-in blocks, users may need to explore multiple additional plugins to achieve the same level of customization and specialized post blocks as provided by the dedicated PostX plugin. PostX Review highlights the advantages of choosing a specific and targeted solution like PostX, which offers a streamlined approach to creating captivating post grids without the need for multiple plugins.

PostX Review vs. Gutenberg Post Blocks

PostX Review: As an expert review, PostX Review delves into the intricacies of the PostX plugin, focusing on its dedicated post blocks and layouts for Gutenberg. It highlights how users can easily create engaging post grids, sliders, and other content layouts using PostX, optimizing content organization and visual appeal. The review emphasizes the seamless integration of PostX with Gutenberg, offering a user-friendly experience for crafting dynamic post displays.

Gutenberg Post Blocks: The term “Gutenberg Post Blocks” refers to the entire collection of blocks available natively within the Gutenberg editor. While Gutenberg does provide some built-in post-related blocks, PostX Review distinguishes the benefits of using a specialized plugin like PostX, which goes beyond the default Gutenberg offerings. PostX Review showcases the advantages of leveraging dedicated post blocks from the PostX plugin to create diverse and captivating content presentations.

PostX Review vs. Using the PostX Plugin

PostX Review: As a comprehensive review, PostX Review provides readers with valuable insights into the features and capabilities of the PostX plugin. It guides users on how to make the most of the PostX plugin to create impressive post grids and sliders that enhance the visual appeal and user experience of their WordPress websites.

Using the PostX Plugin: This term generally refers to the practical application of the PostX plugin on a WordPress website. Users can install and activate the PostX plugin, gaining access to its dedicated post blocks and layouts. PostX Review complements the user experience by offering valuable tips and recommendations on effectively utilizing the PostX plugin to optimize the content presentation.

PostX Review vs. Open the WordPress Native Gutenberg

PostX Review: PostX Review provides a detailed and thorough assessment of the PostX plugin’s functionalities and user experience. It takes readers on a journey through the dedicated post blocks and layouts that PostX offers, highlighting the advantages of using a specialized plugin for creating captivating post grids and sliders.

Open the WordPress Native Gutenberg: This phrase likely refers to accessing the Gutenberg editor, which is natively integrated into WordPress. While Gutenberg does provide some default post blocks, PostX Review showcases how the PostX plugin extends and enhances Gutenberg’s capabilities, offering a range of specialized post blocks that are not available in the default Gutenberg editor.

PostX Review vs. Separate the Different Post Blocks

PostX Review: As an expert review, PostX Review takes readers through the various post blocks available in the PostX plugin, providing detailed insights into each block’s functionalities and design options. It helps users separate and identify the specific post blocks they require to create customized and engaging content layouts.

Separate the Different Post Blocks: This likely refers to the user action of distinguishing and utilizing individual post blocks within the PostX plugin. PostX Review complements this user approach by offering in-depth explanations and examples of how users can creatively use and combine different post blocks to craft tailored content presentations that suit their unique website requirements. The review empowers users to leverage the versatility of PostX to create diverse and captivating post grids and sliders.

Using PostX with Gutenberg

PostX Review introduces WordPress users to a powerful tool for enhancing content presentation – PostX, and its seamless integration with Gutenberg, the popular WordPress editor. With PostX, users can create visually appealing and interactive posts, taking their content presentation to new heights. Make the PostX Gutenberg post by utilizing the plugin’s dedicated Gutenberg blocks and intuitive features that allow you to craft visually engaging and interactive posts with ease.

One of the key features explored in PostX Review is the ability to add slider posts to websites effortlessly. PostX’s slider blocks enable users to showcase products, featured articles, or top-rated content in eye-catching and interactive sliders, increasing user engagement and interaction.

Furthermore, PostX unlocks the true potential of Gutenberg by providing dedicated Gutenberg blocks. Users can craft posts that stand out with personalized layouts and creative formatting, making each post unique and visually stunning.

PostX Review also demonstrates how to design captivating blog pages using PostX’s intuitive blocks. With PostX, organizing blog posts and adding dynamic grids becomes simple, making the blog page visually appealing and user-friendly.

PostX complements Gutenberg’s capabilities by offering additional blocks and features that enrich the content presentation. The plugin seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, allowing users to enjoy a powerful editing experience that combines the best of both worlds.

For specific content needs, PostX’s Gutenberg post blocks support certain taxonomies and post types, enabling users to curate portfolios, showcase products, or display testimonials with ease.

In conclusion, PostX Review showcases PostX as a valuable plugin that complements Gutenberg, providing users with the tools to create visually stunning and interactive posts. By leveraging the power of PostX’s dynamic post blocks and seamless integration with Gutenberg, WordPress users can transform their content creation and captivate their website visitors like never before. Embrace the PostX-Gutenberg partnership to elevate your content presentation and deliver an exceptional user experience on your website.

Summary Of PostX Review

PostX Review is a comprehensive evaluation of the powerful PostX plugin, highlighting its remarkable features and functionalities. With PostX, users can effortlessly add slider posts to their websites, creating visually engaging and dynamic content displays. The review encourages readers to get started with PostX today, exploring the diverse range of blocks that come with the plugin.

PostX Review emphasizes the ease of creating Gutenberg post layouts with PostX, enabling users to design captivating post grids and sliders effortlessly. Whether it’s crafting an appealing blog page or showcasing posts in a visually appealing manner, PostX provides the tools to achieve stunning results.

The review showcases the various blocks that come with PostX, offering flexibility in content presentation. Notably, PostX’s Gutenberg post blocks cater to specific taxonomies or post types, ensuring precise content organization. Users can easily select the post blocks that suit their needs, creating a tailored and visually engaging experience for their audience.

PostX is celebrated as a Gutenberg post plugin that simplifies content presentation, offering a user-friendly and seamless integration with WordPress. It’s a great solution for bloggers, businesses, and content creators seeking to elevate their website’s visual appeal and user experience. Overall, PostX Review highlights the potential of PostX, showcasing its versatility in creating stunning post layouts and solidifying its position as a valuable asset for optimizing content presentation on WordPress websites.


PostX Pricing

  • 1 Site License – Ideal for bloggers or website owners with a single domain, this plan offers a cost-effective solution to enhance content customization. Users will have access to all Pro features, 250+ design patterns, and 26+ starter packs. The 1-year support and updates ensure continuous assistance and access to the latest features. The plan also includes 11 Pro add-ons, such as Dynamic Slider PRO, Dynamic Site Builder, and Yoast and Rank Math integrations.
  • Unlimited Sites License –  This plan is perfect for agencies, developers, or individuals managing multiple websites. With an unlimited domain license, users can apply PostX’s powerful features to an unlimited number of sites. The plan includes all Pro features, 250+ design patterns, and 26+ starter packs, along with access to future updates. Users also get the advantage of 11 Pro add-ons and a 14-day guarantee for risk-free exploration.



  • 5 Sites License –  Designed for users with up to 5 domains, this plan offers excellent value for bloggers or small businesses with multiple websites. It provides access to all Pro features, design patterns, and starter packs, making it easy to customize content across multiple sites. The plan also includes 11 Pro add-ons, Yoast and Rank Math integrations, and a 10% renewal discount.

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PostX Review, Features, Pricing, Discounts And More
PostX Review, Features, Pricing, Discounts And More

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