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Have you ever tried to write content that ranks?

It’s hard. Really hard. But it doesn’t have to be! Rank Math Content AI takes all the hassle out of writing so you can focus on what matters most – your business. You don’t need a degree in SEO or years of experience to rank anymore, and we can prove it!

With Rank Math AI, writing content that ranks is easy as 1-2-3… Looks interesting right? Read this article to know more about Rank Math Content AI and how it works. It is one of the best Ai Writing Software that is launched recently.

Rank Math Content AI Review

9.5Expert Score
First And Best WordPress Plugin With AI
I have been using Rank Math for a long time, and it’s by far the best WordPress SEO plugin ever made. The plugin is lightweight, packed with features, and it’s totally free. The support is top-notch, and I can’t recommend it enough. Switch over to Rank Math, and you will never regret it. And the new update with Content Ai is fabulous.
Ease Of Use
Output Quality
Value For Money
  • Rank Math AI is very Easy To Use.
  • Rank Math Content AI supports over 80 languages.
  • Content AI works with default WordPress Editor (Classic Editor, Gutenberg) as well as with other page builders.
  • Content AI is integrated and made available right inside WordPress.
  • Rank Math uses its proprietary AI engine, which is trained with data from various sources.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker Available.

🏆 What Is Rank Math Content AI?

As the name suggests, Content AI is your personal AI Assistant for creating SEO-friendly content with ease.  The popular SEO plugin Rank Math plugin has added in its latest update an artificial intelligence-based content wizard called Content AI. Rankmath Content AI takes all the hassle out of writing. It ensures that the content you write is not only great for your visitors but also for search engines.

The developer of RankMath Content AI claims that this assistant uses its own artificial intelligence engine, which “learns” from data from various sources, although there is no information about these sources.

🏆 Rankmath Content AI Features

You know what they say, “Content is king” and with the right words in your content, you’ll get more clicks. But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with something new when all of these options are available at a click of a button!

That’s why RankMath has created its AI-generated suggestions that will help guide any writer through their next article or blog post by giving them just enough inspiration without being too overwhelming on how much input was used during this process.

Some of the Key Features of Rank math AI are:

✔️ Dynamic Suggestions – Get smart suggestions based on your focus keyword’s language and your target country. Suggestions change based on your targeting.

✔️ Intelligent recommendations – Knowing the perfect length of the content or the number of headings can be challenging. The Content AI is straightforward as it tells you exactly how many words to write, what headings to use, how many links to insert, or the media to embed. All this is done in a fraction of a second.

✔️ Keywords – Not sure what other keywords to mention in your content and where? Content AI will help you know what phrases or words to use in your content, headings, or SEO metadata.

✔️ Questions – With the click of a button, you can generate a fully-functional and Schema-ready FAQ section with the questions you should be answering to your audience. This can be done in Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi with support for more coming soon.

✔️ Links – With the smart link suggestions, you can add credible citations to your content to increase your visibility in the Search Engine Result Pages.

✔️ Extra Keyword Info – Get information for your keywords like the Ad Competition, Volume, and CPC, etc. Add keywords based on proven data, not on a whim.

✔️ Related Keywords – Access a list of related keywords that you might want to incorporate into your content.

✔️ Affordable – The Rank Math plugin is risk-free and comes with complimentary credits and purchases additional credits at an affordable price.

✔️ Full Control – Not all authors need access to this powerful tool, and not all posts deserve extra attention. As an admin, you can control who gets to use the Content AI and on what posts.

✔️ Client Support – Business & Agency license owners can decide how many credits can be assigned to each site in their portfolio.

First things first, before we start to take advantage of AI suggestions, it is important that we understand how Content AI works.

Rank Math makes the Content AI available right inside the familiar Rank Math Metabox, so you can integrate the AI suggestions alongside your content creation process.


As you research for any focus keyword, Rank Math takes the input and sends the request to their AI server. Their server then collects the data from various sources using proprietary algorithms and uses its own AI to offer more relevant suggestions such as how many words, headings, links, and media you should be using in your content based on what is currently ranking for that keyword.

The Rank Math Content AI goes above and beyond to suggest related keywords, FAQs, and external links you can place in your content and meta tags, making your content creation process effortless.

Further, useful data like Ad Competition, Volume, and CPC for keywords are clearly marked and distinct, so you don’t need to switch tabs or use any external tool, for that matter.

Their AI supports over 80 countries and includes the potential of learning and improving itself. Hence it is evident, every time you refresh the researched data, the AI delivers new and improved data.

🏆 How To Get Started With Rank Math Content AI?

To get started with Rank Math’s Content AI, at first, you need to enable the Content AI module.

🔥 STEP 1: Enable Rank Math Content  AI

Head over to Rank Math > Dashboard > Modules inside your WordPress admin area. From the list of available modules, enable the Content AI module as shown below.


🔥 STEP 2: Configure Rankmath Content AI

Once you’ve enabled the Content AI module, you can click the Settings button or simply navigate to Rank Math > General Settings > Content AI for site-wide configurations.


Under the Content AI settings, you’ll find options for configuring, and let’s look at them one-by-one.

Default Country

Rank Math’s Content AI can research keywords based on the target country and offer more relevant suggestions.

The option available here allows you to set a default country, and that said, you can always change that on a per-post basis. Click the drop-down list to choose your target country, or if you’re targeting a global audience, leave the field with the default Worldwide option.



Select Post Type

The next option lets you select the post types where you want to use the Content AI.



Credits Left

Rank Math uses a credits system to allow users to research keywords with Content AI.

Depending upon the membership you hold, Rank Math offers credits, and you can see the number of credits left here. Every time you research a keyword, a credit will be deducted, and we’ll discuss more on how the credits are deducted as we start to research keywords with AI.

Credits-left-Content-AI (1)

If you’re running short of credits, you can upgrade to get more credits from the pricing section here.

Business and Agency users will also get the option to allocate Content AI credits for their clients (which we’d cover next).

If you’ve made changes to the Content AI settings, then don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button, else your changes will not reflect.

🔥 STEP 3: Research Keywords with Content AI

Edit Post or Page

Start by opening the post or page that you’d like to optimize with Content AI by simply clicking the Edit option.



In the Gutenberg Editor, open the Rank Math Metabox by clicking the Rank Math SEO icon in the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can click the three vertical dots and choose Rank Math from the Plugins section.



Choose Content AI

In the Rank Math Metabox that appears on the screen, you can access the Content AI from the Focus Keywords section, as shown below.



Research for Focus Keyword

Now from the Content AI panel, you can research for the focus keyword or enter the new keyword that you want to research.

ezgif.com gif maker

The panel includes a few options, and let’s have a look into them:

You can notice an option available to select the Country (indicated by 1) we’re targeting.

If you’re wondering why they’re configuring it again?

The Default Country option that we’ve configured earlier is a global setting. It sets a default value for all your posts to save time. As we mentioned earlier, Rank Math offers a more granular approach and lets you change the country on a post level, so you don’t have to always abide by the global setting. Click the Country option to select one from the drop-down list.

Underneath the country selection, you can find the total number of Credits left (indicated by 2).

In the Focus Keyword field (indicated by 3), you can enter the keyword you want to optimize your post for and then choose the Research button.

PRO Tip: Researching for an extra-long keyword like ‘The best carry-on backpacks for traveling in Europe‘ will narrow down the topic, but it also means the AI will be limited with data to analyze & offer you accurate suggestions. So it’s best to use 4 words or fewer in the Focus Keyword field.

🔥 STEP 4: Overview Of RankMath Content AI Results

As it goes by the name, the overview section gives you an idea of how well your content is optimized for the focus keyword based on the Content AI’s analysis.


The overview presents you with various metrics to optimize for, and let’s have a look at each of them.

But before that, you need to bear in mind that the Content AI’s results and suggestions are color-coded. So if you see these colors, you can quickly have an understanding of what they mean:

  • GREEN – Passed
  • ORANGE – Partially Passed
  • RED – Failed
  • DARK RED – Overuse


The Content AI has researched for the keyword and came up with an optimal count for words, links, headings, and media. Then these metrics are compared against your content and are neatly presented.

To give you a quick understanding of how well your content has fared/optimized against these metrics, its AI gives a score on a scale of 100.



Word Count

Long-form content tends to rank well in search engines.

We’ve heard that again and again, but how long should the content be for the target keyword?

The Content AI analyzes existing search results for the target keyword and indicates the most optimal word count. So you can take the guesswork out, and see if the word count of your page falls short.

You don’t need to match the exact word count suggested by the AI, but if your word count is too little, then it is an opportunity for you to expand your content with more useful information for your audience.



Link Count

Links are important for on-page SEO. And based on the analyzed data, the AI suggests the number of links to use inside your content.

When you click the downward arrow, you’ll be presented with a breakdown of Internal and External link counts & suggestions.



Heading Count

This metric indicates the number of headings your content currently includes against the AI-suggested count. Further breakdown of Headings is visible when you click the downward arrow.

If you’re falling short of headings, you can make use of the AI-suggested headings to expand your content, and we’ll cover this shortly in this article.



Media Count

Similar to the previous metrics, the media count is an indication of the number of images and videos present in your content and the suggested number. As you click the downward arrow, you’ll be presented with a breakdown of the media type.


🔥 STEP 5: Keyword Suggestions

As you scroll down, you’ll find three tabs, namely Keywords, Questions, and Links. Let’s get to know more about the suggestions that the Keywords tab includes.



Use Keyword in

Rank Math Content AI would suggest important keywords depending upon where the keyword is set to be used. This option lets you precisely select where you want to use the keyword, be it Content, Headings, SEO Title, or SEO Description.

Based on the option you’ve chosen, the suggestions for important keywords to use would vary.


To use these keywords, simply click the keyword, and it will be copied to your clipboard, so you can place them anywhere inside your content. The AI would also look for the number of times you’ve used the keyword and indicate the count against the keyword.

As you hover over any of these keywords, the AI would indicate useful insights such as Ad Competition, CPC, and Volume, as shown below.


  • Ad Competition – Indicates how competitive the keyword is for advertising campaigns
  • CPC – Refers to how much each click would cost for this keyword in Google Ads
  • Volume – Indicates how many people are searching for this keyword

Related Keywords

When you choose Use Keyword in Content, you’ll see another section below the important keywords, that would include the related keywords suggested by AI. You can prefer to use the recommended related keywords or ignore them.



🔥 STEP 6: Questions Suggestions

The next tab you’ll find is Questions. The AI system will identify relevant questions for the keyword and presents them here. As for the current keyword “Rank Math”, the Content AI has analyzed and identified the following questions.


Answering these AI-suggested questions would help you address the basic questions of readers, and can help your content get discovered for relevant search queries.

You can cover these questions as dedicated headings inside your content or use the FAQ Block of Rank math.

In the Block Editor, Rank Math lets you convert all these questions into an FAQ Block at the click of a button. Simply, click the Copy button that you can find at the top of the Questions tab.


Then paste the copied data directly inside your Block Editor, and Rank Math would add it as an FAQ Block (ensure that you’ve enabled the Schema module), just like the one shown below.


Now you can start answering questions on this topic and format them as you prefer. Rank Math’s FAQ Block has got more options to customize.

Using Rank Math’s FAQ Block also ensures the corresponding FAQ Schema gets added automatically, so your FAQ questions become eligible to feature FAQ-rich results.

🔥 STEP 7: Link Suggestions

The last tab that you’d find in the Content AI is the Links. As you navigate to the Links tab, you’ll come across relevant external links suggested by the AI to use inside your content.

Links-tab-in-Content-AI (1)

Adding external links to relevant authority websites is important for SEO, as it makes it easy for search engines to figure out what the content is about. Rank Math PRO users can make it even easier for search engines by clearly structuring them with About or Mention Schema.

When you add any link inside your WordPress Editor, you’ll find additional link options, that will let you mark the link with About and/or Mention Schema.


🏆 Rank Math Content AI Pricing

Rank Math normally offers 3 plans:

  • Pro (Perfect For Bloggers, Individuals & Solopreneurs) – Free 25 Content AI Credits. [CHECK OFFER]
  • Business (Perfect For Freelancers, Business, & Agency Owners) – Free 200 Content AI Credits. [CHECK OFFER]
  • Agency (Perfect For Agency Owners with high volume) – Free 750 Content AI Credits. [CHECK OFFER]

The Rank Math Content AI will utilize one credit when you research for a new keyword and then stores the researched data on your server. When a credit is used, the Content AI would analyze and provide you useful data such as:

  • Word count, link count, heading count, and media count based on what is currently ranking for the analyzed keyword
  • Relevant keywords to use, their Ad competition, CPC, and Search Volume
  • Related questions to answer and external links you can add to your content

So if you’re analyzing the same keyword once again on any post or page on your website, our Content AI will make use of the stored data without using any new credit.

But, if you decide to get the latest recommendations for the same keyword, the Content AI will run through a new analysis. And for this new analysis, additional credit will be used. So, if you’re looking to get the latest recommendations, click the refresh icon in the Focus Keyword field.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Rank Math PRO, they will refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

🏆 Rank Math Content AI Alternatives

If you are searching for Rank Math Alternatives then there are options like:

🔥 Yoast – Yoast SEO is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugins around and it’s easy to understand why. Whether you’re running a personal blog or you’re an SEO professional managing a website for a client, Yoast is a powerful tool that can help you make your site as search-engine-friendly as possible.

🔥 SEO Press – SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, manage 301 redirections and so much more.

🔥 AIO SE – All in One SEO (AIO SEO) is the original WordPress SEO plugin that helps you improve your website SEO (search engine optimization). Over 2 million smart website owners use AIO SEO to optimize their websites for higher search rankings.

🏆 Conclusion On Rank Math Content AI

Rank Math is a must-have SEO tool in any WordPress site with excellent functions to go beyond basic on-page optimization, whether it be for web pages or blog content. From setup to everything else, it’s simple to use, drastically better than its competitor plugins, and overall made the SEO team’s jobs not only simpler but more enjoyable. Overall, the Content Ai features of  Rank Math is Cherry on the top.

As the name suggests, Content AI is your personal AI Assistant for creating SEO-friendly content with ease. In nutshell, it informs you about:

  • What keywords or phrases to use inside your content
  • How many words to aim for to rank better
  • How many headings to use and – most importantly – what to write in those headings
  • Number of links to use and the exact links you should use
  • What media should be used (pictures or video) and how many
  • The keywords you can use in your SEO Meta
  • FAQs you can answer with your content (via FAQ Schema)
  • How your content scores out of a 100 (different from the SEO Score)
  • Support of 80+ countries
  • In fact, it works so well that you’ll never want to write the traditional way again. Depending on your Rank Math plan, you will receive up to 750 free Content AI credits.

Hope you liked reading this article on Rank Math Content AI Review. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to join our FB Group- Saas Talks where we discuss about upcoming software reviews and other saas-related topics.

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  1. Ron Wits

    Hey Guys this is Ron, to write contents that matters and sounds perfect ,Rank Math AI is the best software program to use, since it takes out all the hassle from your writings, and you can provide all ytour focus on your bussiness.
    Here, I must Suggest you Rank Math AI , as with this amazing writing software, you can rank your articles on 1-2-3.
    Rank Math is the best wordpress SEO plugin ever made ,
    This Plug in is lightweight, Full of features and totally free for you.
    You should immediately use Rank math AI, for your write ups.

    + PROS: Some great prominent feature are:--- -This Math Rank AI is Very much easy to use . -This software uses default Wordpress Editor. -Available in 80 language - Keyword rank traker available.
    - CONS: Nothing like that found...
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  2. Kennedy Angel

    Hey, You know that helps us to write all the hassle free writings, with Rank Math Content, which creates all the hassle out of our writing, by managing them on their own and let’s you focus on our business, with having less or no knowledge, in SEO, required .This is best word press SEO writing tool , ever made. This is great top-notch product, and very easy to use.
    New update with, Content AI, is a new excellent feature to groom up your online writing, skills.

    + PROS: - Easy to use and set to up our writings. -Available over 80 language. -Content A.I, is in advanced level Word press editor. -Key work rank tracker available to help you out. -24* 7 Live and Customer service facility to guide us, with tutorials.
    - CONS: Nothing found as of now.
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this

    Rank Math AI is easy to use. It helps to create SEO-friendly content using Content AI. It is ever made WordPress SEO plugin. Get best suggestion based on your keywords. It helps to know what words or phrases should use in the content.

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  4. Benjamin Davis

    I’m using this Rank Math from few weeks. Worth to Buy. Best that is they are proving AI as a plugin with WordPress which makes the work easy.

    + PROS: -Simple to use -Content AI -Keyword Rank Tracker -It includes more than 80 languages
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  5. Jacob Torres

    All time best WordPress plugin and it is easy yo use. I am not a technology expert or a coder but it helps me a lot for making content. It supports 80+ languages and it has keyword rank tracker.

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    Rank Math Content AI Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives.
    Rank Math Content AI Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives.

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