Selldone Review (2022), Features, Pricing, Alternatives And Selldone Lifetime Deals.

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E-commerce Platform

Operating your offline and online store without a unified ecommerce platform can feel like you’re running two different businesses. Not only does it feel impossible to manage two Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, but you’re also trying to get multiple plugins and templates to work together to run your online store.

If only there was a way to set up your offline and online store with all the functionality you need right out of the box—no plugins, templates, or coding required.  Check out this Selldone Review to find more.

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You will get: No code, no template, no plugin eCommerce platform. Dedicated panel for quick and easy order management. Built-in community builder platform to create socialized commerce sales channel. Drag and Drop landing page designer facilitates the creation of tailor-made website pages. Integrated drop-shipping processes empower both reseller and supplier to work on one platform without any 3rd party company. The online point of sale (POS) support on all devices, is integrated with an online store. A smart report generator enables merchants to make better decisions in order to optimize their online shop performance. Custom automation process with no-code programming IDE. Customers club & loyalty programs. Auto SEO engine and optimizer.

Planning to use Selldone software to build ecommerce sites? Wait!! Read this Selldone Review to know what it offers.

Suppose you want to create a unique, fast, secure, and reliable experience for your customers. In that case, it’s the tool for you to build your unique community and a fast ecommerce on an ads-free enterprise-grade business operating system.

Selldone, as an eCommerce platform, operates as an angel for the growth of businesses. Whether you have a small brick-and-mortar store or a large company, you need to showcase your product on the internet. Selldone used to build online stores with lower operating costs and greater flexibility. Looks interesting right?

In this Selldone Review, we will cover the various aspect of this ecommerce platform such as Selldone features, Selldone Pricing, Selldone Alternatives, and more.

So let’s get started.

Selldone Review

9.9Expert Score
Ready-to-use eCommerce platform for small businesses!
Selldone is a ready-to-use eCommerce platform for small businesses. It is a very simple-to-use, no-code e-commerce system that allows small businesses to start an online business at a low cost. Selldone is built using a SAAS model, which means there are no hosting costs or additional costs. Selldone is unique in that the platform can be used by businesses of any size, from solopreneurs to large enterprises.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • No code, no template, no plugin eCommerce platform.
  • Dedicated panel for quick and easy order management.
  • Built-in community builder platform to create socialized commerce sales channel.
  • Drag and Drop landing page designer facilitates the creation of tailor-made website pages.
  • Integrated drop-shipping processes empower both reseller and supplier to work on one platform without any 3rd party company.
  • The online point of sale (POS) support on all devices, is integrated with an online store.
  • A smart report generator enables merchants to make better decisions in order to optimize their online shop performance.
  • Custom automation process with no-code programming IDE.
  • Customers club & loyalty programs.
  • Auto SEO engine and optimizer.

Selldone Overview

Selldone is an all-in-one, ready-to-use e-commerce platform where business owners can create their own online shop. Selldone is an advanced business OS that helps you start selling online and offline without plugins, templates, or coding. Selldone helps you track and manage all your sales thanks to the built-in POS system that works seamlessly across your online and offline store. Integrate with popular ecommerce tools like Stripe or Razorpay for payments and Shippo for shipping to save yourself hours setting up your shop.

Because this tool is more than an ecommerce platform, you can add your entire inventory by importing an Excel file with hundreds of products in one go. Selldone offers integrated POS functionality, which means you can manage offline and online sales on one system. You’ll get access to all the features of a traditional POS such as club incentives, coupon discounts, payments, and receipts.

Selldone’s POS makes it super easy to track and manage your orders and inventory across all your retail locations, online store, and other sales channels. You can use the Wi-Fi-connected barcode scanner app to scan physical products, so you don’t have to drop a ton of cash on new hardware. It’s a snap to design your own landing and product pages using the drag-and-drop page builder.

You can even start with templates to create your website—simply add your own images and text. If you already have a website, set it up as the default homepage so your online store can operate under a single domain. Selldone helps you stay connected to your customers at all times with a white-label Community page packed with engagement features.

On its Community page, you’ll be able to share posts and collect real-time feedback via polls or surveys from your customers. You can even keep your customers in the loop using push notifications, email, and messaging apps like Telegram. The right ecommerce tool can easily help you close the gap between your offline and online sales.

Selldone makes it easy to sell offline and online with an integrated POS system and drag-and-drop page builder—no plugins, coding, or templates required. And you can also install the GDPR module on your shop.

Now let’s look at its features.

Selldone Features

Ecommerce Builder

The most successful companies are good sellers. Selldone lets you sell like the most successful enterprises. Selldone is a free Ecommerce Website Builder Platform that lets you easily create your customizable online store like Pros. Selldone is an ecommerce platform that includes a page builder, CMS, community platform, automation integration, and more. Whether you sell your products in the store, online, on Instagram, or on Facebook, Selldone has provided you with the most comprehensive, reliable, and all-in-one features for you to rock the world through your online sales.

Selldone Ecommerce Builder

Community Platform

When you build an online shop, it is helpful to have a place for customers to connect, engage and share information. In the dashboard, you can create your community page and start to improve your brand, answer questions, post about new products, or upload videos.

Selldone is an all-in-one, zero-setup, white-label community platform to create an engaging channel for your brand. Selldone community platform lets you:

  • Get free content and SEO.
  • Reduce customer support costs.
  • Sell products and services.
  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Create a loyal customer circle.
  • Get feedback & improve UX.
  • Increase customer engagement and gain network-effect benefits.

Cloud-based Hosting

Selldone offers serverless cloud hosting for businesses. Selldone is more than just an eCommerce platform, it’s a complete operating system for your business. Choose cloud-based hosting solutions, so no matter where your audience comes from, your site will load fast. Build for scale on Google Cloud by the no-code hassle-free powerful platform. Build enterprise-grade web applications with a serverless hosting platform and hassle-free coding. With Selldone, you will get:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Cloud Database
  • Cloud CDN
  • Automatic Backup
  • Security Management
  • Automatic Health-check
  • Free Plan

Landing Page Builder

Selldone comes with a High Converting Modern Free Landing Page Builder. Thus it empowers entrepreneurs to build their professional online presence in an intuitive no-code platform. Selldone has advanced tools and layout capabilities that enable you to build modern landing page designs for any device without code. The elements include images, animations, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, blog sections, collection, and various styles.

  • Professionally design by rich tools.
  • Build with your team.
  • Modern responsive layouts.
  • Analyze everything.

Smart Commerce Report Generator

A report generator is an automated management solution that allows professionals to prepare and share company reports such as sales or customer behaviors on a frequent basis without manually updating the data. These changes are typically done in real-time using automatic reporting technologies. With this tool, you can accelerate customer—revenue growth through data intelligence and AI for retail & ecommerce. With a built-in online easy-to-use commerce reporting service, Selldone provides the definitive online real-time and periodical reporting experience that you’ll love.

  • Insights & Reports
  • An accurate report of visit statistics and visitor activity
  • Simple but complete financial statements
  • Report user activity for better interaction with them
  • Ability to access reports instantly
  • Determine the time period for a detailed review of the store’s performance

Payment and Accounting

Many challenges that online shop owners face can be solved by choosing the right accounting solution. Selldone provides flexible payment solutions for Commerce. Your ecommerce should have a robust integration with auditing services, but it will be more valuable if it has a built-in solution. Selldone provides an online web-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses.

Stripe processes the online payment on your store as a payment gateway when shoppers pay the order on the checkout page. Gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Xendit, Razorpay, Fondy, COD, Cash payment, ApplePay, GooglePay, AliPay, and direct bank transfer.

Selldone lets you choose from several currencies and cryptocurrencies like USD, GBP, Euro, Bitcoin, and ADA when you intend to activate accepted currencies in your dashboard.

  • Integrates with your ecommerce and POS.
  • Seamless experience in-site / in-app payment.
  • Multi-currencies / Multi-methods.

Customers and Teams

With Selldone, you can create your human-lead business. Align your team with your customers to maximize performance and free your team, so they can focus on real impact and growth. Selldone has several administrative access levels that the company can personalize for each employee. You can provide access to your workforce so that they can log in to your shop and execute activities like adding items or handling orders. You can also add partners for Selldone collaborators to work on your online shop and utilize authorization to restrict which parts of your website they can reach.

  • Manage employees more easily with a dedicated panel
  • Secure data and customers information
  • Easily manage your customers and users in Selldone.
  • It is easy to manage with all kinds of web services or APIs

Logistic and Shipping

Inventory management is a critical aspect of your commerce company; thus, your business needs a solid tool for tracking inventory, fulfilments, and accurately reflecting availability on online stores and other points of sale. Selldone e-commerce inventory management tools allow you to track your e-commerce and retail sales channels, manage your inventory and generate reports in an easy way.

Selldone Logistic and Shipping

Selldone automatically performs all the services related to logistics and sends your online store products with the help of web services. Using web services or APIs saves online sales from the hassle of human error; As a result, sellers will no longer have to worry about their sales process and will have loyal customers.

  • Integrated delivery system with the store
  • Reduce costs by sending goods in a coordinated manner
  • Accurate estimation of shipping costs, creating a sense of trust in the buyer
  • Flexibility in sending goods, from shipping services to private courier

Fulfillment & Processing Software

Selldone provides a flexible, scalable, and universal orders management system for online shops and retailers so you can smoothly handle orders and optimize processes and make your customers super happy with your agility. Selldone business OS has been designed and developed for multichannel ecommerce/retail businesses, with a mission to help you boost sales and deliver your customers’ orders in the shortest time.

  • Physical products orders fulfillment.
  • Virtual products orders fulfillment.
  • File orders fulfillment.
  • Service orders fulfillment.
  • Drop-shipping fulfillment.
  • Hyper orders fulfillment.
  • Social order fulfillment.

Marketing & Campaign Management Tools

Selldone allows you to create campaigns that wow your audience, promote your brand, and make your business sparkle. Use Selldone business operating system to turn your audience into loyal customers.

Implement a dynamic marketing strategy by focusing on organic traffic, SEO, Instagram, or Google ads to drive targeted traffic. You can mix & match free and paid channels all in one place to make the best decision, optimize the budget and maximize sales.

Selldone Marketing & Campaign Management Tools

Email marketing helps you stay connected with your audience, promote your brand and increase sales. With Selldone you can design an email and create a targeted-audience list are two important parts of running a successful email marketing campaign.

  • UTM Parameter Support
  • Banner & eye-catchers
  • Campaign auto-discount code
  • Campaign scheduling
  • More services with Google tag manager
  • Facebook Pixel Integration

Incentives and Customer Club

Selldone comes with an all-in-one loyalty management framework to satisfy all your business needs. Selldone provides tools to design gamified loyalty programs for omnichannel and ecommerce, combined with the POS and online store functionalities. Choose between multiple loyalty program structures, apply them up to your online shop easily, and automate the process in a visual canvas.

Selldone Incentives and Customer Club

If a shop is concerned about a possible decline in sales, it will resort to powerful incentive tactics such as discounts to encourage customers to spend more money. These tools assist firms in improving their sales statistics by providing them with more information. Relevant phrases and calls to action let you increase sales by implementing the discount technique on your customer’s website.

You can also give the discount percentage on the shopping cart and/or a fixed amount discount to your customers. You can define some conditions to coupon be applicable to the customer.

  • Discount codes
  • Conditional coupons & Tickets
  • Offers & Auto discounts
  • Vouchers & Gift cards
  • Gamification & Reward
  • Discount of products and variants

Online POS

A point of sale (POS) is an environment where a consumer makes a payment for products or services. A POS transaction can occur in person or online, and receipts can be printed or produced electronically. Selldone provides a Cloud-based POS solution. Online Point of Sale is easy to set up, manage, and scale your retail and online business at the same time. Selldone Point of Sale is the free point-of-sale PWA for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux that enables you to sell anywhere.

Selldone Online POS

Free SEO Tools For Ecommerce

Selldone, as an ecommerce platform, provides SEO tools for online stores that can help you improve your content. You do not need to install any plugins for search engine optimization. Also, some Google ranking improvements are handled automatically.

Selldone Free SEO Tools For Ecommerce

The best SEO tools make it cheaper, simpler, and easier to ensure that your ecommerce website is optimized for performance and manage and monitor your content health. Selldone comes with an all-in-one simple and visualized SEO tools package. A complete set of tools now works for you to make your business more visible.

  • Selldone auto SEO engine
  • All-in-one simple and visualized SEO tools package.
  • Insight to increase organic customer acquisition.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Generator.
  • Instantly improve your organic marketing

No-Code Trigger-Flow Automation Platform

Niomatic no-code development platforms provide drag & drop tools that enable businesses to develop automation processes quickly without coding in a visual canvas. Niomatic no-code platform is a programming platform that uses a visual IDE to enable non-technical users to build applications by dragging and dropping blocks to create an application or automation process.

Selldone No-Code Trigger-Flow Automation Platform

No need for any previous coding experience to build applications using Niomatic/Selldone platform. IoT technology offers ecommerce retailers the benefit of optimizing processes and removing repetitive tasks. Merchants can use software or hardware to track their orders, notify the changes in orders, and manage inventory faster and easier.

  • No-code visual automation platform
  • Drag & Drop automation design
  • Commerce / IoT integration solution

Artificial Intelligence

Merchants use AI in online commerce to use chatbot services, analyze user feedback, and provide tailored services to online consumers. It facilitates the implementation of more efficient marketing strategies.

Selldone Artificial intelligence marketing integrated services leverage your customer data and, through machine learning, anticipate your customer’s next move and improve their journey.

Selldone Ai Engine

AI solutions help marketers take them a step further for more in-depth insight and analysis. AI aggregates plenty of consumer data hidden in social activities, keyword searches, and other online data for smarter and more effective ads.

AI takes the decision-making solutions to the next level in your Selldone store. You can now compare complex inbound information side-by-side against traditional metrics to help answer which strategic solution is the best choice.

  • Marketing
  • Optimize advertising & campaigns
  • Marketing and sales automation and optimization
  • Enhance your customer service
  • Deeper knowing your consumers

Selldone App Builder

Create Your Ecommerce App from Scratch By A Free No-Code Ecommerce App Builder. Build mobile apps for your business without coding, and be in the next 70% worldwide Ecommerce game.

Selldone App Builder

Selldone Free Store Builder, in addition to the features provided for your store web page, has provided its sellers with the possibility of designing and creating an extraordinary store application by presenting its application builder. With Selldone application maker services, you can easily set up your mobile store and expand your customer base day by day.

  • Enhance your customer engagement and loyalty
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Better user experience by reducing response time
  • Higher average shopping value
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment-rate
  • Better SEO performance by your ecommerce app

Who are the main user groups of Selldone?

They are entrepreneurs that want to start their own business or SMBs who want to turn their traditional business into e-commerce. They are looking for a quick way to sell their products online, but at the same time, they want to have their own brand and promote the site on their own domain. They can not afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to set up an online store. Most interact with their customers and sales on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Telegram. Because they have worked with free apps that they did not pay directly to them (such as Instagram), it is difficult or strange to pay for an online service.

Videos: Selldone Review (2022), Features, Pricing, Alternatives And Selldone Lifetime Deals.

Photos: Selldone Review (2022), Features, Pricing, Alternatives And Selldone Lifetime Deals.


Selldone Pricing

The pricing plans of Sellsone are as follows:

Selldone Free Plan

It is free


Sellsone Startup Plan

The monthly starter plan of Selldone will cost you $14.9/month while the annual starter plan of Selldone will cost you $9.99/month (billed annually)


Selldone Company Plan

The monthly plan will cost you $99/month while the annual company plan of Selldone will cost you $69/Month (Billed Annually)


Selldone Enterprise Plan

The monthly enterprise plan of Selldone cost $429/Month, and the annual enterprise plan will cost you $299/Month.


Selldone Lifetime Plan

If you are looking for Selldone Lifetime Deals, you can get them through LTD websites like AppSumo. Under Appsumo Deals, you can find Selldone Lifetime Plans.


Selldone Alternatives

Some of the best Selldone Alternatives are:


Squarespace is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website. Domains, eCommerce, hosting, galleries, analytics, and 24/7 support are all included.

WiX allows anyone to develop flash websites for fun, business, or hobby. With WiX, anyone can create an amazing flash website in just minutes.


PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce free software powering nearly 200,000 online stores. are built using this software around the world. Translated into more than 60 languages.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Selldone generally used for?

Ans: Selldone provides an all-in-one platform for any business, anywhere.
* Creating an online shop and website.
* Creating an engaging community.
* Tools for handling sales in social channels, especially on TikTok and Instagram.

2. Does Selldone offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Ans: Yes, with a dedicated employee panel, management will be simple when you want to expand your business 10x/100x/1000x.

3. Does Selldone offer an API?

Ans: Yes, Selldone API is a mechanism that enables application developers to access and use data from online shops.

4. Does Selldone integrate with any other apps?

Ans: Yes, It is integrated with Telegram, Instagram, and Stripe. Literally, it has an app store for 3rd party apps.

5. What platforms does Selldone support?

Ans: Selldone can run on all devices and OS, mobiles, tablets, and PCs. All features are available on an intuitive web app.

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Selldone Review (2022), Features, Pricing, Alternatives And Selldone Lifetime Deals.
Selldone Review (2022), Features, Pricing, Alternatives And Selldone Lifetime Deals.

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