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Do you want to send unlimited emails and automate your campaigns? SendPrimo is the only autoresponder that allows you to do both. Send unlimited emails and automate your campaigns without having to pay a dime every month! Just pay once and enjoy sending as many emails as you like! Waiting for what? Get started today!


Are you tired of sending emails and getting no response? We know how frustrating it is to send out an email campaign only to get no responses. Stop wasting time on manual tasks like writing up an email campaign or designing templates when there’s a better solution available in SendPrimo! With SendPrimo, you’ll be able to create beautiful email templates in minutes using our drag-and-drop editor. Then, schedule them on autopilot so they go out when it’s best for your audience. All of this power at no additional cost? Now that sounds pretty awesome! Get SendPrimo today!


10Expert Score
SendPrimo Review
I have truly enjoyed this amazing all-in-one email marketing solution. To be true, I am not tech-savvy, and helped me to create email lists from websites, blogs, and lead pages and then send them beautiful emails with the click of a button. The best part is, it is fully cloud-based with advanced features and free SMTP built-in! Highly recommended to entrepreneurs and business owners to send mass emails to prospective customers.
Ease Of Use
Content Quality
Customer Support
Value For Money
  • 100% Cloud-based and mobile responsive autoresponder
  • Helps you to send unlimited email campaigns to unlimited subscribers without any monthly fee
  • All your emails are delivered straight to your customer’s inbox and never again get blocked and reduce your spam scores
  • Built-in opt-in forms and pre-designed stunning email templates
  • Allows you rapid import with no double opt-in or verification required
  • Powerful reports and analytical tools to boost your results
  • Completely user friendly and no prior experience is needed
  • No SMTP is required as they provide an in-built SMTP
  • Allows you to design beautiful emails with an in-built easy drag and drop editor and templates
  • Skyrocket your email conversions and completely transform the way you do email marketing
  • No chance of IP address getting blacklisted because of sending bulk emails
  • Offers 30 days money-back guarantee. No questions asked.
  • No Cons Found Still Now

Are you losing vital Subscribers and Sales with Outdated Email Marketing Tools? Or you are paying high recurring fees for autoresponders – only to receive a worthless service that doesn’t even deliver your emails properly or on time? If your answer is YES, then you are wasting valuable time and money!

Finally, I have a solution for you! Whether it’s just starting out as an email marketer or if you already have some experience with email marketing and are paying $300/year on autopilot that comes with huge limitations. All in all – YOU need to take control of your system by abandoning those outdated tools so SendPrimo can work its cutting edge powerful technology behind the scenes managing things automatically while getting better results than most other autoresponders to do too!

Email marketing is still the best way to grow your business, but it can be hard for new entrepreneurs who don’t have time on their side. SendPrimo empowers people with powerful technology that makes emailing quick and painless so they’re never left out of anything again!

SendPrimo is an email system like no other in the market and you can consider it as your personal bot assistant that automatically optimizes your emails and creates high conversions and profits as per your needs. The email marketing industry has been making people do the hard work for them by removing old subscribers, managing campaigns, and designing templates. The inefficient autoresponders take away time while you pay a huge sum each month to it with your money!

SendPrimo is a genuine solution, that does all the hard work for you and will make your life a little easy! The best part? It is super easy to create emails that win at a push of a button! Plus, it comes at a price of a coffee and you need to pay only once and use it for years with Free SMTP added! Keep scrolling my SendPrimo Review and get to know some important factors about the product!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this AI-based Email Marketing Platform to achieve your desired Open Rate & Click-Through Rate at zero monthly fees! Take action fast! Don’t miss this valuable opportunity!


SendPrimo Review: What Is SendPrimo?

SendPrimo is the only autoresponder you’ll ever need to reach your email subscribers. It’s powerful artificial intelligence-powered, cloud-based, and full-featured with a beautiful interface that will skyrocket conversions for every campaign or newsletter in no time at all!

SendPrimo is the best way to increase your email conversions and completely transform how you do marketing. The AI-powered autoresponder will boost campaign results with unlimited emails sent, automated campaigns that allow for drag-and-drop templates editor in order to create newsletters or other types of messages quickly.

We all know that email marketing is lucrative, but a time-consuming task to manage. SendPrimo makes it easy for you with our AI-powered service! You can send unlimited campaigns without paying monthly fees and get access to SMTPs, allowing your messages to reach more potential customers in no time at all!

The best part? Just pay once and you get to send emails with your own SMTP. Not only does it dependably send out your emails, but it also allows you to automate your campaigns, which comes with a Drag-and-drop Email Templates editor for your emails and newsletters.

This software is so easy to use, even your mom could do it! You just have to enter in some basic information about yourself and press “start”. Email marketing has never been more profitable or engaging with this newbie-friendly tool that will make all of those boring emails fly right off the page into their inboxes where they belong.

Here’s what you are getting with SendPrimo today:

  • High email deliverability assured
  • Perfect system for White label sending
  • Powerful analytics and reporting features
  • Super easy drag and drop Email Editor
  • Hundreds of Pre-designed highly engaging email templates
  • Powerful Autoresponder features
  • Marketing Automation easily enabled with a few clicks
  • Unlimited email sending and list imports
  • Effective email campaign creation and management
  • Sophisticated but Newbie friendly interface

And More…..

With SenPrimo you can:

  • Enjoy the latest and modern features with powerful automation
  • Design and send beautiful Emails that work
  • Enjoy Real-time monitoring of how emails are performing with powerful analytics inside
  • Squeeze out unlimited email campaigns which are highly profitable with super easy automation features
  • Send emails with confidence and no fear of getting rejected as spam and white-labeled dominance
  • Boost your open rates and click-through rates
  • Explode your subscriber lists
  • Save money on expensive copywriters and autoresponder subscriptions
  • Avoid losing subscribers and money
  • Save valuable hours on understanding and using the system


How Does SendPrimo Works?

It’s time to stop wasting your precious email marketing budget on autocratic autoresponders and those who fail to deliver. The opportunity of sending unlimited emails at no monthly fee is here, so seize it!

Grab this golden opportunity to send unlimited emails using in-built SMTP at no monthly fees! Wanna know how?

Here are 3 simple steps you need to follow to grow your email marketing space:


SendPrimo Login

First, you have to enter basic information and get started instantly by logging in to our cloud-based platform.


SendPrimo Campaign

After logging into SendPrimo’s dashboard you have to upload your list or inbuilt forms and proceed to create highly profitable email campaigns.


Make profits with SendPrimo

Finally, you can make profits with those profitable email campaigns you just sent. You don’t need any technical know-how or coding skills to build a list and send beautiful emails. You can do it with just a few clicks knowing the tool is simple, lovely, lovingly crafted for you!

Following the above simple to use steps you can send or schedule beautiful and engaging emails to your customers in order to build relationships, send promotions, or follow up. Moreover, you will get 100+ done-for-you lead pages, pop-ups, and email templates that are both beautiful and mobile-friendly.

SendPrimo Features: What Are You Getting Inside?

SendPrimo App

SendPrimo is the first-ever smart autoresponder with an in-built SMTP server that empowers entrepreneurs & Business Owners to send unlimited emails with just one click! Now there is no need to spend on expensive third-party SMTPs and you can easily dominate a huge & growing email marketing business and design beautiful emails with in-built easy drag and drop editor and templates.

Here are some major SendPrimo Features with World-class technologies:

🔥 Cloud-based, Mobile-Responsive System

SendPrimo is a powerful autoresponder that can be accessed from anywhere. It’s hosted on SendPrio’s rock-solid cloud servers, so you don’t have to worry about its security or sustainability in any way!

🔥 Drag-and-drop Email Templates Editor

SendPrimo’s Email Template Builder makes it easy to create custom templates for your company. With dozens of pre-built designs and styles, you can start on the right foot by sending out emails quickly in no time!

🔥 Embed Subscription Form To Your Own Website

SendPrimo allows you to create a subscription form for your campaign after creating an email list. You can then design and customize the sign-up page of this new subscriber, making it stand out on its own or blend into any other website content seamlessly! You can design and customize a subscription form that will look great on any website or brand, making sure they get all their needs met in one place!

🔥 Predesigned Templates

SendPrimo is the ultimate way to get your message across. With their creatively designed templates, you’ll be able to entice thousands of visitors without lifting a finger! You can create stunning email designs that will attract recipients like moths drawn by light bulbs in seconds flat – it’s super easy because all this software does for us are simple tasks like dragging-n-dropping images or text over prebuilt layouts. No coding is necessary.

🔥 Personalized Email Accounts

You’ll get your own personalized email accounts to create and manage emails easily. You can also have them sent directly into a folder of the month, so you never miss an important message!

🔥 List Management

The tool also offers a seamless experience for list imports. It has features that automatically add subscribers as and when they sign in, making it easy to maintain a large subscriber base without any hassle on your part!

🔥 Add All Types Of Email Content

The sound of your voice is what will send the email. Simply add content and get ready to broadcast live! You can use images, videos, or GIFs as well as formatted text in any way that you like with their full support for all types of formatting needs on these platforms. The email marketing service is the perfect way to make an impression on your audience. You can add various content and get a fully customized result with just one click!

🔥 Check Spam And Check Subject Lines

It’s easy to test your subject lines and ensure that they’re not spammy! Just enter some text into SendPrimo, hit “Test Email Subject” or choose one of their pre-made templates. You’ll get an instant alert if there are any problems with the content in any emails you send out, which is ideal for marketing professionals like yourself who want fresh leads every day and night.

🔥 Reports & Analytics

The email marketing software will give you a complete picture of your campaign with all the statistics and reports that are available. You can also monitor clicks, open rates, and other important information to help optimize conversions for this type of messaging strategy inside its toolkit!

🔥 Marketing Automation

Get even more engaged with your audience by customizing automated email flow triggered based on behavior. You can craft a personalized message for each person, ensuring that you always have their attention and keeping the relationship strong!

🔥 Powerful Autoresponder Features

Effortlessly integrate and stay connected with all your contacts, no matter how busy or far apart they are. Get powerful autoresponder features that will make sure you never miss an important message again!

🔥 In-Built SMTP Totally Free

Now you can enjoy the latest and modern features with powerful automation. Plus, you can enjoy real-time monitoring of how emails are performing with powerful analytics inside. Plus, get professional email templates with this unlimited subscriber and list import.

🔥 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Say goodbye to the expensive and autoresponder tools! The best part is, SendPrimo provides a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee and you can get full 30 days money-back guarantee with zero risk! In case, you face any technical support they will issue a complete refund! Try SendPrimo, it is completely risk-free!


SendPrimo Pricing & Upsells

Grab SendPrimo at a low one-time price at $17! It includes the world’s best features and email marketing automation that helps you instantly boost your open rates and click-through rates! No more paying hundreds on expensive copywriters, great right? With a very low SendPrimo price get 10X more email marketing efforts and let the tool do the heavy lifting itself!

I can assure you that SendPrimo will change the email marketing business for you, save you expensive time, money and get you more open, subscribers, lists, and unlimited sales. SendPrimo is currently being offered at a low price! Hence, don’t miss this valuable opportunity to lock in this price and product for no monthly fee and unlimited access.

🏆 Front-End: SendPrimo ($17)

  • Cloud-based, mobile responsive
  • Drag-and-drop Email Templates editor
  • Domain management
  • Predesigned templates
  • List management
  • Autoresponders
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Pre-built Templates
  • No monthly fees, no limits
  • No SMTP Required
  • Unlimited emails Campaigns, unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists
  • Unlimited list import
  • Unlimited email sending

🏆 SendPrimo PRO ($27)

  • Send Automated Sequences
  • Premium Email Templates (100 DFY Templates)
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Commercial License

🏆 SendPrimo MAX ($37)

  • Dedicated IP for Best email delivery
  • No hourly limit in your SMTP account
  • Advanced email template builder

🏆 PrimeVoice ($47)

  • Text to Speech Is Now More Natural Sounding Than Ever
  • Generating Natural Sounding Voices from your text
  • Just use this Amazing “Newbie-Friendly”,
  • One-of-A-Kind Software Saving You Thousands of Dollars On All Your Voice-Over Needs
  • 64 Languages over 400 voices

🏆 SendPrimo Agency ($97)

  • Can create unlimited accounts for Client
  • Charge Monthly or One time at your own pricing
  • SMTP in-built
  • DFY Website for selling SendPrimo

🏆 SendPrimo Whitelabel ($197)

  • Launch your own email marketing Service Company (use your own domain and logo)

SendPrimo Benefits: Why Should You Choose SendPrimo?

Marketers who can connect with their customers in a highly personalized way while staying on a budget will be successful at delivering ROI and revenue back to the business. You can achieve all this using SendPrimo which enables you to send Unlimited Emails with the push of a button! It allows you to take full control of your email marketing automation system and get breakthrough results.

Here are some SendPrimo benefits, which are simply the best bet for business growth!

  • Easy Automation enables perfect interaction of subscribers and funnels.
  • Strong Email Personalization enables to create a perfect personal touch and boosts response rates.
  • Auto-Schedule unlimited email campaigns with specific triggers and events.
  • Auto-manage your unlimited subscribers, cleaning of lists and list imports.
  • Grow Your List Faster by embedding your subscription forms on the website.
  • Boost your opt-in rates with forms that work perfectly on every device and screen size.
  • Easy segmentation of lists and subscriber management leading to high open rates.
  • DKIM, Dmarc, and SPF Authentication which enables white labeling of the domain.
  • Easily created Unsubscribe Page enhances image and trust among customers.
  • Different analytics related to automations, campaigns, and forms and subscriptions enable a birds-eye view of real conditions and better decision-making.
  • Never-ending technical support for all customers with a 100% money-back guarantee.

SendPrimo Uses: Who Should Buy It?

SendPrimo is the newest way to reach your audience and make sales. With its ability to send unlimited promotional emails, you can run promotional campaigns without worrying about getting blacklisted by sending bulk mailings!

Primo is the perfect software for any business that needs to send out emails. It will save you hours every day with its automation features, so your prospects don’t have yet another thing on their minds!

SendPrimo is perfect for:

  • Content creators
  • Web builders
  • Social media marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Video editors
  • Product reviewers
  • Local Businesses
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product coaches/trainers
  • Advertising agency owners
  • Product sellers
  • Any other kind of online business


SendPrimo Alternatives

Looking for SendPrimo Alternatives? Then you are at the right place! SendPrimo is one of the best email automation tools in the market that actually helps you save money on expensive copywriters and autoresponder subscriptions. Have a look at another software that works in a similar pattern like SendPrimo!

Bottom Line
Bottom Line
SendPrimo is a new and improved email marketing tool that will help you easily create massive profits by sending high-converting emails in a row to countless subscribers at literally zero cost. Send your messages from anywhere, anytime with this easy cloud-based software!
100% Cloud-based and mobile responsive

No SMTP is required as they provide an in-built SMTP

Powerful reports and analytical tools to boost your results

Built-in opt-in forms and pre-designed stunning email templates

Ready to send emails today without any limits

No monthly fees, no restrictions of any kind

Completely user friendly and no prior experience is needed

24/7 Technical support

Rapid import with no double opt-in or verification required

Run unlimited promotional campaigns
No Cons Found Until Now
Bottom Line
Sendinblue is the smartest and the most intuitive platform that promotes your brand and grows your business with beautifully designed emails.
Intuitive drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand and wow your audience

Helps you personalize your content with advanced email personalization options

Sent your emails at the perfect time with the click of a button
Costs $25/Month which is expensive

No in-built SMTP

No unlimited subscribers


So, have you been looking for a way to up your email marketing game? If so then look no further. SendPrimo is an affordable and easy-to-use tool that can help take care of all those pesky messages from potential customers who want something! The SendPrimo Autoresponder is a cheap and easy-to-use tool for Email Marketing.

The interface of this program can be used by both newbies in the business, as well experienced marketers alike because it offers all these features at your fingertips with one simple software that has everything you need under one roof! Grab this golden opportunity and send unlimited emails using this email-autoresponder tool!

Thank you for reading SendPrimo Review till the end! Hope you enjoyed this review till the end!If you have questions to ask, let me know in the comment section below!


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Specification: SendPrimo Review, Features, Price, Alternatives: Send Unlimited Emails With One-Click!


All Level, Beginner

Refund Policy 30 Days
Niche Email Marketing

6 reviews for SendPrimo Review, Features, Price, Alternatives: Send Unlimited Emails With One-Click!

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Dishen Maharaj

    Definitely not worth it. The product does not do as promised and the support is non existent.

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  2. Sandy Helmer

    Hello everyone this Sandy, today i will say you about a software named SendPrimo, by which you can send unlimited emails and automate your campaign , without paying per month fees.
    I have used this amazing software that has nearly everything in it. Although I am not so technically intelligent, but this has allowed me to create emails from various webpages and blogs, lead those up and send them just in a click of a button.
    It is just a great cloud based feature, and SMPT built in them to work accurately.

    + PROS: It has some great and interesting features :-- -100 cent Cloud based features for auto responder, -Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers, with no monthly fees. - Very easy to use features, to work upon - Has Built in and well and high designed email templates , - Very much User friendly, and no prior experience needed -No SMPT Required, as buit up already SMPT available -24/7 amity coustomer care support to guide you up.
    - CONS: Nothing Found as of now.
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  3. Merry Gomez

    It’s Value the time and the money. It is very user-friendly and helpful for the beginners.

    + PROS: -Pros Some of the pros of this application:- 1. Cloud-based and mobile responsive 2. Check Spam And Check Subject Lines 3.User friendly 4. In build SMPT which is totally free 5. no monthly fees and also there is no restriction of the usage 6.100% money back guarantee within 30 days
    - CONS: -Cons No cons to be seen.
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. Oliver Peterson

    Hey, if you are tired of sending emails and receiving no response then , write up your email campaigns and designing templates, and it’s solution is with SendPrimo, to help you out. Here you can easily create well email templates to set it up for your business, or educational ideas. You can send beautiful email blogs within a twist of seconds, and you also don’t need to be a great technical expert in it for using this software.
    This creative e-mail template is a must try for beginners to work upon, as it helped me for emails alot….

    + PROS: -100% Cloud Based Software and mobile responser. -Create Unlimited amount of emails to unlimited number of contacts. -Easy to use. -No hassles of monthly fee. -Built in Optimization, Build in designed Templates. -Very friendly and Nice Customer Care service to help you out. -Nice user friendly services -must try this amazing features.
    - CONS: None found as of now...
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this

    Worth for money. Email marketing becomes easy after using it. Before using SendPrimo, it was difficult to send out an email campaign but no response. SendPrimo helped me to create email list from different websites and blogs and send them with click one button.
    Best part of this platform is SendPrimo completely Cloud-based platform. It has inbuilt drag-and-drop editor and templates which makes easy to design emails.

    + PROS: -Inbuilt SMTP -Pre-designed email templates - Useful reports and analytical tools -User friendly -Mobile responsive
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  6. Ava Smith

    If you are having trouble with email marketing then must use this SendPrimo. Worth to buy this. I was in trouble with email campaign before. But now, It is easy for me. I only use drag and drop option to create emails. Best part is It has in-built SMTP.

    + PROS: -Skyrocket service to convert emails -Ready made templates and drag-and-drop options -Safe from being blacklisting -100% cloud based service
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    SendPrimo Review, Features, Price, Alternatives: Send Unlimited Emails With One-Click!
    SendPrimo Review, Features, Price, Alternatives: Send Unlimited Emails With One-Click!

    Original price was: $47.Current price is: $17.

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