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Searching for the best TTP tools? There are lots of software and platform is available to do so, but the problem is this is the old method to doing such kind of thing. Here I have mentioned the best “Humatar” video creation software that can be used by any technophobe. Build the best website by making them so interactive and engaging to the audience. Check the best offer of TalkingFaces and grab the coupon that is limited.

TalkingFaces is completely based on a cloud platform that means it is OS independent. It can be used on any browser that is connected to the internet. You don’t need to install any software on your system or device. Also, they are allowing to removal TalkingFaces logo. The best part is you don’t pay monthly, they are taking a one-time fee to use it. You don’t have to hire any spokesperson or you don’t need to have in your video.

TalkingFaces is developed on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Marketers use some AI terms to understand the product. Artificial Intelligence become the most advanced technology to do everything like translating any voice using AI, or Removing video Background. We can use this platform to create website welcome messages, about pages, lead capture, call-to-action easily. Read the complete TalkingFaces Review below here.



10Expert Score
Best Platform To Create, Customize, and Overlay Real Human Spokespeople
I am working with this product for a couple of weeks and believe me it is the best platform for a human synthesis studio. It is easy to use and beginners can find help with this product. With the help of this tool, it is easy to create TalkingFace. Using AI technology we can reface from the original footage. We can select any language and make it a real human voice. It helps to increase sales, leads, and profits. Most recommended product for beginners and experts.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • It is a cloud-based SaaS platform
  • It comes with AI Re-Facing Technology
  • Easy to create TalkingFace
  • Easy TO Use
  • It Comes With FB Ads Training
  • No technical Knowledge required to use it
  • It Supports So Languages
  • Saves Huge Amount Of Time
  • It Saves money
  • Helps In lead conversions
  • Helps To Host Unlimited videos
  • Makes The website engagement for the viewer
  • Comes With Best Bonuses
  • Offering A 30-day Money Back Guarantee

πŸ† TalkingFaces Review: What Is TalkingFaces?

TalkingFaces platform is a cloud-based SaaS product, it helps to create real spokespeople from typing. The most amazing part is it allows to overlay these spokespeople on any website. This software is also known as the “Humatar” video creation tool. It uses real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech tools to create this. There is no limit to creating videos or you can type 1000 characters on each video. It comes with AI technology to Re-face the original video with another image even in 3D.

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Languages support on this platform:

  • Arabic
  • Bengali (India)
  • Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
  • Catalan (Spain)
  • Czech (Czech Republic)
  • Cantonese (Hong Kong)
  • Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Croatian (Croatia)
  • Danish (Denmark)
  • Dutch (Belgium)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • English (Australia)
  • English (Canada)
  • English (India)
  • English (South Africa)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (United States)
  • Estonian (Estonia)
  • Filipino (Philippines)
  • Finnish (Finland)
  • French (Belgium)
  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • French (Switzerland)
  • German (Austria)
  • German (Germany)
  • German (Switzerland)
  • Greek (Greece)
  • Gujarati (India)
  • Hebrew (Israel)
  • Hindi (India)
  • Hungarian (Hungary)
  • Indonesian (Indonesia)
  • Irish (Ireland)
  • Italian (Italy)
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Korean (South Korea)
  • Latvian (Latvia)
  • Lithuanian (Lithuania)
  • Malaysia (Malay)
  • Maltese (Malta)
  • Mandarin (China)
  • Marathi (India)
  • Norwegian (Norway)
  • Polish (Poland)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Romanian (Romania)
  • Russian (Russia)
  • Slovak (Slovakia)
  • Slovenian (Slovenia)
  • Spanish (Argentia)
  • Spanish (Columbia)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (United States)
  • Swahili (Kenya)
  • Swedish (Sweden)
  • Tamil (India)
  • Telugu (India)
  • Thai (Thailand)
  • Turkish (Turkey)
  • Ukrainian (Ukraine)
  • Urdu (Pakistan)
  • Vietnamese (Vietnam)
  • Welsh (United Kingdom)




πŸ† TalkingFaces Demo

Below here you can find TalkingFaces in Live. Check out what you can do more on it.


πŸ† TalkingFaces Coupons

Get Additional $30 Off On TalkingFaces
Get Additional $30 Off On TalkingFaces
Apply this coupon code to get an additional $30 Off with bonuses. The coupon is valid for a limited time. Hurry Up!!
57 97


πŸ† TalkingFaces Pricing




TalkingFaces Personal


TalkingFaces Commercial


TalkingFaces PRO


TalkingFaces Enterprise


Todd's Text To Voice for TalkingFaces


TalkingFaces Agency Lite


TalkingFaces Agency Unlimited


TalkingFaces Bundle


TalkingFaces offers the lowest price ever. Use the coupon to get an additional $30 off. Use the product for 30 days and if find some issue then get back your refund without any problem. It comes with so many languages you can select. You can reface the humatar to make the best product. Save thousands of dollars by buying this right now. They are taking a one-time low fee instead of any monthly subscription.

TalkingFaces Money Back

πŸ”₯ Front-End: TalkingFaces Personal ($57)

  • No Reface/Faceswap Feature
  • 6 TalkingFaces (Humatars)
  • 5 Human Voices
  • No Credits Required
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Up To 1,000 Characters Per Video
  • Personal Use Only

πŸ”₯ Front-End: TalkingFaces Commercial ($97)

  • Up To 10 Faces For Reface/Faceswap
  • 10 TalkingFaces (Humatars)
  • 20 Human Voices
  • 30 Greetings (10 TalkingFaces x 3 Greetings Each)
  • No Credits Required, Unlimited Videos
  • Up To 1,000 Characters Per Video
  • Commercial License – Sell To Your Clients
  • Coupon Code ‘TFSALE’ For $30 Off $97!

πŸ”₯ OTO 1: TalkingFaces PRO ($77)

  • 30 Actors and future actors (with outfits included – Multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor, business outfits, gym outfits, etc)
  • 60 Extra Pro Real Human Voices
  • 150+ “Auto-Play” Greetings ( 47 TalkingFaces x 3 Greetings Each )
  • Unlimited Faces For Reface – Create Unlimited Faces
  • Future TalkingFaces For One Year

πŸ”₯ OTO 2: TalkingFaces Enterprise ($67)

  • Upload Voice with Any Language
  • Upload Any Face using Re-Facing
  • TalkingFaces in 1080p quality
  • Supports VIP Rendering
  • Remove TalkingFaces Branding to make professional
  • Comes with future Software Updates

πŸ”₯ OTO 3: Todd’s Text To Voice for TalkingFaces ($97)

  • Include Todd’s Voice with TalkingFaces Humatars
  • The Voice of Todd Gross

πŸ”₯ OTO 4: TalkingFaces Agency Lite ($197)

  • 25 Sub-User Accounts
  • Reseller License
  • Limited Launch Discount

πŸ”₯ OTO 5: TalkingFaces Agency Unlimited ($297)

  • Unlimited Sub-User Accounts
  • Reseller License
  • Limited Launch Discount
  • Traffic Generation Course (Bonus)
  • Done-For-You Agency Website (Bonus)

πŸ”₯ OTO 6: TalkingFaces Bundle ($297)

It comes with TalkingFaces Commercial, TalkingFaces Pro, TalkingFaces Enterprise, and Todd’s Text To Voice For Talking Faces.

πŸ† TalkingFaces Bonuses

TalkingFaces Bonus

πŸ”₯ BONUS 1: ShortTracz – Your Custom Domain Link Shortener

Nobody likes long URLs, with the help of this not only you can short any link but also it allows you to create redirect links. Using domain links you can increase the leads. It comes with so many features for instance geo-targeting and device targeting, URL validation and reCaptcha, best admin panel, anonymous user history, splash and overlay pages, and so on.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 2: High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet

Don’t waste time, using this cheatsheet it is easy to close High-Ticket Clients.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 3: 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools

Use these marketing tools instead of searching random tools online. They have listed the best 150+ free online marketing tools to make your business on fleek.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 4: Personal Branding Secrets In 2021

This guide will help you to find how to create your own personal brand.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 5: 400+ Power Words To Transform Your Marketing Strategy Today

The right word helps to make the right decision. Using these 400+ power words you can manipulate the emotions of the audience to get more clicks, shares, and sales.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 6: Influencer Scripts – How To Reach Out To Influencers So They Can’t Say No

This script has been listed by the marketing experts so you don’t have to reach out to influencers.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 7: Logo Creator App

Create logos for your business. It is simple to use that, enter the name of your business and select the logos. In the end, download the HQ logo including the vector file.

πŸ”₯ BONUS 8: Facebook Ads Video Training Course

Ads are an important tool in the marketing platform. It would be risky if someone does not do this in the right way. With the help of this tutorial course, you will learn how to set up Facebook Ads perfectly. Get more details about your audience requirements. You will learn the way to reach the audience and target the right person. In this course you will learn what is FB Ads, paid traffic mindset, Which audience you should target, FB insights, Create Avatar profile, Ad rules, The Pixel, and Campaigns.



πŸ† How To Use TalkingFaces

These are the 5 easy steps to creating a TalkingFace, follow these steps to generate it.

βœ”οΈ STEP 1: Select A Human & Style

You can select “Humatar” from the left side of the dashboard where you can find lots of styles.

βœ”οΈ STEP 2: Choose From 20 Human Voices and 254 Google and Azure Voices

In this step, you have to select a human voice. You can choose any of the voices from the collection.

βœ”οΈ STEP 3: Edit Your Call To Action/Countdown/Settings

Add and customize the Call to Action button or add a countdown and edit the settings.

βœ”οΈ STEP 4: Change Facial Characteristics From Different Faces

It allows customizing the facial expression from the other faces.

βœ”οΈ STEP 5: Enter Your Landing Page URL

Finally, add the page where you can display this.



πŸ† Why Should Get TalkingFaces

With the help of this platform, we can create unlimited TalkingFaces. It allows you to upload unlimited videos in the hosting. Earn unlimited profit by having commercial products and boosting your viewer engagement. It saves you valuable time. It comes with built-in TTS(Text-To-Speech) features so you can convert any written text. Use different languages to create TTS. You can make real videos by Lip-synching.


πŸ† Who Should Use TalkingFaces

We can use this platform in various fields, these are mentioned below:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Fashion Brand
  • Ecom Store

πŸ† TalkingFaces Features

TalkingFaces Features

βœ”οΈ New AI β€œRe-Facing” Technology

Using this tool you can upload any image then TalkingFaces will automatically recognize the face to create a 3D human face.

βœ”οΈOne-Click Creates a New β€œTalkingFace”

A select human voice from 60 different human voices. It is the real human voice, not the AI bot generator.

βœ”οΈ Super-Fast & Easy to Use Interface (Point & Click)

Mainly created for new users who are not familiar with technologies so they can easily use this.

βœ”οΈ Create Unlimited TalkingFaces for One Low Price

The best part of this platform is it allows you to create unlimited videos.

βœ”οΈ Apply Any Language with Perfect Lip Synching

Select any language on your requirement and apply the Lip-synching feature on it.

βœ”οΈ Includes Synthesis Voice Technology (Real Human Voices)

Speech synthesis is an advanced technology of speech by Artificial Intelligence where it produces real human voice.

βœ”οΈ Overlay TalkingFaces on Most Any Websites

It allows to overlay on the website with makes so interactive and engaging, copy and paste some lines of code, and your job is done.

βœ”οΈ Engage Via Email Opt-ins, Buttons, Timers & More

Get more audiences with help of Emails and other tools.

βœ”οΈ Boost Clicks, Leads, & Sales Conversions

Increase your sales and leads on these platforms to make more profit.

βœ”οΈ Unlimited Hosting for Your β€œTalkingFaces”

It allows hosting unlimited TalkingFaces videos on the platform.

βœ”οΈ Zero Technical Skills Needed

No technical experience or skills are required to use it. Even a technophobe can easily use it.

βœ”οΈ Commercial License Is Included!

It comes with a commercial license.



πŸ† TalkingFaces Alternatives

There are other platforms available such as “Humatars”, but TalkingFaces is the best platform to use. Since it is easy to use and create TalkingFaces within a few clicks. It is mainly built for beginners. You can check other platforms online.

πŸ†Final Words on TalkingFaces

This is the end of this section, we have done a complete TalkingFaces review. This is the best platform to make your website so interactive. Create a Welcome page and About page, so your readers will get interested to visit your website. Most marketers like affiliate marketers, digital marketing, fashion brand, eCommerce store, and so on are using this tool to get more sales and profits.

Currently, they are offering the lowest price ever and a 30-day money-back guarantee so don’t miss this opportunity. Try this product for 30 days, and if don’t like this then get your refund back easily.

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TalkingFaces Review, Features, Pricing & Alternatives
TalkingFaces Review, Features, Pricing & Alternatives

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