Ultimate Membership Pro Review. An Excellent WordPress Membership Plugin

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Elevate your WordPress site with Ultimate Membership Pro – the go-to plugin for seamless membership management. Craft free or premium plans effortlessly, control content access, and personalize subscriptions with ease. Packed with features like drip content, one-click upsells, and support for multiple payment gateways, it ensures flexibility and engagement. Affordable, supported, and user-friendly, Ultimate Membership Pro is your key to unlocking WordPress membership site potential.

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You will get: Comprehensive Membership Management Versatile Customization Options Intuitive Interface for Easy Setup Robust Security Features Seamless Integration with Payment Gateways Dedicated Support for a Smooth Experience

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

Introducing Ultimate Membership Pro Review, a revolutionary WordPress plugin designed to redefine the dynamics of membership management. In the ever-evolving realm of website development, WordPress remains a formidable player, yet its native features offer limited membership functionalities. Enter Ultimate Membership Pro, a premium plugin boasting a myriad of features poised to transform your WordPress site into a membership powerhouse. Ultimate Membership Pro Review

From content restriction and seamless integration with payment gateways to extensive customization tools, security reinforcement, and built-in addons, Ultimate Membership Pro sets the stage for unparalleled control and flexibility. In this exploration, we unravel the layers of this plugin, unveiling how it empowers WordPress users to craft exclusive, revenue-generating membership sites with ease and sophistication.

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Ultimate Membership Pro Review. An Excellent WordPress Membership Plugin
Ultimate Membership Pro: Empowering WordPress Sites
Elevate your WordPress site with Ultimate Membership Pro, a premium plugin for seamless membership management. Enjoy an intuitive interface, robust security, and versatile customization options. Whether you're creating free or premium memberships, this plugin ensures a feature-rich environment. Unlock your site's full potential for engaging user experiences and enhanced revenue streams.
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Ease of Use
Services & Features
Value for Money
Included features
  • Comprehensive Membership Management
  • Versatile Customization Options
  • Intuitive Interface for Easy Setup
  • Robust Security Features
  • Seamless Integration with Payment Gateways
  • Dedicated Support for a Smooth Experience
  • Limited Handling of Overdue Payments
  • Potential Complexity for Some Users
  • No Free Version Available

What Does Ultimate Membership Pro Do?

Ultimate Membership Pro emerges as a transformative solution for WordPress sites, delivering a comprehensive approach to membership management and revenue generation. With a significant user base, this premium plugin serves as a versatile powerhouse crafted to enhance the WordPress experience. It furnishes a feature-rich ecosystem for the seamless creation and management of diverse membership levels, spanning from free to premium, equipped with a robust toolkit and extensive customization options.

The plugin facilitates easy member management, allowing seamless control over subscriptions, user roles, and content access. Its integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net ensures flexible payment options, while the extensive set of customization tools enables effortless site personalization. Ultimate Membership Pro boasts 40+ free built-in add-ons, offering functionalities such as taxes, WooCommerce integration, membership badges, and email services.

From content locking and drip content features to advanced security measures and social login integration, Ultimate Membership Pro empowers site owners to build exclusive, secure, and engaging membership platforms. Whether you’re starting a new membership site or upgrading an existing one, this plugin serves as a key tool in transforming your WordPress site into a dynamic and lucrative online community.

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

Ultimate Membership Pro Features

Ultimate Membership Pro boasts a range of key features that contribute to its versatility and effectiveness in managing membership sites. Let’s delve into each of these features:

Content Restriction

Ultimate Membership Pro empowers site owners with precise control over content access. Whether it’s pages, posts, categories, URLs, or multimedia elements, the plugin allows restriction based on members’ subscription levels. This extends to keyword-based restriction within URLs, offering a nuanced approach to content visibility. The ability to lock certain content partially or fully adds flexibility to shaping user experiences.

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

Forms, Templates, and Shortcodes

The plugin simplifies customization through various templates for essential elements like registration, login, subscription plans, and more. Customization extends to unlimited fields, including profile images and date pickers, with conditional logic options for dynamic user interactions. Shortcodes further enhance the adaptability of various features, offering a robust toolkit for creating tailored membership experiences.

Various Payment Options

Ultimate Membership Pro seamlessly integrates with multiple payment gateways, expanding user payment choices. From one-time payments to ongoing subscriptions, limited plans, and trial periods, the plugin accommodates diverse billing models. A built-in coupon code builder facilitates the creation of discounts, providing administrators with flexible pricing strategies for subscription plans.

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

Unlimited Memberships

The plugin liberates site owners from restrictive membership structures by allowing the creation of an unlimited number of membership plans. Each plan is customizable with unique features, payment options, and subscription durations, providing versatility in catering to diverse audience needs.

Restriction Tools

With the “Insider Locker” tool, Ultimate Membership Pro offers a comprehensive suite of restriction options. Site owners can control access to posts, pages, URLs, taxonomies, and navigation elements. This includes partial or full restrictions, creating tiered access levels, and enhancing the strategic management of content visibility.

User-Friendly Interface

Integration with popular page builders, including Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Divi, and Elementor, ensures a user-friendly interface for site customization. This simplifies the process of designing and modifying pages, making them accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Email Notifications

Ultimate Membership Pro keeps administrators and users informed through 45 distinct email notifications. Covering activities such as new registrations, account approvals, and membership expirations, these notifications enhance communication and engagement. Integration with leading email marketing platforms further streamlines communication strategies.

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

Social Media Linking

Enhancing user convenience, the plugin incorporates social login functionality. Users can seamlessly log in using their credentials from platforms like Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Customizable social media buttons with CSS3 effects offer flexibility in design, ensuring a cohesive and branded user experience.

User Manual and Support

Ultimate Membership Pro provides a comprehensive user manual, offering detailed guidance for setting up and customizing membership sites. The plugin’s commitment to support is evident through its extensive and fast support system, ensuring users receive timely assistance when needed.

Security Measures

Ensuring the integrity and security of membership sites, the plugin includes robust security features. Manual account approval, complex password requirements, control over concurrent logins, and measures to prevent spam signups contribute to a secure environment. Users also have the capability to ban certain emails and usernames, adding an extra layer of protection to the site.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins:

Several WordPress membership plugins cater to different needs and preferences. Here are some of the best WordPress membership plugins:

  • Ultimate Membership Pro: Known for its extensive features, customization options, and seamless integration, Ultimate Membership Pro is a powerful plugin suitable for various membership sites.
  • MemberPress: Recognized for its simplicity and robust features, MemberPress allows you to create, manage, and track membership subscriptions effortlessly. It also integrates well with popular payment gateways.
  • Restrict Content Pro: This plugin offers a straightforward approach to membership management, allowing you to create an unlimited number of subscription packages with ease. It’s user-friendly and integrates smoothly with payment gateways.

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

  • WooCommerce Memberships: If you are running an online store with WooCommerce, this plugin seamlessly integrates membership features into your store, providing a cohesive experience for users.
  • Paid Memberships Pro: With a focus on flexibility, Paid Memberships Pro offers a range of customization options and supports various payment gateways. It’s suitable for both small and large membership sites.
  • MemberMouse: Geared towards businesses and entrepreneurs, MemberMouse provides advanced features like one-click upsells, content dripping, and a comprehensive dashboard for analytics.
  • LearnDash: If your membership site is centered around e-learning, LearnDash is an excellent choice. It integrates with WordPress seamlessly and provides tools for creating and selling online courses.

When choosing a membership plugin, consider your specific requirements, the scale of your site, and the features that align with your goals. Each plugin has its strengths, so it’s essential to pick the one that best suits your needs.

How to Set up Ultimate Membership Pro

Setting up Ultimate Membership Pro is a straightforward process that allows you to harness its powerful features for creating and managing your WordPress membership site. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up Ultimate Membership Pro:

  1. Access Your WordPress Admin Dashboard: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins: Click on “Plugins” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Add New Plugin: Select “Add New” to upload the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin. Upload the .zip file and activate the plugin.
  4. Create Essential Pages: Ultimate Membership Pro requires specific pages for optimal functionality. Create the following essential pages:
    • Register Page
    • Login Page
    • Account Page
    • Logout Page
    • Subscription Plan Page
    • Default Redirect
    • Lost Password Page
  5. Configure Pages: After creating the pages, assign the appropriate shortcodes to each page. This ensures that the pages function as intended. Click on “Pages” in the admin menu, then “Add New,” and use the shortcodes provided for each specific page.
  6. Activate Cron and wp_mail: To enjoy the full functionalities of Ultimate Membership Pro, activate Cron and ensure the wp_mail function is working correctly on your server.
  7. Customize Membership Levels: Determine the types of membership levels you want to offer, whether free, premium, or trial subscriptions. Utilize the customization options to create different subscription packages based on your site’s objectives.
  8. Integrate Payment Gateways: Configure payment gateways to facilitate member payments. Ultimate Membership Pro seamlessly integrates with popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout. Set up your preferred payment options and pricing models.

Ultimate Membership Pro Review

9. Explore Additional Features: Take advantage of the extensive features offered by Ultimate Membership Pro, such as content restriction, drip content, member approval, and more. Customize the plugin to align with your site’s specific needs.

10. Ensure Server Requirements: Confirm that your server meets the necessary requirements for the plugin. Activate Cron and ensure that the wp_mail function is operational for seamless communication.

11. Review and Test: Before making your membership site live, review the settings, pages, and configurations. Test the user registration, login, and subscription processes to ensure a smooth and error-free experience for your members.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up Ultimate Membership Pro and unlock its full potential for managing memberships on your WordPress site.


Ultimate Membership Pro emerges as a powerful tool for WordPress users seeking seamless membership management and revenue generation. Boasting a myriad of features, this plugin transforms the user experience by providing an extensive range of customization options. With its ability to create and manage various membership levels, whether free or premium, Ultimate Membership Pro offers versatility.

The plugin’s integration with popular payment gateways, social logins, and email marketing platforms enhances its functionality. While it presents an excellent solution for membership sites, some users may find the absence of a free version and certain payment handling aspects as drawbacks. However, the overall consensus leans towards the plugin’s value, making it a worthy investment for those aiming to elevate their membership site experience.

Ultimate Membership Pro FAQs

What is Ultimate Membership Pro?

Ultimate Membership Pro is a WordPress plugin designed for membership site management, offering features to control content access, create subscription plans, and generate revenue. It provides tools for customization, security, and integration with various third-party services.

What payment gateways does it support?

The plugin supports popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe Checkout, 2Checkout, and more. This allows users to offer multiple payment options to their site members.

Can I restrict access to specific content?

Yes, Ultimate Membership Pro enables content restriction based on membership levels. Users can control access to pages, posts, categories, URLs, and even menu items, providing a flexible approach to content management.

Is there support for email marketing integration?

Yes, the plugin integrates with several email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor. This facilitates effective communication with site members through customizable email notifications.

What are the pricing plans for Ultimate Membership Pro?

Ultimate Membership Pro offers two plans: a lifetime access plan at $59 via Envato Marketplace and a Pro Addons Bundle at $199 per year, including additional add-ons. The plugin also provides a 100% money-back guarantee for user satisfaction.


Ultimate Membership Pro Review

Regular License

Ultimate Membership Pro is priced at $59. This license allows you or one client to use the plugin in a single end product, and it is intended for scenarios where end users are not charged. The total cost comprises both the item price and a buyer fee.

Extended License

Is available for $129. This license permits you or a single client to use the plugin in a single end product where end users may be charged. Similar to the Regular License, the total price includes both the item price and a buyer fee. Choose the license that best suits your project’s monetization model.

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Ultimate Membership Pro Review. An Excellent WordPress Membership Plugin
Ultimate Membership Pro Review. An Excellent WordPress Membership Plugin

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