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Create high-conversion landing pages within minutes with Unbounce. Use product landing page templates for any kind of online product with Unbounce. Make stellar landing pages by adding rich media and convert leads into sales with efficiently placed CTA buttons.

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You will get: User-friendly drag-and-drop builder 100+ customizable templates for pages, popups, and sticky bars Powerful conversion optimization tools – Smart traffic & A/B testing Customer support available via chat Plenty of self-help documentation is available in the Help Center Easy to build customized landing pages Security has been given priority Plenty of ways to test the best options on your landing pages 100% mobile responsive

Looking for Unbounce Review? You are at the right place. Welcome to our Unbounce Review. In this review of Unbounce, we will cover every aspect of this landing page builder software.

Landing pages are crucial to give your sales a major boost. Thus, creating a landing page that helps you capture visitors’ attention and turn them into potential customers, and giving you a better ROI. Here in this Unbounce review, you can read about this landing page builder that can help you create conversion-friendly landing pages without writing a single line of code.

Know everything about Unbounce features, Unbounce pricing, and Unbounce alternatives. Read the full Unbounce review to see the exciting offers Unbounce comes with.

So without any delay let’s get started and see how Unbounce helps to generate more leads and customers.

👉 Unbounce Review

9.7Expert Score
Best Traffic To High Conversion Landing Page Builder
Unbounce is a Canadian software company, known for their landing page builder. It’s a simple drag-and-drop tool that anyone can use, even if the user isn't a developer or web designer. In fact, that’s one of their biggest selling points. When you use Unbounce, you don’t need to pay a developer to build great landing pages that generate leads. You can even do A/B testing and embed your own code to create custom landing pages and integrate them with external analytics tools.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop builder
  • 100+ customizable templates for pages, popups, and sticky bars
  • Powerful conversion optimization tools – Smart traffic & A/B testing
  • Customer support available via chat
  • Plenty of self-help documentation is available in the Help Center
  • Easy to build customized landing pages
  • Security has been given priority
  • Plenty of ways to test the best options on your landing pages
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Unbounce pricing is higher than most competitors

Customizable landing pages and lead capture forms are the best way to generate sales volume. With landing pages, you can convert potential customers into actual customers and generate high sales volume. It’s not just about generating leads, it’s about converting them into paying customers. We know, you’re probably thinking about how you can increase sales with just a few clicks.

The answer is simple! With the use of Unbounce, you can create your own tailor-made landing pages. With Unbounce, now you can build your very own landing pages without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive software and plug-ins or hiring expensive developers for your online business. This means whether you are a start-up or large business enterprise, now you can benefit from Unbounce’s customizable landing pages, capture leads with popups and do A/B tests for more conversions, and see sales boom in no time.

This platform is totally a cloud computing software enabling you to build a real-time landing page that lets you forget about your apprehension of not knowing the technicalities of building your own landing pages because Unbounce has done all the hard work for you. Unbounce comes with more than 100 pre-made templates that come with 60+ integration tools including Webhooks, Autopilot, follow-up autoresponder—GetResponse,  Aweber, and many more, so there is no coding required from your side. Pick one that fits your business model and get started now!

Unbounce can help you create powerful sales click-through landing pages, lead capture landing pages, infomercial landing pages, viral landing pages, product detail landing pages, and much more. Why invest your hard-earned money on over-priced landing page builders and marketing tools! Start using Unbounce, the all-in-one solution that will set up customized landing pages of your choice without breaking a sweat.

It’s easier than you think with Unbounce landing page builder designed to make your presence felt on the world through online business endeavors. Considering that nowadays majority of the products and services are sold via eCommerce channels, there’s no turning back now to ensure that your every last dollar is spent wisely, so why not do it now?

Do you know the best part? you don’t need any coding or design skills whatsoever. Plus, Unbounce offers live support if you get stuck along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with Unbounce’s easy-to-use Landing page builder today! Keep scrolling my Unbounce Review below for an insight into how it performs!


👉 What Is Unbounce?

Unbounce is the quickest, easiest way to build unlimited mobile-optimized, fast-loading landing pages right from your mobile device or laptop. Build landing pages in minutes without any tech skills, training, or prior experience. You get to also follow up via SMS & email automatically with third-party integrations.

Unbounce is a cloud-based landing page solution designed to help businesses create landing pages on their business websites with custom domains, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and more. Professionals can utilize the platform to follow up with customers via text and email campaigns. Unbounce helps organizations set up landing pages with custom messages, videos, graphics, text or font styles, and other elements using predefined templates. Additionally, administrators can gain visibility into created websites, leads, and a number of visits using a centralized dashboard.

It facilitates integration with several third-party systems such as Zapier, Mailchimp, Twilio, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and more. The product is available on annual or monthly subscriptions and support is extended via email, FAQs, knowledge base, and phone.

Unbounce will surely help you to generate profit volume 10X easier by allowing you to generate ultimate landing pages and also set up integrated payments directly with Twilio, Stripe, etc. Using Unbounce you can build your email and SMS list with your favorite email autoresponder and you can host your landing pages anywhere you like on your own server or anywhere else. The best part? You just need to pay a one-time fee, that’s it!

In this review, we will give you everything you need to know about Unbounce so you can decide if it is the best fit for your business. Now let’s have quick look at the feature that Unbounce offers.


Unbounce Features

Landing Pages: With Unbounce’s drag-and-drop landing page builder, anyone can pick up the tool and start designing pages without needing to know any coding or use expensive design software.

Sticky Bars and Pop-ups: Apart from landing pages, Unbounce has a pop-up and sticky bar builder that you can utilize to increase conversions. While I’ve already discussed the benefits and drawbacks of pop-ups on this site, there’s no doubting that when utilized correctly, they may enhance conversion rates.

A/B testing: All of Unbounce’s plans include full A/B testing options, allowing you to fine-tune your landing pages and pop-ups for optimal effectiveness

With just a few clicks, you can create A/B testing campaigns to test completely different pages, minor variations (such as the same page with and without a lead gen form), or particular aspects such as your calls to action.

Report & Analytics: Unbounce delivers information about the performance of your landing pages and the results of your A/B tests. All of this is accessible through the Unbounce dashboard, however, combining it with Google Analytics will yield the greatest results.

Dynamic Text Replacements: Unbounce’s approach to landing page personalization is Dynamic Text Replacement. Based on the terms customers enter before clicking on your PPC advertisements, the function matches the copy on your landing page.

Smart Traffic: Smart Traffic is an AI-powered conversion solution that comes with Unbounce, it analyses each visitor’s characteristics and automatically delivers them to the most appropriate landing page. To determine which variation of your landing page will be the most effective, the system considers factors such as the user’s location and device.

AMP Landing Pages: Unbounce was also, to my knowledge, the first landing page builder to handle AMP landing pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are aimed to make the web a speedier place for mobile users, with loading times of less than one second on average.

Form Builder: Unbounce also includes a form builder that lets you add lead-generation forms to any page. While it’s great to see this feature in a landing page builder, it rarely gives you the tools you need to create high-converting forms.

Design Assistant: Unbounce’s Design Assistant helps you speed up page creation by recommending stunning, data-backed templates that are tailored to your industry, audience, and goals to increase conversions.

Copy Insights: Get recommendations for high-converting copy based on your message, audience, and tone—right in the app, thanks to Smart Copy.

Builder Grid: What if there isn’t a designer? It’s no problem. The Builder Grid serves as a guide, assisting you in “snapping” sections into place for a perfect design and mobile responsiveness.

Unbounce Apps: With just a few clicks, you can connect your favorite tools to Smart Builder landing pages—no coding required.

Mobile-Responsive Design: Create best-in-class mobile-optimized pages with no additional work or technical know-how with mobile-responsive design. As your pages are optimized for any device, you’ll be able to convert more customers.

Multi-Device Page Preview: See how your visitors will see your page on mobile and desktop in real-time. Separately edited, but launched as a unit.

Conversion Goals: Easily track conversion data that is important to your campaign’s performance so you can keep track of it and improve your results.

Direct Domain Publishing: Integrate your Unbounce landing pages with your existing campaigns or URL structure by publishing them to any custom domain or URL.

Built-in Google Fonts: Match your brand’s signature look with Google’s most popular typefaces.

SVG Images: Add high-quality SVG graphics to your pages without slowing them down. SVG logos have small file sizes and can scale to any screen size. It enables you to make unique logos for your brand with ease.


🔥 What You Can Create With Unbounce?

Unbounce is marketed primarily as a landing page builder, however, you can do more than build landing pages. Create any type of unique landing pages and more, such as:

  • Landing Pages: With Unbounce you get to create customizable landing pages suitable to your business model. Make use of landing pages to convert more paid traffic. Unbounce landing page is primarily meant for campaign strategists.
  • Popups: Pops-ups are literally used on website pages to convert more organic traffic. Primarily used by website owners and campaign strategists. A popup is a form of online advertising and digital marketing strategy to promote content and products on the world wide web. Unbounce lets you create pop-ups in no time and can help you generate high profit.
  • Sticky Bars: A sticky bar is a horizontal bar that you can “stick” to the top or bottom of a page on your website. It’s a type of website conversion tool that’s easily customizable and makes sure that your message is always displayed prominently, yet non-intrusively. Sticky bars are too used on website pages to convert more organic traffic, with Unbounce landing page builder now you do have the option to create sticky bars for capturing the attention of potential customers.


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👉 Unbounce Review: How Does Unbounce Work?

Unbounce’s drag-and-drop builder allows you to add or move any element on your landing page, popup, or sticky bar with just a few clicks — no coding adjustments needed. You can drag & drop primary elements like page sections, text boxes, images, CTA buttons, forms, and social widgets. The builder also allows you to use advanced features like lightboxes, embedded videos — and best of all — almost any type of custom HTML.

👉 Unbounce Step By Step Process: What Are You Getting Inside?

Unbounce is the easiest landing page builder out there with so many profit-boosting features that you won’t find in any other products. Moreover, Unbounce isn’t an expensive option and is one of the most affordable landing page builders to use.
Let us have a closer look at the Unbounce and understand the features for creating a landing page below:

🔥 Creating A Landing page

Unbounce Landing Page Overview

Users can build landing pages quickly and easily with Unbounce’s drag-and-drop page builder without needing to know any coding or specialized software.

  • Drag-N-Drop Builder: Simply click on a button to add, remove, or customize any element of your landing pages.
  • 100+ Templates: Create your own pages from scratch or use a template in minutes.
  • Clone & Edit: Your most successful landing pages can be duplicated and edited for new campaigns, saving you time.
  • Copy & Paste: You don’t have to recreate these elements from scratch – you can copy and paste them from one landing page to another.
  • Full Control: Adding your branding without limits and customizing every detail is possible.
  • Quick Publishing: With Unbounce’s WordPress landing page plugin, you can embed landing pages directly on your WordPress website

You can begin by selecting one of the hundreds of templates and customizing it to your own needs. To speed up the design process, even more, you can clone or edit entire pages, copy and paste between pages and save your own templates.

🔥 Creating Pop-ups and sticky bars

Unbounce Popup Builder

Unbounce’s landing pages are not the only conversion tools available to you. It also provides a pop-up and sticky bar builder to boost conversions. It’s no secret that pop-ups can increase conversion rates when used effectively, as I’ve reported on this blog before.

  • Drag-and-drop builder: A powerful builder is once again at your disposal to create pop-ups and sticky bars.
  • Templates: As well as using templates, you can build your pop-ups from scratch or customize existing ones.
  • Targeting & Triggers: Pop-ups can be tailored for whom, how, and when they’re shown, and dynamic text can be changed based on a visitor’s keywords (Dynamic Text Replacement).
  • Schedule: Make sure your most relevant promotions are shown always by scheduling campaigns to run automatically.
  • A/B Testing: Optimize the effectiveness of your pop-ups and sticky bars by testing different messages and offers.

🔥 Lead Form Builder

Unbounce Lead Form Builder Overview

The Unbounce platform also comes with a form builder, which allows you to add lead generation forms to any page. While this is a great feature, Unbounce does not really offer the functionality you need to create high-converting forms.

🔥 Analyzing With A/B Testing

Unbounce A/B Testing Overview

On all plans, Unbounce provides extensive A/B testing capabilities that will allow you to optimize your landing pages and pop-ups to maximize performance.

By clicking a few buttons, you can launch an A/B testing campaign to test entirely different pages, smaller variations – such as different landing pages with and without lead generation forms – or specific elements such as calls to action.

For the purpose of creating pages that convert, A/B testing is so crucial and it’s always frustrating to discover that a landing page builder does not include this feature or only offers it in its more expensive plans. But Unbounce provides it without limitations.

🔥 Generating Report & Analytics

Unbounce Google Analytics Overview

You can do this in the Unbounce dashboard, but for the best results, you’ll want to integrate with Google Analytics. Unbounce offers in-depth reports on how your landing pages are doing and how your A/B tests are going.

There is documentation on how to accomplish this here, but all you really need is to get your website tracking ID from Google Analytics and type it into Script Manager, which is accessible from Unbounce’s settings. When you connect Google Analytics with your site, you can set up event measurement to track users’ behaviors, including clicks on your CTAs and other important conversion goals.

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🔥 Generating Dynamic Text Replacement

Unbounce Dynamic Text Replacement

Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement serves as a way to personalize landing pages. The product matches the copy on your landing page with the keywords users type in before clicking your PPC ads.

You can utilize this in conjunction with dynamic keyword insertion in Google Ads to create paid search campaigns that always align with user intent. By boosting relevancy, your messages will have a greater impact on users and encourage them to convert in significant numbers.

In Unbounce, you activate Dynamic Text Replacement by selecting the text you want to replace, clicking the Dynamic Text button, and then adding the dynamic text you want to replace your default and selecting the default text that will appear when Dynamic Text isn’t active.

🔥 Advantages of Smart Traffic Utilization

Unbounce Smart Traffic Utilization

With Smart Traffic, visitors’ attributes determine the most relevant landing page based on an AI-powered conversion tool. In order to determine the most effective landing page variation, the algorithm looks at attributes such as user location and device.

  • AI optimization: A dynamic AI algorithm in Unbounce starts optimizing in as little as 50 visits.
  • Automated Conversion Rate Optimization: Tests can be conducted without waiting for a statistically significant result.
  • Fast results: Testing landing page variations faster is possible with Smart Traffic.

This would be an incredible return for a feature that handles everything for you. Unbounce claims Smart Traffic boosts conversion rates by 20% on average.

🔥 Accelerated Mobile Pages

Unbounce AMP Page Builder

AMP landing pages were also Unbounce’s first innovation. AMP pages are designed to make the web faster for mobile users, so loading times are decreased to an average of just one second.

  • Create AMP landing pages: Develop Accelerated Mobile Pages without facing the coding knowledge hassle.
  • AMP Templates For Your Convenience: AMP templates are also available through Unbounce, which can be customized or started from scratch.
  • Always Stay Updated: By using Unbounce, you’ll have your pages and code compliant with the latest AMP standards.

As with any other Unbounce landing page, users can easily create, test, and optimize AMP landing pages in the same way as any other page that’s built on the platform.

🔥 Platform Security

Data security is a huge deal for online businesses, and it is nice to see a company take it seriously. Unbounce has a solid set of protective attributes in place to keep you and your visitor’s data secure. Enterprise customers have access to additional features, which are mentioned in the list below.

  • SSL Encryption: All Unbounce pages display the lock icon in the URL bar and use HTTPS to keep data secure.
  • GDPR Compliance: All pages are designed to be GDPR compliant.
  • IP Filters: Filter out IP addresses you know so you can view your pages without messing up your tracking. Also helps keep conversion data clean and accurate.
  • 2 Factor Authentication: Requires a trusted device in addition to a single password. For Enterprise customers only.
  • Audit Logs & Automatic Backups: Again, only for Enterprise customers.

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🔥 Integrations:

Easily connect any of Unbounce’s current apps with various integration options on offer to give the best options to your domain visitors for turning them into potential customers. To streamline the entire customer journey within the company ecosystem, online marketers need to use multiple tools and software. Regardless of which tool you choose, ensure it can integrate with your existing tools. As such, Unbounce integrates seamlessly with leading CRM systems and email marketing platforms which include:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Autopilot
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Crazy Egg, Digest By Zapier
  • GetResponse
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Groove
  • Hotjar
  • HubSpot, HubSpot CRM,
  • LeadSquared
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • NinjaCat
  • Pardot
  • RocketResponder
  • Slack
  • Twilio
  • Webhooks by Zapier,
  • Woodpecker.co
  • WordPress
  • Zapier and many more


👉 Unbounce Pricing

Creating a landing page is an essential part of running and making money in any online business. Listed Unbounce Pros and Cons make it an ideal platform for building funnels and landing pages and Unbounce pricing is well justified for what the platform is providing. With so many landing page builders present in the market it is difficult and expensive for beginners to get started in marketing with no experience but not anymore. Unbounce makes building landing pages at an affordable price making you get going in a couple of seconds.

Don’t miss the chance to convert visitors into potential customers and dominate the online market with the Unbounce landing page building platform. Your business doesn’t need to wait for the best land pages. Get your Unbounce LAUNCH Plan today and get started with a 14 days trial, also get free technical support if you come across any issue with Unbounce’s top-notch support team. So, take a look at the best subscription plans below before you try out Unbounce’s landing page building platform. Below, we have listed monthly as well as Unbounce pricing for you.

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🏆 LAUNCH Plan: Monthly Pricing —$90/mo

You’re ready to start promoting your brand online using landing pages.
What’s included:

  • Up to 500 Conversions
  • Up to 20,000 Visitors
  • 1 Domain

🏆 OPTIMIZE Plan: Monthly Pricing —$135/mo

You wanna get more of your time back with effortless marketing optimization.
What’s included:

  • Up to 1,000 Conversions
  • Up to 30,000 Visitors
  • 5 Domains
  • 30% More Conversions with Smart Traffic

🏆 ACCELERATE Plan: Monthly Pricing —$225/mo

You need big-time bandwidth to keep up with your growing business.
What’s included:

  • Up to 2,500 Conversions
  • Up to 50,000 Visitors
  • 10 Domains
  • 30% More Conversions with Smart Traffic

🏆 LAUNCH Plan: Annual Pricing —$81/mo (10% Off On Annual Billing)

You’re ready to start promoting your brand online using landing pages.
What’s included:

  • Up to 500 Conversions
  • Up to 20,000 Visitors
  • 1 Domain

🏆 OPTIMIZE Plan: Annual Pricing —$122/mo (10% Off On Annual Billing)

You wanna get more of your time back with effortless marketing optimization.
What’s included:

  • Up to 1,000 Conversions
  • Up to 30,000 Visitors
  • 5 Domains
  • 30% More Conversions with Smart Traffic

🏆 ACCELERATE Plan: Annual Pricing —$203/mo (10% Off On Annual Billing)

You need big-time bandwidth to keep up with your growing business.
What’s included:

  • Up to 2,500 Conversions
  • Up to 50,000 Visitors
  • 10 Domains
  • 30% More Conversions with Smart Traffic


👉 Watch Unbounce Demo: A Dashboard Walkthrough

Get a brief lookout at how Unbounce landing page builder works with this Unbounce tutorial video.

👉 Unbounce Benefits

A stunning landing page that converts more traffic is one of the many benefits of Unbounce, but that is only one aspect of the platform. As a result of its many features, Unbounce landing pages offer 10 benefits that you can use in the creation of your perfect page.

  • Unbounce landing pages are highly customizable: You can customize and optimize your landing pages with all the features provided by Unbounce. As a result of AI and analytics capabilities, as well as customization options, you can not only measure the conversion rates of your landing pages but also improve them to improve the success of your campaigns.
  • Smart Traffic Increases Conversion Rates: Using machine learning, Unbounce Smart Traffic guides visitors to a landing page that will maximize conversions. By doing so, campaigns will see an average of 30% conversion rate increase without requiring you to wait for months or modify your campaigns individually.
  • Unbounce is easy to learn: With Unbounce, you will not have to spend hours learning how to use its different features. If you adapt your campaign to your business needs and audience, then it will be successful. Or if you just look at your conversion rates increase, you can use your time to what really matters.
  • Unbounce Is Highly Integrable: Unbounce offers more integration than any other marketing platform. No other platform can provide the same level of integration Unbounce can. With Unbounce, you can connect to any marketing tool out there, whether it’s Mailchimp, Benchmark, ActiveCampaign, Hotjar, Fullstory, or any other.
  • No Installations Required: Since Unbounce is a hosted service, you don’t have to worry about installing software and hoping that nothing goes wrong. You just log in, create an account, and get started working on your new campaign.
  • Easy To Analyze Your Campaigns: Marketing campaigns and the process of implementing them are just the tip of the iceberg, as any marketer or business owner knows. With Unbounce’s stat engine, you have the ability to view your campaign’s statistics in real-time as well as access every detail. There are no other stat engines like Unbounce.
  • Pay Less But Get More: It’s true that Unbounce plans are a bit more expensive than its alternatives but its customer acquisition costs are lower. There is no doubt that Unbounce is the most affordable option when it comes to costs when you take into account the increased conversion rates, time savings in developing the page, and the features that it offers.
  • IT Teams Not Needed: While having an IT team is great, it can be a hassle to have to work with them to correct a spelling or layout error. The benefit of Unbounce is that you will not only not have to install any software, but also be able to fix issues on the spot with just a few clicks.
  • Get your campaigns Fet Going Fast: The key to marketing success is adapting to current trends and changing audiences. With Unbounce’s live monitoring and easy-to-create landing pages, you can act quickly to alter the course of your campaigns, giving you an edge over your competitors.
  • No Money Charged: The likelihood of you regretting your decision to use Unbounce is low, but you do not have to pay for it if you regret it. With a 14-day free trial, you have ample time to find out if Unbounce is right for you. Just visit the site for 14 days, and see how it helps you get more conversions.

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👉 Unbounce Uses

Unbounce is the perfect solution for online marketers who want to create powerful landing pages on their own servers. You can use Unbounce’s all-inclusive service that offers everything from landing pages, marketing automation, email marketing, CRM integration, e-commerce integration, analytics integrations, and much more. Is it hard to find customers? With this product, you’ll get unlimited leads and the ability to scale your business at maximum profits.
Unbounce helps you to build a perfect online presence for your online business model, whether you are online entrepreneurs or online local business owners. This amazing landing page builder is perfect for:

  • Blogger or Webmaster (Read our latest review on the best webinar software)
  • Email marketers (Read our full review on best email marketing software)
  • Business owner
  • Funnel builder & marketers
  • Growth-hacker
  • Agency owners & Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Website owner
  • Online educators
  • Digital marketers
  • Online service providers
  • eCommerce store owners (Read our review blog on the best eCommerce platform of all time)
  • Entrepreneurs with unique business ideas
  • Anyone trying to bring their business online

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👉Unbounce Alternatives

Are you looking for Unbounce Alternatives? There are several page builders such as ClickFunnels, Nicepage, Leadpages, Landingi, etc. in the market. Then you are wasting your valuable time because Unbounce is the best-ever self-hosted cloud-based landing page builder you can own and host anything anywhere. Take a look at what are you getting with Unbounce which other platforms aren’t providing at present.

⚡ Unbounce vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has slow load times and a glitchy platform. Connecting to domains is ridiculously complicated. Adding products is just ridiculous the way it’s set up and not much customization over the membership area. When you go to the duplicate landing page, you have to go through and re-enter all the product information which is a pain. There is also room to improve the UI and style options to make funnels more attractive.

One of the best tools that Unbounce features are the Dynamic Text Replacement tool. It lets you match up keywords to your landing page copy in your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Along with SEO and keywords, you can also add metadata to your landing page. Another feature that Unbounce gives you is Convertibles. Convertibles give you the option to create sticky bars and overlays. Overlays on your landing page allow you to have a pop-up call to action throughout your page to engage the reader. You can also set up overlays to pop up when your visitor is leaving the page to entice them to keep reading and stay on your landing page.

This will help you automatically make your sales pitch one more time. Overlays are already set up for you to immediately use or you can choose to customize them to match your website’s theme or copy style. Sticky bars draw attention to all of the products or services you have to offer. They are bright forms with the purpose of increasing conversions. Sticky bars can even be responsive in a mobile version to target those who use and shop on their mobile phones. Unbounce easily integrates with the web’s leading email platforms such as AWeber and MailChimp, and it is also compatible with WordPress and Google Analytics.

⚡ Unbounce vs Instapage

The mobile version on the desktop layout is not automatic in Instapage. You have to go into that view and change it up. And if you make any edits to the computer view, you have to go back to the mobile view and start all over. Instapage needs improvement in its SEO optimization tools to help landing pages get ranked on Google. Instapage needs more dynamic content functionality where the content changes based on the source of traffic or the user behavior. Instapage needs improvement in its reporting on traffic and related digital marketing metrics. Instapage requires click data for specific CTAs on a page to measure response is not available, but I believe Instapage only provides CTR data for specific destination URLs.

Whereas, the ease of use of Unbounce is unmatched. If you have a medium or large business, you might be interested in Unbounce, especially considering its pricing and features, including many that were designed for marketing agencies. Unbounce would be an excellent tool for such a business since you can design and create multiple landing pages, manage leads separately, and protect data accordingly.

⚡ Unbounce vs GetResponse

Adding new elements is challenging or nearly impossible in the email editor of GetResponse. Elements don’t behave as expected, the font choices are limited, the formatting is outdated, and overall, it just feels old-fashioned. GetResponse is buggy, slow, and extremely limited in functionality. The entire UI of GetResponse feels similarly outdated and slow–just seems like GetResponse hasn’t kept up with the curve of the market in terms of performance or aesthetics. GetResponse needs to create a simpler way of displaying the automation feature making it easier for the user to test the generated automation. Their drag and drop builder takes time for you to fully understand and customize your landing pages. You won’t get phone support unless you’re using an enterprise account.

Unbounce’s templates range from lead generation to eCommerce to real estate, it doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can find a suitable and high-performance landing page template. With Unbounce software built-in one-click A/B testing, it’s really easy for you to optimize your landing pages for better conversions. With Unbounce, you don’t have anything to install to publish your landing pages. Unbounce itself is a hosted service so you don’t require any software to install, you can get started with your name and email address.

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It’s absolutely recommended to sign up with Unbounce if you want to create landing pages that convert well. If you aren’t sold yet, you can take advantage of Unbounce’s free trial period. That will give you a chance to see if it’s right for your business on any given web hosting platform. In most cases, though, you’ll find that it’s exactly what you need, especially if you need to deploy multiple landing pages quickly. It is without a doubt the best platform of its type that I have ever used, and I am sure many others on our team will agree. I used it during the launch of Serene and have no reservations about recommending it as a landing page builder. Unbounce is a great landing page builder to start with if you’re looking for one.

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Unbounce Review, Features, Pricing And Alternatives
Unbounce Review, Features, Pricing And Alternatives

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