Upcoach Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD and Alternatives.

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UpCoach is one of the most flexible groups coaching platforms on the market right now. It allows coaches to consolidate all of their clients into one platform, create courses, organize meetings, upload files, share files, and provide accountability, and more. Looks interesting right? Read our Upcoach Review to know more and get access to Upcoach Lifetime Deal.

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You will get: Course automation. Public API. It has a workflow built-in. Unlimited Programs HTML Embed block was surprisingly nice. Training and Support. Survey. Competitive advantage. Easy to use. Beginner-friendly. 24/7 live support. Top-tier training.

If you are looking for Upcoach Review, then this blog is for you.

So, as a coach, it is nothing quite as satisfying as bringing people together and helping them master a skill or trade. But how it’s even possible?

Here comes a software, called Upcoach. Upcoach is an easy-to-use, modern LMS for modern teams. With UpCoach, you can connect clients faster, scale your coaching programs, and consolidate your services and payments under one roof.

There are more interesting features that upcoach offer. In this Upcoach Review, we will discuss various aspects of this software such as Upcoach features, Upcoach Pricing, Upcoach Appsumo deals, and Upcoach Alternatives.

So let’s get started.

Upcoach Review

9.6Expert Score
Game Changing Software
Upcoach has changed how we manage our completely remote business. My department heads and I can now manage our teams through 1-on-1 and group meetings easily with structured meeting agendas. Having transparent todos and commitments is a great way to hold each other accountable.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • Course automation.
  • Public API.
  • It has a workflow built-in.
  • Unlimited Programs
  • HTML Embed block was surprisingly nice.
  • Training and Support.
  • Survey.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • Top-tier training.

Upcoach Overview

Upcoach is an online coaching platform that aids in providing clients and team members with transformative outcomes. The Upcoach platform offers a wide range of features, including programs, courses, meeting agendas, accountability tools, To-Dos, habits, forums, and much more.

Upcoach is an online coaching platform that helps coaches deliver ground-breaking results to their clients and allows small and large coaching organizations to organize and manage their businesses. So if you are interested in launching an online course and starting group coaching, then this online course platform is the perfect solution for you. Through group coaching, you have the ability to bring people together and help them develop into authorities in a particular field. Upcoach gives you this chance. It integrates with platforms like Zoom and others.

Upcoach In Action – Overview Video Of How It Works

Upcoach has an easy drag-and-drop program editor that enables you to create a variety of program layouts for your clients. Users can customize each module by using Upcoach’s text, video, and other resources.

You can create interactive documents for your clients and keep track of progress using a visual Kanban board. I’ll include a video demonstrating this software’s functionality in this Upcoach Review.

Upcoach Feature

Courses & Training

Upcoach can be used like any other Learning Management Software and this feature helps you encourage your clients, organize information, and activate transformation.


Assign to-dos, new habits, and worksheets automatically to your clients, so they can easily take in the information you are sharing with them.

  • Create Courses with multiple modules and lessons
  • Choose a pace that your clients will be going through the course
  • Assign interactive worksheets automatically

Program Builder

Programs are the focal point of this platform. This is where everything is laid out – all todos, habits, smart documents, and communication with clients.


That’s why Upcoach has a simple drag-and-drop Program Editor that helps you create varieties of program layouts for your clients. You can use one of the upcoach templates or you can create your own Program that best fits your coaching needs.

Programs are great for conducting:

  • 1-on-1 programs
  • Group Programs
  • Cohort Programs
  • Masterminds

Agendas & Meetings

Organize & schedule your meetings, never forget anything, and have all the necessary information in one place. Build your agenda from scratch, or use one of its pre-made meeting templates.


  • Connect meeting Agendas with your Google calendar and never miss a meeting
  • Encourage your clients to fill in Agendas before the meetings and make them interactive
  • Have an overview of all past and upcoming meetings in the Events Calendar
  • Add a link to your Zoom room and easily join meetings

Accountability & Encouragement Tools

One of the great things about group coaching is that there is a sense of accountability that might not exist with 1:1 coaching. UpCoach developed some practical accountability tools to expand on the concept of accountability. Quickly see how all your clients are doing, lend a helping hand, or give feedback.


With the help of habits, to-do lists, worksheets, and other tools, clients can track one another’s development, encouraging one another and fostering social accountability.

Track their progress with todos, habits & worksheets. Encourage social accountability and add motivation by enabling program members to see each other’s commitments.

  • Habit Tracker
  • Todos
  • Smart Documents (Interactive worksheets)
  • Accountability Groups


Want to make sure your clients are engaged? Start communicating with them right inside the upcoach Forum. Share announcements, and documents and ask questions! Build community in one place – all without leaving the platform.


Aside from building a forum community you can also have:

  • Group Chat
  • 1-1 Chat
  • Admin Chat

Client Management

Have all your clients in one place, and track their level of engagement or progress with a visual Kanban board.


Guide them through your coaching, hold them accountable, and offer help when they are stuck.

  • Have all your clients in one place
  • Present custom reports & analytics to your clients
  • Track Client Engagement
  • Add important notes to your clients’ profiles
  • Create custom Client Fields

Canvas Designer

Canvas Designer is one of my favorite UpCoach features. With this feature, you are able to create different canvases, with different layouts and purposes. These will enable you to easily track your client’s progress and also keep track of important information.

File Storage

Similar to Google Drive, UpCoach has its own file storage system that enables users to access crucial files and documents and share them with specific clients or entire groups.

Additionally, clients may be given the option to upload files, such as text documents, pictures, videos, and audio files.

Smart Docs

You can usually attach worksheets to the bottom of the lessons in coaching platforms. However, Upcoach founders discovered the hard way that it can be challenging to keep track of how much of a document clients have completed.

Even if you open each individual document to track progress, it probably won’t be accurate because clients frequently make their own copies of the worksheet to complete.

Upcoach Smart Docs Features

Upcoach created the Smart Docs feature for this reason. It makes it simple for the coach to create their own gorgeous worksheets and integrate them into the platform. Since the clients can’t remove them from the platform, you can more easily track exactly how much of the worksheet has been completed and which questions your clients struggle with by embedding them into the platform.

Coaches can visit the Worksheets section, click on “others,” and view the percentage of the worksheets clients completed to get a broad picture of how many clients completed the worksheets.


Most coaches either verbally explain their students’ homework to them or email it to them. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that clients will forget about their homework if you merely inform them verbally. However, emailing homework takes time, and clients still need to search through their emails to find the assignment.

Additionally, you are unaware of your clients’ progress on their assignments throughout the week.

Because of this, Upcoach included a to-do feature in upcoach that lets you assign tasks to all of your clients at once. Having everything stored on the same platform saves you time and helps clients remember their assignments.

You can also set to-dos to appear on a client’s to-do list either:

  • After they complete a lesson module
  • On a specific date/time

Upcoach To Do Feature

In order to check in with clients who are falling behind before the coaching call, you’ll also have complete visibility into which clients have completed to-dos (you can also sort by status).

Program Editor

UpCoach introduced some pretty potent features with the 2.0 update. Building Blocks and Designing Blocks are the two primary categories of content blocks in the Program Editor.

It is incredibly simple to organize and plan the layout of your program using these building blocks.

In a recent conversation with the team at UpCoach, we learned that they would be adding more blocks than the seven above in the very near future, including:

  • Menu
  • Image
  • Chat
  • Timer
  • Google Drive
  • Forum
  • Mailchimp
  • Intercom
  • Stripe

Habit Tracking and Accountability

Most coaching programs provide information that clients need to succeed. However, if all people required for success were knowledge, then everybody would follow a healthy diet and daily exercise regimen.

Developing routines that eventually result in the desired result is the true secret to success.

Top coaches emphasize execution because of this.
Therefore, one of upcoach’s key features is the habit tracker. Habits can be created and added:

  • By the clients
  • By the coach
  • Automatically following a completed lesson

Users can specify how frequently they carry out a habit each week when creating one, and they can then check it off or mark it as incomplete.

Upcoach Features

Client engagement increases as a result of daily access to the platform where they can view the content and to-do lists. Every time a habit is completed, clients experience a dopamine rush, which can help them stay motivated and keep up with the program.

The accountability group section on upcoach is another feature that helps to increase client engagement. In this manner, coaches can designate clients to accountability groups that can meet independently between coaching sessions.

You’ll be able to connect like-minded people with one another by using the course’s other participants, which will encourage the right kinds of friendships and possibly result in deal flow.

In addition, peers offer a unique perspective to problems that most coaches can’t offer.

For instance, the tactics that a coach used to develop their personal brand ten years ago might not be effective today. Others in the group can, however, share what they are currently doing to develop their personal brands.

Lesson Modules

Video lessons are a fundamental component of any coaching platform, and upcoach provides lesson areas where you can embed videos and let your students check off each lesson as they finish it.

By doing this, you can let clients learn the fundamentals on their own time while saving your coaching sessions for more complex questions.

You will also have complete knowledge of which students have finished the lessons.

Detailed Client CRM

The average online coaching platform has a CRM that monitors client contact details and whether or not they have finished a lesson. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really tell you whether or not a client followed any of the advice or how well they understood the information.


However, the upcoach CRM does offer plenty of detailed engagement information, such as:

  • How many to-dos a client has completed: This lets you see if clients are practicing what you teach them. More importantly, this feature allows you to encourage lagging clients to catch up.
  • What percentage of a worksheet a client has completed: Sometimes, clients start a task and get stuck. This feature allows you to see which clients need help.
  • How many habits they are tracking and how they are doing with those habits: This feature helps you nudge your clients to be consistent in building their daily habits.
  • How many videos they have watched: This helps you track clients’ progress and monitor your course completion rate.

As a result, it is simple to identify which clients are lagging behind and which ones are actively participating. You can quickly send a chat message to clients who are lagging behind and inquire about what they need more assistance with.

Other popular upcoach features

    • Smart Docs – Easily create and share interactive worksheets with your clients and track their progress.
    • Stripe – Easily collect payments via Stripe and onboard clients inside upcoach. It’s as easy as copy/pasting a link.
    • Drive – Upload and share documents with your clients with the built-in Drive block. No need for switching between different platforms.
    • Zoom Integration – Attach your Zoom meeting link with the Event inside upcoach, and your clients can join you with just a click of a button.
    • Upcoach Integrations– Connect with other important platforms like Google Sheets, Google Decks, Airtable, Miro, or any other embeddable tool.

What Are The Benefits That You Will Get After Using Upcoach?

Programs like Upcoach, are easy to manage, set you up for higher renewals & referrals, and give you the ability to grow more effortlessly.

Here are the key benefits that you will get after using Upcoach.

Benefit 1: Easily Build Customized Coaching Programs That Transform Client’s Lives…

With the step-by-step program builder, you can not only deliver your training or content.

Now, you can:

  • Create to-do’s or tasks– Imagine how much clarity you and your clients will get by easily seeing what needs to get done.
  • Track & Develop Habits – When you and your clients see progress or gaps, it gives you more content to coach, encourage and support on, leading to more renewals.
  • Create Program Templates – With the click of one button, you can clone an entire, one-on-one program, a group coaching program for a new cohort, or set up a new mastermind in seconds.
  • Meeting & Agenda Scheduler – Create, Schedule, and Store all of your meeting information in one easy-to-find place. PLUS, create templates for your coaching calls or training, so you can stay hyper-focused and deliver world-class experiences.

BENEFIT 2: Manage All of Your Clients or Groups In A Single Place…

Not only will all the action be happening in a single place, saving you time, hassle and frustration.

Now, you can:

  • Build & Support Your Community – Have your community, social feed, or different conversation channels in the SAME PLACE, you’re coaching. (Other social platforms are allowing competitors to market to your group right now.
  • Create Kanban Engagement Boards – You or the team can easily track where clients are at or check in on who’s slipping so you can re-engage them.
  • Store Your Clients Documents – With the Drive’ feature, you and your client can store all of the extra documents, files, or contracts in a single place.

BENEFIT 3: Create A Scalable System, So You’re Excited To Get More Clients…

The difficult part of coaching is when you’re insecure about your program delivery format, you end up avoiding selling. But the upcoach coaching platform will give you the confidence to serve more, because you’ve streamlined everything, made it easier on your clients, and it finally gives you the vision of seeing how other coaches can help deliver your genius.

Now, you can:

  • Have a Single Point of Contact– In the world of systems thinking, the more points of failure, you increase the likelihood of failure. upcoach will keep your system of delivery failure-free.
  • Template Power – The biggest components of coaching are your process (programming), interactions (calls/other), and follow-up (tracking). So upcoach has powered EVERYTHING in the system to be turned into a template. You’ll serve more clients in a repeatable way, and more coaches on your team will deliver in the way YOU WANT.
  • Create Custom Reports – Imagine sending a client a report before their renewal, showing them everything they achieved in your program!

Videos: Upcoach Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD and Alternatives.

Photos: Upcoach Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD and Alternatives.


Upcoach Pricing

Upcoach offers both monthly plans and yearly plans.

The monthly plan of Upcoach are:

  • Launch – The monthly launch plan costs you $39/Team Member/Month. Everything you need to start systemizing, organizing, and delivering better one-on-one or small group programming.

  • Grow – The monthly grow plan cost $49/Team Member/Month. Everything you need to grow your group or 1-on-1 programs, but you don’t need unlimited programs or clients.

  • Scale – The monthly scale plan cost $99/Team Member/Month. This plan is the ultimate solution for the scaling organization that doesn’t want any limitations, including your own custom domain.

  • Enterprise – Customizable Pricing

Ideal for big coaching companies that have more than 10 team members inside the organization. Includes everything from the Scale plan. This plan is for For 10+ Team Members and Unlimited Clients.

The yearly plans of Upcoach are as follows:

  • Launch – $29/Team Member/Month

  • Grow – $49/Team Member/Month

  • Scale – $79/Team Member/Month

  • Enterprise – Customizable Pricing

If you don’t like upcoach over the next 14 days, upcoach will happily refund you 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.

Upcoach Add-on Services

upAdmins – $175 per week

Need help with setting up and managing your organization and clients inside upcoach?

Upcoach has a team of trained VAs experienced in using upcoach and is ready to give you a hand with any admin task you might have.

What you get:

  • Dedicated VA
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Agenda and Program Templates
  • Quick Setup


Upcoach Custom Setup Special Offer – $500

If you need help with setting up your organization in upcoach, our upcoach experts can help you set everything up in a matter of 3 days.

So you can start coaching your clients in no time.

Upcoach can help you set up:

  • 3 Courses (up to 15 Lessons each)
  • 2 Program Templates
  • 3 Smart Doc Templates
  • 1 Agenda Templates
  • Import all your clients into the CRM


Upcoach Appsumo Deal

If you are looking for Upcoach lifetime deals, you can get them through lifetime deals websites like Appsumo.

There is a limited-time offer under Appsumo deals for upcoach. Grab the deal now from here.


Upcoach Alternatives

Some of the best upcoach alternatives are:


When discussing online coaching platforms, Kajabi is a name that frequently comes up. With a few clicks, anyone—technically skilled or not—can create and host a course program thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface.

There are various templates available in Kajabi, and you can further modify them using their user-friendly editor (and more technical people will enjoy their advanced editor). In addition, Kajabi gives you the option to design your own sales pages, funnels, and email marketing campaigns inside the software. Read our Kajabi Review here.

Kajabi - Best Upcoach Alternatives
Kajabi is one of the best Upcoach alternatives. Click on check offer and grab the deal now.


Recently, Graphy has been breaking the graphs. The most effective learning management system for selling online courses is probably Graphy. All the exciting features you might want in a learning management system are included in Graphy.

With the help of Graphy’s simple drag-and-drop editor, you can create websites and apps for hosting online sessions. By offering a variety of marketing tools that help you sell your courses more effectively, it simplifies the entire process. With this LMS software, you also get automated payment gateways.

Read detailed Graphy Review here.

Graphy - Best Upcoach Alternatives
Graphy is one of the best Upcoach alternatives. Click on check offer and grab the deal now.


LearnDash is one of the most well-liked WordPress LMS plugins. Because of its extensive functionality, it’s a great option for creating truly individualized courses.

LearnDash has a drag-and-drop editor that, like the best learning management systems, enables you to build complex online courses with quizzes, videos, lesson timers, certificates & badges, and many other features. Read our LearnDash Review here.

LearnDash - Best Upcoach Alternatives
LearnDash is one of the best Upcoach alternatives. Click on check offer and grab the deal now.


Podia has consistently ranked as one of the top online learning management systems for creators who want to sell digital goods.

Users of Podia can create and host an unlimited number of online courses, eBooks, and PDFs, and then sell them using the platform’s marketing tools. Additionally, it has integrations for YouTube and Zoom that let you host paid coaching sessions and webinars. Read our Podia review here.

Podia - Best Upcoach Alternatives
Podia is one of the best Upcoach alternatives. Click on check offer and grab the deal now.


Frequently Asked Questions On Upcoach

1. Can I customize my organization?

Ans: Yes! You can make upcoach completely customized with your logo, your brand colors, and your custom domain.

2. Do Upcoach integrate with any other services?

Ans: Yes, it does! Currently have these integrations available:

  • Zapier
  • ConvertKit
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Miro
  • More coming soon!

3. Is there automation that can help me run my business better?

Ans: Yes. You can automate your tasks and connect all your important tools like CRM, email client, and LMS with upcoach, so your clients can get any additional resources and announcements.

4. I would probably need a hand with setting everything up. Can Upcoach help?

Ans: Upcoach team is ready to help you whenever you have an issue, a question, or need help with setting up your organization. Upcoach supports you by providing a FREE onboarding & setup call, they are almost always available via chat so you can reach out to us there.

Every other week they host upcoach Town Halls – free webinars where they show you around the platform and all the latest features and improvements that they have added in the past couple of weeks.

5. Does upcoach have templates?

Ans: Of course it has! Upcoach has libraries of different templates:

  • Program templates
  • Agenda Templates
  • Smart Doc templates

You can simply copy any of these and add your own copy.

6. Do I need to install anything? ​

Ans: Lucky for you we’re a no-code platform, which means you don’t have to install anything. Just sign up and start making your coaching life easier.

7. How many programs can I have?​

Ans: You can have as many programs as you like. Depending on your coaching need, you can have 1-1 programs, cohorts, masterminds, group programs… You can create programs from scratch or copy one of our program templates.

8. Can I run my billing through upcoach?

Ans: Yes! You can easily collect payments via Stripe and onboard clients inside upcoach. It’s as easy as copy/pasting a link.

9. Can the program members interact with each other?

Ans: It all depends on how you set up your programs in upcoach.

For example, you may have a program where you want all the members to network, support, and communicate with each other. Or, You may have another program where everybody is working on the same thing, but they only interact with you or your support team.

There are literally millions of ways of building and customizing your programs.

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Upcoach Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD and Alternatives.
Upcoach Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD and Alternatives.

Original price was: $299.Current price is: $99.

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