Waybook Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives, And More

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If you have a business and working with 5 people then it might be easy to maintain this. But what if you want to increase the number of team members and grow your business then this could be a problem if you are the only one who is managing this for the Training, Onboarding, and Documentation. You can not maintain if only you are managing this by yourself using the old paperwork method. We are living in the digital era where we have so many supplies to do the work smartly. Waybook is one of these, where Training, Onboarding, and documentation could be maintained in one place. Below this section, we have done a complete Waybook Review.


9.8Expert Score
I am using Waybook for three months and it is so helpful to grow my business. It saves valuable time to maintain all the information, Process and SOPs. Before this, I used so much software even Pen and Paper. But when I got this solves all the problems such as training, onboarding, and Documentation. A few days ago, accidentally I deleted some subjects which were so important for me but using trash I got my subjects back. It is a low price as compared to other platforms. If you are looking for such a platform for your business then I would highly recommend Waybook for you.
Ease Of Use
Third Party Integrations
Value For Money
  • Cloud-based software so no need to install anything
  • Single Sign-On(SSO) is available which is best to use from multi browsers using the same single account
  • Thousands of integration such as Google Drive, Zoom, DropBox, and so on
  • Import GIFs from GIPHY
  • We can import and Export PDF
  • Offering custom domain using CNAME
  • We can Drag & Drop everywhere on the screen
  • Chat support from the website
  • Waybook comes with backing up data
  • Connect over 3000 apps using Zapier
  • It is a Modern LMS
  • No Android & iOS apps are supported

Now comes to the point, why any digital platform is required to maintain those such things instead of you can use the old paper method. The answer is, yes you can use the old method to save your pocket but if you are the owner of a big business then this is pointless to waste your time on this method.Β  You don’t have to maintain your progress, everything will be in place so you can take a breath now.

If you are the owner of your small business then with a small business it is easy to maintain the process, documentation, and Sops but Waybook comes with so many features where you can maintain that information in one place.

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Onboarding is now easy for you to follow all the modules in your process in an effective way using Waybook. Every document comes with Steps, information, and media to share your valuable information with your team hassles.

Since Waybook is based on the Cloud-based SaaS platform so you do not have to download any software on your device. It completely runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, or any kind of OS that supports web browsers. So no need to worry about access, you can access it anywhere with any device.


πŸ† What Is Waybook?

Waybook is a powerful software that is a cloud-based service to convert your documentation, process, and SOPs into an effective business playbook in one place. More thanΒ  3000 customers are using Waybook and they are well satisfied.

Think like that, you have some small but great ideas for your training like “Cans were invented in 1810 but can openers were invented after 45 years of it”, although it is small fact it could be an important data for your business and it might happen to maintain small details using old paper method. So how would you save this small kind of information, you might think you can use mobile notes or store them on the To-Do list but believe me it is not an effective way to do so.

Waybook makes everything easy where you can store and share your knowledge with your team members with all your training materials and documents in one place. You can also add images and videos for your training materials.

Waybook is assuring GDPR Compliant(General Data Protection Regulation Compliant), which is providing security for collecting and processing from individuals. Waybook comes with a secure platform for users.

Waybook is providing Single Sign-On(SSO) which is an authentication method that allows users to authenticate using multiple web browsers. So you can access Waybook from multiple browsers.

πŸ† Waybook Review: Steps Of Waybook Login

Waybook has a simple user interface so anyone can use it with no technical knowledge. It is easy to create your account in it. These are the easy steps you have to follow to set up.

Waybook user Register

To register on Waybook, enter your name, your email, and password.

Waybook Organization (1)


Then enter your organization name and enter a subdomain and create Waybook.

Waybook Topic

After this, you will be asked a few questions about what brings you to Waybook such as plans for upcoming hiring, Building a business playbook, Delegating responsibilities, and so on.

Waybook role

Then choose your role in your organization such as Founder,Β  Marketer,Β  Hr, Customer services, Operation, and others.

Waybook customization Logo

After all of this, you can customize your dashboard according to your requirements. You can add a logo and so on.

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Waybook Prepopulate

Now choose your organization type if it is small or big.

Waybook Collaborator

You can also add your collaborator as an admin who will add content to your Waybook.

πŸ† How Does Waybook Work?

After completing the set up now you can access the dashboard for documents and subjects.


Waybook Top Bar (1)

In the top bar navigation menu, you can see many tabs such as Waybook, Members, Reports, Settings, Notifications, and profile settings. On the left sidebar, you can see Home, Assigned, Recently viewed, New, Recently Updated, Bookmarks, and so on.

Waybook Subject

Documentation in Waybook is so easy with Waybook. Create a new Subject that is your main category as a department in your organization. Documents come under a subject. Every Document consists of Steps.

Waybook Documents

Create your new subject so you can add all the documents. You can also add to your subjects.

After Creating the subject, you can add documents to it. In which you can give a name, choose the subject, and all can assign your members to it.

Waybook steps

Once the Document is created you can add steps to it such as introduction, media, and all your information step-by-step. There is no limit to adding the number of steps. So you can add As many as you want. You can add Heading, Paragraph, Ordered list, Unordered list, tables, media, files, and many more.

You can also add tests to it so that you can check the knowledge of your members. Where you can set up questions with options.

Waybook Features: What comes with Waybook?

Waybook has so many features that you can use it.

  • Unlimited subjects, documents & steps:Β You can add unlimited times and numbers of subjects, documents, and steps. Managing these is also easy so you don’t have to worry about Subjects, documents, and steps.
  • Full image & video embed functionality: You can also add images and videos to the steps so you can create effective information on your training.
  • Content tests & assessments: For your training session you can add tests and assessments for your new members to check they have learned correctly.
  • Customizable branding:Β You can also customize your dashboard according to your branding which is necessary for big businesses. Where you can add a logo, Customize the header color, and add a secondary color to it.
  • You own a custom domain (CNAME): You can now have your own custom domain using CNAME on Waybook plans.
  • Process templates library: Waybook comes with business playbook templates for your training, documentation, onboarding, SOPs, and How-tos.
  • Repeatable checklists: Waybook comes with a repeatable checklist for your business help.
  • Code snippets: This cloud-based has additional features of Code Snippets.
  • Add GIFs with Giphy: It is important to have interesting media for your training material that is why Waybook is providing GIFs from Giphy.
  • 1000s of royalty-free images: Waybook comes with more than thousands of images from Unsplash so that you can include them in your documents for free.
  • Embed Google maps, docs & spreadsheets: You can also embed google maps, google docs and google spreadsheets to your documents.

Waybook Zapier

  • 3000+ integrations with Zapier: You can add over 3000 apps using Zapier. Zapier helps to transfer information between web apps.
  • PDF import and export: Waybook allows you to manage your PDF by importing PDF and exporting PDF.
  • Revision history: Revision history is a feature that allows you to see what was revised and who revised this.
  • Undelete, trash & autosave: Waybook provides Undelete where you can get back your deleted files. Trash is where you can find your deleted files. The most important part is autosave which we also do forget to save a document that is why Waybook is providing autosave features so that we do not have to worry about saving any documents.
  • Reporting: On the top navigation bar it is visible the Reporting tab you can find the statistical reports including the details of the member who have seen the documents.
  • Drag & drop everywhere: Waybook allows you to drag and drop everywhere on your screen which makes this Waybook so user-friendly.
  • Record & edit screen recording: You can record your session using Waybook and edit the video recording so that you can create better training.
  • Powerful content editor: Waybook has a powerful content editor so that you can create Documents so effectively.
  • Smart document update notifications: It is a feature where you can get notified when documents get changed.
  • Reader status & progress tracking: You can track the progress of your work and check the reader status and how much has been done.
  • Advanced search functionality: Waybook comes with advanced search functionality for a specific search so that you can find out your desired search.
  • Bookmarked documents: You can find your important bookmarked documents in the bookmarks section in the left sidebar. So many times we need to bookmark documents for future requirements so that you can bookmark any document.
  • Multilayer team & access permissions: You can build a multilayer team you can create so many teams according to your requirement and give them access to it.
  • Fast search: There could be thousands of subjects, documents, and steps for that reason Waybook comes with a fast search so that you can search any keywords easily.
  • Audit trail: It is a detailed and chronological record whereby project details are for better improvement.

Waybook Integrations

  • Integrations: Waybook has thousands of tools integrated such as Dropbox, and Google Drive, you can get images from Unsplash, you can get GIFs in Giphy, it has youtube embed so you can include videos in your documents, you can import pdf, Google docs also available, you can include Zoom for a team meeting, and many more.

Waybook Pricing: It Is Worth To Buy?

Here comes the important part should you buy this or is it worth buying? Well, it has two kinds of plans which are monthly and annually. If you buy it monthly then it will cost $99/month and annually will cost $83/month.

πŸ† Monthly($99) plan comes with

  • $5 for extra users
  • Unlimited documents
  • The first 20 users included
  • Custom domain
  • All templates
  • Progress tracking
  • Due dates
  • Sharable subjects

πŸ† Monthly($83) plan comes with

  • $4.17 for extra users
  • Unlimited documents
  • The first 20 users included
  • Custom domain
  • All templates
  • Progress tracking
  • Due dates
  • Sharable subjects

Waybook Alternatives: What Else You Can Use Instead Of Waybook?

πŸ”‘ Waybook vs Tovuti

Tovuti is a Cloud-based service using LMS(Learning Management System) for eLearning. They are providing coaching for new customers. It comes with many features such as open API, SSO, and Zapier integration. You can create interactive courses using Tovuti. The user experience is also good. You can have your own virtual classroom.

  • Ease To Use: Waybook and Tovuti both have simple User Interfaces for the users. If you are new to this software you will not face any problems. From creating an accounting to set up the dashboard everything becomes easy.
  • Key Features: When comes to the important point of Key features, both Waybook and Tovuti have some similar and some advanced features. On both platforms, you can add users to it and give them access. Both come with SSO i.e. Single Sign-on. In the waybook, you can import and export pdf. You can access Tovuti using the mobile app.
  • Cost: The basic price of Tovuti is $2500 which is too much costly compared to Waybook.

πŸ”‘ Waybook vs Absorb LMS

LMS stands for Learning Management System, you can use this if it is a small or large company. You can create an eCommerce website to grow your business. Absorb LMS comes with Artificial Intelligence that will help you a lot. Using AI you can rank your content on search results. Absorb LMS has a mobile app.

  • Key Features: Absorb LMS comes with Smart Administration whereas you will get a smooth dashboard in Waybook. You will get an E-signature feature in Absorb LMS. Both have integration features you can add third-party applications to them. Waybook comes with thousands of integrations. You can sell courses on Absorb LMS. Absorb LMS comes with a mobile application.
  • Ease To Use: Both have simple interfaces but in comparison, Waybook is more user-friendly.
  • Cost: Too expensive to buy Absorb LMS which is around $800 per month.

πŸ”‘ Waybook vs Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect was developed by Adobe Team. You can use Adobe Connect for learning, webinars, and meeting. Adobe Connect comes with a 30-day trial. You can access Adobe Connect from any web browser. It could be your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone also.

  • Key Features: Both platforms are offering brand customization and templates. In Waybook you can drag and drop everywhere. Adobe Connect is offering a Layout for creating a storyboard for participation. You can draw and use annotations for better explanations. Adobe Connect offers interactive recording whereas Waybook comes with recording and editing the record.
  • Ease To Use: It would be difficult for beginners to use Adobe Connect for the first time but both platforms have a plain user interface.
  • Cost: The price of Adobe Connect starts from $50 per month which is a bit low compared to Waybook.

πŸ”‘ Waybook vs Trainual

Trainual is a cloud-based service that comes with a simple user interface. For creating a subject you will get some advanced features such as force order of tests and topics. You can access templates to create policies and subjects. You can use the report section on the left side to analyze the progression.

  • Key Features: Compare to Waybook you can try the Trainual trial version without any credit card. In Tranual you will get more than 30 policies and SOPs templates.Β  In Waybook you can add unlimited subjects. Both come with an integration feature that is effective for your business. Trainual comes with a certified consultant. The most eye-catching thing is that Waybook is providing custom domains using CNAME.
  • Ease to use: Waybook and Trainual both come with a simple interface but Waybook is easy to use as Trainual feels slow when you use it, which makes it difficult to use the interface.
  • Cost: Compare to Waybook, Trainual is offering their basic package at $49 including 5 seats, and Train package at $99 including 10 seats whereas Waybook is offering at $99 including 20 seats.

πŸ† Final Words On Waybook Review

We have reviewed all of Waybook’s features. Waybook is the best tool for training, onboarding, and Processes. Waybook comes with so many features that will help in your business development. Waybook is completely based on SaaS which is a Cloud-base software service. Then the question comes to mind of whom this software is best to use.

If you are the only one who is managing your business then it will be hard to maintain all the tasks and training materials from training to onboarding everything will be easy to handle. Waybook is indeed the best platform to use. Thousands of integrated apps are available on Waybook. With more than 3000 apps you can connect with Waybook using Zapier. Waybook has a shop on their website from where you can buy their products where they are offering different kinds of clothes, handbags, and stickers.

If you like this section then please join our Facebook group SaaSTalks where we talk about such products and give suggestions about the products including Pros and Cons.

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Waybook Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives, And More
Waybook Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives, And More

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