Zion Builder Review, Features, Pricing and Alternatives.

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With Zion Builder, take the power of real-time page editing – no coding needed, and no other interference in your page. Zion Builder is the fastest and the lightest on the market as it loads only the necessary resources. Zion Builder offers Fancy elements and templates, flexibility in UI, powerful options system. It offers a lot more powerful features. Read this Zion Builder to know all about that.

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Product is rated as #5 in category Design Software
You will get: The Zion Page builder is lightning fast. Zion Builder also offers theme builder options. Zion Builder is lightweight compared to Elementor and Oxygen Builder. Zion ensures minimum bloating by eliminating all the useless stuff. Unlike other page builders, Zion provides multiple support options to its users for better usage. Provides 100% money-back guarantee. Provides a Free Version.

Zion Builder Review

9.6Expert Score
Better Than Elementor!!
I was looking for a lightweight page builder with lots of features and I have to say I found it. It even includes functionalities that other Page Builders charge for and it’s very easy to understand and use. It's a very promising Builder theme I like it very much. The user interface is very pleasant, a good mix between Divi and Elementor, and better than Oxygen.
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Value For Money
  • The Zion Page builder is lightning fast.
  • Zion Builder also offers theme builder options.
  • Zion Builder is lightweight compared to Elementor and Oxygen Builder.
  • Zion ensures minimum bloating by eliminating all the useless stuff.
  • Unlike other page builders, Zion provides multiple support options to its users for better usage.
  • Provides 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Provides a Free Version.

Creating a website has never been easier than it is now. Forget about the old days of coding, hex code, and FTP! These are far behind us – all you need these days to launch your site into cyberspace (or reality) is one good program that makes everything easy as pie.

There are many website builders and page builders in the market now that can make everything easy as pie. You can build it yourself or choose from one of their prebuilt templates with zero coding knowledge required.

So you’ve heard of WordPress page builders but might not be sure what they are or how using one can help build websites more efficiently. Well, read on! Page Builders were created with the idea that we all have some amount of skill and knowledge when it comes to creating webpages for our sites- even if those skills aren’t fully developed yet. Plus there’s no need in spending thousands upon thousands of dollars just because your business needs an online presence; instead, use these tools which will get complex projects done quickly without breaking any bank accounts a long way.

In this article, I am going to introduce an amazing WordPress page builder called Zion Builder.  In this Zion Builder Review, I will cover Zion Builder Features, Zion Builder Pricing, and Zion Builder WordPress Alternatives. So let’s get started.

🔥 Zion Builder Review: What Is Zion Builder?

Zion Builder is a WordPress page builder that lets you design a page or blog post seamlessly. Unlike Elementor, Zion Builder is one of the fastest page builders available for WordPress because the size of Zion Builder is very minimal, and the codes are very clean. Zion Builder has been downloaded over 1 million times from WordPress.org alone! Zion Builder is a WordPress plugin that lets you design any post or page on your website easily and quickly.

Zion Builder gives you complete control of the layout, look, and feel of your content. Zion Builder comes with more than 40 elements such as buttons, testimonial boxes, slider, banner ads, callout box, and much more to explore!

ZION Builder

Zion Builder is one of the most lightweight plugins available for WordPress it only occupies 8 KB space in memory and loads nicely even on slow servers without sacrificing speed and performance! Zion Builder is also fully compatible with the Elementor plugin and works great with any theme.

Zion Builder plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times from WordPress.org so far. Zion Builder has also received 5-star ratings from 15K+ users who tried Zion builder during the beta period.

🔥 Zion Builder Features

Zion has a ton of awesome features which we’ll talk about in this article!

🏆 Core Competencies

  • Elements and templates at your fingertip: Add elements and templates right where you need them from the page builder popup. This popup gives access to pre-made templates, to elements, and to the library.

Zion Builder Elements and templates

  • Independent composition of elements: Each element is composed of a wrapper and its sub-components. For example, a button is composed of a wrapper, the button, and the icon, and each one of them may have individual styles applied.

Zion Builder-independent-composition-of-elements

  • A unified system of options: Every element has the same easy-to-use and intuitive options pattern found in the “Element Options” panel. It consists of 3 main tabs: general, styling, advanced, and search.

Zion Builder Unified System Of Option

  • Global styles: In order to apply the same styles on multiple elements, Global CSS Classes were implemented. They can be styled either from the page options panel or from the Element options panel. No coding skills are required.

Zion Builder-global-styles

  • Live responsive editing: Visually decide the sizes, colors, or positioning of the elements for each screen. This means that any changes made to the mobile view, will only appear on that device and it will not affect the other devices, which will still maintain the original design options.
  • Custom rich text on click: Inline editor is triggered on text click, and provides options such as font family, size, weight, spacing, alignment, or text-transform. It can also be dragged anywhere.
  • Gradient background: You can layer multiple gradients by making use of color opacity. When setting a lower opacity of gradient colors, other gradient layers become visible. Experiment with different options on different gradient layers.
  • Manage loaded resources: You can choose what fonts, colors, gradients, icon packs, or templates appear in the page builder. That means you can choose only the fonts you need on your website even if on the dashboard you have access to hundreds of other fonts.
  • History of actions: Saving the system, history of your actions, post revisions, users permissions or easily discarding changes gives you the power of becoming the sole creator of your website. Shortcuts for undo and redo are also available.

Zoin Builder- History of elements

🏆 User Experience

Zion Builder offers multiple features that will definitely improve the user’s experience.

  • Dragging elements: When you see the cursor changing to “move”, it means you can drag the element anywhere on the page. A line appears where the next position will be.
  • Dragging size and spacing: The element gets its size and spacing changed directly by dragging its toolbox lines that appear on hovering an element.
  • Right-click actions: The right-click can be triggered from any type of tree-view and contains the main set of actions needed: copy, edit, remove, duplicate, hide, save, cut, discard and copy element styles.
  • Top right toolbar shortcuts: This toolbar appears only on hovering an element and gives the possibility to access the options panel, to save, hide, duplicate or delete the element.
  • Custom workspace: The user is able to open, close, drag, and resize the panels according to his needs. The main panel can be dragged on the left or right side of the page.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: The most used and intuitive keys were implemented to ensure the accessibility towards the user actions.
  • Searchable options: Zion builder implemented a search system so that you can easily find any CSS rule you need.
    Discard changes: If you want to go back to the default style, you can easily discard changes for any option that you just changed.
  • Easily change the number values: Each number input from the builder’s interface can have its value changed through mouse dragging.
  • CTRL + Drag: Holding CTRL key while dragging sizes and margins of an element, set rounded values to your spacing and sizing options.

🏆 Design Features

  • Blending Background: The background is able to overlay the color, then the image, and the gradient. This is a powerful tool for designing hero sections.
  • Color picker: Zoin Builder created its own custom color picker with its own library of color schemes and its own management from the Zion Builder dashboard.
  • Pseudo-selectors: “Hover” state of an element combined with the independent composition of elements brings a powerful design that otherwise would have been achieved only with custom code.
  • Element’s motion control: Add movement to your elements using the CSS3 animations: slide, fade, zoom, rotate are just a few examples. Control the appearance animation duration and delay.
  • Flexbox control: Control the alignment of your content ( the child or the parent elements ) to be vertical, horizontal, or center. All the flex-box rules are implemented in the display section of Panel Element Options.
    Powerful background image: Background image comes with multiple options which allows one to easily customize a hero section. The image position is responsive and can be controlled from mouse dragging.
  • Filters(Pro): Drag the intensity of a filter and obtain beautiful and unique elements in your page design. Blend mode, sepia, blur, opacity are just a few options mentioned.
  • Borders: Enhance your designs with this feature. Controlling the borders of your element has never been easier.
  • Shadows: Create different layering styles and highlight your designs with this feature. Shadows can be applied to any element in the page, including texts.
  • Typography: Decide how your text should look like. Alignment, fonts, weight, size, color, or transformation are all found both in the styling tab or in the inline editor.
  • Transform(pro): Modify the space coordinates with the CSS3 properties: Translate, rotate, skew, scale.
  • Transitions(Pro): Control delay, the duration for any CSS property, and add timing functions. This feature helps you create beautiful transition effects on hovering or appearing elements.

🏆 Library System

Zion Builder Library Of Template and Elements

  • Library Panel: A whole panel that can be accessed from the main bar. It contains the actions needed for import and exporting library parts, and access to Zion library.
  • Templates and blocks: Templates are groups of elements that can be reused in other designs. They can be created by any user or taken as they are from the Zion library.
  • Saving templates: This action can be done from the main panel fly-out or from the element toolbar. The template is saved with a category assigned.
  • Insert template with a click: Clicking on the “insert” button will add the template at the end of the page.
  • Searchable library: The elements from the library are easily located through the search component that retrieves the searches by category or name.
  • Custom categories: A category can be instantly created from the saving popup just by adding the new name. Your own saved and imported template automatically loads in the library the newly created category.
  • Export / Import: Exporting a template will save a .zip file containing the template configuration. This file can be imported then to another page through the library panel.
  • Templates preview: Templates can be previewed in an iframe either from the Zion Builder dashboard, or from the Panel Library.
  • Templates Editing: The local templates are editable with the page builder and the actions are triggered either from the Zion Builder Dashboard or from the library panel.

🏆 Advanced Features

  • Post revisions: While multiple savings of a post, all the WordPress revisions are saved. These can be seen from editing the post in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Role Manager(Pro): Managing user’s permissions is done from Zion Builder’s dashboard. You can have full control of what users can edit.
  • Regenerate CSS: Styles set in Zion are saved in CSS files in the uploads folder. Recreate those files, according to the most recent settings.
  • Replace URL: Enter your old and new URLs for your WordPress installation, to update all Zion data (Relevant for domain transfers or move to ‘HTTPS’).
  • Custom CSS(pro): With custom CSS you can fine-tune the styling. Add custom CSS to elements or posts.
  • Custom javaScript (Pro): JavaScript code is applied to the whole page you are editing and is added through the page options.
  • Renaming elements: Locating the correct element to interact with can be difficult when developing a complex web page. So you can rename your elements to get easily identified.
  • Element’s visibility: Control if only logged in or logged out users are able to see the content.
  • Custom HTML element: This element supports custom HTML, custom CSS, custom JavaScript, having the “script” or “style” tags added before adding code.
  • Columns sizes and offsets: Decide the size and offset to a set of columns so you can define your template grid system. This is easy to control also on other devices.
  • Extendable options: The whole system of options, which is built in PHP, allows other developers to add their own options to the main panel.

🏆 Other Pro Features

  • Header & Footer Builder: Build unlimited Headers & Footers with the Theme Builder and assign them to any page you want.

Zion- Header And Footer Builder

  • Theme Builder: The teme builders allow you to create content and assign it to different pages like blogs or product pages. This tool lets you customize your products archive page, single product page, blog archive page, blog single page, etc.

Zion Theme Builder

  • Repeater Queries: Build custom repeater queries with ease in advanced elements like sliders, accordions, tabs, etc.
  • Dynamic Data: Use a variety of dynamic content to design your post types. Add content like featured images, post links, post descriptions, and more.
  • Blog archive & Blog single page builder: Full flexibility to design your own blog archive page or blog single page. Use the theme builder to design dynamic templates for your blog page.
  • WooCommerce Builder: Customize your products archive page or products single page. Use the theme builder to design the dynamic templates you have created for products pages.
  • Slider builder: Add any content to your slider. You can also easily use the repeater to load dynamic content from your blog page or shop.
  • Modal builder: Customize your modal popup with any content you want and trigger it anywhere you like, on page load, scroll, exit intent, and more.

🔥 Zion Builder Pricing

Zion Builder offers 4 simple pricing plans.

  • Personal plans cost $29/year
  • Pro Plan cost at $ 69/year
  • Extended Plan cost at $149/year
  • Life Time Plan cost at $ 249/life


PERSONAL (1 website/year)

PRO (3 websites/year))

EXTENDED (unlimited websites/year)

LIFE TIME (Unlimited websites/life)

Features Offered With The Respective Plans

🔥 Free Plan:

✔ Visual Editor
✔ 40+ Core Elements
✔ 10 Basic Templates
✔ 100+ Library Elements

🔥 Personal Plan:

✔ Everything in FREE +
✔ Pro Library Templates & Library Elements
✔ Pro Zion Builder Elements
✔ Dynamic Data Content
✔ Custom fonts & icons
✔ Modal & Slider Builder
✔ Blog Archive & Post Builder
✔ WooCommerce Builder
✔ Repeater
✔ Theme Builder
✔ White Label
✔ Support & Updates

🔥 Pro Plan

✔ Everything in FREE +
✔ Pro Library Templates & Library Elements
✔ Pro Zion Builder Elements
✔ Dynamic Data Content
✔ Custom fonts & icons
✔ Modal & Slider Builder
✔ Blog Archive & Post Builder
✔ WooCommerce Builder
✔ Repeater
✔ Theme Builder
✔ White Label
✔ Support & Updates

🔥 Extended Plan

✔ Everything in FREE +
✔ Pro Library Templates & Library Elements
✔ Pro Zion Builder Elements
✔ Dynamic Data Content
✔ Custom fonts & icons
✔ Modal & Slider Builder
✔ Blog Archive & Post Builder
✔ WooCommerce Builder
✔ Repeater
✔ Theme Builder
✔ White Label
✔ Support & Updates

Zion Builder also offers 30 days 100% money-back guarantee. And Zion Builder accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as PayPal payments.

🔥 Who Should Use Zion Builder?

You should use Zion Builder if you are comfortable with HTML and CSS, or at the very least you are willing to learn them.

You should get Zion Builder if you want to create fast, optimized websites, that have clean code and very little bloat.

You should get Zion if you enjoy having complete control over your website design.

🔥 Zion Builder Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives of Zion Builder are Elementor and Oxygen.

🌟 Elementor – Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you create beautiful pages using a visual editor. It’s designed for you to build dynamic websites quickly. This WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution — letting you control every part of your website design on a single platform.

🌟 Oxygen – Oxygen Builder is a tool that enables you to build entire WordPress websites. It is not a page builder or a theme, but a hybrid product that enables you to have more control over what you create.

🔥 Conclusion On Zion Builder Review

It is incredible to see how Zion Builder has come so far in such a short time. The developers are constantly releasing new features and improvements, all while being open to suggestions from their users. This makes it clear that this project will only get better as long as people want it to!

Hope you liked reading this article on ZionBuilder Review. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to join our FB group –Saas Talks where we discuss about upcoming Saas product reviews and other Saas-related topics.

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  1. Bob Anthony

    You don’t need any coding skills,HTML or any kind of CSS knowledge to build an awesome website with Zion Builder. Live editor,front end page builder everything with variety of templates makes it so easy to make a real professional website. You will be surprised.

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    Zion Builder Review, Features, Pricing and Alternatives.
    Zion Builder Review, Features, Pricing and Alternatives.

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