VidJack Review, Features, Demo, Price, and Evaluation: Hijack Videos You Don’t Even Own

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Videos are the most interactive way of communication to attract viewers, and get more leads in the long run! For an online marketing business, it is very important to get targeted traffic with higher engagements and conversions. But the sad truth is most of the videos are boring and not at all interactive and viewers just click away with boring ads and finally skip away! There is a solution called VidJack, a brand new groundbreaking software where you can create your own interactive videos with variety of tools and features!

Nowadays, interactive videos are the most engaging and trending where the viewers are encouraged to engage directly with it and find it meaning after seeing the desired information and they take the action you want them to take! Introducing VidJack, where you can add interactive elements inside any YouTube or Vimeo video to drive massive traffic, conversion, and sales for your business and clients.

Video marketers and big brands are consistently trying to uplift their video marketing campaigns and gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video content itself through a multiple number of tools so that users can easily click, drag, scroll and slide over the videos.

Looking for interactive videos for your business that engage more visitors and increase sales? Get your answer with my unbiased VidJack Review!

Want to know more regarding VidJack? Its features? How does it work? Pricing Details? Read VidJack Review for detailed information!

Product Overview

VidJack Product Details

VidJack is a brand new market technology that legally hacks and turns any YouTube or Vimeo videos and you can easily add various kinds of interactive elements like Call To Actions, Email Gates, Share Gates, Gamification, eCom Widgets, with just a few clicks! To be a successful online marketer, engaging videos with a lot more infographics are the key to success and most of the marketers fails to understand this!

Let us have a quick overview of VidJack product details below:

CreatorIfiok Nkem
Product NameVidJack
Launch Date5.03.2021
Launch Time11:00 EST
Product TypeVideo Marketing
SupportFast And Effective Response
Guarantee30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Skill LevelAll Levels
RecommendedHighly Recommended

Detail Product Review

VidJack Review: What is VidJack?

9.5Expert Score
Easy To Use And Valuable

Get more engagement and conversions with higher CTR using VidJack

Easy Of Use
  • Higher video conversions guaranteed
  • Maximum global reach
  • Easy to use and set up
  • 100% Newbie-friendly
  • Cloud-based software and works on any device
  • Improved interaction rate
  • Smart and ethical tool
  • Upgrades only give you more power

VidJack is a brand new market technology that legally hijacks any YouTube videos or Vimeo videos into a lead conversion machine by adding interactive elements like opt-in forms, CTA buttons, Images and Objects, Watermarks, Text and Share buttons, Social Share, quizzes and surveys, maps and calendars and a lot more!

Once your video is ready and published in various social media platforms you can add your interactive video in your own website it will automatically increase your subscribers and conversion rates. Most important point is now you don’t need any video to create by yourself and also without any technical experience needed. It is completely a drag and drop software, with outstanding features inside.

With this amazing video marketing software, you can easily create video sales letters, video overlay, squeeze pages, landing pages and lot more. Easily embed your video anywhere like in websites, blogs, social media platforms, and great for email marketing with interactive videos or you can share the links directly!

Using VidJack, you can sell and get paid right inside any YouTube or Vimeo video and connect PayPal or stripe and receive payments right inside the video. Now you can have complete player control personalization from beautiful video skins, auto-play videos, custom thumbnails, create sticky videos and many more. Sell interactive videos to your clients and earn top dollar for your services with free commercial license!

We all know traditional videos are dead, and most of the viewers quit watching within 5-7 seconds, and leading YouTube and other platforms are there to rank them lower with low-quality lead generation, poor conversions, and fewer profits!

Interactive videos are bringing tremendous results with increased qualified leads, with more engaging videos with longer duration helping the videos to get higher rank in search engines for more organic traffic. Now it is very easy to customize your videos with call-to-action buttons and make your customers end up buying or taking the action you expect them to take.

No more efforts of creating videos, and transform your video into a landing page or registration page and thereby increase your profits! To activate, this amazing software there are some steps to follow:

3 Simple Steps For You :

VidJack Features
  • STEP 1: Simply choose any YouTube or Vimeo video and upload it on your own
  • STEP 2: Customize interactive elements using the built-in drag and drop editor
  • STEP 3: 1-Click embed and share videos on the website, blogs, social media platforms, emails, or share the links directly

Who Is VidJack For?


VidJack is considered as an marketing automation tool and can be used by everyone who want more profits from their video marketing and online marketing strategies.It will act as an outstanding profit magnet tool that will drive more traffic, website visitors and increase your sales funnel. See below :

  • Online Marketer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Video Marketer
  • Freelancer
  • Agency Owner
  • Product Creator
  • Advertisers

With this mesmerizing software, you can easily create sales videos, training videos, intro videos, product demos, educational videos that will help viewers to meet their expectations of what they are actually searching for.

You can use VidJack for personalized videos to increase email conversions, boost landing page sign-ups, increase event attendance, make nurture more personal, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

Advantages Of Using VidJack:

VisJack is a must-have tool for internet marketers to grow their business to the ultimate level with more leads, profits and converting more sales. It is the first choice for creating interactive videos in the long run. Let us have a quick look below:

  • Create a lead gate from a part of your video from users until they fill your opt-in form
  • Present your viewers with the opportunity to share the video over social media before proceeding to watch the rest of the content
  • Call your viewers to immediate action by adding highly engaging CTAs and clickable buttons at any point.
  • Build scarcity and urgency in your campaigns with ethical and effective countdown timers
  • 10X your engagement by adding multiple-choice quizzes and polls inside any youtube or Vimeo video
  • Maximize conversions by embedding videos inside your videos
  • Enable autoplay, sticky video to keep eyeballs on both the video and your marketing messages
  • Easily insert your video within attractive player skins like iPad, Mac, Blackboard, Whiteboard to engage with a higher number of viewers each day
  • Now you can pick the most popular video hosting sites that are completely free on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • VidJack auto-adjusts your content to suit mobiles, laptops, and tablets and enhance the viewing experience of your users

Above I have discussed in detail, VidJack overview, steps to use it, who can use it and so on…. Now come to the next part of VidJack Review, to have a complete discussion of VidJack Features, demo and more!

Continue Reading….

VidJack Features

VidJack Features: Powerful Features To Engage Your Audience

VidJack Demo

VidJack is the World’s most advanced Drag n Drop interactive video creator where you can add unlimited interactive elements, add CTAs, build your list, sell and receive payments right inside any Youtube or Vimeo Video. It works for different industries which makes it useful for business owners. It brings the video marketing and eCommerce business together. The platform works seamlessly and it’s super easy to use and engage users.

Let us a look down at the top VidJack Features that will help you target audience and improve your lead generation and marketing campaign:

hijack any video and add unlimited interactive elements
Showcase your products, sell and get paid right inside any youtube or vimeo video in minutes. Connect your paypal and stripe to receive payments right inside the video and add CTas, Email Gates, Share Gates, etc on any YouTube or Vimeo video.
gamification and incentivized rewards
Using VidJack, you can easily skyrocket your engagement to a next level and attract your customers by giving away rewards for each time they take action!Offer them coupons, discounts and freebies after they open a certain number of hotspots or spend a certain amount of time watching your videos.
advanced video player control
VidJack offers you to customize and design your video player as per your taste. You can add or remove elements with a click of button and have player style and controls, select the player screen and attract more viewers than ever, leave a watermark on your videos for a lasting impact.
complete viewer experience control
Now you can customize not just a part but the entire viewing experience. Your viewers can walk through the entire sales videos process, and have a customized experience according to their taste. With this way, you can create brand awareness in the minds of your viewers, and increases their interaction and in turn your sales and conversions incredibly
resume playback
Using VidJack, your viewers never have to be hassled again to forward your videos to watch them from where they got interrupted. With the smart players restart the video will start automatically from where they left off
share gate
Now it is very easy to insert CTAs or Opt-in forms at the climax of your video before your viewers can watch the rest of the video. You can increase your shares, subscriptions, and sales instantly and don’t even have to wait for the video to the end to interact with your viewers and begin profiting like never before!
lead gate
VidJack allows you to insert your video within attractive player skins iPad, Mac, Blackboard, Whiteboardand many others to engage with a higher number of viewers each day to maximise your leads.
cta gate
With this amazing technology, you can redirect your traffic to your sales pages to witness immediate action by inserting clickable text, images and buttons from within your video and skyrocket your profits.
Increase engagement graph
VidJack monitors your video engagement and helps you to enhance your CTAs and sales with your marketing campaign. Get organized data about your video engagement, conversions and other important factors to understand your audience & create better campaigns instantly without any efforts.
embed anywhere
Embed your videos into any platform of your choice to become viral instantly! Pick any website, social media platform, blog orsimply share the link.Create your very own brand playlist that allows you to embed an entire collection of videos into any platform of your choice and paste it anywhere on the internet.
100% newbie friendly
With this sophisticated technology, you can fool your viewers as they might think an expert has created this engaging videos. It is automatic so that every newcomer can benefit from using this brand new technology VidJack!

Now let us dive into the next part of VidJack Review…. Read more…

VidJack Demo

See VidJack In Action

VidJack is hosted on a reliable cloud server that you can access from any device or browser and sell customized and highly engaging videos within minutes without blinking an eyelid. Using this amazing software, every online marketing business can skyrocket their engagement, conversions, and profits and get paid top dollar like them. See VidJack Demo below:

VidJack is a cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform that allows anyone to use this amazing video marketing software, even without having any technical experience or skill, and helps you to maximize video engagement and conversions for any marketing goal, faster & easier than ever before possible. It is must-have software to buy in 2021 for deeper engagement, and build a list with interactive videos. See VidJack in action:

It is very easy to engage potential customers and build your subscribers list without any paid search and get more clicks and interest on RoI. With VidJack, it is very easy to build your content marketing strategy with better marketing tactics!

Let us jump into the next part of VidJack Review, and have a detailed outlook of VidJack Price and Evaluation for better understanding for you!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get Instant Access Of VidJack Now!

Price And Evaluation

VidJack Price And Evaluation: Get VidJack With Low One-Time Fee

With this powerful piece of software, and you can easily blow away your viewers with mesmerizing videos and very valuable and must-have software for every affiliate marketer. The most amazing thing, now users can get easy access to create interactive videos with unlimited views!

Here, I have listed VidJack Price and Evaluation options to choose from the best-suited options before the special time expires. With this little investment, you are getting 30 days money-back guarantee. So in case, you don’t like the results and get your entire money refunded to you instantly. See below for detailed pricing information:

OTO 1: VidJack Pro Unlimited ($37/ Month, 197$ One-Time)

  • Get access to create unlimited interactive videos
  • Get unlimited views, email opt-ins, product sales, quizzes, clients, and profits
  • Get access to robust video thumbnail creator
  • Get access to 100% human sounding text-to-speech voiceover on over 30 languages

OTO 2: VidJack Agency Tool Kit($47)

Now users get easy access to create video marketing agency of their own, and attract more potential customers

  • Animated sales videos
  • Professional agency website
  • Telemarketing script
  • Email swipes
  • Proposals
  • Web and marketing graphics
  • Contract agreement
  • And many more

OTO 3: Video Tours360 Lifetime Deal ($67)

  • Get lifetime access to the best seller Video Tours360 App
  • Create and sell interactive virtual tours with built-in zoom like video calls,eCommerce engine, gamification, and AI optimization
  • Free Commercial License

OTO 4: VidJack Reseller($297, $497)

  • Resell VidJack App as your own
  • Keep 100% of the profit
  • Easy way to make money


Honest VidJack Review: Is It Worthy To Buy?

thumbs up

Here I end with my VidJack Review, and thank you so much for giving your precious time in reading this article! Hope this article has lent you a hand in choosing the perfect video marketing software for your online business!

If you really want to get more traffic to your website, and drive more leads and sales then VidJack is the ultimate solution to grow your business to the next level without any doubt. Using this amazing software, you can easily hijack any YouTube or Vimeo Video and make it a lead generation software where you can collect more leads and convert more sales.

VidJack works fantastically for business owners and I highly recommend this tool for Affiliate marketers, Product owners, Video Marketing Agencies to skyrocket their profits. No more worries about product guarantee, get access to 30 days refund policy. I will definitely give a 5 star rating, undoubtedly! Give it a try Guys!

Lastly, if you have any queries regarding this software VidJack let me know in the comment section below! For More Applications, CLICK HERE!

VidJack Offer box

VidJack game changer software

Hijack Any YouTube or Vimeo Video and Drive Massive Traffic, Conversion and Sales For Your Business And Clients!
$45287$ visit site
VidJack Review, Features, Demo, Price, and Evaluation: Hijack Videos You Don’t Even Own
VidJack Review, Features, Demo, Price, and Evaluation: Hijack Videos You Don’t Even Own
$45 $287

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