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Since the Internet is around, affiliate marketing has always been a steady way to make money online. As Amazon is one of the largest online stores, it is obviously an option to consider for every internet marketers. Wzone Plugin is a great way to start your earning from the amazon affiliate program.
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WZone Plugin Review

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Are you using the Amazon affiliate program?

Want to earn more money like other top Amazon affiliate marketers?

Just like you, when I started using Amazon Affiliate, I always wondered how the top Amazon Affiliate makes money with the amazon associates program. So after some research, I get to know that there are some WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins that are being used by them. 

From my research, there are some points that I discovered:

Firstly, there are many top affiliates who use comparison tables in their blog that help their viewers in decision making.

Secondly, the call-to-action button used in their blog is very much specific and clear.

Lastly, the product box used in their blog is beautifully customized that clearly increase the chances of conversion through your URL.

As an Amazon affiliate marketer, chances are you spending most of your time managing your links alongside growing your business. But, without an effective strategy, you are likely to waste your precious time on ensuring that your links work, rather than reaping the benefits. If you are planning to start the Amazon Associate program, read our complete steps on how to become Amazon Affiliate here.

Besides, Amazon affiliate marketer generally faces a lot of hindrances while promoting a product. For example, a product link cannot be found, the product may be out of stock, etc. This situation hampers your opportunity to earn a profit. Here comes the need to use amazon plugins that will automate the entire process and make things easy for you else you’ll be working round the clock. In short, what you need is an affiliate tool that will automatically update your affiliate links. Moreover, the default Amazon Affiliate plugins in WordPress is not so impressive with their visual output. Overall the amazon plugins boost your sale by allowing flexible customization in your affiliate blogs.

After further research, I found an impressive amazon affiliate plugin known as WZone Plugins. This is a powerful Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for the hobby as well as pro bloggers to make the most out of the Amazon affiliate program. I am using this plugin for more than a year and finally, WooZone Plugin Review is here.

WZone Plugin Review| Introduction

What is WZone?

WooZone is an Amazon affiliate(Amazon Associates Programme) plugin for WordPress. With the WZone plugin, you get Amazon affiliate products into your Woocommerce store but there is more to the WooZone affiliate plugin. WooZone is great for WordPress users and bloggers wanting to create a store section with selected products or the best selling products from selected categories. WooZone Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin is intended for making Amazon Associates participants life easier. You can use this plugin with an existing Woocommerce store, or you can start a new one from scratch.

WooZone is offered as a standalone plugin that works with the most popular themes out of the box including the free StoreFront theme. The second offering is the WooZone Bundle Pack which is supplied with WooZone, the supported Kingdom theme, Amazon Discount Finder and WooZone Contextual Plugin.

Visit WZone Pricing Page

WZone Review| WZone features

Some Of the Highlighted Features Of WZone Plugin

There are a handful of WZone features that are worth mentioning in the Wzone Review. Let us continue with some key Wzone features:

1. Wzone Content Spinner

WZone content spinner
WZone Content Spinner

While fetching content directly from Amazon and posting on our blog, the Search engine will notice it. They will consider as spamming websites and can be get penalized. Only one way to protect your blog from duplicate content.

Rewrite the content. This can be done manually or automatically. The manual method will take so much time. The plugin got an inbuilt content spinner which will help you to rewrite the content and make it unique!

Say goodbye to manually editing products content from Amazon! Using the Automated Content Spinner all you have to do is set up to Spin the Content as you Import Amazon Products, and how many replacements to have in the content.

2. Import Amazon Product To Wzone

WZone Import amazon product
WZone Import Amazon Product

WZone has developed a new feature called Auto Import Amazon Products. This new module helps users to import products automatically. You just need to set a keyword, set up how many pages to import and simply add it to the Products Queue.

You can also set up the recurrence and how often to import products. After you did that, the Cron will import products at the recurrence time you set up. You can see the status of the Auto Imported Products, delete, publish/unpublish them, see if the products were imported or if there was an error when it started, ended and when it will run next. This Insane Import Mode has replaced the previous ASIN grabber tools.

Say goodbye to manually add products from Amazon! Using the Search for Product mode, you’ll just need to set a keyword, the product’s Department and set up how many pages to import and click on the Add Search to Schedule button! That’s all, Now you are good to go.

3. Import Product Reviews To WZone

WZone product reviews
Import Product Review

With WZone, Amazon Customer Reviews are automatically imported if they are available on Amazon. You can choose not to display them if you wish. The reviews will be displayed as TAB after the Description tab. Using Amazon Reviews you can display customer reviews on amazon products instantly! Give your customers the opportunity to check out reviews before purchasing an amazon product! That way, you will be trusted more, and your customers will buy more! Overall It will increase the conversion rate.

4. Import Variation Image To WZone

WZone Import variation image
WZone import variation image

WZone is now compatible with the Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce! The WZone Direct Import Chrome Extension is also compatible with the Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce! Now you can import multiple images on a product variation without any hassle. Optimize your WooCommerce product variation image gallery and boost your sales today!

5. WooZone Geo-Targeting

We’ve just developed a new component that verifies if a product is available on all the affiliate programs that you’re signed in for. That way, your customers will know for sure if, for example, a product is available in the UK and Canada as well. In this way, you can increase the conversion rate of your product and user experience.

6. WooZone Plugin Supports PA API 5

WZone has officially launched a version that works with PA API 5. First, make sure you have the latest version of WZone (13.2.0). Next, go to Config -> Amazon Setup -> General & Amazon and you will find an option called Use Amazon API? with a dropdown where you can select what PA API version, you wish to use. If you already migrated your keys, then you can go ahead and start importing products!

Go to the insane module, input a keyword and search for products. It’s as simple as that!

7. WZone Plugin Is GDPR Compliant

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a regulation that aims to protect the privacy of EU (European Union) citizens. The European Data Protection Regulation is applicable as of May 25th, 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. Among other things, it provides users with more control over the personal data that they share with websites.

To get more information on this subject, you may visit:

8. Cross-Selling

WZone Cross Selling
WZone cross-selling

E-commerce, in particular, relies on cross-selling. Online shops with a wide range of goods can use cross-references to point out new products, suitable articles or complementary products.
Cross-selling often drives increased retention rates

Many research studies have shown us that the more products a customer purchases from you the longer they will continue to purchase from you. If you manage to cross-sell to your customers you get the added advantage of keeping them longer (all things being equal) and a double bonus to the bottom line.

The WZone Cross-Selling Feature is Great for Marketing. On each Product imported from Amazon, you can display Related products / Frequently Bought Together products & Earn more Commissions!

9. WZone Report

As the name says for itself, it’s a reporting module, specially made for keeping track of how many products were synchronized and when, and to keep track of the products auto-imported from Amazon (how many views they had, added to the card, redirected to amazon).

10. WooZone Chrome Extension

The chrome extension is new in version 10, it allows direct product import which is great if you do not yet have access to Amazon API keys. You have to just simply install it from the Chrome Web Store and use it on any Amazon product page, product list and any Amazon location store. After installing, simply navigate to any Amazon web store product page or product list and click on the Add Product to List button. The product ASIN will be added to the plugin’s list for later import into your store.

11. Wzone Badge/ Flags

Wzone badge

With this feature, WZone verifies if a product is available on all the affiliate programs that you’re signed in for. That way, your customers will know for sure if, for example, a product is available in UK and Canada as well. Also, you have the possibility to display the ” Product Availability by Country Box ” on the Product’s details page, in 4 different places.

12. Import Product Without API

Import Product Without Api

As you already know that if you wish to become a new Amazon affiliate it’s very hard to get your hands on a pair of PA API keys. So the developers have updated the tools with a new module. Just like Amalinks Pro Plugin, this feature works without an API.

This new module will allow you to search product by keywords and import it from amazon. This feature also lets you browse through departments, and sort by features, new items, sort by price and so on.

Wzone Review| WZone Pricing

How Much Does WZone Cost?

Wzone Price

WooZone Plugin provides 3 pricing plans, namely, Wzone Lite Version, Wzone Regular License, WZone Extended Licence.

  • WooZone Lite Version: This version has features like ✔ Download from WordPress Repository ✔Unique feature – Insane Import include ✔ and have over 25,660 installs.
  • WooZone Regular License: Wzone extended License will cost you $ 49/install. And you will get features like :

✔ Quality checked by Envato
✔ Included: Future updates
✔ 6 months support from AA-Team
✔ 1 Regular license = 1 Website
✔ Personal Use Only
✔ Over 22,464 customers!

  • WooZone Extended License: Wzone Extended License will cost you $ 405/install. With this plan, you will get features like:

✔ Quality checked by Envato
✔ Included: Future updates
✔ 6 months support from AA-Team
✔ 1 Regular license = 1 Website
✔ Transferable license
✔ Over 6856 customers!

Visit WZone Pricing Page

Wzone Review| WZone Setup

Setting Up With WZone Plugin

Installing WZone Plugin is very much easy. Here is the full guide to Installation.

There are two ways to install a WordPress Plugin:

  1. Directly upload the zipped plugin file via the WordPress admin
  2. By uploading the unzipped plugin folder containing all the plugin files directly on your server using an FTP client.
NOTE: Before trying to install the plugin please make sure you unzipped the archive downloaded from Codecanyon, and only install the plugin archive that’s located in the Plugin folder.

Wzone Installation Via WordPress

STEP 1: Log in to your WP Admin Panel and open the Plugins panel

STEP 2: Click ‘Add new’ and follow the instructions

WZone installation

STEP 3: When asked to select a file, choose the file

STEP 4: After uploading the Plugin to your server, Click ‘Activate

1. WordPress 5.3+
2. WooCommerce WordPress Plugin – Version 3.1.2 +
3. Amazon account ( in order to get Secret/Access Keys
4. Amazon affiliate account ( in order to get affiliate sales!

Wzone Installation Via FTP Client Software

STEP 1: Extract the. ZIP archive from Codecanyon to a local folder on your PC. It should contain a subfolder named

STEP 2: Upload unzipped ‘woozone‘ folder from Plugins folder to the ‘/wp-content/Plugins/’ directory using your favourite FTP client software. Make sure you have set up Transfer Mode – Binary because files can be broken upon transfer with ASCII mode.

STEP 3: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins

STEP 4: Click ‘Activate

MANDATORY: This plugin works with WooCommerce, so it’s mandatory to have the WooCommerce plugin installed/activated and also please make sure you install WooCommerce Pages as well.

WZone Review| Customer Support

Customer Help Service Of WZone Plugin

Taking about the customer support of the WZone plugin, it provides more or less the same features as other Amazon Affiliate plugins. Their official site has a blog page that provides enough articles to solve a customer issue. Another option available for users to contact the Wzone developer team is through email. Other than that their official Site has a Live Demo page.

WZone plugin Demo Page

There is no option For Live Chat or Call.

WZone Review| WZone Pros And Cons

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Using Wzone Plugin

Advantages of WZone Plugin:

  1. Amazon Product Synchronization without PA API Keys: WZone comes with a NEW Outstanding Feature, i.e; import products from Amazon without the need of any Product Advertising Keys. This feature allows you to synchronize products imported from Amazon without the need for Product Advertising Keys.
  2. Amazon Associates Earnings Report: By using the Amazon Associates Reports you can now check straight into WZone’s Interface how your conversions are going, how many clicks, shipped items & how much revenue you are generating as an affiliate.
  3. Direct Checkout Option: You can use the Direct Checkout Option as well. That means that the users will be redirected to amazon when they click on the “Buy Now” Button. WZone have designed the “Buy Now” button custom, so you can change the text from the Config area, under “Buy Button Text”.
  4. Free Version Available: WZone offers a free version, that does not all Amazon Plugin Offers.
  5. Great Flexibility: Another of WooCommerce’s greatest strengths is its flexibility – it adapts like a glove to all kinds of online shops, regardless of their market niche or their products. WZone can be configured to sell physical, virtual or downloadable products. It can also be adapted to affiliate systems and other business models.

Disadvantages Of Wzone Plugin:

  1. Need To pay For Extension: The installation of some extensions may require a punctual payment or the hiring of plans with monthly fees.
  2. No Tools For Duplicate Post Testing: Wzone doesn’t have any tools than can check duplicate post in your blog.
  3. No option for Schedule product posting: Unlike other Amazon Plugin, for example, WP Zone Builder, WZone don’t have an option for any scheduled posting.
9.1Expert Score
Super Flexible

Amongst all possibilities offered by the plugin, I have really enjoyed the automatic reports that can be configured as desired and then automatically sent to you via email – a great way to effortlessly keep track of the performances of your products.

Ease Of Use
  • Amazon Product Sync without PA API Keys
  • Amazon Associates Earnings Report
  • Great Flexibility
  • Free Version Available
  • Need To pay For Extension
  • No Tools For Duplicate Post Testing
  • No option for Schedule product posting

WZone ReView| FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Can I install the Wzone Regular license on multiple websites?

If you purchased a Regular license it means that you are only allowed to install it on a single website. If you wish to install on multiple websites, then you must purchase for each website a different regular license.

🤔Can I move the Woozone licence to another website?

Yes, you can. Just uninstall the plugin from the old website, then install and activate it on the new one.

🤔If I get the Wzone Extended license can I install the plugin on multiple websites?

Unfortunately no. You can install it on only one website. But you can transfer it for example to your customer (if you’re not using it for personal use). Under no circumstances are you allowed to resell WZone without the written permission of the AA-Team. If you wish to integrate the plugin into your theme, then you can email us at and we’ll have a chat.

🤔Where can I get Official support?

Official AA-Team support is available only for direct clients. If you have any issues, please open a ticket on Please make sure you’ve read the product’s documentation and knowledge base before opening a ticket.

🤔Will I receive the Woozone Plugin feature update?

Yes, AA-Team provides free lifetime full updates, including all features in the future.

🤔Is There Any WooZone Plugin Free Version?

WZone is a freemium WordPress plugin. You can get WooZone Plugin free download from the WordPress plugins repository. Like all lite WordPress plugins, WZone lite also got some limits. We highly recommend you using the pro version of the plugin!

🤔Where can I get WooZone Tutorial?

Wzone official page has full of tutorial videos that will help every newbie to use the WooZone Plugin for the first time. Tutorials on Wzone installation, Activating the Wzone Chrome extension and more is available on the site.

🤔How can I get WooZone Purchase Code?

There is currently no Wzone Purchase Code available right now on the official site.

🤔What are the best Wzone Plugin Alternatives?

There are many amazon affiliate plugins in the market. I have personally tried some of those. Affiliatable Plugin and Amalinks Pro are my personal favourite. You can read my complete Affiliatable Plugin Review here.

WooZone Review| Conclusion

Final Words On WooZone Plugin

Since the Internet is around, affiliate marketing has always been a steady way to make money online. As Amazon is one of the largest online stores, it is obviously an option to consider for every internet marketer. Wzone Plugin is a great way to start your earnings from the amazon affiliate program.

It has been more than a year I am using this WZone Amazon Plugin. WZone Amazon Plugin makes the process of having Amazon affiliate products on sale on your own website very easy, and provide a large number of tools to maximize your sales and commissions. The WZone Plugin allows its users to customize fully and it is highly flexible. The handful of features offered by the WZone Plugin is really impressive. Each update of the WZone Plugin adds small features that improve the plugin and make it a great option for Amazon Associates WordPress publishers.

So If you are a blogger and thinking of running an affiliate amazon program to earn some extra money, you can definitely go with Wzone Plugin as it has also a free version available. It is one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins.

I hope, you liked reading the WZone Plugin review today. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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  1. why miss leading peoples, Woozone plugin content spinning is not accurate and unique. Too much plagiarized. And their support too bad. I am fed up getting their support. and their bundle pack kingdom themes is a money and time waisting things. All are bullsheet. And their ebay addons is another time waister. presently ebay disabled their production API Key.But without production API key you can’t be able to connect with ebay. They aren’t support how you can get this API key.

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