Best Registered Agent Services For LLCs

Have you ever thought about the importance of a registered agent?

A registered agent is an individual or company that receives important legal documents on behalf of your business. It’s also responsible for forwarding these documents to you in a timely manner. If you don’t have one, then it can be difficult to keep track of all the information that comes your way as a business owner. You may even miss out on some opportunities if you aren’t able to receive them in time! That’s why we recommend choosing the Best Registered Agent Services today!

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What Are The Best Registered Agent Services?

Best Value
Incfile logo


LLC formation service providers with low prices
A wide variety of other services is available
Worry-Free Compliance & quick order turnaround
No hidden fees or automatic service renewals
Good Registered Agent Service
Outstanding customer feedback
Online Access to Incorporation Documents
Northwest Registered Agent logo

Northwest Registered Agent

Hassle-free business formation service
Lifetime customer support from local experts
Includes registered agent service
Offers Mail Forwarding services
Inc Authority logo

Inc Authority

Free LLC service in addition to paid packages
Simple-to-use checkout process
Basic company registration is completely free
Great range of extra services
Includes registered agent & tax consultant
Most Popular
ZenBusiness Logo


All-in-one platform with worry-free services
A variety of additional services is available
Fast & Simple Business Formation Guaranteed
Affordable formation packages for small business
Cheapest LLC & Registered Agent Service
Responsive customer support
MyCompanyWorks Logo


Offers fast turnaround time
Dedicated features to ensure legal compliance
Excellent customer service and reviews
Offers affordable, dissolution service packages
CorpNet Logo


Offers secure self-service
Corporate supplies and trademark registrations
Excellent customer feedback
Live experts at your service
Free corporate compliance tool
Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

Offers a monthly subscription plan
On-call lawyers to resolve your questions
Top-quality legal compliance and services
7-day free trial plus company formation
Seamless user experience & Business Formation
Hashtag Legal logo

Hashtag Legal

Customizable plans for each customer
Specialized in online business and startups
Provides legal advice in addition to form filing
Offers business consulting services
LegalZoom logo


Offer Annual Reports and Trademark Registration
Long-established and well-trusted company
Extended customer support hours
Lots of additional legal advice options
Reasonable pricing model
Nationwide Incorporators logo

Nationwide Incorporators

Registration business agreement & templates
Customized company documents and certificates
Add-ons such as registered agent services
All plans include services from an attorney
BizFilings logo


Preparation and filing of all LLC documents
24/7 compliance monitor and guidance tools
LLC Business Name Verification
Support from incorporation specialists
MyCorporation logo


Established company with a good reputation
Corporation and LLC Maintenance Service
4-tiered packages with expansive options
Unlimited customer support
Trademark and Copyright Filings
Harbor Compliance logo

Harbor Compliance

Offers registered agent services in 50 states
Great Customer Support
Provides affordable service
Includes a number of free compliance guides
Enjoy full visibility into licenses and registrations

Best Registered Agent Services In US States: California || Florida || New York || Wyoming || Texas || Washington || Delaware || Ilinois || North Carolina || Georgia || Arizona || New Jersey || Nevada || Colorado || Oregon || New Mexico || Michigan || Maryland || Wisconsin || Missouri || Pennsylvania || Virginia || South Carolina || Indiana || Montana || Utah || Louisiana || Massachusetts || Ohio

Having a Registered Agent is one of the most important steps in starting your own LLC formation business. They act as your company’s representative when dealing with government agencies, so you can focus on making money and not on paperwork.

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There is a plethora of Best registered agent services for LLCs that will assist you with document filing, forwarding mail, and protecting a business owner’s privacy. So, here is the complete list of the Best registered agent service 2022. So, how do choose the right registered agent services with the best value? Check out the top registered agent services in USA, Florida, and more!

What Is A Registered Agent?

Overview Of A Registered Agent

A registered agent is an individual or entity who will receive all correspondence for your business. They’re appointed by an LLC or Corporation to handle service of process, government documents, and compliance requirements on behalf (and in addition) they may collect any fines from you if assessed at tax time!

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They also receive the paperwork for periodic renewal of your company’s charter and also accept any kind of official mail. It is crucial part for all US businesses to designate a registered agent and most of companies must include LLCs, corporations, and other formal entities. In case to fail to hire an eligible registered agent, you may lose your status as an official business entity or also be subject to fines.

Registered agents are great for startups, small businesses, LLCs, and corporations and can handle correspondence with government agencies on your behalf. The registered agent is a vital role in protecting your business from legal threats and ensuring the company’s financial well-being.

They approve tax documents, provide signature authority for important decisions affecting you as their client or member of staff with regard to workplace health & safety concerns (elderly parents vs young employees), monitor shareholders’ resolutions regarding mergers/acquisitions, etc., all without any involvement whatsoever on behalf where they work themselves!

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What Are The Best Registered Agent Services?

Quick List Of Best Registered Agent Services

Here is the top list of Best registered agent services for 2022 to form an LLC:

  • Best Registered Agent Services For StartupsZenBusiness Registered Agent
  • Overall Best Registered Agent Services Northwest Registered Agent
  • Best National Registered Agent Services – LegalZoom
  • Best Free Registered Agent Services Incfile
  • Best Registered Agent Services For Bulk Orders – Harbour Compliance
  • Best Registered Agent Services For Legal Business Rocket Lawyer
  • Best Registered Agent Services For Medium-Sized Businesses – Swyft Filings
  • Best Rated Registered Agent Business Providers – InCorp
  • Best Affordable Registered Agent Services MyCompanyWorks

From the above list personally, I feel ZenBusines provides excellent services at a low cost plus fulfills most registered agent requirements.ZenBusiness offers worry-free document management with its online dashboard and compliance alerts. You can access all of your essential legal documents in one place, 24/7 through an easy-to-use interface on the website or by requesting a custom solution if need be!

Another Best Registered Agent Service is:


Harbor Compliance

Best Registered Agent Service For Bulk Orders
Harbor Compliance
Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is an advanced compliance software and provides nationwide registered agent service that brings exceptional security and efficiency to multi-state organizations. You can also save time with their pre-filled state forms and user-friendly software. Save money with fair, transparent pricing and discounts on multiple orders and enjoy value-added features like customizable notifications and annual report notices with no additional fees.

Harbor Compliance is a well-established company that specializes in providing compliance solutions to both new business owners and existing organizations. The team at Harbor will form your LCC or Corporation on behalf of you, leading it through all state rules and bureaucracies so you don’t have to deal with any headaches!

Harbor Compliance Features:

  • Same-Day Document Access: Harbour Compliance have local offices in every state and are open during business hours to receive your time-sensitive legal documents.Plus they send email notifications, and you can access your documents securely online.When you recieve service of process they call the primary contact for your account.
  • Immediate Access:Their online service makes it easy to find a local registered agent in seconds. Plus, they provide all of the state forms you’ll need pre-filled out and signed by them so that your signature is not required for those states which require one!
  • Annual Report Notifications: As your registered agent, they will help you stay in good standing with the state.Filing annual reports on time is critical to staying compliant. Their software tracks your annual reports and sends reminders prior to the due dates.

Steps To Appoint Registered Agent Service:

Here are the following steps to appoint your registered agent:

  • Step 1: Order your service prior to submitting a filing to the state. Their registered agent name and address will be necessary for your filing.
  • Step 2: Access their address immediately in your Client Portal. You will find the state forms pre-filled with our information and filing instructions.
  • Step 3: File with the state. They will provide assistance with your filings for a flat fee.
  • Provides quick turnaround times
  • Handle all aspects of your LLC formation
  • Provides you with an Operating Agreement template
  • Obtain a federal employer identification number
  • Expensive formation packages

Harbor Compliance Pricing:

Harbor Compliance costs $99/year and includes a one-year term of its registered agent service with all LLC formations.


Purpose Of Registered Agent

What Is The Purpose Of A Registered Agent?

If you have been wondering about the best way for your business to maintain effective corporate compliance, then a registered agent is just what you need. Registered agents are gatekeepers who will help with sending legal notifications and annual report filing reminders so that any potential issues can be resolved in time!

Whether you are running a small business or large corporation, a designated registered agent will help you receive various documents on your LLC’s behalf.

Here are some of the crucial purposes of a registered agent:

  • Tax forms: Tax forms can be another use for a registered agent service. If you live in one state and work in another, filing your yearly income taxes can be provided out of state, for example, but still receives mail at their old address. A registered agent service makes sure that all important legal documents are properly delivered to the right person instead of being returned to the sender.
  • Legal Documents: Legal documents are the most common reason for having a registered agent service. Legal documents can be anything from simple summons or subpoenas to multi-page lawsuits. A registered agent will ensure that these legal forms are properly delivered to you, so you don’t have to worry about being served with court orders at work or in front of your family.
  • Official Government Correspondence: Another important use for a registered agent is official government correspondence. This can include everything from registration forms for your new passport to jury summonses. Registered agents are able to ensure these essential documents are properly served so they don’t go undelivered.
  • Summons: Summons are the most common reason people have registered agents in their lives, but there are many other reasons. If you receive summonses, lawsuits, or anything else that requires your signature to be served on you, these can all be handled by a registered agent service.

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Need Of Registered Agent Services

Why Do You Need Registered Agent Services?

When you’re running your business, it’s important that everything run smoothly and without hitches. One of the most crucial tasks in maintaining this consistency is having a registered agent who will act on behalf or process serving requests from outside sources like lawsuits, a legal requirement for all LLCs (limited liability companies) whose managers aren’t personally liable if they mismanage property assets while operating as such legally, but also many businesses opt to take advantage off with their own corporations too!

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Here are some important activities that you will get from registered agent services:

  • Protects Company’s Reputation: When you’re the registered agent for your business, it can be hard to keep up with all of those legal documents. You might miss important lawsuits or other communications that could affect how successful your company is in court!
  • Protect Your Privacy: Registered agents make sure that your business is in tip-top shape. They protect you from identity theft and deliver all of the necessary paperwork to do so, quickly getting rid of any unnecessary junk mail while also ensuring privacy concerns are addressed with registered mailing addresses!
  • Receives and signs documents: A registered agent is an important part of protecting your business. They will receive all documents on behalf, including lawsuits and court summonses to tax notices regarding official correspondence with state authorities or federal agencies as well! When you hire a registered agent, they will review and sign all of the documents that need to be submitted. The person must also have an office where their services can still operate during business hours in order for them serve process on behalf of your LLC when necessary!
  • Saves time: A Registered Agent will handle all of your business transactions so you don’t have to. They can also help with many things like filling out paperwork and tax forms, which might be something valuable for new businesses or nonprofits that are just getting started!

Things To Consider In Registered Agent Service

What To Look For In A Registered Agent Service?

Registered agents are a must for any business that needs to deal with important tax and legal deadlines. Registered representatives may also be the best way of saving money, but you’ll have higher costs if things go wrong because mistakes can cost thousands in fines or even prison time!

When you’re looking for a registered agent service near me, there are many factors that should be considered. The registered agent service is a great way to ensure your company’s compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Before you choose the best-registered agent service for LLC, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Track Record: Third-party providers are often a good choice when you’re not sure who to trust. Research the company before choosing them so that your business can be safe and protected in their hands!With the best registered agent you can choose a reputable provider from the get-go.
  • Mail Forwarding: The registered agent is a key role in protecting your privacy. They should receive all documents and emails from you, forwarding them along to their clients as needed with only the information necessary for those receiving it (i.e., name). Be sure that they use reputable software so there’s no chance of losing track or having something leak about yourself!
  • Cost: Hiring a registered agent that is within your budget and offers excellent service will ensure you get the best value for money.
  • Nationwide Service: The best way to avoid this problem is by opting for a registered agent service that works across state lines. You will likely get better rates and have less hassle when working with multiple providers as opposed to having your own separate business operating in different areas of the country at once!
  • Additional Services: There are many different types of businesses and each has its own unique needs. If you only require basic registered agent services, it’s important to do some shopping around for providers that offer additional support in line with what your business requires from an agency like this one – so make sure the company is up-to date on all relevant laws!

How To Choose Best Registered Agent Services?

Factors To Consider Registered Agent Services

Here are some qualities that you must consider for good registered agent services:

  • Pricing: The price of a registered agent may seem like an unimportant detail, but it’s not. Choosing the cheapest option could end up costing you in court if there are issues with their service and they fail to notify about any legal proceedings or documents that affect your business operations (such as Summons). That’s why you always go for reliability and value rather than low prices when picking a registered agent service! We understand that some services offer helpful features like annual compliance reminders or mail forwarding at an additional cost.
  • Support: A registered agent service can be a great way to start your business and register it in any state. However, you should always take into account the various features available for each company before settling on one such as mail forwarding or annual reminders about compliance issues with local laws that apply specifically where they operate from, this is just one example so there’s no guarantee all customers will get these benefits! It’s important to keep in contact with your registered agent, especially if they are serving you.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: Legal correspondence is often time-sensitive. To ensure customers have quick access, the service provider must make delivered documents available immediately upon receiving them. With a good registered agent, there will be mail available 24/7 and also ensures that your documents are delivered securely and instantly with the click of a button! Most of the services includes physical delivery of original documents when necessary.
  • Compliance Calenders: If you’re not sure how to handle your company’s filings, it might be time for a compliance calendar. These tools provide personalized reminders about important deadlines and allow companies the ability of being contacted by others! Basic mail forwarding services can be useful in the event someone tries to contact your company by sending emails through its registered agent address.
  • Legal Documents Management: You can now access all of your official legal documents in one place, which means less time wasted on looking up info you know by heart or getting lost between pages.
  • Coverage: A good registered agents should have the ability to provide services in all 50 states! Rather, they will help you with any question or concern that might arise when it comes time for business registration.

Should You Use Registered Agent Service?

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Registered Agent Service

Designating an alternate person to serve as a registered agent for your LLC or corporation will have numerous benefits. Here we will discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of choosing an affordable registered agent service like ZenBusiness Registered Agent.

Benefits Of Registered Agent Services:

  • Privacy: Privacy is a valuable matter for all. Your registered agent service can be any neutral third party that you select to handle the duties of a corporate representative. If this person has their office in your home, it will appear on public record as well and not just for business transactions but personal ones too! This means that if you operate out of home and have a business-related transaction with another individual who lives at this same house then they might take advantage while filing their documents as well!Whereas, an LLC registered agent service will help you maintain your privacy by preventing you from being served with a lawsuit in person. Plus, they also help you to receive unsolicited mail.
  • Flexibility: You have the option to act as your own registered agent so you can focus on running things instead of being available during standard business hours at a physical address. It’s also easy! Plus you can choose to be available for official correspondence and service-of process during standard business hours, so it’s important that you have a physical location where these things happen.Moreover, a registered agent service can help you to:1. Maintain flexible business hours, and also let you choose your own work hours.2. Form an LLC in any of the 50 states where your business is formed.3. Allows you to set up your business in multiple states with an appointed registered agent for each state.
  • Peace Of Mind: When you add a registered agent to your small business, they can help with day-to-day operations while giving the owner peace of mind. A good way for entrepreneurs and managers alike is to use an outside professional who has experience in all aspects from paperwork management to customer service; this ensures that everything will be taken care of without any hassle or delay!A professional registered agent can help you to:1. Grow your business with important tax and legal documents for your LLC and store them safely2. Helps you to maintain your personal and business life separately3. Helps you with additional support to run your business even if any problem arises
  • Compliance With Law: The registered agent is a great way to stay on top of state requirements. They send regular reminders, and sometimes file things like annual report filings or other official government notifications that can help your business in many ways!When you sign up for registered agent services, they will keep copies of your corporate documents in case anything happens. This way if there is theft or natural disaster at least one copy has been preserved so that all-important business information isn’t lost forever!
  • National Support: The registered agent service will help ensure that your company is protected and operating smoothly as you expand into new markets.
  • Focus On Growth: When you choose a professional registered agent service, they will send regular compliance reminders and notify you of any requirements needed to keep your organization in good standing. You on the other hand can focus more time growing business while relying upon these professionals for all necessary paperwork so that it’s done right!Drawbacks:The only downside of hiring a professional registered agent service is that they cost money, but the time you will save can outweigh this expense. And after all, isn’t it worth every penny? The best part is a registered agent service is hassle-free and saves your hours of work while handling various tasks simultaneously!

Requirements To Hire Registered Agent

How You Can Be Your Registered Agent?

How do you become a registered agent for your business? In order to be your registered agent, you need an officer or member of the business who is willing and able to represent you. You can choose any person in this capacity as long they meet some basic qualifications such as being a resident for at least six months before elections take place among other things!

Here are some requirements to elect a registered agent:

  • The person must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a physical address in the state where the business is formed
  • Must be available in person during standard business hours (i.e., Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Final Verdict

There are so many great companies in this industry, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them. All the above-mentioned services have highly reputable reputations with prices that undercut the competition by a significant margin!

ZenBusiness and Incfile are our top recommendations for companies that bundle registered agents with LLC formation services. LegalZoom is worth considering if you want to save some money on your taxes, but Northwest Registered Agent offers better customer support in this industry!

ZenBusiness is the best choice if you want to save money. They offer an affordable registered agent service and their value package offers great benefits for your business! Out of all the registered agent services, they offer the best deal!

So, hope now can choose the Best registered agent services to grow your business! Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to leave them below!


1. Is a registered agent really necessary?

Yes! In all US states, LLCs and partnerships must have a registered agent. Depending on the state they can be called resident agents or statutory ones for service of process to enforce their rights in case something happens with its business operations.

2. What does a registered agent do?

A registered agent is an important element of your business’s success. They receive tax and legal documents on behalf of the company, making them essential in maintaining compliance with state laws!

3. Can I be my own registered agent?

You can be your own registered agent! You just need to find someone who is 18 years of age or older, has a physical address in the state where you form a company, and is available (in person) during standard business hours.

4. Should I hire a registered agent service?

If you hire a professional registered agent, you can get a huge number of advantages:
1. Allows you to maintain flexible business hours
2. Protects your business privacy
3. Helps you to stay compliant with the law
4. Helps you to focus on your business’s success

5. What is the Best Registered Agent Service?

ZenBusiness is one of the most reliable registered agent services that stand out from the competitors. You can also upgrade to the complete coverage package to include their Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee, for a total of $149/year.

6. Do I need a registered agent for my LLC?

Whether you’re running an LLC or a corporation, it is important to have a registered agent. Registered agents are allowed by law to enforce the contract between their company and any other entity on behalf of them!

7. Can I change my Registered Agent after I form my company?

The registered agent is the individual that represents your business when it comes to dealing with legal matters. You can change them at any time, but there are three different ways this may be accomplished in each state and these methods vary depending on where you live!

8. How much do Registered Agents cost?

Of course, registered agent services are not free. The costs for these vary depending on what you need them to do and how often it needs to be done, but rest assured that they will be more than worth every penny in terms of peace of mind knowing everything is being handled properly by someone who knows the laws inside out!

9. Should I Hire an Attorney or Accountant to Be My Registered Agent?

Registered agent services are a much more affordable and efficient way to maintain your company’s presence in all 50 states. Hiring one will not only save you time but also money because they offer flexible billing plans for small businesses like yours that don’t want an annual fee or large ongoing costs with monthly subscriptions!

10. How do I cancel a Registered Agent service?

The terms of service for most registered agent services state that if you wish to cancel your appointment with them, it will first need an amendment in the state. After submitting new paperwork and having been replaced by another provider’s service you can contact the old service provider over there and easily cancel their service.

11. Do I need a Registered Agent in every state?

Registered agents are an important part of any business. They’re specifically used to maintain the proper legal documents for your LLC or corporation in all states where it operates and can take care of if you need them elsewhere too!

12. What happens if I don’t have a registered agent?

It is true that the risks are serious. You might lose your good standing in the state, be prohibited from doing business, or even have to pay fines!

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