Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: A Detailed Comparison

NorthWest Registered Aegnt vs InCorp detailed comparison | NorthWest Registered Aegnt vs InCorp Pricing | NorthWest Registered Aegnt vs InCorp Features And More.

When it comes to forming a new LLC, choosing the best LLC service provider can make all the difference. Two of the most popular options on the market today are Northwest Registered Agent and Incorp, which offer one of the best LLC services.

Both of these companies offer LLC formation services, as well as a range of other features and services to help businesses get up and running. In this Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp comparison, we’ll take a closer look at these two providers and see how they stack up against each other in terms of affordability, customer service, expertise, efficiency, and additional services. So after reviewing this how to start an LLC is not going to be a big deal.

Bottom Line
processing time
registered agent cost
Operating Agreement
Ein registration
Annual Compliance
REgistered agent expart
Northwest Registered Agent LLC
Northwest Registered Agent
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Bottom Line
Unlock Business Success with Northwest Registered Agent.
  Hassle-free business formation service
Lifetime customer support from local experts
  Includes registered agent service
  Offers Mail Forwarding services
processing time
2 days
registered agent cost
$125 per Year
Operating Agreement
Ein registration
Annual Compliance
Entity Formation Services
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Bottom Line
Empower your Business Growth with Incorp
InCorp offers comprehensive LLC formation
They have been in business for over 20 years
InCorp has a user-friendly online platform
InCorp offers competitive pricing and various packages
processing time
4-5 Days
registered agent cost
$129 per Year
Operating Agreement
Ein registration
$69 extra
Annual Compliance

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Northwest Services And Features

Northwest Registered Agent is a highly regarded LLC formation service with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They are known for their reliable customer support and high-quality registered agent services.

  • Registered Agent Services

Northwest Registered Agent offers registered agent services in all 50 states, with a focus on providing a highly secure and confidential service. They also have a proprietary digital dashboard for document management and compliance tracking, which is highly useful for business owners.

NorthWest Registered Agent services
  • Business Formation Services

In addition to registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent also offers LLC formation services. They can help with everything from choosing a business name to filing the necessary paperwork with the state. Their business formation services are available in all 50 states.

  • Operating Agreement Services

Northwest Registered Agent can help business owners create an operating agreement, which is a legal document that outlines how the business will be run. They offer a customizable operating agreement template that can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your business.

  • Mail Forwarding Services

Northwest Registered Agent offers mail forwarding services for business owners who need a physical address in a state where they don’t have a physical presence. They can receive and forward mail to any location, making it easier for business owners to manage their mail and stay organized.

  • Privacy and Security

Northwest Registered Agent takes privacy and security very seriously. They use top-of-the-line security protocols to ensure that all client data is kept confidential and secure. They also have a strict privacy policy in place to protect their clients’ personal and business information.

  • Customer Support

Northwest Registered Agent has a highly responsive and knowledgeable customer support team that is available to assist business owners with any questions or concerns they may have. They offer phone and email support, and their team is known for providing personalized and attentive service.

Overall, Northwest Registered Agent is a reliable and trustworthy LLC formation service that offers a range of useful services for business owners. With their emphasis on customer support and privacy and security, they are a great choice for anyone looking to form an LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Incorp Services And Features

Incorp is a reputable company that offers a range of business formation services to entrepreneurs across the United States. Their core services include LLC formation, incorporation, and registered agent services, among others. Here’s a closer look at what InCorp has to offer:

Incorp services
  • Incorporation and LLC Formation:

InCorp can help entrepreneurs incorporate their business or form an LLC in any state in the country. They offer a variety of packages with different levels of support, so customers can choose the one that best meets their needs and budget.

  • Registered Agent Service:

Like all businesses operating in the United States, LLCs are required to have a registered agent. InCorp provides this service, which includes compliance management, document storage, and access to online compliance tools.

  • Corporate Filings:

In addition to LLC formation and incorporation, InCorp can help businesses with a variety of other corporate filings, including foreign qualifications, amendments, dissolutions, and name changes.

  • Business Licenses and Permits: 

Depending on the industry and location, businesses may need to obtain licenses or permits to operate legally. InCorp can help entrepreneurs identify the necessary licenses and permits, and assist with the application process.

  • Additional Services:

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent provides a variety of business services, including registered agent and compliance assistance.

InCorp offers a range of additional services to help businesses manage and grow their operations. These services include virtual office and mail forwarding, compliance monitoring, annual report filing, and more. Customers can choose the services they need a la carte, or bundle them together for a discounted rate.

  • Affordability and Customer Support

InCorp offers affordable pricing on their business formation services, with packages starting as low as $99. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so customers can rest assured that they will receive top-notch service. In terms of customer support, InCorp has a team of experienced professionals who are available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the business formation process. They offer phone, email, and live chat support, so customers can choose the method that works best for them.

  • Expertise and Efficiency

InCorp has been in business for over 20 years, which gives them a wealth of expertise in the field of business formation. They have helped form thousands of LLCs and corporations, and have a proven track record of success. In terms of efficiency, InCorp offers expedited services for an additional fee, which can help businesses get up and running more quickly.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Product Comparison, Pricing Plans, And Features

Northwest and InCorp offer a range of services beyond LLC formation, including add-on services that can be included in their packages or purchased separately. To compare their offerings, we have created a side-by-side chart below that highlights their lowest-cost LLC formation package.

NorthWest vs InCorp: Basic Plan Comparison

Compare SectionNorthwestInCorp
ORDER PROCESSING TIMEStandard processing and deliveryStandard processing and delivery
REGISTERED AGENTFree for one year, then $125 per year$99 per year
ANNUAL COMPLIANCEIncluded with registered agent serviceNo
NorthWest Registered Agent vs InCorp Comparison Table

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Rating Details And Parameters

This particular section takes an in-depth look at Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp in terms of:

  • Value
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Add On features
  • Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Value

InCorp promises to match or beat any cheaper incorporation option that you may find in the market. However, it is worth noting that other LLC formation services offer similar prices with more features compared to InCorp’s flat formation price. Thus, it may be more cost-effective to opt for another LLC formation service.

If you are still unsure which LLC formation service to choose, we recommend Northwest for their affordable package and extensive features. For only $39 plus state fees, you get a full year of premium registered agent services, customer privacy protection, and exceptional support. This option is ideal if you are on a tight budget but want added features that come with forming your LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Customer support

Northwest Registered Agent reviews

InCorp’s customer service system is praised for its personalized approach. Clients are assigned a representative for all their accounts, which ensures consistency and ease of communication. Customers appreciate the ease of picking up where they left off without having to explain their situation to a new representative every time they reach out. The company’s online reviews also speak highly of their customer support system.

On the other hand, Northwest’s biggest strength lies in their exceptional customer support system. The company is known for providing top-notch customer service to its clients. Their online reviews highlight the friendliness and knowledge of the customer service team, making them an excellent choice for individuals who want a reliable support system. Northwest also allows clients to request a preferred support member, ensuring continuity of communication and familiarity.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Ease of use

The checkout process for InCorp is straightforward and transparent, with all fees visible on one page since they do not have any packages. However, their price match guarantee may not always be easy to use, as they may argue that a cheaper option is not similar enough to their services.

Northwest’s website is functional, but finding the LLC package comparison page can be a bit difficult. However, the page is clear and concise, outlining the included features and prices for each package. One of their biggest strengths is their user-friendly online dashboard, which organizes all necessary paperwork in one convenient location.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Add On features

InCorp offers one basic package with additional features for an extra cost. Their formation package only covers the filing process and does not include registered agent service, EIN registration, or operating agreement services. Customers can buy registered agent service and EIN registration for an additional cost, but InCorp doesn’t offer any operating agreement services a la carte. The price for more features quickly adds up.


InCorp provides a variety of business services, including registered agents and compliance assistance.

On the other hand, Northwest gives you core additional features alongside the formation price. While their $39 package is simple, it does include a year of registered agent service. This package also comes with professional support, customer privacy protection, and an online dashboard to keep all your business documents organized in one place. Although they don’t offer as many additional features as InCorp, Northwest’s package is more affordable and includes the most critical service of a registered agent.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent has received numerous positive reviews from its customers. They are known for their exceptional customer service, user-friendly online platform, and quick turnaround times for processing filings.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Northwest Companies have over 900 employees and maintain over 3 million businesses nationwide. This vast network of resources and expertise allows them to provide top-notch services to their clients.

InCorp has garnered a strong reputation over the years with over 250,000 customers and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Customers praise InCorp’s user-friendly website and 24/7 online access to account information. InCorp also offers an iOS app for easy access on the go, as well as live support for any questions or concerns. With such positive reviews and comprehensive services, it’s no wonder InCorp is a trusted name in the industry.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Which One is the Best Deal?

Northwest Registered Agent vs Incorp

while both InCorp and Northwest are reputable LLC formation service providers, there are significant differences in the value they offer. Northwest stands out as the more affordable option, providing a comprehensive formation package that includes premium registered agent services and customer privacy protection for only $39 plus state fees. In contrast, InCorp’s formation price is more expensive, and its basic package only covers the formation process.

Customers looking for additional features such as registered agent services and EIN registration will need to pay extra fees. Ultimately, it’s up to the customer to decide which provider suits their business needs and budget best.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp: Conclusion

In conclusion, both NorthWest Registered Agent and InCorp offer reliable LLC formation services with impressive customer reviews. However, NorthWest stands out with its affordable pricing and inclusion of premium registered agent services in its basic package. On the other hand, InCorp offers personalized customer service and a price-match guarantee, but at a higher cost for additional features.

It ultimately comes down to what you prioritize in an LLC formation service. If you want the best value for your money, NorthWest is an excellent choice. If you prioritize personalized customer service and are willing to pay a premium, InCorp may be the better option for you.

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp (FAQs)

Are There Any Hidden Fees InCorp Charges?

Nope! InCorp does a good job of explaining its pricing and fees.

Does InCorp Offer Any Ongoing Support?

Yes, InCorp provides unlimited support through phone, email, and live chat to all their customers. They are always available to assist you, regardless of whether you formed your business recently or several months ago.

what is an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular business structure that provides a level of personal asset protection while also offering tax flexibility. LLCs are considered “pass-through” entities, which means that the company’s income and expenses are reported on the owner’s personal tax return, avoiding the double taxation that corporations face.
One of the most significant advantages of an LLC is that it protects the personal assets of the owner(s) from the debts and liabilities of the business. This means that if the LLC is sued or has debts, the owner(s) will not be held personally liable. Instead, only the LLC’s assets are at risk.

What Is NorthWest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent is a company that provides business formation services and registered agent services for businesses across the United States. They aim to simplify the formation process by offering affordable and reliable services. In addition to their formation services, they also provide compliance services, including annual reports and ongoing support. With over 20 years of experience, Northwest Registered Agent has become a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to start and maintain their businesses.

Is Northwest Registered Agent a good service for small businesses?

We strongly suggest Northwest Registered Agent for their proficient client assistance and outstanding registered agent services.

Is Northwest Registered Agent free?

No, they do not provide free registered agent services. They just offer a fee, which is not too big. Northwest Registered Agent provides a single rate scheme at $29 plus applicable state charges.

What are the benefits of hiring a registered agent?

Every state requires LLCs and corporations to have a Registered Agent. You can either employ someone for the role or take it on yourself. Engaging an agent has advantages, such as offering the ability to work from anywhere and keeping your postal address private. The downside of being your own Registered Agent is that you have to stay in the office during business hours in order to receive mail at the registered address.

Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Indeed! Northwest Registered Agent is a bona fide LLC creation business that runs in every state. It specializes in registered agent services, however with wide-ranging LLC establishment packages also. It has thousands of positive reviews on the web.

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