15+ Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives To Create And Manage PDFs

Maintain Your Documents And Information With The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

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Adobe Acrobat is a collection of software and web services that are powered by Adobe Inc. It is predominantly used to create, print, manipulate and manage Portable Document Format (PDF). There are several advantages of using PDF while exchanging documents. You can view the content exactly the way it is made irrespective of the device it is viewed on. You also integrate different content types including vector graphics, videos, text, animations, 3D models, hyperlinks, and others.

List Of The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

Microsoft Word

It is used to write content and add other elements to it as well as export them in PDF format.

Ashampoo PDF Pro

Its features lest you manage PDF files with ease.

Nitro Pro

It claims around 68% of Fortune 500 companies use it and enables keeping the workforce smooth and dynamic.

Foxit PhantomPDF

It creates PDF files with enough other features and a number of high-end endorsements.

PDF Expert

It comes with a seven-day trial period that is exclusively applicable for Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

Flip PDF

It is compatible with any device and platform including mobile and web.

Sejda PDF Editor

It allows selectively signing on any part of the document and also allows you to compress each of them.

PDF Architect 8

It comes with extended features to improve the usability of the tool.

Bluebeam PDF Package

It saves time in creating, editing, and managing each PDF file.

PDFPen Pro

It creates, manages, and edits PDF files based on your requirements.

Master PDF Editor

opens up all the windows to PDF editing, be it adding images, hyperlinks or putting signatures or marking a portion of the file.

Infix PDF Editor 7

It has a striking resemblance with Microsoft Word and functions almost as equal as that tool.

Drawboard PDF

It allows working on individual or group PDFs.

PDF Converter

Best Adobe Acrobat alternative free and allows converting files online.

Icecream Apps PDF Editor

Allows creating custom stamps for better and quicker PDF proofreading.


It is an all-in-one PDF editor that allows easy management of all kinds of PDF files.

There have been several best Adobe Acrobat alternatives that I came across when I was in a hurry to prepare PDF versions of all my important documents. As Adobe Acrobat is bent towards the pricey side, I found some great alternatives that work at par with Adobe applications.

When I talk about the pricing of Acrobat being a little too high, a question always came to my mind that is there a free alternative to Adobe Acrobat? If you also have the same query in your mind, I would recommend you to stick with this article. You will find some brilliant and the best Adobe Acrobat alternatives in both free and paid versions.

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What Is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat comes with different in-built applications and web services that are useful in creating, maintaining, viewing and managing all PDF files. It is a flagship product of Adobe Systems.

The files that Acrobat generates into PDF are based on the PostScript format, an internationally-accepted standard used to exchange and share documents and information.

Why Should You Go For The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives?

I find Adobe Acrobat a really compatible and fast application to manage, create and share PDF files. As a flagship company, I have made great use of the tools whenever I had to send some important documents to different business firms.

However handy and intuitive the tool is, to avail best features of Adobe Acrobat, I had to pay hefty charges. That is when I realize I have to look for other options that can give better services at lesser prices. To my surprise, not only did I discover some free Adobe Acrobat alternatives, I came across some free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat pro too. And they come with smooth and streamlined features to get my work done.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

Top 13 Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

You can easily find some of the best Adobe Acrobat substitutes and there is no doubt that they perform their job well in managing, creating and sharing PDF files. What if there is a comprehensive list of all the best Acrobat competitors in one place? I have made the effort in doing so. Along with the paid version, you will also find some of the best Adobe Acrobat alternative free.


Microsoft Word

Best Acrobat Pro Alternative
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word can be considered as one of the tough Adobe Acrobat substitutes. Basically, this software is used to write content and add other elements to it.

PDF format is one of the ways to save written content. However, this software lacks in other ways. You cannot convert a different file into PDF format but with a little effort, you can be able to accomplish that too.

It is however compatible enough with a free version but you can always upgrade it to a paid one for extensive use.

Microsoft Word Features:

  • Allows you to create a content and save it in PDF format
  • Comes with different layouts and designs for you to create content
  • You can add tables, select a text quickly and many more
  • Offers several useful tools to create a content as per your requirement
  • Comes with pre-loaded templates to easily create a content and save it in PDF version
  • Has different font groups to choose from

Microsoft Word Pricing

  • Free ($0)
  • One-time Purchase ($159)
  • Allows saving in PDF format for free
  • Allows creating attractive content
  • Comes with free version
  • Doesn’t support file converting tool



Ashampoo PDF Pro

A Must-Have Among Adobe Acrobat Substitutes
Ashampoo PDF Pro

Ashampoo PDF Pro comes with features that let you manage PDF files with ease. You can merge two or more files into PDF format.

I was impressed with how the tool allowed me to edit, update and work on my PDFs very smoothly. It exports documents in sizes that are readable on any device.

You can simply use its encryption tool to protect your content in order to avoid misusing it by others.

Ashampoo PDF Pro Features:

  • Avails managing each PDF easily
  • You can add two or more files and export them in PDF formats
  • Allows editing, working and updating on your PDF smoothly
  • Exports documents in sizes readable on any device
  • Offers encryption tools to secure your content from others
  • Comes with dark mode that gives an attractive UI interface
  • Allows putting digital signatures in your files

Ashampoo PDF Pro Pricing (Per License)

  • Free ($0)
  • One-time Purchase ($29.99)



Nitro Pro

Performs At Its Best In Any Device
Nitro Pro 1
Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a decent Adobe Acrobat pro alternative and allows businesses to work on each document without any hassle.

The part that attracts me the best is that Nitro Pro claims around 68% of Fortune 500 companies use it. This tool enables keeping the workforce smooth and dynamic.

The documents generated with this tool can be viewed on any device and the additional tools that come with Nitro are even more useful in turning your workflow into more independent.

Nitro Pro Features:

  • Enables creating and editing PDF files for your business-related workflow
  • You can also convert files in any format into PDF with simple clicks
  • Allows setting up password for your content to make it more confidential
  • Avails integration with Office 365, One Drive, SharePoint 365, Dropbox, Google Drive and others
  • You can insert, alter and edit specific part of the content anytime

Nitro Pro Pricing

  • Free ($0)
  • For Windows ($179.99/lisence)
  • For Mac ($129.95/lisence)
  • Over 68% of Fortune 500 companies use it
  • Comes with additional tools
  • Integrates with Office 365, One Drive and others
  • None



Foxit PhantomPDF

Best Adobe Professional Alternative
Foxit 2
Foxit PhantomPDF

In line with Adobe, Foxit has been offering its services in managing and creating PDF for a long time. The platform has been hosting a number of high-end endorsements.

It is a one-stop platform to create, edit and manage each PDF document without any struggle. Personally, I find Foxit PhantomPDF convenient to use. I can create PDF files with enough other features.

Foxit PhantomPDF Features

  • Allows creating PDF files by collaborating with your teammates
  • You can also export your files into other popular formats including HTML, PowerPoint and others
  • Allows creating PDF files in various formats including PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/E and others
  • You can manage each PDF files and segregate them as per your preference
  • Allows securing your files using protection tools
  • Allows creatinng PDF files those are accessible on any device

Foxit PhantomPDF Pricing

  • Standard 10 and Mac 4 ($166.47)
  • Intuitive UI design
  • Free trial available
  • Affordable price
  • No free version available



PDF Expert

Adobe Alternative That Has Value For Money
PDF Export
PDF Expert

PDF Expert comes with numerous editing tools for your PDF. With these tools, you can highlight the parts of a file, merge within documents or extract a page.

This tool is exclusively applicable for Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. Furthermore, it comes with a seven-day trial period.

While using it, I experienced a considerable amount of rapidity in extracting pages, redacting information that is sensitive, merging documents and rearranging pages.

PDF Expert Features:

  • Supports several editing tools to manage each PDF file
  • Comes with seven-day trial period
  • Offers annotate text to highlight a part of PDF file specifically
  • You can be able to put in signature in the file
  • Allows file size that supports every device

PDF Expert Pricing

  • Monthly ($12.49/mo)
  • Yearly ($6.67/mo)
  • Lifetime ($139.99)



Flip PDF

Best Among Acrobat Competitors
Flip PDF
Flip PDF

Flip PDF converts magazines, brochures or catalogs into interactive ebooks that are compatible with any device and platform including mobile and web.

This software has a batch PDF file conversion tool that turns PDF files into HTML and Flash. You can operate this software on Android phones, iPhone and iPad.

Flip PDF Features:

  • Allows uploading and embedding ebooks into a website quickly
  • Comes with templates and backgrounds that are pre-designed
  • Can produce PDF files that are impressive and comprehensive
  • Allows you to create flipping ebooks swiftly
  • Operable in any device and web platform

Flip PDF Pricing

  • Flip PDF Plus ($149)
  • Flip PDF Plus Pro ($399)
  • Flip PDF Plus Corporate ($1,299)



Sejda PDF Editor

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Free
Sejda PDF Editor

This is one of the best free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Among the other free Adobe Acrobat alternatives, I find Sejda PDF Editor a bit intuitive.

This tool allows selectively signing on any part of the document. Along with converting any file into PDF format, Sejda PDF Editor allows you to compress each of them.

Sejda PDF Editor Features:

  • Allows integration of files from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • You can type or put a signature on the file anywhere
  • Allows adding and editing images in a file
  • Allows adding links and hyperlinks to the file
  • You can add shapes and form fields to each file
  • Avails annotating PDF pages

Sejda PDF Editor Pricing

  • Free of cost
  • Best alternative to Adobe Acrobat
  • Comes with several features for free
  • Integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • None




PDF Architect 8

Best Acrobat Pro Alternative
PDF Architect 8

PDF Architect 8 makes editing PDF files much easier than Adobe Acrobat. It comes with extended features to improve the usability of the tool.

It comes with several combinations of templates and text formats. It is also embedded with many formatting options such as zip code, currency symbols, time and date.

PDF Architect 8 Features:

  • Allows you to merge multiple files into one PDF file
  • You can modify each content within the PDF file
  • Allows inserting a page in between and insert additional information
  • Creates PDF documents with all the information that you provide
  • PDF files that are created supports any device and other PDF programs and tools

PDF Architect 8 Pricing

  • Free ($0)
  • Standard ($69/yr)
  • Professional ($45/yr)
  • Pro+OCR ($65/yr)
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Modifies each content swiftly
  • Poor customer service



Bluebeam PDF Package

Best Acrobat Alternative For Business
Bluebeam PDF Package

Bluebeam PDF Package has been developed completely for business purposes. It saves time in creating, editing and managing each PDF file.

This tool comes with different cloud-based services such as an enhancement tool, report bookmarks, alignments, hyperlinks and many others. With this tool, you can collaborate with your team members to create the best document possible.

Bluebeam PDF Package Features

  • Allows streamlining the business processes for professionals
  • You can collaborate with your team members to create real-time files
  • Allows you to complete complex work loads with ease
  • Comes with several tools for streamlining the process
  • Allows finishing QA/QC processes in time

Bluebeam PDF Package Pricing

  • Standard ($349/seat)
  • CAD ($449/seat)
  • eXtreme ($599/seat)
  • Allows conversion of any file
  • Offers variable pricing models
  • Expensive



PDFPen Pro

Acrobat Substitute With Additional Features
PDFPen Pro

This is yet another best Acrobat professional alternative that allows you to create, manage and edit PDF files based on your requirements. You can edit texts as well as view the files on the platform.

There are other features that you must explore on this platform. You can highlight, draw markups and add comments inside the PDF files.

On the hindside, this platform also allows you to convert PDF files in all the popular formats such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word. I would still want this powerful tool to be available on Windows.

PDFPen Pro Features:

  • Allows adding text and signatures along with other options
  • Allows making interactive file formats for all devices and web platforms
  • Comes with features to conver PDF files into other popular formats
  • You can create a portfolio package of your PDF files
  • Comes with the facility to store PDFs in cloud

PDFPen Pro Pricing

  • One-time payment ($129.95)
  • Several useful features
  • Offers cloud services
  • Comes with a conversion tool
  • Limited to Mac and iOS



Master PDF Editor

Affordable Adobe Acrobat Alternative
Master PDF
Master PDF Editor

You can never go wrong with Master PDF Editor. This is a powerful addition to the list of the best Adobe Acrobat alternatives. This platform meets all the expectations regarding PDF editing.

This Adobe Acrobat substitute opens up all the windows to PDF editing, be it adding images, hyperlinks or putting signatures or marking a portion of the file.

This all-in-one platform has all that you need to make the best out of a PDF.

Master PDF Editor Features:

  • Supports all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Allows you to annotate objects and texts in a PDF file
  • Allows you to create and fill PDF forms
  • You can create and manage PDF bookmarks
  • Allows you to easily print the PDF files virtually

Master PDF Editor Pricing

  • Full Version ($69.95/person)
  • Compatible with any device
  • Support virtual PDF printer
  • Easy to use
  • None




Infix PDF Editor 7

Adobe Acrobat Substitute With Powerful Features
Infix PDF Editor 7

There are some compelling features available in Infix PDF Editor 7 and rightly so, it has been placed in the list of the best Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

The UI interface has a striking resemblance with Microsoft Word and functions almost as equal as that tool. You can modify the text, insert images and hyperlinks, create files that are searchable with OCR.

It comes with a feature called ‘Deep PDF Editing’ and it helps in changing bits of a paragraph or an entire write-up in a file. Its advanced features save a lot of time.

Infix PDF Editor 7 Features:

  • Supports more than 60 languages inclduding Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Persian
  • Allows you to translate a content in a language of your choice
  • Allows converting of PDFs into EPUB and HTML formats
  • You can write down comments and suggestions wherever you want
  • Allows redacting a piece of information that sounds undesirable
  • You can digitally sign anywhere on the PDF

Infix PDF Editor Pricing

  • Monthly ($9.99/mo)
  • Single User ($99/one time)
  • Enterprise ($1,995/yr)
  • Comes with 60+ languages
  • Converts into EPUB and HTML
  • Redacts a portion from the file
  • Insert comment anywhere
  • Difficult to manage subscription package


End Note

Businesses cannot be conducted without having to go through various documentation and exchanging of information. You will always be in the need of the best PDF maker and converter that will easily let you manage each and every PDF file.

This exhaustive list of the best Adobe Acrobat alternative can serve as the best reference for you to go for a substitute, that too with a much cheaper option. Every product mentioned has its unique features and performs at par with Adobe Acrobat, and maybe outperform it.

My personal recommendation is that you go ahead with Foxit PhantomPDF. It has all you need to run a business and meet all the demands for all sorts of documentation purposes. It has given me a big respite in conducting my business functions.

It’s great that you finished reading the entire article here. There may be some unsolved queries left that I may have missed out on the way. You can comment them down below and I will do my best to figure out a solution for those queries.

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