Klaviyo SMS Vs Omnisend SMS: Which SMS Marketing Platform Is The Best?

Are you looking for a new way to engage with your customers? SMS marketing is an effective and efficient way to communicate with your customers. It’s the most personal channel available, which means it can help you build stronger relationships than ever before. You can use SMS messaging to send personalized messages that drive engagement and conversions. And now, there are two great ways to do this – Klaviyo SMS Vs Omnisend SMS!

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform that helps eCommerce merchants grow their businesses by sending targeted emails based on user behavior. With Klaviyo, you can create automated workflows so every customer gets the right message at exactly the right time. Plus, Klaviyo software integrates seamlessly with Shopify so it’s easy for everyone in your team to get started without any hassle.

If you are looking for a platform that can help automate sales and crossings, then Omnisend is a perfect choice. It’s especially useful if automation will be your primary concern instead of list segmentation like in other eCommerce solutions!

Mass SMS campaigns are a great way to drive traffic and conversion rates for your business. They can be sent out quickly, easily segmented so that the right message gets delivered just where it needs to giving you one less thing on hand while achieving success in multiple channels!

Would you like to communicate with your customers in a more personal manner? Omnichannel marketing platforms allow businesses the ability to connect through SMS, email, and social media. Today we will be discussing how Klaviyo & Omnisend can help automate parts or all aspects of their customer acquisition process while also integrating digital advertising seamlessly into what they’re doing!

SMS is all the rage these days, and with that comes an increased need for SMS marketing. There are two strong omnichannel providers on the market – Omnisend Vs Klaviyo so which one will work best? We’re about to find out the comparison between Klaviyo SMS Vs Omnisend SMS!

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses text messages to promote products or services. It differs from email marketing in that SMS messages are sent to a recipient’s mobile phone, as opposed to an email address.

SMS marketing can be very effective, as it allows businesses to reach customers on their mobiles, which are often always with them. This makes SMS marketing a very direct way to reach customers, and as such, can be very effective in driving sales.

Overall, the benefits of SMS marketing include being able to reach customers on their mobile phones and communicating more directly with them. It is less time-consuming than email marketing and can be very cost-effective. Additionally, SMS messages can be concise and easy to understand, making them perfect for conveying a message or offer quickly and easily.

Comparison Of Klaviyo SMS Vs Omnisend SMS




Automated SMS Flows

Omnichannel Experience

Standalone SMS Campaigns MMS

Advanced Segmentation

SMS Consent Management

Built-in Forms To Collect Phone Numbers

International SMS Sending

Pricing Per SMS



Additional Cost

30 mps

1 mps-25 mps

What Is Klaviyo SMS Marketing?

Klaviyo’s powerful integrations connect your e-commerce store to any number of platforms with ease. Klaviyo SMS API and integrations allow you to connect with just about anything else. The platform’s built-in integration for Shopify, BigCommerce, or Woocommerce will make your life easier by automatically generating sales reports in real-time!

Klaviyo’s SMS integration is a fantastic way to reach your customers and provide them with helpful information. Merchants can send text messages triggered alone or in conjunction with email, app push notifications as well as webhooks that will let you know when someone opens one of these alerts on their phone!

The platform also has a clever customer consent management system. Merchants can choose which elements are made automatically, and their customers will have an active profile with all of their data stored securely on it so that you know when someone subscribed or canceled without having to hassle about remembering every little detail yourself!

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Benefits Klaviyo SMS Marketing:

Klaviyo SMS flow is powerful enough for global brands and helps businesses grow. Here are amazing benefits of using this omnichannel marketing platform:

  • Grow your SMS lists: There are multiple-step forms, click-to-text, APIs, list uploads.
  • 2-way conversations: Add a truly personal touch by interacting with customers in real time.
  • Dynamic images: Now you can highlight the product your customers have viewed, added or bought.
  • Smart sending: Klaviyo’s smart sending helps you to overcome all kinds of troubles and skip folks you have already reached today.
  • Help desk integration: Now you can respond to customer texts directly within Gorgias with more Klaviyo SMS integration to come.
  • Multi-channel magic: Combine SMS, email, and even push notifications into a single automation.
  • Drives Sales: Now you can see exactly what;s driving performance with exact email or SMS message.

Pros & Cons Of Klaviyo SMS Marketing:

  • Allows you to send your customers MMs, pictures or GIFs, and other animated images over text
  • Promotional SMS messages help you to increase sales, promote a product or build brand awareness
  • Klaviyo combines SMS and email into a single smart-as-hell platform and helps you make more money
  • Simple and easy to use SMS program with relevant precisely targeted texts that inspire customers to act
  • Limitations for international messaging

Klaviyo SMS Pricing:

Klaviyo comes with 2 pricing plans

SMS Pricing:

  • Free $0 which allows you to send up to 50 SMS contacts, 50 MMS sends, email support
  • 10,000 text messages costs $0.01/SMS
  • 50 000 text messages cost $0.01/SMS
  • 150 000 text messages cost $0.01/SMS

Email Marketing Pricing:

  • 10 000 text messages + email credits costs $250
  • 50 000 text messages + email credits costs $1200
  • 150 000 text messages + email credits costs $3200

What Is Omnisend SMS Marketing?

Omnisend is the ultimate tool for driving sales and conversions using email, SMS text message marketing. The program’s intuitive interface allows marketers to harness their creativity and tap into the power of personalized messages at every stage in their buyer journey – from awareness through a purchase!

The omnichannel marketing platform that combines all of your favorite channels into one place, Omnisend is the perfect solution for merchants looking to efficiently and effectively communicate with customers. With email notifications sent straight from their inboxes as well as push messages delivered directly onto users’ phones or tablets without them ever having opened an app – you can be sure those who miss out won’t forget about what’s going on around them!

Omnisend from Klaviyo, there are no hidden costs, and there are no hidden extra costs and better speed and deliverability rates on specific platforms such as Facebook Messenger, etc. With this automated platform, you can create sequences that are tailored to your needs. You will be able to set up pre-built messages with SMS in cart abandonment or birthday greetings in just a few clicks!

Omnisend provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses who want to start collecting phone numbers and emails. The platform allows users with pop-ups, signup boxes, or landing pages that are TCPA compliant on their templates; making it easier than ever before!

In addition, Omnisend supports all country codes for SMS sending so that merchants can reach their international customers and drive conversions from anywhere in the world.

Benefits Of Omnisend SMS Marketing:

Omnisend comes with a robust SMS sending feature which makes this tool stand out from its competitors:

  • Personalized omnichannel messaging: Combine automated texts with email and push notifications into a single automated workflow and provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience. Their automations library has pre-built workflows with SMS in cart abandonment, birthday, order & shipping confirmation automations all in few clicks!
  • Hassle-Free Set-up: Now you can reach your mobile audience with any of these messages right in their pocket. At Omnisend, SMS is a fully-integrated channel that seamlessly integrates into automation or uses for one-off campaigns like flash sales and hot selling items – no matter when they’re needed most!
  • Simple & transparent pricing: Omnisend SMS pricing is basically based on SMS credits subscription system where you can send both SMS and MMS messages. Plus, you can feel to start, refill and cancel your SMS credits subscription at any time.
  • Global audience reach: SMS marketing, just like email, need not be limited to any particular country. Omnisend supports all country codes for SMS (text-only messages) sending so that you can reach your international customers and drive conversions from anywhere in the world.
  • Seamless SMS list building tools: Collect your site visitors’ phone numbers by making use of their integrated, TCPA-compliant SMS list building tool such as popups, sign-up boxes, landing pages, wheel of fortune.

Pros & Cons Of Omnisend SMS Marketing:

  • Omnisend permits unlimited contacts with a free plan when most other providers have a limit unless you opt for a paid subscription
  • Users can personalize messaging to customer data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior
  • Omnisend allows users to add several channels into the same automation workflow such as email, SMS, push notifications, and more
  • Provides integrated SMS automation
  • Needs a larger section of templates

Omnisend SMS Pricing:

Omnisend comes with 3 pricing plans where you can get free SMS/MMS:

  • 50 SMS costs $0.75 which includes SMS, free SMS credits, dedicated toll-free US sending numbers
  • 100 SMS costs $1.50
  • 500 SMS costs $7.50
  • 1000 SMS costs $15
  • 2000 SMS costs $30


The two platforms I mentioned are geared towards providing an omnichannel experience for eCommerce customers. They all come with many features, and they’re both top-notch in their field!

Both these platforms have a major advantage against other SMS providers- they are all in one for eCommerce customers. So by choosing either of them, you’ll be headed towards your goals from the start!

However, these tools slightly differ in feature-set and significantly price. After testing out all tools to see how well they perform, I’ve noticed that not every business would be suitable for some of these services. But hopefully, this analysis has given you a good starting point!

If you have any questions regarding these alternatives, you can leave them in the comment section below! Happy to respond to you all. And don’t forget to join our FB Group- Saas Talks where we discuss upcoming software reviews and other saas-related topics.

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