15+ Best AnyWho Alternatives To Search People & Phone Number.

Find People & Business Contact Information With These AnyWho Alternatives.

(Listed Both Paid & Free AnyWho Alternatives With Features, Pricing & More. )

There are several reasons and ways to get back in touch with people with who you have lost touch. There are a number of whitepages directories that provide you with extensive data about a person. AnyWho is one of such whitepages platforms that has some strongest features including its expansive resource, accuracy, and speed.

Additionally, you can have all the background information about individuals including their possible criminal records, birth records, and information about their relatives. Having said that, once you learn the best features of AnyWho, you should also know that there are many other anywho alternatives who can do the same job or even better in some cases. So, there, I am going to list down some of the most popular and user-friendly anywho alternatives for businesses and individuals.

These Are The Best AnyWho Alternatives


It has a database of above 200 million individuals which gives you an advantage in the accuracy of results.

BeenVerified Unlimited search available

It goes beyond the limits of searching background data and pulls out the details of even the individual’s vehicle registration. 

TruthFinder Allows dark web scans

It delivers search results on criminal offenses, work experience background, social media records.

Intelius Affordable subscriptions

Its free version comes with more features than other whitepages platforms.

TruePeopleSearch Narrows down search speeds

It offers detailed and free search results in alternate phone numbers, places they lived in previously, their age.


It is a phone number searching tool, that too a popular one! It is widely used all across the world.


It comes with over 2.85 billion user range.


It digs the information from publicly available data.

PeopleFinder Simplified interface

It offers full report with someone’s age, alternate phone number, aliases, relatives, and many more.

PeekYou Global-search option

It has its own patented technology that it uses to bring you the best of results from over 60 websites and other sources.

Spokeo Instant registration process

It has proprietary deep web technology to conduct in-depth searches to never miss out on any data resource. 

Pipl Conducts large-scAle search

It delivers personal and professional results about an individual.

LinkedIn highly accurate

It provides innumerable information about an individual’s current and previous employment.

Instant Checkmate comprehensible results

It accesses online accounts, state, country, and federal data sources.

Google different search features available

This platform works best with algorithms and using keywords.

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AnyWho is the ultimate people search platform that allows you to find any contact information based on just a name or location. You can also use it as an online reverse phone directory and yellow page, which will help in finding anything related to a number whether it’s who owns it or if they’re available for hire!

Millions of people go online every day to search for background information about others, whether it be their phone number or family tree. While there are plenty of sites out in the world that can help you find someone’s info at no cost with just a few clicks away from them – not all data on these platforms is as effective when searching up what you’re looking for because some may return incorrect results!

So, you’ve been looking for an old friend and can’t seem to find them? Well, there are a few other tools that might help in this situation. Here are the top 15 AnyWho white pages alternatives you must check to find people or business-related information quickly!

What Is AnyWho?

AnyWho is the fastest and swiftest whitepages platform that gives the best results possible. This platform allows you to check up on the unknown caller that is bugging you or dig up the entire data about a person with limited information.

Anywho Reverse phone number lookup can be accessed for free. With a minimal price, you have the option to plow out further information on that person. This platform is well-known for its customer satisfaction as its features can be considered the best in the market.

The AnyWho whitepages platform has all the qualities that one should look for. There are still some shortcomings of the AnyWho search that you should not avoid.

Why Do You Need AnyWho Alternatives?

The basis of any software platform to grow is its ability to upgrade according to the latest demands and technological enhancements. There are several AnyWho white pages free alternatives that perform far better.

Considering the drawbacks of AnyWho, it gives multiple unnecessary results when you search for a single lead. Furthermore, there are several tools where you don’t have to pay to look up your old friend or to verify the address of a person.

While there is no end to the number of possibilities where technology can advance, you can still have the best of something. Keeping that in mind, let’s check out the best AnyWho alternatives that are out there.

Best AnyWho Alternatives 2021

Quick List Of Best AnyWho White Pages Alternatives

Now you can find your old friends by searching the internet and verifying their phone numbers to figure out who called you earlier! Check some of the most common AnyWho alternatives to know about the person or business you want!

Top AnyWho Alternatives:



Best AnyWho Alternatives

The first one in this list of the best AnyWho alternatives has to be Whitepages. It has a database of above 200 million individuals which gives you an advantage in the accuracy of results.

Unlike AnyWho address lookup, Whitepages can be run on your mobile. The platform is designed simplistically which is comprehensive to use. You can search for individuals by using their phone number or their first and last name.

If you wish to utilize its premium features, you can subscribe to the paid version.

Whitepages Features

  • Delivers comprehensive and accurate reports from its vast database
  • Platform is all-inclusive and allows you to use it without any hassle
  • TenantCheck option enables you to conduct a thorough background check on your prospective clients
  • It has a number of resources with global outreach which avails you even more accurate results
  • Developers keep on updating the platform with newer features for even faster results
  • Allows businesses to regulate their brand presence and accesibility of information based on the business listings
  • Constantly looks out for duplicate listings and removes them to avoid any confusion

Whitepages Pricing

  • Premium Lookup For One ($1.99)
  • Background Check For One ($9.99)
  • Background Report For Three ($16.99)
  • Full Plan ($14.99)
  • Affordable to use with a different subscription plan
  • Allows free background checks
  • FRCA-backed tenant check facility which increases reliability
  • Limited to the US citizens




Best AnyWho Alternative For Address Lookup

BeenVerified has some useful tools that AnyWho fails to provide. Its facilities including reverse lookup and people finder make it the best AnyWho alternatives.

The platform goes beyond the limits of searching background data and pulls out the details of even the individual’s vehicle registration. Not only that, you can look up a person’s employment history, property records, criminal records, and several other vital information.

This alternative to AnyWho.com whitepages lets you find the unclaimed property that is available in your name. With the availability of a million data sources and points, BeenVerified will fetch you information with a keyword as simple as the individual’s online username.

BeenVerified Features

  • Allows you to conduct searches based on numerous search options available
  • Delivers results for each search instantly and saves enough time
  • Enables unlimited number of searches that you can conduct
  • Conducts searches for individual’s profile based on the entered contact number
  • Facilitates with reverse address and email lookup option, in line with reverse phone lookup feature
  • You can find out full report of an individual based on the online username that is tied with social media accounts

BeenVerified Pricing

  • Monthly ($22.86/mo)
  • Quaterly ($14.86/mo)
  • Delivers detailed search results
  • Responsive customer support
  • Enables transparency
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial




Best AnyWho Alternative For In-depth Searches

You need not search for any other tool if you are willing to conduct a thorough background search. TruthFinder is the best AnyWho alternative that delivers search results with numerous features including a variety of criminal offenses, work experience background, social media records, and many more.

It is always recommended that you learn as much as can about individuals before you build your companionship or make a business deal with them. As an alternative to AnyWho, TruthFinder provides a plethora of information in its report.

You can also enable the self-monitoring features in this platform to adjust what information others can be able to look up about you.

TruthFinder Features

  • Enables you with an expansive search option and gives a thorough background report
  • You can regulate your information and enable taking off some part of it using its self-monitoring option
  • Delivers your search results with minimum turn-around time possible
  • You can dig up the history of a particular vehicle using its VIN number search option
  • Platform is compatible in all devices including mobile, desktop and tablet pc

TruthFinder Pricing

  • Monthly ($27.78/mo)
  • Bi-monthly ($23.04/mo)
  • Allows dark web scans
  • Operable in the mobile app as well
  • Delivers almost accurate search reports
  • Doesn’t offer a trial period




Best AnyWho Alternatives To Conduct Unlimited Searches

It is a definite mention among the best AnyWho alternatives and it takes a different approach to fetch what you are looking for. You can see their creativity in delivering the search results using a spidey web. It shows how one person is connected with others.

The AnyWho whitepages free version lets you use quite a few of their features. However, Intellius offers more than that for free. You can check an individual’s online activities, educational background, criminal records, or even have access to their resume.

Their premium version is even faster with the facility to conduct unlimited searches. Their data is relatively reliable.

Intelius Features

  • You can find important data about individual with a creative approach
  • Enables you to protect your identity while you conduct a search on someone
  • Provides detailed search results from its broad phone directory
  • Delivers results in a creative spidey web format which interlinks one person other others
  • Allows you to conduct reverse address and phone lookup for analyze detailed information about an individual

Intelius Pricing

  • Monthly ($22.86/mo)
  • Bi-monthly ($19.43/mo)
  • Premier Plus ($29.95/mo)
  • Delivers up-to-date background reports
  • Affordable subscription
  • Attractive UX design
  • Offers deceptive trial period




Best AnyWho Whitepages Free

TruePeopleSearch has by far the best services provided for free, as compared with other free white pages AnyWho options. It is a must to mention the platform in the top-5 among the best AnyWho alternatives.

The platform offers detailed and free search results in categories including alternate phone numbers, places they lived in previously, their age, and many others. It also has a feature to narrow down your search options to find even more accurate results.

The exciting part of this tool is that it offers a number of useful features in its free version.

TruePeopleSearch Features

  • Conducts detailed background search for free
  • Delivers the most comprehensive reports in free section
  • You can get search results within a fraction of seconds due to its highly-responsive pages
  • Delivers comprehensive reports with valuable inputs
  • Creating a profile or registration is not required to conduct a search
  • Allows employers to conduct a background check on a prospective employee

TruePeopleSearch Pricing

  • It is 100% free to use
  • Greater user experience
  • 98% accurate results
  • Web pages are responsive
  • Interface design is cheap



Truecaller is rather a phone number searching tool, that too a popular one! It is widely used all across the world. If you have received a call from someone unknown and wondering who that person might be, Truecaller is your go-to application. This is one of the best AnyWho alternatives in terms of checking someone’s caller details.

AnyWho reverse phone number lookup has some good features, but not as good as Truecaller. This platform works best if the other person has a verified profile there. However, it gathers caller details from the network providers.

Truecaller Features

  • Notifies you with the information while you get a call from someone unknown
  • You can conduct a detailed search on a person using its camera tool and taking a picture
  • Integrates with other useful apps to give better performance and results
  • Allows you block or categorize a caller as spam to help others identify those individuals beforehand
  • Enables you to check who is calling even without your device being connected to the internet
  • Its searchbar allows you to enter a different contact number and fetch valuable reports

Truecaller Pricing

  • Premium ($4.99/mo)
  • The free version supports useful features
  • Works in all devices
  • Gives approximate location and callers’ name
  • Can’t be used without a phone number




Largest AnyWho Alternative To Connect With People

User the user range of over 2.85 billion currently, Facebook can be considered as one of the best AnyWho alternatives. Purposed to have a social lifestyle online, Facebook can offer features beyond that.

You can find the right information using someone’s name and surname and if you find that person interesting enough, you can befriend him or her. Compared with the AnyWho lookup tool, Facebook has more odds to find you the actual person that you are looking for and access their details, activities, images, and more.

The search parameters can range from the name of the city, workplace, school to someone’s name.

Facebook Features

  • Allows you to discover intimate details about an individual
  • Delivers results with higher accuracy and comprehension
  • Huge database enables discovering colossal reports with useful information
  • Enables conducting detailed searches based on various filters
  • You can conduct demographic or language-based searches

Facebook Pricing

  • It is absoutely free
  • Allows to analyze someone’s activity
  • More search parameters
  • Lets you befriend someone and communicate
  • Locked profiles do not provide enough details




Best Free AnyWho Alternative
Zaba Search
Zaba Search

ZabaSearch is a better choice if you are considering opting for the best AnyWho whitepages free alternatives. It registers the name of a person and delivers the entire report.

The platform digs the information from publicly available data which includes possible criminal records, addresses, age, and others. For more in-depth results, you can visit the integrated Intelius link.

What makes ZabaSearch one of the best AnyWho alternatives is the time taken to figure the results. It is relatively swift.

ZabaSearch Features

  • You can have in-depth search results within a short turn-araound time
  • Enables you to conduct reverse phone number lookup option to find out infomation about unknown caller
  • It has the option to discover the detailed full background information about an individual
  • Digs up the accurate criminal records along with other uselful information with just the first and the second name

ZabaSearch Pricing

  • It is completely free of cost
  • Instant results with sufficient accuracy
  • Extensive search tool for free
  • Doesn’t give a detailed result




Most Affordable AnyWho Alternative

PeopleFinder explores various databases and delivers several details about someone. It is one of the best AnyWho alternatives in ways that are beyond any other tools alike.

Features in this platform include a full report with someone’s age, alternate phone number, aliases, relatives, and many more. The extent of search it conducts in digging criminal records makes it noteworthy.

You can refine your search by entering the number of details you have about an individual. It has over 43 million publicly available data and offers address lookup and past history of someone’s residence.

PeopleFinder Features

  • Delivers descriptive search results and lets you comprehend it easily
  • You can choose to opt-out anytime you feel like
  • Conducts relatively thorough reverse phone lookup in its free version
  • Affordable tool to conduct unlimited number of background or full searches

PeopleFinder Pricing

  • Unlimited Seach Reports ($24.95)
  • Ulimited Background Reports ($29.95)
  • Simplified interface
  • Fetches information from 43 billion documents
  • Almost accurate information
  • Provides unnecessary information




Best AnyWho Alternative For Reverse Phone Number Lookup

PeekYou takes a different approach to finding the details about someone. It digs up their social media accounts and that makes them the best AnyWho alternative in the market.

This platform has its own patented technology that it uses to bring you the best of results from over 60 websites and other sources. There is also the traditional way to search individuals’ data like names, online usernames, locations, and others.

PeekYou also offers you the option to extend the domain of your search at a global level.

PeekYou Features

  • Integrates with different social media profiles to bring the bestest of results
  • Database of over 250 million individuals which enhances the accuracy of results
  • You can conduct searches at a global level and dig up the individauls data from other countries
  • Excavates information from more than 60 websites using its own patented technology

PeekYou Pricing

  • This is yet another free tool
  • Global-search option
  • Uses social media accounts for better results
  • Limited results




Best AnyWho Alternatives For Social Networking Platforms

Spokeo should never go without mentioning that it is yet another best AnyWho alternative. It has a better performance record which uses several whitepages listing, publicly available data. Just put in the name, phone number, or email address and you are good to go.

The tool uses a tool called proprietary deep web technology to conduct in-depth searches to never miss out on any data resource. You can avail almost every feature without having to pay for its subscription.

Spokeo Features

  • Delivers accurate reports based on publicly available data such as court hearings and criminal records
  • Has a database of a billion records and it allows you to find the right information from them
  • Conduct in-depth searches using its own Proprietary deep web technology
  • Digs up individuals’ details about their relatives, social media accounts and associates
  • You can choose to opt-out from the platform anytime you wish to take back your information available there
  • You can dive deeper with its enhanced report search and it includes information such as UCC filings, professional license, liens and judgment, hunting and fishing licenses and more

Spokeo Pricing

  • Entirely free tool
  • Instant registration process
  • Simplistic moile app and interface
  • Uses multiple resources for accurate results
  • Unregistered by FRCA law




Best AnyWho Alternative For Marketing And Sales

Pipl has such features that AnyWho won’t offer. It delivers personal and professional results about an individual.

The results produced by Pipl are comprehensive and accurate. The platform was earlier available for free, however, it has been upgraded to a more premium tool. As the website mentions, Pipl doesn’t intend to serve for personal or non-commercial purposes.

However, to try and understand its features, you can avail of its free trial offer for the first five days. It delivers the most comprehensive and accurate results with very little acquired information.

Pipl Features

  • You need not to have an IT experience to search on this platform
  • Enables you to upload email addresses, contact numbers and names for others to discover
  • Allows you to search at a large-scale at once
  • Facilitate integrating and retieving personal data to and from the platform
  • It conducts full-profile search for an extensive report with useful information

Pipl Pricing

  • Yearly for 1 user ($298/mo)
  • Yearly for 5 users ($198/mo)
  • Yearly for 10 users ($148/mo)




Best AnyWho Alternative For Professionals
Linked In

In line with Facebook, LinkedIn also has a huge database of professional profiles and you can take advantage of that. Despite being a networking platform for professionals, it is still categorized among the best AnyWho alternatives because of its people-searching scope.

You can have access to the contact details and other professional updates of an individual on LinkedIn. AnyWho, on the other hand, has a reverse phone number lookup tool.

LinkedIn can provide innumerable information about an individual’s current and previous employment. This type of search here on this platform is ideal for people who are looking up some information about their prospective clients.

LinkedIn Features

  • Search bar enables to type any name and it will find out related profiles
  • Results are delivered with negligible TAT
  • Higher possibility of finding relevant profile
  • You can discover thorough professional background of a person
  • Delivers relatably intimate information about a person

LinkedIn Pricing

  • Searches are free of cost
  • Higher accuracy to find profiles
  • Discover professional details of each profile
  • Limited to the professional domain



Instant Checkmate

User-Friendly AnyWho Alternative
Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

The results that you will get from Instant Checkmate are majorly discovered from publicly available data. It is one of the best AnyWho alternatives as it comes in handy when you have to look for the criminal records of an individual.

However, the results delivered are limited to US citizens only. It further accesses online accounts, state, country, and federal data sources.

The advanced search feature of Instant Checkmate allows furnishing the most accurate results possible. The report that you will get will be comprehensive.

Instant Checkmate Features

  • Enables throguh search about a person with advanced search feature
  • Delivers reports that are fairly comprehensive
  • Platform looks for criminal records from federal data sources of different states
  • User interface is as simple as you would imagine. Conducts streamlined searches
  • Avails responsive tech support and solves almost all queries

Instant Checkmate Pricing

  • Monthly ($22.86/mo)
  • 3-month ($14.86/mo)
  • 6-month ($9.86)
  • Conducts accurate criminal background checks
  • Avails access to property data
  • Applies charges for each report


Google search
Google Search

This search engine is although popularly used to search for anything online, else what would you use to search any of the provided AnyWho alternatives here?. This platform works best with algorithms and using keywords.

It is one of the best AnyWho alternatives because it only requires a few suitable keywords and you are probably going to get some pretty good results. Ther is a facility to conduct a reverse phone number and image search to find the desired result.

Google Features

  • Keyword search option conducts in-depth search from different resources
  • Reverse phone number and image search as crucial tools to take a different approach in conducting searches

Google Pricing

  • It serves the most advanced features for free
  • Advanced search options are available
  • Reverse image and phone number search ensure accurate results
  • Limited features



Discovering the right information or finding someone after a long time is a toilsome work. The people finding and searching tools are giving really promising results in this arena.

Having said that, you would still require some services that are just for you. So, it’s good that you have gone through the list that I curated here. Now you can finalize the right tool for you.

Still, if your queries are not answered in this article, you can always leave your questions about Whitepages alternatives in the comment section below. And don’t forget to join our Facebook Page – Saas Talks, where we discuss upcoming Saas product reviews and other Saas-related topics.

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