Best Call Recording Apps For iPhone (Free And Paid Both): Updated List in 2022

Looking for the best call recording apps for iPhone? No need for any notebook and pen! Check out the iPhone call recording app, with popular features. Easy to use and maintains privacy!

Recorders are mainly used to record calls but now in 2022, you have the ability to crop, edit, and share your recording through all your communication channels! Normally people use ordinary call recorders to record a call! But what should one do if they want to record calls for iPhone? Today I am here to share with you Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone!

Developers have created many call recorder apps specially for iOS as iPhone doesn’t have a pre-installed voice call recorder app. We all know that a call recorder helps you to relax and keep the conversion at ease, now there is no need to look for a notebook or open notes on your phone and call recorders act very important when talking on a real topic.

Call recording app for iPhone has a lot of advantages it saves time on making notes and you can easily turn the recording into text in a matter of seconds! The main advantage of a call recorder is the ability to manage the recording and download conversation into your iPhone’s memory, the iPhone call recorder app helps you to share the recordings and saves your valuable time, you can change the name of each recording, and also helps you in editing the audio and save the clip!

Below I have listed the Best call Recording Apps For iPhone, that will record your incoming and outgoing calls and make you feel confident while taking calls! See below for more information!

Detailed List Of Call Recording App For iPhone

Best Call Recording App For iPhone

Consider the following list for Best Call Recording App For iPhone, with popular features and feel free and confident without checking the duration of the call!


Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is considered as one of the best call recording apps for iPhone. With Rev Call Recording, call recording is completely free with absolutely no limits for incoming & outgoing calls. After your call, you have the option to get your recording transcribed for an industry low rate by a skilled human transcriptionist!

Now you can share and export your recordings without any restrictions and enjoy high-quality recording and playback. Best call recording app for journalists, writers, pod casters, and content writers.

Transcription is charged per minute of audio with 99% accuracy guaranteed and most importantly you have full control over your recordings. Free to use, supports the English language.


  • Unlimited free call recording
  • No subscription or per-minute fees
  • No limit on how long you can record a call for or how many recordings you can make
  • Record incoming & outgoing calls
  • High-quality recording and playback
  • Best call recording app for journalists, writers, podcasters, and content creators
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed
  • Phone number verification now visible for large text sizes
  • Improvement in security



Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free call recording app for iPhone and gives you a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers and syncs across your devices so you can use the app in the office, at home, or on the go. Now you can easily manage other phone functionalities like block numbers, forwarding calls, or send and receive individual and group SMS messages from all your devices.

It provides advanced voice mail transcriptions that you can read in the app or sent to your email. Currently it is only available in US. Free to use app and supports English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek etc.


  • Manage your timing with personalized settings
  • Backed up and searchable
  • Manage messages across devices
  • Voicemail transcribed
  • Save on International Calling





TapeACall is a most popular call recording app with prime-quality call recording service in over 50 countries worldwide! More than 4 million users have already boosted their efficiency by recording significant calls with TapeACall.

It allows you to record ongoing calls and share them. Recorded calls are stored safely, maybe incoming or outgoing calls. Standard subscription plans are -1 year subscription with a 7-day free trial and a 1-month subscription. Recently there are improvements in reliability and performance.


  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Transcribe recordings into text
  • Transfer recordings to your new devices
  • Upload your recordings to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive
  • Share recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter
  • Label recordings so you can easily find them



Call Recorder App

Call Recorder App

Call Recorder App, for iPhone is considered the best call recording app and instantly record all your calls free and automatically. It is a free call recording app for iPhone where you can manage and share your conversations anytime and anywhere!

Using this incredible iPhone call recording app and is considered a great app for personal and business use, and get more free calls by inviting your friends. Using this amazing app, you can record outgoing, incoming, local and international calls in minutes.


  • No limit on how long you can record a call for
  • No limit on how many recordings you make
  • Save recordings right on your device and on the cloud
  • Share recordings in MP3 format with anyone you want
  • Customer support with real humans
  • Recordings available as soon as you hang up



Call Recorder iCall

Call Recorder iCall

With Call Recorder iCall, record incoming and outgoing calls in a few taps and you can record incoming call which is extremely useful for business people, teachers and it can also be used for recording sweet moments with your loved ones and enjoy them later.

Call Recorder iCall uses your carrier’s conference call features to record conversations. The subscription plans are available for a 1-week subscription with 3 days free trial, 1-month subscription, annual subscription. Free to use iPhone call recording app, and supports English, Dutch, German, and many more languages.


  • Record incoming calls in one tap
  • Easy to use and save your time and effort
  • Save and access the records
  • Enjoy the one-tap interface
  • Record as many conversations as you need
  • Record outgoing calls just as easily
  • Awesome customer support



Call Recorder Lite

Call Recorder Lite

Call Recorder Lite, is one of the best call recording apps for iPhone and is the easiest way to record your iPhone’s incoming and outgoing calls. The free version will record the full length of your calls, however, in order to listen past the first 60 seconds the Pro in App Upgrade is required.

It directly uploads your saved call recordings to the cloud and works on a 3-way call merge mechanism and lets you share your recorded calls via email and social media platforms. Free to use call recorder.


  • Easily records any incoming or outgoing call
  • Export recordings via SMS, Email, Dropbox and more
  • Play, download, share and manage recordings
  • Playback controls to skip forward or backward
  • Updated recording process



Call Recorder-IntCall

Call Recorder-IntCall

Call Recorder IntCall is free to try for 3 days and you can check whether it meets your expectations and a great iPhone call recording app. It helps you to record international calls on your iPhone and save them automatically.

With this iPhone call recorder, you can easily transfer it to your computer with iTunes file sharing. IntCall is not a free app, and you can either buy prepaid credit or make a weekly subscription.


  • Use Call Recorder to make and record national or international calls
  • Entire call is recorded and saved on your phone
  • Exported to DropBox, Google Drive and more
  • Set a title for each recording
  • Fixed export problem
  • IntCall charges 7.50 per minute of recording



NoNotes Call Recorder

NoNotes Call Recorder

NoNotes is one of the world’s largest eCommerce transcription and call recording services and free to use for 20 minutes per month. NoNotes works with individuals, small businesses, government, and universities every day for call recording, transcription, and captioning services.

It allows users to easily record any call, of any length globally and save it in the cloud.
NoNotes has over 100 000 active users every month and is consistently rated the best call recorder service globally by App review websites.

Monthly Subscription – $11.99/month for unlimited call recording and Robo-transcription, archiving of files, and sharing. Yearly Subscription – $99.99/year for unlimited call recording and Robo-transcription, archiving of files, and sharing.


  • Free call recording for 20 minutes per month
  • Option to transcribe and save calls in the cloud
  • Can be shared on FB and Email
  • Use the app for dictation
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed



Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic call Recorder, is the easiest call recording app for iPhone and you can record your incoming or outgoing phone calls and also capable of recording domestic calls without any internet connection.

It is one of the best call recorder application, and helps you to improve phone recording quality for many countries. It comes with 3 days free trial and every 1- year your subscription renews unless auto-renew is turned off before 24 hours before the end of the current period!

The weekly subscription price is $6.99 with 3 days free trial with every 1 week your subscription renews. The monthly subscription price is $14.99 with every 1 year your subscription renews.


  • Organize recordings files into categories
  • Upload recordings to Google Drive, Dropbox, One drive
  • Speech-to-text recording audios in over 50 languages
  • Upload recordings to slack
  • Works well with or without internet connection



CallRec Lite

CallRec Lite

CallRec Lite allows you to record your iPhone calls, both incoming and outgoing calls.It records your entire call but you can listen to only 1 minute of the recording. If you upgrade you can listen to the entire length of all your recordings!

It offers a free version for 3 days plus subscription duration is 1-month auto renewal and subscription price is $6.99. Most important fact, is there is no limit on the number of calls you are making or the duration of the calls. The call recordings are stored on our server and you can listen to them from the app or email a link so you can listen or download them from the web to your computer.

CallRec Lite shows all the recorded calls and allows you to play, email a link, change the title of the audio or delete the recording. It records your calls on high-quality and works on the 3-way conference calling model.


  • CallRec Lite has the ability to change the title of your recording
  • Easy sharing of recorded files
  • Backed up easily to apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc
  • Records both international and national calls
  • Changed the phone verification method and fix some bugs





CallTap is an easy-to-use and secure iPhone call recording app for professional use. It is mainly built for security and privacy from the ground up ensuring you can safely record private phone calls with our iPhone.

No ads or data sharing with 3rd parties and easily transcribe your calls in 30 different dialects and languages including English accents in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. CallTap is considered as one of the best iPhone call recording app where you can talk and record as long as you like, listen, subscribe or share with your team.

Export recordings and transcriptions to apps you use like Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, Slack and more without any duration limit.


  • No ads or data sharing with 3rd parties
  • Transcribe your calls in 30 different languages
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • No duration limits
  • Easy access and sharing
  • Export recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive and more



Call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro is considered one of the best iPhone call recording app to record both incoming and outgoing calls. The Pro version of call recorder comes with 300 minutes worth of credits. More credits can be purchased within the app and bulk discounts are available.

It is not free to use call recorder and priced at $ 9.99 and supports languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Korean and many more! Now you can easily merge button with a 3-way call between a existing call and a recording line.


  • Record incoming and outgoing calls easily
  • Download and share recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox
  • Playback controls to skip forward or backward
  • Rate adjustment to change the playback speed
  • Recording process updated and helps to merge calls


Final Verdict


Here I end with the Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone, and hope this article meets your requirements and provide you with the best suited call recorder for your iPhone! No more worries about security, using the above listed iPhone call recording app and have a relaxed conversation without any notebook or pen. Try it now!

All the above listed call recording apps for iPhone, and is tried and tested and I would like to say that all the software are easy to use and safety is highly protected to make sure that the service is legal. Now make unlimited calls with call recorder apps anywhere, anytime!

Thank you guys for giving your valuable time to reading this article till the end! Keep sharing with your loved ones for providing them the best experience of call recording without any hassle! If you have any questions to ask or want to give any suggestions let me know in the comment section below! Happy to answer your questions as soon as possible!

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