10 Best FREE websites To Find Song Lyrics

Are you a music-lover? How often do you listen to a song and wonder what the full lyrics are? Sometimes a song gets stuck in your mind and just does not go away. You find yourself either humming or singing it in bits and pieces. Read this article to get the best websites to find song lyrics.

As you know, Lyrics are words that make up a song, usually consisting of verses and choruses. So, you can say that lyrics are the pillar of any song.

Many times, I personally faced the situation that when I begin to sing a song by myself, I don’t recall a large number of the phrasings. Not all the time you can clearly grab the wordings of your favourite song correctly. And it’s true. I know that the same goes for you also, so you are here. Or maybe you are getting for a performance or a karaoke.

Luckily there is a solution. Today there are various free websites to find song lyrics that can provide you with full-length song lyrics with proper wordings. Cool right? So, after some research, I have found some of the song lyrics provider websites. I tried those sites and shortlisted the best websites to find song lyrics. Readout this article to find the best one for you.

List Of Best Websites For Song Lyrics

Top Websites To Find Song Lyrics




MetroLyrics is the most popular song lyrics website. This website holds the title for the Best Free Website To Find Song Lyrics. And there is a reason for that. They feature over 1,000,000 music lyrics and 20,000 artists. Now you can get an idea of how vast their lyrics collection is?

MetroLyrics was the first lyrics site to provide users with licensed song lyrics and to compensate copyright holders for the content. With a best-in-class design and first-to-market social media sharing features, MetroLyrics is the web’s premiere lyrics site.

Taking about the design of the site, it is simple to navigate with clear interface. The page offers Top 100 most searched song lyrics, Top 500 of all time, artist section, and a Features page with music related trending news.

MetroLyrics is free for all visitors. There is not a single offer from MetroLyrics asking for payments or resulting in hidden costs. The site claim that they do not sell or provide your personal information to any party as per their privacy policy.

So, MetroLyrics is my first choice to find my favourite song lyrics.





As the name itself suggest, Lyrics.com is one of the best websites to find song lyrics with a huge collection of song lyrics, album information and featured video clips for a seemingly endless array of artists — collaboratively assembled by a large music community and contributing editors.

The design of the site is pretty much simple. One can easily find lyrics of their favourite song right from the search box on the home page of the website. Also, an alphabetical browsing option is available. You can follow your favourite artists, discuss and rate existing work, and translate pieces to almost any language.

The page is provided with the comment section allowing you to request the lyrics of any song from your playlist. And you can search both by song name and artist name.





AzLyrics is another website to provide song lyrics. AZLyrics has the cleanest interface I have seen. The Home page is provided with a simple search box to search for our favourite songs lines. The website claims that this is the site where all searches end. And truly their words are backed by their huge database.

Looking at the site, you can get an alphabetically searching option at the top. The Home page is also provided with the suggestion for HOT SONGS and HOT ALBUMS.

One special feature that I have noticed on this site is the Lyrics submission option where users like us can also submit songs lyrics. But one wrinkle of this site is banner ads, but they are nor bothersome.





LyricsMode is another favourite website from the list of Free websites to find song lyrics. This site has some extra cool feature that I have not found on another similar website. Searching song, suggestions for songs is cool but this site has more to offer.

You can share the lyrics with our fellow mate, Print out of that, and even correct the lyrics from your own. Besides, when you search for a song, there will be video and mp3 suggestion for that particular song given on the left.

Over than that, the Top 100 list, Top 100 artist list is also available on the homepage. And yes, being a free site it also has some ad pop-up. Overall LyricsMode can e a viable option for you.





Lyrics Planet site which contains lyrics to all types of music. Like another website, you can also search and submit lyrics. This planet for lyrics features lyrics of Top 10 Billboard Songs on the home page of the website.
A feature like Alphabetical Browsing for Songs and artists is available.

The site is designed with dark theme and as expected from a free site, an ads pop-up is present.





MusixMatch is a big name in the market of song lyrics proving websites. They claim to have a mission to provide data, tools and services that allows the experience of music to be enriched across the whole world.

This site is Free but not fully. Free features allow you to access only 30% of the song lyric. I did recommend this site because of its top-notch features. Although free feature lets you find song lyrics easily.

One advantage of this site over other similar site is the ad-free interface. The design and feel of the website are absolutely Premium.





Letssingit is another amazing music community where you can find music related information like song lyrics, album tracklists, artist news, biographies and pictures. The site has many supported languages other than English. . Besides this, it also provides a list of the most popular songs, artist news and more.

The suggestion of the Most Popular Album and Most Popular Artist List is there on the front page of the site. Being a free site, there are ad banner and pop-up.





1Songlyrics is another amazing source for all your song lyrics needs. This website is a normal music lyrics website like other lyrics community.

This simple looking website is provided by a search box at the top but no alphabetical browsing option is there like other similar sites. Although suggestion for Trndings lyrics, Pop song lyrics and dance song lyrics can be seen on the front page.





This is one of the largest song lyrics destinations on the net since 2000, which provide access to 1,188,666 lyrics from 71,063 artists/bands. All the content can be updated or submitted by our visitors.

You can either browse their lyrics database or use their Google powered search engine to find song lyrics with just a small portion of lyrics you remember or heard on the radio or by simply an artist name, song name.





Last but not the least, Genius is the world’s biggest music encyclopedia with a passionate community of more than two million contributors, Genius is a destination for artists, creatives, and superfans to discuss and deconstruct all things music.

Genius is previously popularly known as Rap Genius Which is rebranded later as Genius. Genius spotlights the artists who are shaping music culture across every genre and musical discipline, sharing the stories behind their creativity and craft in their own words.



The above-mentioned websites are some of the best free sites that furnish song lyrics. All the website mentioned is tried and analyzed before listing. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your karaoke song ready with the help of these sites.

I hope, you liked reading my Best FREE websites To Find Song Lyrics. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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