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List Of Best Alternatives Of Flaticon (Listed And Reviewed)

(Listed Both Paid & Free Best Flaticon Alternatives with Features and Pricing)

The use of visual elements to communicate messages has been used since the very early days of human life. And it is no doubt that the trend hasn’t stopped up till now, there would always be a need for more advanced and better ways like technology to gather information and deliver messages.

Icons are often regarded as one of them, using other forms of visual art to communicate a message quickly. There are a lot of ways where this is used, such as in the area of technology, churches, and even games.

Icons can be described as simplified illustrations or symbols that serve as representations of abstract ideas, concepts, or entities. The use of these types of visuals can help reduce potential barriers between one ‘s understanding and what one is trying to communicate. And given the fact that icons come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, they can be used to produce a desirable effect for anyone who receives it.

While there are many ways where this is used, one popular area would be the use of icons on building websites. It is commonly seen that some websites or blogs that use icons in their overall layout.

This can range from a simple line drawing to full-colored illustrations, depending on the purpose and what the website is about. And they do it so for multiple reasons. One of these would be to add some sort of texture and color to an otherwise boring page filled with chunks of texts and links.

Flaticon is a popular name when you talk about icons. Flaticon is an excellent website-based platform where I get my desired graphics, logo, icons in the formate of png and SVG for free. Basically, Flaticon is a Freepik company that offers one of the largest collections of icons in the world. Though the company advertises itself as a free icon provider, the truth is that the service is a freemium service. Yes, you will get some icons for free, but there are premium icons as well.

As a free user, you can only download a limited number of icons per day. Besides, when using Flaticon, it can be difficult to find icons in specific niches.

So, I have found and listed down some of the best alternatives of Flaticon. Here we go.

Top Flaticon Alternatives

What Are The Best Flaticon Alternatives?




IconFinder is a search engine and online marketplace for vector icons in SVG, PNG, CSH, and AI format. It provides both free and paid services to its users. Since 2002, Iconfinder has been a leading source of high-quality icons for web designers and developers alike.

IconFinder was launched by Peter Vukovic in 2002 to help fellow designers find quality resources that were either difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. The site features over 400,000 vectors icons from the world’s best icon designers as well as other creative professionals.

In addition to serving as a premier destination for designers looking for quality design resources, IconFinder also maintains an extensive blog highlighting new developments in the world of web design and beyond. IconFinder offers a massive selection of icons and other design-related resources to web and print designers, as well as other creative professionals. IconFinder is one of the best Flaticon alternatives free.

🔥 IconFinder Pricing

Iconfinder offers two types of plans:

  • Free – $0
  • As You Go – 2.00/icon and 4.00/illustration

Pro Subscription Plans:

  • Micro – $9.00/month
  • Standard – 19.00/month
  • Ultimate – 49.00/month
  • Icons are made from submissions from top designers around the world.
  • You can customize the icon. IconFinder allows you to recolor, edit and tweak the icons easily.
  • You can be a contributor by uploading your design at IconFinder.
  • 5900000+ Free And Premium Icon
  • You can bring icons into your app by integrating millions of vector icons using the Iconfinder API.





Shutterstock is the home of every professional quality stock image, footage video, or piece of music you’ll ever need for any project. Shutterstock is a popular and growing community of people who love to create, share and find the perfect photo for every creative task at hand. Start sharing your own photos today-for free-and open up your world to an audience of over 60 million creatives.

With over 4 million stock images, Shutterstock offers more professional-grade content than anyone else on the web or in print. So whether you are looking for high-quality royalty-free imagery to publish in glossy print media, low-resolution web graphics, vector illustrations, clip art videos, or just about anything else under the sun – Shutterstock has it for you!

Shutterstock is a community of photographers and videographers and more than 60 million other creatives. Every day, they upload hundreds of thousands of photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music clips – all with Royalty Free licenses – so they can be used by creative professionals like yourself for almost any project you can imagine.

Thanks to its massive library filled with royalty-free stock images, Shutterstock works best for those who need high-quality content that carries the appropriate licensing for various uses such as magazines, websites, and blog posts.

🔥 Shutterstock Pricing

Shutterstock provides two plans for single users:

  • Subscription – $29/month
  • On-Demand Packs – $ 49/month
  • Access a library with more than 320 million images and over 175,000 new ones added every day.
  • Get royalty-free stock images and photos.
  • Allows you to filter the results.
  • FREE access to 25M high-resolution, high-quality photos.
  • Accessibility and ease of the platform.





Freepik is an exclusive website for images, vectors, and PSD files that are free to download. It has a search engine composed of images, vectors, and PSD files which you can download for use in your projects whether it is commercial or personal.

Freepik helps creative people find the best content ready to be used in their designs. The site contains 1 million premium resources that have been gathered from other sources across the web. This massive collection of creative elements totals more than 13 million items including images, vector graphics, illustrations, photoshop templates, and videos among other categories. Freepik’s team also keeps adding new creative content every day so you are bound to always find something new to work with on this amazing site.

What makes it even better is the fact that all the resources available on Freepik are completely free. You can use them in any project and download as many as you like, no strings attached. This huge library contains content from designers and companies around the world who upload to Freepik their exclusive work for others to find and use. The quality varies from designer to designer but you will surely find some great stuff here!

Freepik not only has a great variety of high-quality images and vectors to choose from, but it also offers other types of elements including PSD files and vector graphics. They have everything you need for your next graphic design project; whether it is ad banners, infographics, or logos – they have got you covered.

🔥 FreePik Pricing

Freepik offers 2 plans:

  • 1 month plan – 9.99 Eur/month
  • 12 month Plan – 7.49/month (Billed annually)
  • The best place to find free and premium vector design you need for graphic design work.
  • Easy to use and you can find resources of all kinds.
  • While registered free users can download up to 10 graphics a day, non-registered users can only download three graphics per day.
  • Wide Collection is available.
  • You can sell your Content.





Icon8 is an online portal where designers and developers can find a massive library of design-related resources, available for download. The main resource on this platform is icons but you can also find illustrations, photos, and music. You can also choose one of the categories and see the icons associated with it. Icons8 has tons of categories arranged alphabetically, from weather and calendar to money and cinema. It’s a place that gives you easily accessible graphic design assets that will help you in your projects.

Icons vary from web-related elements such as social sharing buttons to weather or sports-related objects. There are also plenty of different types of business icons for you to use in your designs. Icon8 doesn’t limit themselves with categories since they’ve launched hundreds of other brilliant illustrations too. These can be used for print projects including visitors’ guides etc… And there are no usage restrictions unless stated otherwise by the author at the moment when you download said resource(s).

If you’re looking to easily change the look of your website then icon sets could be just what you need. For example, if your website deals with online shopping then adding an eCommerce-themed set of icons would be a great way to change the appearance of your site. You can even switch out Google Maps for an alternative map or traffic-related icon, which instead represents directions… In short, it’s about changing things up. Icons8 also has a blog where you can see how their users have used their products. Some use their free resources to support free, open-source projects and others use them as part of paid projects that they’re selling.

Icons8 Pricing

Icons8 have 2 plans for their icons:

  • Free plans- Limited formats in lower resolution.
  • Paid Icon (100 downloads per month, $0.20/icon after) – $13.
  • Free Plans Available.
  • You can browse icons through categories.
  • High-quality icons are available.
  • Open Source Site.



Noun Project

Noun Project
Noun Project

Noun Project is more than just a platform of icons and symbols. It’s also home to the world’s largest database, with over three million options available for you to peruse at your leisure – making it one of our favorites on this list!

Unlike Flaticon which only offers interface elements like stickers or graphics files (though their selection does have some really cool photos), Noun provides authentic photographs alongside any other type of visual representation imaginable. So whether looking through sticker packs or searching for new ways in which they can be used as design inspiration; there will always be something worth seeing here.

Noun Project is a platform for designers to showcase their work. The icons on this site range from zebras and astronauts, which means it has something for everyone! You can download the assets in SVG or PNG format so you have more options when editing them yourself-or just use what we’ve provided as approved designs are always updated with fresh content!

Noun Project also features diverse communities of pixel artists around 120 countries who contribute artwork regularly too; not only does its community grow by artsy individuals but there are plenty of new styles added all-time through contests held monthly where winners win cash prizes if they can design an awesome brand identity package using their default color palette (a very liberating experience indeed).

🔥 Noun Project Pricing

Noun Project Offers 4 plans:

  1. Basic – $0
  2. Pro Icons – $2.99/icon
  3. Noun Pro Unlimited Individual Subscription – $39.99/year
  4. NounPro Unlimited Individual Subscription – $39.00/user/year
  • All images are available as free downloads.
  • The free version includes unlimited use of 100 top icons.
  • Access premium and unlock 2 million more royalty-free icons simply by having a NounPro subscription.
  • With their Icon API, you can bring a growing collection of high-quality symbols to anything you create.
  • Wide variety of Icons Available.





Fontello is a free and open-source online tool to build custom fonts with icons. Load your SVG files, choose the icons you want in the font, customize the color if needed, download your new font. Fontello can be used as an online web app or installed on your service via npm, bower, or simply by downloading one of our ready-to-use packages.

You can also use Fontello’s generator for generating fonts from npm/node projects. It will install Fontello locally (with its dependencies) and it will allow you to generate all your fonts without any additional configuration. Fontello has no limitations for the number of icons or characters, nor does it require a license. You can create as many fonts as you want and your only limitation will be the size of the package/archive you upload to host your font.

You can add an unlimited number of SVG files from any URL, from your computer, or from those included in other packages. Fontello also allows you to filter by name and tags (and exclude SVG files if needed) and download your custom font with 1 click. And best: it’s free!

🔥 Fontello Pricing

Fontella is a free icon font generator, but there’s a donate button just in case you feel a little generous to support the project.

  • It Is Free for all users.
  • It lets you create icon fonts from various vector images.
  • Fontello allows you to import custom images and fonts in SVG format
  • It allows you to combine fonts from several open-source platforms.



Font Awesome

Font Awesome
Font Awesome

At its core, font awesome is a collection of scalable vector icons that can be used in your website or app without requiring any images or JavaScript to work. You access these icons by using HTML tags which tell the browser where to display the icon and what size and color it should be. This allows you to create custom graphics quickly without having to rely on an image editor.

Font awesome works across most modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE11. However, font awesome is capable of more than just simple images. You can also change the color, size, or shade of any icon by applying CSS styling to it with a few extra steps.

If you’re developing a website or app that uses many graphics, you will likely have trouble keeping them updated as needed. Also, this process can be extremely time-consuming if you use standard image editors like Photoshop for editing all your graphics manually. This is where font awesome comes in very handy as it allows you to quickly edit or update every single graphic used in your site with just a few lines of code.

🔥 Font Awesome Pricing

Font Awesome provides 2 simple plans:

  • Free – $0 forever
  • Standard – $99/year
  • Free Version Is Available
  • Icons are meticulously designed so they render with perfect legibility at any pixel or font size.
  • The icons are created with Global CDN which means your icons load fast.
  • You can shrink, grow, and rotate your icons on a granular scale. Layer or mask multiple icons with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Font Awesome is fantastic to work with on the desktop, especially with all-new ligatures.





Font IcoMoon is an icon font generator that will save you hours of design time. With Font IcoMoon, you’ll be able to take the icons off your image editor and create an icon font that can be used in webpages or any other project.

The best thing about Font IcoMoon is how much it streamlines icon creation. What would otherwise require purchasing icon files from a designer, spending hours looking up different icon fonts, and countless hours designing them onto your website now only requires a few clicks. Not only does Font IcoMoon make creating an icon font simple, but also allows you to edit existing .svg files without needing another set of tools; ever again.

Using Font IcoMoon is as easy as creating your own icon font. You first select the icons you want to put into the icon set by uploading them through its interface. Then, once they’re uploaded, all you have to do is give each icon a unique name and generate it out to whatever formats you require (.eot, .ttf, .woff). To top it off, there’s also an option to create a stylesheet that can be used with Sass or Less which will import all the needed classes for using the font in HTML.

🔥 IcoMoon Pricing

IcoMoon provides 3 plans:

  • Free Plan – $0
  • Basic Plan – $9 for 30 days
  • Unlimietd Plan – $19 for 30 days
  • Free Version Available
  • It takes the icons’ grid sizes into account and produces picture-perfect results along with the correct alignment.
  • Icons offer a very lightweight alternative to traditional image files.
  • The interface for library creation can be used by a novice.
  • you can live host the icons so when a designer updates the icon, that change automatically reflects on your team’s website.





iStock is an online marketplace for royalty-free photos, vector graphics, and illustrations. It’s one of the world’s largest independent stock photo agencies whose content is being used by thousands of customers worldwide including eBay.

iStockphoto has over 7 million unique monthly visitors to its website. When you purchase and download a royalty-free image from iStock, you can use that image in personal or commercial projects for as long as you want, without paying any additional fees.

In addition to images, they stock vector graphics and video too.iStock’s ever-growing Signature collection features millions of authentic images-including these awe-inspiring icons illustrations-that you won’t find on any other stock site.

iStock has received several awards for its innovative approach to stock photography. Most notably, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals awarded iStock with the Photoshop World Award in 2007 and 2009.

🔥 iStock Pricing

iStock has two types of pricing plans:

  • The subscription plan starts at $29 per month
  • The credit packs start at 18 credits or $170.
  • A wide variety of stock images and over 8 million are exclusive to iStock.
  • User submissions are accepted.
  • Credits do not expire.
  • Images, video, audio, illustration, and vector files are available.
  • Been around since 2000 and is one of the most used stock photo sites in the industry, selling a large number of images daily.



Icon Archives

Icon Archive

IconArchive is a professional tag and color filter-based icon search engine with more than 290,000 icons for web developers, end-users, and graphic artists. You can collect, organize & share your favorite icons here with ease. If you want to customize your desktop, you can download icons for all operating systems, Win, Mac & Linux. to find more relevant categories to be included. Icon Archive provide icons for all well known formats: .ico, .png, .gif , .jpg and others! In the near future, we will add even more popular image formats.

Also, you can upload your own images, as well as our users, do. Just click on the relevant button above and follow a couple of simple steps to create your personal graphic library!

If you want to download an icon from any search results page just right-click on it and choose ” Save picture as”. In addition, if you would like to use some icons in your software or website – simply copy their URLs.

Icon Archive Pricing

You can access the icons from this icon search engine for free and download them without logging in.

  • Can be used for free and without logging in.
  • You can browse the icons through categories.
  • The interface is simple but very appealing, everything is in the right place, icons are free, different, and very well made.
  • You can add icons to your “My favorite” list.


Conclusion On Best Flaticon Alternatives

When implemented properly, there are several benefits to using icons in your web design. Visitors to your website will usually do a quick scan of your page and decide whether to read on or click away. Icons can grab your visitors’ attention, luring them in to engage with your content and stay awhile.

So above listed are some of the best Flaticon alternatives for websites. Hope you liked reading this article on ” Best Flaticon Alternatives“. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to join our Facebook Page – Saas Talks, where we discuss about upcoming Saas product reviews and other Saas-related topics.

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