How Do We Test An Application?

“Testing” is the base that we assure our Potential Customers to have full faith in Us. We are proud of our service, in delivering software solutions that are polished and user-friendly! Our manual testing process is one of the ways we achieve this, as we are very attentive while testing any kind of application as early as possible in the implementation process so that a solution tends to be more Secured, Efficient, Reliable, Maintainable, and provide High Standard of Usability!

Let us now discuss why we need to test our Application for the sake of the user’s safety and security. Our Expert Team is mainly focusing on the safety and security of our users and every company’s main motive should be customer satisfaction and building goodwill.

The testing method involves both core and specific features to see whether a company can maintain its Marketing Campaign.

Our Testing Method :

We manually test the software, that we purchase, without using any automated tools. The whole testing process is completed once a product functionality is created before delivering it to our end users. The main focus we put on the testing method is that the system fulfills all the requirements that is mentioned in the functional specifications.

Manual Testing improves the quality of our applications , as it gives assurance to our customers that the software they are using are safe and secured. By this way, we maintain honesty with our customers and for that we need to place ourselves from customer’s viewpoint.

We don’t run any kind of automated test, because manual testing is the best way where our expert team monitors any kind of software issues, which our ultimate users may face while running them. Furthermore, an automated test cannot investigate or provide feedback on a user’s experience when using an application.

Let us see what are the Crucial Steps we follow to overcome any kind of issues that our users may face during the development process :

  • Our First and Foremost concern is to provide full security and reliability from our user’s viewpoint. We buy the software and test it manually by our expert team to overcome any kind of errors found to maintain honesty with our customers and build a strong relationship and think from their viewpoint
  • Secondly, our testing process goes through a series of intense tests to detect any kind of security flaws and to prove that you can totally rely upon us and our recommendation won’t put you at risk
  • Lastly, if you feel any kind of dissatisfaction with your purchase we offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee in order to make you feel free about your decision even after purchasing any type of software from us. We are here to help you in any situation!

How Do We Test Product Applications ?

Before running series of tests, we perform some Introductory Testing Phase, keeping in mind our beginner users who may not have ever used the system before and don’t have any idea how a software works. This initial step provides valuable feedback about the usability of an application.

We run a series of approaches while doing manual testing that consists of the following tests , See below :

  • Planning: In the Introductory Testing Phase, our experts make sure that they fully understand the requirements of the software, so that the testing process becomes more simple and easy to understand. While running application tests, the whole process is executed so perfectly so that each one of the test processes verifies that all of the specified requirements have been fulfilled. Configuration Details like different browsers needed, testing should be done as a user with different permissions and all these things are identified and outlined to improve the repeatability and reliability of our testing process.
  • Execution: Our experts run each test that is detailed in the plan and the whole execution process is recorded thereafter for our user’s sake. We not only ensure that the Software meets all its requirements but also make sure that the application is easy to use, attractive, and of the best quality that will meet our user’s expectations.

Our test case is marked as passed only if the real outcome matches our client’s expectations and also meets high standards. If our test doesn’t meet the quality of high standards then it is pointed out for further review and action to improve our implementation process. Finally, if the test doesn’t meet our requirements, we marked it as a failure to maintain our accuracy and trust with our customers.

  • Logging: If any issues are identified while running tests, and are recorded as tasks, that allows our expert team to track and manage the works of our whole team. Every time our experts find any kind of issue they register it separately, and then it is assigned to the developer who worked on the implementation of the application and fix all the issues.

Again it is tested thoroughly after resolving the problem and finally, it is passed and by this way, we ensure that every issue is tracked and registered and cannot be forgotten.

  • Documentation: Once we are all done with our testing process, we keep a detailed test report that documents all of the test cases that are completed and passed. By this way, it allows any developer to repeat the test and see the implementation is done correctly.

Conclusion :

Our Expert team believes that strong manual testing results in high-quality software. Whole Manual Testing Process that is done by our team ensures that every application has been thoroughly tested and meet high-standard and matches our user’s expectation.

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal every business organisation should focus on and can assure it’s Customers Profitable Growth, Business Upliftment and Achieving their Company’s Vision gradually.

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  1. Very helpful and assures full reliability and security for your product. No need to worry about support, provides efficient support. Great level of security and 100% money-back guarantee!

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