DoodleMaker Review, Features, Demo, OTOs, and Coupon Code: Best Doodle Video Creation Software?

Doodle Maker was designed to truly allow you to have complete control over your doodle and to customize it without ANY restrictions. Indepth Look Inside DoodleMakerβ„’ By A Real User. Get Great Bonus + Earlybird Discounted Price And Coupon Codes. Read our DoodleMaker Review and Grab The DoodleMaker Special Offer Now.
9.5/10 (Expert Score)
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There are several Online Doodle Maker in the market nowadays, but this DoodleMaker Software is the best video editing software that claims high-quality doodles, or hand sketch animation videos. Doodle videos are animated videos, somewhat the same as whiteboard animations.

Nowadays, many companies use these doodle videos for video production and video effects which are unique in nature. Unlike regular animations, doodle videos are like cartoons with a narrator giving a message of the video. It is one of the best video editing tools where you can edit video files!

Today, I am here to share a complete DoodleMaker Review, as it makes it so much easier to engage the attention of your users and visitors as well as your target market. This type of animation video helps marketers to catch a wide variety of targeted users so that they can pass the information they want to their targeted audience.

DoodleMaker Software helps to create videos that are the best way to educate, sell, engage and inspire audiences worldwide. With this DoodleMaker Review, I will tell you all the possible facilities you will be getting without investing a single penny or hiring any expensive video maker.

Let us proceed with the next part of our DoodleMaker Review, Keep reading about what is DoodleMaker, what are the benefits of using this software, and so on.

DoodleMaker Overview

DoodleMaker Product Details

CreatorPaul Ponna et al
ProductDoodleMaker App
Launch Date01-09-2020
Launch Time3.00 EST
Official SiteDoodleMaker.Com
Refund Policy30 Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheVideo and Graphics
SkillAll Levels
SupportGreat and Effective Response
RecommendationHighly Recommended

DoodleMaker is an Artificial Technology (AI) based on Doodle Video Making Software, promises you high-impact video making with outstanding video content, and is effective at engaging and increasing the interest of your audience. This stunning DoodleMaker Software is the best software to create effortless realistic doodle videos in over 60+ languages within minutes.

Detail Product Review

DoodleMaker Review: Is it Worthy or Not?

9.5Expert Score
Highly Recommended

DoodleMaker is a Cloud-based software powered by Artificial Intelligence to create realistic professional Doodle Videos in minutes. This is an all-in-one video creation suite with stunning quality animated videos. Create unlimited videos in any language and record in your own voice with this Drag-N-Drop Video Editor. Best for Video Makers, Content Creators, and Online Marketers!

Ease Of Use
  • 100% Cloud-based Software
  • Newbie-Friendly
  • 300+ Templates Included
  • AI Video Translation Engine
  • Sell Unlimited Videos To Clients
  • Photo To Sketch Converter
  • Supports All Languages
  • Completely Drag-N-Drop Software
  • Add Your Own Watermark
  • 300+ Stunning Templates
  • Haven't Found So Far

DoodleMaker is the World’s First Doodle Video Making Software, that uses built-in Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone, without any technical skills needed, age, or design skills that effortlessly create Realistic, Professional, Spectacular Doodle Videos in over 60+ languages within minutes.

A most important and interesting fact about DoodleMaker Review is in this software you are getting 300+ ready-made templates, access to unlimited HD Video Making, Multilingual Text to Speech and Vice Versa facility, Whiteboard, Blackboard, and Glassboard switcher, color image to doodle sketch converter.

If you are looking to boost your marketing efforts with Doodle Videos, this is the most inexpensive way of doing so. The DoodleMaker is a Cloud-Based option that doesn’t only make the whiteboard videos but also makes glass board videos. DoodleMaker Software comes as a versatile option and there are human-like voiceovers that will make the videos ever more realistic and professional.

Apart from these Doodle Making videos, there are DoodleMaker Specifications, and DoodleMaker Features which we will get to know in this DoodleMaker Review. Add toon videos to your Doodlemaker Toolkit, to dominate the competition in any niche you enter! Create your own VideoStudio and make free videos of your own.

Upload your own assets and customize with the drag-n-drop blank canvas editor with no technical skills required, render unlimited videos of unlimited length with no surcharges or hidden fees ever, and sell them to your clients without any restrictions.

Want to know more about Toon Video Maker? CLICK HERE!

This video-making Software also provides facilities like translation and transcription ability, this means if you have only a video script with you, the software will automatically translate it into an interesting doodle video of your own without even hiring any professionals. Doodle Maker is the best video editing software, where you can make your own video like a movie maker, with intuitive sound effects like Adobe Premiere.

Doodle Video Software, has years of experience in testing and creating products, with tons of features available that will help your company grow not just locally, but worldwide. Several business concerns are exploring this DoodleMaker Software and learning to have more money in the coming days.

With this great DoodleMaker Software, you can make interesting and realistic videos without any pre-existing material and can glue your targeted masses on their screen. The Biggest Plus Point of this Software is it is designed in such a way that even a Newbie can grab the tools and end up creating one of the most viral videos without any problem.

Let us now dive into the next part of our DoodleMaker Review, without wasting any further time.

Product Specifications

DoodleMaker Review: What DoodleMaker Can Do for You?

DoodleMaker 1

The founder and father of DoodleMaker are Paul Ponna with him we have found the Co-founder Sid Diwar and they are the ones who made it super easy for anyone and everyone to make high-quality doodle videos.

If I describe DoodleMaker in a single sentence then it is the best video-making tool for Marketers, Content Creator, and Business owners to create awesome quality whiteboard videos very easily with drag and drop technology. It is an awesome tool for media composers and video converters with green screens and is considered a great video editing program.

Now we will discuss DoodleMaker Specifications and benefits, you will get this software with a very cheap price range from (47$-67$) one-time-price, as compared to its Competitors. DoodleMaker is completely a long-term and evergreen software, and here you can expect more and more updates in its features every month.

DoodleMaker is an amazing video-making tool where you can make all Premium Quality Doodle videos to grow your own business or for any agency. Here, I will share who are the people who can take complete advantage of this DoodleMaker Software to get more targeted leads for their businesses.

Who Should Go for DoodleMaker?

DoodleMaker is the best video making software, for any kind of business to grow and have more and more conversions, let us have a look at who can avail the best advantage of using this software :

  • Content Creators
  • Sales Videos
  • Teachers
  • Consultants
  • Lead Generation
  • Trainers
  • Facebook Ad’s
  • Freelancing
  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Online Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newbies
  • Educational Video Creators
  • You Tubers

We have seen DoodleMaker as an excellent video-making tool where you can make your online video clips with plenty of advantages. From our various research and testing, we get to know that most of the users are very happy with this software and they literally enjoyed this DoodleMaker Software. Let us see below :

DoodleMaker Review: Benefits

  • Text-To-Speech
  • AI Translation Engine
  • 100+ Male and Female Voices
  • Record your own voice
  • Icon Finder and PixaBay API
  • Built-in Library of Images
  • Color Image to Sketch Converter
  • Board Switcher
  • Add your own Watermark
  • Built-in Transitions
  • Element Speed Changer
  • Colour Changer
  • Export in 720p Or 1080p in Hd Quality
  • YouTube and Vimeo Publisher
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Freehand Editor
  • 300+ Ready-made Templates
  • Built-in Text to Image Finder

DoodleMaker Demo

See DoodleMaker in Action

Now anyone can effortlessly produce Jaw-Dropping Videos, without having any technical skills and without spending a single penny on expensive video editors and can save valuable time with your money. Now, you can produce beautiful Doodle videos with doodle images/icons within minutes! With this editing software, make your own video tutorials of your own! Make Windows Movie, and Imovie in various video formats like MPEG, and it is also used as an editing software for Windows.

Let us have a preview below :

DoodleMaker Software was truly designed to allow the user to have complete control over their doodle and to customize it for personal and commercial use. This is a Ground Breaking Technology, with Artificial Technology where you can effortlessly create animated doodle videos of your own. See DoodleMaker in Action :

Look like a professional video animator without any need for learning complex animation skills! Dive in the video below :

DoodleMaker Features

DoodleMaker Features: What Are You Getting Inside?

DoodleMaker Features 1

Doodle Videos are the most eye-catching form of videos and are super fun to watch. DoodleMaker Software is built so uniquely that viewers will automatically be stuck to it and helps to make any type of complicated explanation look easy. with facilities like playback and special effects. The Doodle Maker Software offers a lot of benefits for its users and makes it very easy for them to use the app.

One of the most important DoodleMaker features is that it follows a step-by-step guide for its users and there is no need for spending thousands of money out of your wallet to hire any expert for making doodle videos. DoodleMaker provides you with a huge number of tools for making impacting videos in little time without spending hours plus you can customize it according to your needs and preferences.

With this Hot Selling software, you can make your own videos by yourself and even make the changes you want to without paying a single penny to any video editing artist. Now make your own video file and make playback with special effects using this video editor. Create final-cut videos with trimming and overlays.

Now let us come to the next part of the DoodleMaker Review, and let us have a complete overview of the DoodleMaker Features and the benefits of using this tool :

300 ready-made templates
In DoodleMaker Software, the user is provided with 300 ready-to-use templates. Anyone can select any kind of template as per their requirement from a huge variety of options without any technical skills required. DoodleMaker is mainly built keeping in mind that not all users are familiar with high-tech apps for creating doodles and templates for their content. The user doesn’t have to face any problems in creating their own template on their own.
text to speech in 60+ languages
Another interesting feature of DoodleMaker Software is that here you have the option of text-to-speech and speech-to-text where one easily convert a video as per their requirement with great comfort and without facing any problem. There are more than 60 languages from which users can choose the language which is best suited for their video with just one click. No more jotting down notes and spending hours, as everything is done for you!
Full HD quality videos
With this DoodleMaker Software, you are provided with 4K Hd Quality Videos, as everyone wants a high-quality video without any low pixel for the best quality display video. DoodleMaker offers the users to make a video in full 1080p without any issue of uploading, once played on a big screen
photo to sketch converter
Now it is very easy to convert a photo to a sketch with this DoodleMaker Software, where the users do not have to spend hours recreating a photo. You just have to upload the image and the in-built tools automatically convert it into a sketch that can easily be uploaded in the video as per the user’s need.
sell videos to clients
Using this DoodleMaker Software, now you can easily sell your doodle videos to your and can earn a good sum of money that you are looking for. You can easily publish them on your social media platforms, as there is no burden of saving your videos to export them on YouTube or any other Video Platform. It helps you to transform your video on any platform you need.
Designed for easy use
The most Interesting and Beneficial fact of using DoodleMaker is, it is easy to use software and designed for a Newbie as well as for Tech Savvy. With the built-in and ready-made tools, anyone can make a high graphic great quality video and doesn’t have to worry about the quality as the user gets the video in 720p as well as 1080p.
availability of three video styles
With this DoodleMaker Software, the user gets the option to choose from three video styles that are whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board, users can pick any kind of style as per their requirement. According to their preferences, he/she can pick from the style that suits their video and get the video ready in the desired background.
color doodle videos
In DoodleMaker, the video that the user makes can be colorful or all black and white. Here, the users can choose from the tool what he is looking for as well as anyone can go for a fully colorful doodle video without making it boring for the viewers. Best software to use for a Newbie! Make color corrections in your MP4 videos and make your videos like premiere pro.
artificial intelligence video translation engine
Here, you can effortlessly convert any video with voice and the built-in AI Translation Engine will automatically create full attention snatching Doodle Video in over 30+ Languages on demand. Explore DoodleMaker Software right now!

Let us continue to the next part of DoodleMaker Review, to see the pricing details of this amazing app!

DoodleMaker OTOs

DoodleMaker OTOs: Complete Pricing Breakdown

DoodleMaker OTOs

In DoodleMaker Software, you can get all the benefits for 47$ ( DoodleMaker Commercial License) 67$ ( DoodleMaker Enterprise License). With this Amazing Game Changer Software, now your Doodled Video can reach Global Customers and you can experience massive reach and massive profit.

With this Basic Package, you have access to the following features or tools :

  • Whiteboard, Blackboard or Glassboard Videos
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Easy to use
  • Sell to Clients Globally
  • Over 300+ Templates
  • AI Video Translation Engine
  • Create Unlimited videos
  • Built-in Color Changer
  • Full Hd Display
  • Millions of High-Quality Doodle Images and Icons
  • Element Speed Changer
  • Record Your Own Voice
  • Add Your Own Watermark
  • Unlimited Usage- No Limits
  • Commercial License Included

πŸ”₯ Front End: DoodleMaker Software (67$)- [CHECK OFFER]

Now you can sell DoodleMaker Software of your own and make 100% Profit

  • Unlimited sub-accounts, sell as many copies as you like
  • Set your own price
  • Rebrand your own logo and branding to make the software your own
  • Done for you sales pages to convert prospects into sales
  • Manage App hosting and software updates

πŸ”₯ OTO 2 : DoodleMaker Deluxe Update (49$)- [CHECK OFFER]

Get 10X results, sales, and profits with this Doodle Maker Software :

  • New Templates monthly for one year
  • Ready Made human voice for all new templates
  • 56 Additional text-to-speech voices
  • Premium royalty free music files
  • Priority access to future app updates

πŸ”₯ OTO 3 : Toon Video Maker App (59$) – [CHECK OFFER]

  • Unlimited Searches, no limit + no monthly fees (unlimited usage)
  • Sell your videos on top 5 job sites- PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire and Guru with 100% profit
  • Stop chasing clients find them in minutes
  • No cold calling , no face to face meeting + Close your deals online

πŸ”₯ OTO 4: Doodle Maker Whitelabel Agency ($297) – [CHECK OFFER]

50 Whitelabel Accounts – Perfect for small-scale agencies, teams, freelancers, and small businesses looking to provide Whitelabel software to clients and charge hefty monthly fees!

  • Fully Whitelabel DoodleMaker App
  • Add Your Own Logos & Branding
  • Done-For-You Reseller Website
  • Done-For-You Reseller Sales Video
  • Software Updates Included
  • Unlimited Usage of All Enterprise Features
  • 50 Whitelabel Sub-Accounts

πŸ”₯ OTO 4: Doodle Maker Whitelabel Enterprise ($397) -[CHECK OFFER]

500 Whitelabel Accounts – Perfect for large-scale software resellers, and large enterprises looking to provide Whitelabel to clients and charge hefty monthly fees!

  • Fully Whitelabel DoodleMaker App
  • Add Your Own Logos & Branding
  • Done-For-You Reseller Website
  • Done-For-You Reseller Sales Video
  • Software Updates Included
  • Unlimited Usage of All Enterprise Features
  • 500 Whitelabel Sub-Accounts
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder To Edit Your Website.
  • Unlimited Hosting For Your Reseller Site

πŸ”₯ OTO 5: DoodleMaker Enterprise Webinar [CHECK OFFER]

This Training Webinar Contains Time-Sensitive Information And May Close Down Without Notice…

Final Verdict

My Honest Review about DoodleMaker

Money back guarantee

Now, I have completed my full DoodleMaker Review, and thank you so much for reading this article. I honestly, share with you what is DoodleMaker, what are its uses of it, its features of Doodle Maker, its demo and pricing strategy, and so on.

Personally, I feel like it is the best tool for any video making, and it especially targets the marketers, content makers, freelancers, teachers, agency owners, and YouTube video makers. Doodlemaker is considered one of the best editing apps and is great for beginners with great audio effects.

At the end of this DoodleMaker Review, I highly recommend it to all online business marketers to create and sell all high-quality doodle videos, easily without having any expert knowledge about creating videos personally.

Please visit our site for more product applications, and if you are already an user of DoodleMaker please make a comment below!

DoodleMaker Review, Features, Demo, OTOs, and  Coupon Code: Best Doodle Video Creation Software?
DoodleMaker Review, Features, Demo, OTOs, and Coupon Code: Best Doodle Video Creation Software?
47$ $79

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  1. 4.75
    Easy to use

    DoodleMaker is a Cloud-based software that is uniquely built with Artificial Intelligence Technology, to create realistic professional doodle videos in minutes.
    By the help of this tool you can easily create any kind of videos like; sketch animated video,White board animated video, tutorial & training video & also marketing and Promotional video.Happy to use this outstanding software

    + PROS: Easy to use Time saving Pocket friendly Very flexible
    - CONS: Haven't found so far
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  2. 4.65
    Easy to use

    I have a great experience with this doodlemaker software for creating my promotional videos in minutes. It helped me to create videos by my own as it has Artificial Intelligence Technology with full hd display videos , record your own voice and reach globally. Happy to use

    + PROS: Good for Marketers, Agency owners Saves time Worth the money
    - CONS: Haven't found so far
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