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Although Google has recently made some changes to its algorithm, you can still be sure that it does rank content in search results. However, for the best rankings, you need quality content. The more quality content your site has, the higher up in the search results you will appear. Content is also key to a high-quality user experience and boosts your website’s credibility. So the matter of fact is “Quality Content Is The King”.

Content marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and increase brand awareness. But creating quality content takes time and effort. You need to develop valuable content that meets your audience’s needs. Here comes the need for an AI Writing Software. There are many AI Writing Software in the market right now, but today I am going to introduce a tool that not only can write the content, but also can do the SEO job for you.

Introducing Scalenut. In this article, I am going to review this tool and give you an idea of what the tool offers and how it can help you to create high-quality content in less time. So without any further ado, let’s begin the Scalenut Review.

🏆 Scalenut Review

9.4Expert Score
Most authentic and fantastic AI Copywriting tools.
Scalenut AI Copywriter is one of the most authentic and fantastic tools I have used to get new blog ideas. Ever since my team and I started using it, we get a constant flow of new blog ideas, and the majority of them are directly associated with our industry and highly relevant. The AI Copywriter does us one better by giving us a blog intro so we know exactly what to write and research for the main content body.
Ease Of Use
Quality Of Output
Value for Money
  • Create content faster and better
  • Use clear insights to create content
  • Get winning content ideas and copies from AI
  • Write content that ranks on Google
  • Work with great content creator
  • Have 7 days Free Trial

🏆 What Is Scalenut?

Scalenut is next-generation AI-powered content research and creation platform that enables users to create high-ranking content. Scalenut assists marketing professionals all over the world in leveraging technological developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to create amazing content. If the content is the future, Scalenut’s cutting-edge content creation platform is built to support cutting-edge content development.

Scalenut gives you a simple and scalable way to produce content that serves your business goals. Get professional creators and AI tools to help you race past your competition.

Scalenut is a TRUE end-to-end solution when it comes to creating long-form SEO content and significantly brings down the time and effort you’d usually invest in such endeavors. Most other tools on the market do not combine Keyword Reports with an intelligent in-built editor or single-click access to top professional creators, in case you need a hand.

🏆 Scalenut Features

🔥 Plan Content

Scalenut can create SEO-focused content outlines. In fact, Scalenut gives full-fledged content reports (powered by industry best NLP) out of your single targeted keyword, that serves you the winning SEO recipe each time.

🔥 Generate Ideas

With Scalenut, you will get unlimited content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad copies, email headers, blog intros, and more at the click of a button.

🔥 Write Content

You can create long-form content using AI. Scalenut’s smart AI tool produces long-form content pieces in a matter of seconds. Use it to build authority, boost SEO, and close more deals.

🔥 Evaluate content in real-time

Scalenut helps you to produce high-quality content. Get real-time feedback on the quality of your writing in SEO Assistant. It tells you the NLP terms you have included (and the ones you haven’t), the readability score, word count, and many more.

🔥 Work with professional creators

At Scalenut, you get Professional Creators who have experience writing in your industry. A Scalenut Expert is available for help, should you need it.

🏆 How Does Scalenut Works?

Create content, faster and better

From brainstorming ideas to creating comprehensive briefs to creating the content, we’ve made the process ridiculously easy.

Use clear insights, not guesswork, to plan content

Start from a single keyword and get detailed reports filled with actionable insights. With the knowledge of key terms, h tags, readability, intent, etc., SEO Assistant lets you plan content destined to rank.

✔ AI-powered reports
✔ Insights from top-30 results
✔ Questions from Quora and Reddit
✔ H tags with key terms

Get winning content ideas and copy from AI

Get fresh and unlimited content ideas at the click of a button using AI Copywriter. It’s your unfair advantage that also covers entire blogs, email headers, ad copies, social posts, and multiple other content formats.

✔ Ad copies
✔ Email headers
✔ Product descriptions
✔ Blog intros

Write content that ranks on Google

Make sure everything right from key terms and image density to relevant questions and h tags is the way it’s supposed to be with our SEO Assistant’s intelligent editor and write winning content each time.

✔ Long-form AI copywriting
✔ Real-time quality checks
✔ Library of royalty-free images

Work with Great Content Creators

Behind the scenes, we match you with seasoned creators from your industry, who then create stellar content for you. Furthermore, our in-house editors carry out robust checks before the content reaches you.

✔ Top 2% of professionals
✔ Quick TAT
✔ Robust QA

🏆 Scalenut Demo

After you sign in to the scalenut, the first thing you will get to see is the dashboard like this

Scalenut Dashboard

On the left side of the dashboard, you have two options:


SEO Assistant analyzes the top 30 results for a particular keyword and analyzes all there is to know about those results. The comprehensive report it generates is a result of a detailed analysis of all these top results.

On top of that, the SEO Assistant also goes through portals like Reddit and Quora to let you know about the popular questions around the keyword and bring more perspectives to your research.

Secondly, the editor is integrated with AI Copywriter, which is a tool built upon OpenAI’s GPT-3 deep learning model. It uses artificial intelligence to create an SEO-friendly, relevant, and engaging copy whenever you feel stuck during writing.

➡️ How Does The SEO Assistance of Scalenut Works?

STEP 1: Input target keyword and geography

Add the primary keyword you want to rank for along with your target users’ location.

For example, here I have given the keyword “Scalenut Review”.

Scalenut Report 1

STEP 2: Get an exhaustive research report

Get an exhaustive content research report with entire competitive mapping and powerful insights.

Scalenut Report Overview (1)

The report consists of certain information like

Competitions – SEO Assistant grades, checks the length, quality of writing, number of H Tags, and number of images used in the top-ranking blogs for your target keyword.

Scalenut Competition Report


Keywords – Powered by AI and NLP, see the related terms and keywords that competition ranks for and how often they use the words in the content.

Scalenut Keyword Report


Intent –  Figure what people are looking for, from the questions on Quora, Reddit. Also, get related questions, themes, and AI-powered questions.

Scalenut Question Report


STEP 3: Write long-form Content

Use the insights to create long-form content using Write with AI, AI operators, AI Connectors, and templates. The inbuilt Editor grades the article in real-time and displays target keywords and competitive intelligence in the sidebar.

Scalenut Editor

2. AI Copywriter

Scalenut’s AI Copywriter uses OpenAI’s (founded by Elon Musk) GPT-3 language model and writes copies like humans using deep learning. On top of that, the tool also accounts for SEO considerations and the tone required for various content types. Once you provide the input, the AI Copywriter processes a ton of data at the backend and then comes up with relevant, unique, and SEO-friendly copies.

Fun Fact: GPT-3 Model was developed by OpenAI, an organization founded by Elon Musk.

➡️ How Does The AI Copywriter of Scalenut Works?

STEP 1: Choose content type – Choose from over 20+ use cases. Use cases that are available are:

  • Product Descriptions: Powerful product descriptions that will attract your ideal customer and boost sales.
  • Engaging Questions: Ask your audience interesting questions to maximize engagement.
  • Blog Title Creator: Create amazing Blog titles for the key terms that you want to rank for.
  • Meta Description: Create SEO-friendly meta descriptions to increase your engagement.
  • E-commerce Product Description: Powerful product descriptions for your E-commerce product that will attract your ideal customer and boost sales.
  • Introduction Paragraph: Give your blogs a perfect start to create engagement.
  • Compelling Bullet Points: Concise and appealing Bullet Points for your emails, websites, and more.
  • Conclusion Paragraph: Give your blogs a perfect end to sum up the content.
  • Before After Bridge: Make an emotional connection with your audience by writing a compelling Before-After-Bridge copy.
  • Unique Value Proposition: Create a unique identifier of your business by generating a compelling Unique Value Proposition copy.
  • Blog Ideas: Generate impactful blog ideas for your brand & Push them to Marketplace instantly.
  • Social Media Posts: Unique and innovative Social Media Posts for various social media platforms.
  • Google Ads Copy: High converting Google Ad Copies that are unique and imaginative.
  • Landing Page Hero Text: Impactful Hero Text for your Landing Page.
  • Facebook Headlines: Stunning Headlines for your Facebook Ad copies that actually convert.
  • Customer Review Responder: Reply to Customer Reviews in a catchy, professional, and pleasant manner.
  • Online Review Generator: Create impactful reviews for your favorite brands.
  • Google Descriptions: High-converting copy for your Google Ad “Description” section.
  • Attention Interest Desire Action: Captivate your audience with creative and professionally written AIDA copies.
  • Problem Agitate Solution: Persuade readers with an exceptionally written Problem-Agitate-Solution framework.
  • Google Headlines: High-converting copy for your Google Ad “Headlines” section.
  • Answer a Question: Get the most out of your question by writing some amazing answers.
  • Facebook Primary Text: Stunning and high-converting “Primary Texts” for your Facebook Ad copies.
  • Feature to Benefit: Convert product Features into concise and appealing product Benefits.
  • Landing Page Sub-Header Text: Creative and persuasive “Subheaders” for your Landing Page.
  • Linkedin Text Ads Headline: Professional copy for your LinkedIn Text Ad “Headline” section.
  • Linkedin Text Ads Description: Professional copy for your LinkedIn Text Ads’ “Description” section.
  • Catchy Email Subject Lines: Captivating Email Subject Lines that entice recipients to open the Email.
  • Sales Email Generator: Create compelling cold emails instantly to increase your sales.
  • First Person to Third Person Converter: Convert your sentence from First to third-person instantly.
  • Video Title: Generate catchy Youtube Videos Titles and go viral!
  • Answer a Question in Bullet Points: Concise answers to your questions in bullet points.
  • Video Script Outline: Engaging Script Outlines for your Videos.
  • Video Description: Engaging Video Description for your Videos.
  • Video Hook & Introduction: Catchy introduction to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Google My Business – Description: Powerful Product Descriptions copies for your Google My Business.
  • Active to Passive Converter: Change the voice of your sentence from Active to Passive instantly.
  • Passive to Active Converter: Change the voice of your sentence from Passive to Active instantly.
  • Quora Answers: Give interesting answers to your audience to maximize your Quora presence.

Scalenut Templates

STEP 2: Input Brand & description – Add your brand and brief description. AI Copywriter generates powerful copies within seconds.

Scalenut Product Description

STEP 3: Edit and Save – You can edit, save the favorites, and access history at any point in time.

➡️ Why Scalenut’s AI Copywriter?

Powerful AI Technology – Scalenut’s AI Copywriter uses a deep learning model to write like humans. The tool knows words and sentences after reading through hundreds of billions of words.

No Word Length Restrictions – The tool is trained to create short-form as well as long-form content. You can also feed content ideas to Scalenut’s AI Copywriter without any restrictions on the word length.

Easy to Export Results – You can copy the best ideas onto your clipboard and take them to your favorite editor of choice. We’re building integrations with WordPress and Shopify too.

3. Managed Marketplace

Scalenut’s Managed Marketplace is for businesses seeking quality content creation. Whatever you need to get done, Scalenut has got you covered. Here you can request your content. Scalenut’s Managed Marketplace is actually the talent network for all your content needs.

➡️ How Does The Managed Marketplace For Scalenut Works?

STEP 1: Choose content type – Select a use case from over 40+ content types across writing, design, or videos categories.

STEP 2: Submit brief – Easily create comprehensive briefs with predefined workflows and templates.

STEP 3: Review – Each content request goes through 3 levels of editing before it comes for your review. Accept or revise with ease.

➡️ How Scalenut’s Marketplace makes website copywriting great?

Multi-layered Editing- With a multi-layered editorial process, you get powerful content that speaks your brand language.

Emotionally appealing – Stir just the right emotions with readers and turn them into loyal customers with the emotionally sound web copy.

SEO-friendly – Climb the Google rankings with original, keyword-driven, and algorithm-oriented content.

5000+ professional creators – Tap into the rich talent pool of 5000+ professional writers that make the top 2% of the industry.

Research-driven– From competition and KW research to astonishing stats, each copy stems from detailed analysis.

Aligns with business goals – From driving more traffic to converting more leads, Scalenut creates content that sits perfectly with your business goals.

🏆 Scalenut Pricing

Whether you are an individual creator, small business, or an agency, Scalenut has got you covered. Choose a plan that best fits your needs and grow on the back of winning content. Scalenut has both yearly and monthly plans.

🔥 Free Plans – $0/month (Free Forever)

Keep creating content, free forever. No CC required. 7-days full access.

✔ 2 SEO Documents
✔ 2,000 Short form AI words
✔ 2,000 Long-form AI words
✔ 40+ AI tools

🔥 Individual Plan [Check Offer]– The monthly cost of the individual plan is $29/month (Billed Monthly)
The Yearly cost of the Individual Plan is $24/month (Billed Annually)

Perfect for individual creators and consultants. No CC required. 7-days full access

✔ 5 SEO Documents
✔ Unlimited Short form AI words
✔ 20,000 Long-form AI words
✔ 40+ AI tools
✔ Write for me
✔ 24×7 live chat support
✔ 24×7 email support

🔥 Growth Plan [Check Offer] – The monthly cost of this plan is $79/month (Billed Monthly)
The yearly cost of this plan is $65/month (Billed Yearly)

Ideal for large teams, businesses, and agencies. No CC required. 7-days full access.

✔ 30 SEO Documents
✔ Unlimited Short form AI words
✔ 100,000 Long-form AI words
✔ 40+ AI tools
✔ Write for me
✔ 24×7 live chat support
✔ 24×7 email support
✔ Instruct mode
✔ AI Setting
✔ Paraphrasing
✔ SERP Facts
✔ Collaboration
✔ Buy additional SaaS credits

🔥 Pro Plan [Check Offer] – The monthly cost of this plan is $149/month (Billed Monthly)
The yearly cost of this plan is $124/month.

Ideal for large teams, businesses, and agencies. No CC required. 7-days full access

✔ Unlimited SEO Documents
✔ Unlimited Short form AI words
✔ Unlimited Long-form AI words
✔ 40+ AI tools
✔ Write for me
✔ 24×7 live chat support
✔ 24×7 email support
✔ Instruct mode
✔ AI Setting
✔ Paraphrasing
✔ SERP Facts
✔ Collaboration
✔ Buy additional SaaS credits
✔ 2 users; add more @ $49/user
✔ The dedicated customer success manager

🏆 Who Can Use Scalenut?

Scalenut is ideal for:

🔥 Content Strategists – As a Content Strategists,  you can strategize content with ease and produce copies at scale using our AI tools and talented professional workforce.  Plan and Produce Content that Drives Business Results. Use best technology tools in content research and collaborate with professional creators who can produce content on spec. All in one place.

🔥 Content creators – As a Content Creator, you can use the AI capabilities and real-time editor of Scalenut to Fastrack content writing and improve productivity exponentially. Make Your Content Great With AI. Push your content creation abilities to new heights with the bleeding edge of technology making you faster, smarter, and potent. Write and get handsome payments with these superpowers.

🔥 Founders – As a founder, you can make your brand visible with beautiful stories people want to hear and climb the search engine rankings at the same time. All of this without burning a hole in your pocket. Get all the content you need for your business on a single platform. Scalenut has talented creators and AI-powered tools that deliver top-notch content.

🔥 Agencies – If you have an agency, you can scale content production with ease and meet all your clients’ content requirements, every time.  With its subject matter experts and advanced AI tools, Scalenut gives you quality content at scale for any industry, saving you time and resources.

🏆 Scalenut Alternatives

🔥 Scalenut vs Jasper Ai [CHECK OFFER]- Jasper Ai is perfect for copywriters who are stuck in the writing zone and are looking for an online product that can eradicate writer’s block and help them get the words flowing. It is a powerful product that helps users forget about their problems so they can focus on their business, not their writing. Jasper is a copywriting platform and the world’s smartest AI-powered assistant that helps you plan, write, and optimize your website content. Jasper has the same AI Copywriting features as scalenut. You can check out our blogs on Jasper Review to know how it works.

🔥  Scalenuts vs Rytr [CHECK OFFER] – Rytr is a real-time AI writing assistant that can write content, headlines, and more for email, blog posts, captions, and social media. Rytr can do it all! From entertainment to finance to reviews, Rytr is always available to write for you, 24/7. You’ll always get high-quality and guaranteed content from Rytr! Read our blog on Review to know more in detail.

🔥 Scalenut vs Wrike [CHECK OFFER]- Wrike is a powerful professional services software that is trusted by over 20,000 businesses around the world. Custom request forms, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time tracking, real-time updates, and performance reports are all used to build a streamlined digital workplace that can be shared across the company. To automate your daily processes, interface Wrike with 400+ applications. slash the need for emails, meetings, status updates, and more by customizing workflows. Every project must be finished with care to amuse clients.

🏆 Conclusion On Scalenut Review

Scalenut AI Copywriter is a copywriting platform that employs machine learning to improve the writing quality of its customers. The best part is that this service comes at an affordable price. You will be able to create professional-looking and well-written content within minutes. It works by providing you with templates that you can use to write your content quickly and easily.

So, get the free trial now. Hope you liked our review on Scalenut. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. We will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to join our FB Group- Saas Talks where we discuss upcoming Saas product reviews and other Saas-related topics.

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Scalenut Review, Pricing, Demo and Alternatives.
Scalenut Review, Pricing, Demo and Alternatives.

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