Quillbot Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives & More (2022)

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People are insulting your writings? You don’t know how to write sentences with correct grammar? Most people came to an idea of your writing and skills by looking at your grammar writing and communication skills. Here is the solution for all your problems, Quillbot is the tool that makes your writings beautiful. Check our guide on Best Free Grammer Checker Tools.

Content plays an important role for different purposes in business and marketing. The audience will trust you and your business based on your knowledge and how you are utilizing it. Especially for freelancers, YouTubers, and content creators on the Internet.  Having clear and crystal content converts the new one into your customers. But writing the stuff, which you had in your brain is not easy if you don’t know grammar. Check our guide on the Best AI Writing Tools & Software.

While writing the content, you will make plenty of mistakes, but you don’t know what they are and how to rectify them. So if you’re looking for a solution, then you are at the right place. Here is the quillbot tool, which solves all the problems. Let’s dive into the Quillbot complete review.

Quillbot Review

10Expert Score
Best AI Paraphrasing Tool
Being a content writer, I am looking for an effective paraphrasing tool with Quillbot I am really impressed as it easily integrates both high-quality functionalities combined with a good price. The best part is, that the free version comes with the best features and functionality that enhances writing time. Quillbot is a superb writing tool and highly recommended for all-level writers!
User Interface
Content Quality
Value For Money
  • Easy user interface
  • No signup or pop-up ads for the free edition
  • Paraphrase up to 6000 words
  • Grammarly free
  • Worth for money
  • Pause the subscription in between
  • Upto four synonyms
  • Five different modes
  • Excellent customer support
  • Unlimited content up to 6000 words
  • Copyright-free
  • Helps you to check the grammar without any signup
  • Generous free account usage
  • Advanced features & limits for paid accounts
  • Grammar checker replaces the need for Grammarly
  • Paraphrasing, summarizing & citation generation
  • Option to try the tool for free before investing
  • Offers a Google Doc & Chrome Extension
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • You have access to a free Grammar Checker and Citation Generator
  • Possibility to export and import documents
  • The Free plan doesn’t require a credit card
  • There’s no need to switch between separate tools with this all-in-one writing tool
  • Only supports 2 languages
  • Check up to 20 articles on the plagiarism tool


🏆 Quillbot Review: What Is Quillbot?



Quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool, which rewrites the content and checks the grammar mistakes. It suggests the best phrases to use and makes Grammarly-free Content. Quillbot replaces the position of article rewriter and proofreader. It supports any browser and also supports Google docs and Microsoft Word. This tool works on AI, which suggests the best phrases automatically. You can use it for free, but you will get fewer features.

In the free edition, there is a limit of 1000 words to checkup, whereas with the premium edition you can check up to 6000 words. This tool is specially designed for content writers so that they can make their content more easily. When you are writing blogs, press, news, articles, and other content the tool is very helpful.

The phrases are unique, creative, and even engaging to the audience. Vocabulary enhancement features help the sentence to reframe into correct sentences. Using this feature makes your content more professional. Working on AI, makes you check the content very fastly and saves you time. It has four modes, which write crystal clear and easy-to-understand content. Writing content for formal purposes is very difficult and you need to be very careful while writing. But with this tool, you can write it freely. It rewrites the content into simple, short, and creative. Removes the extra words and shortens the content.

Quillbot comes up with a citation generator, which is very useful for students, professionals, and academics. Has a simple and clean user interface, you will not get confused while using it. You don’t need to sign up to use its free edition. You will get up to four synonyms for the words you want. Download the quillbot chrome extension and use it on writing online. You can install quillbot in both Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Generates sales copy, descriptions of products, articles, and news by using the Quillbot tool. Summarise the length of content into crystal clear format without any grammar errors by eliminating unwanted points. This tool paraphrases the sentences as plagiarism-free content. So you can use it freely without any issues.

The paraphrase tool from QuillBot, launched in 2017 and trusted by over 50 million people globally, employs cutting-edge AI to help millions of users rewrite and improve any sentence, paragraph, or article. Its most well-liked feature is the Paraphraser, which can rewrite any text in a variety of different ways. But in addition to paraphrasing your content, QuillBot also evaluates it for errors in grammar and plagiarism. QuillBot is mainly an online tool, but it may also be added as a Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Chrome plugin.


🏆Quillbot Features: What Are You Getting Inside?

Quillbot has more advanced features that help you to rewrite sentences from existing articles and make them easier for you to read, understand, and learn. Let’s explore some of the Quillbot features below:

🔥 Unlimited Words

The tool phrases unlimited words and checks it up to 6000 words. It is the best paraphrasing tool. There is a 1000 words limit for the free edition.

🔥 User Interface

The user interface is very clean, clear, and easy to understand for the newbies. There are no pop-up ads and no signup required, which you have never seen before. Just after opening the website in your browser, you will find the section to write and content and check it.

🔥 Quillbot Grammar Checker

It is the best alternative for Grammarly software. Grammarly asks for signup to check the grammar in your content. But whereas in quillbot it doesn’t ask for it. You can check up to 1000 words. Quillbot identifies the accurate mistakes and rectifies them with the correct meaning.

🔥 Quillbot Summarizer

Using this tool you can summarise the long content into shortening. It converts the important sentences in the paragraph into bullets. It eliminates unwanted content and presents the necessity one only. This tool is best for companies who want to build a social presence online. Using this they can convert according to their platform. There are two ways to simplify your text:

  • Key Sentences: Using Key Sentences, you may compile a list of your document’s most important sentences in the form of bullet points. The number of bullets in your summary can be changed by adjusting the summary length slider.
  • Paragraph: When you choose paragraph mode, you will get a special paragraph that summarises the content. You may also modify the length of time that your results are shown by moving the summary duration slider.

🔥 Quillbot Paraphraser

When you choose paragraph mode, you will get a special paragraph that summarises the content. You may also modify the length of time that your results are shown by moving the summary duration slider.

🔥 Different Modes

Quillbot consists of different modes, which convert the content into your desired mode. There are five modes, which are standard, fluency, creative, simple, and shorten. Just you need to choose between them and you get that.

🔥 Plagiarism Checker

You can also check the content whether it is original or not by using the plagiarism checker feature. So that you will be free from copyright issues.

🔥 Quillbot Chrome Extension

By using extensions, the Quillbot software offers enhanced workflows. The three programs it currently offers are Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Google Chrome. You can access Quillbot features and capabilities without opening a new browser tab by using an extension like these.

The Quillbot Chrome plugin is fantastic since it is simple to use and intuitive. The ability to paraphrase directly within the native tools via the extension is useful because I work largely with online text editors like Jarvis, WordPress, and SurferSEO.

🔥 Customer Support

There is excellent customer support. It works 24/7, if you face any issues while using it or payments then they will respond very soon.

🔥 Quillbot Co-writer

The Co-Writer tool makes writing and conducting research easy. To give users a seamless writing and research experience without ever having to leave the current page, it integrates online research capabilities, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete.

The QuillBot Co-Writer tool is a standalone item. You can cooperate in the writing process because it can construct sentences based on what you’ve written and submitted. Additionally, you may conduct an internet search from the comfort of your own computer using the Co-Writer feature. The Paraphraser and other features are available in Co-Writer. However, rather than replacing them, it aims to improve overall process efficiency and usability.

🏆Quillbot Review: Who Is Quillbot For?

You don’t necessarily consider Quillbot as being the best solution for the requirements of self-published authors, despite the fact that it is an intriguing tool that creatively leverages AI. Consider your personal writing process and how frequently you need to have artificial intelligence translate your writing.

But that doesn’t mean Quillbot is completely useless for independent authors. If you write and publish your own books, we can think of two main reasons why you would want to look into Quillbot:

  • Quillbot may help you save time compared to doing this manually if you frequently feel the need to simplify or formalize your writing.
  • The Quillbot summarizer tool could be useful in your approach if you need to handle a lot of research but don’t want to go through everything by hand.

We suggest investing in this amazing paraphrasing tool, that will play an important role in your entire content writing journey!

🏆Quillbot Review: How To Use The Quillbot Tool?

Whether you are a newbie or a professional content creator, Quillbot is really simple to use for all! Here are the simple steps that you need to follow for getting started with Quillbot:

🔥 Quillbot Free Edition

  1. First, go to the quillbot website.
  2. There you find an empty space.
  3. Type the content which you want to check.
  4. Then automatically it identifies the errors.
  5. On selecting the error it suggests the phrases.
  6. Replace the phrases.
  7. Copy the content and paste it where you want.
  8. And you are done!

🔥 Quillbot Premium Edition

  1. First, go to the quillbot website.
  2. After buying the premium edition.
  3. Log in by entering the details.
  4. There you find two boxes.
  5. In the first box, you need to write your content.
  6. The second box shows the suggestions.
  7. After completion of writing, copy it.


Specification: Quillbot Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives & More (2022)



Pricing Model

Monthly, Half Yearly, Yearly

Niche Copywriting


Refund Policy Yes


🏆 Quillbot Pricing Plans

Quillbot comes with 2 plans which are Free and Premium plans.

The number of words you can paraphrase with Quillbot’s free edition is 125, and the number of potential paraphrasing styles is also restricted. You are allowed to summarise 1200 words of study.

With Quillbot’s premium version, you can paraphrase texts of any length. The word limit for the summarizer tool is 6000. You also gain access to the plagiarism detector and other paraphrasing formats. You can get 3 days, a 100% money-back guarantee is provided by QuillBot. Instead of canceling your subscription, you can choose to put it on hold.

🔥 Quillbot Free Plan

  • Use the Paraphraser tool for up to 125 words each time.
  • Run the Summarizer for up to 1200 words.
  • Access only 2 Paraphraser writing modes.
  • Have 3 synonyms options in the Synonyms bar.
  • Process 2 sentences at once.
  • Use the Freeze feature for only 1 word or phrase.
  • Access the Google Chrome and Doc extensions.

🔥 Quillbot Premium Plan ($9.95)

The premium plan comes with 3 options which are $9.95/mo billed monthly.
$6.66/mo billed every 6 months, and $4.17/mo billed every year. All 7 Paraphraser writing modes. With the Quillbot premium plan, you can get full access to all features, which include:

  • All 7 Paraphraser writing modes
  • Increased character limit with unlimited words to paraphrase.
  • All 4 synonyms options.
  • 15 sentences processed at a time.
  • 6000 word limit on Summarizer.
  • Unlimited Freeze words and phrases.
  • All extensions.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Co-Writer.
  • Comparing all 7 Paraphraser modes at the same time.


🏆 Quillbot Alternatives

Looking for Quillbot alternatives? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the best Quillbot alternatives and competitors that work in a similar manner to Quillbot.

You can check Jasper AI, Anyword, CopyBlocks, CopyMatic, Rytr.me, Copy.ai, Simplified, and many more which work in a similar manner as NeuronWriter.

If you are looking for a better comparison, you can check our guide between Jarvis AI Vs Copy AI 2022.


🏆 Quillbot FAQs

1. What languages does quillbot support?

Quillbot supports only two languages, which are American English and British English. In the future, you will get a quillbot tool in more languages.

2. Using Quillbot paraphrasing plagiarism?

No, Quillbot paraphrasing is unique and is plagiarism free. You don’t need to worry about the copyright issue.

3. How many modes are there in Quillbot?

There are 5 different modes of writing, which are simple, creative, short, fluency, and standard. You need to choose one from 5 of them according to your purpose.

4. Can I install quillbot in Google docs?

Yes, you can install quillbot in Google docs and also in Microsoft Word. It supports both of them and also you can download the chrome extension and use it on any website for writing.

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Quillbot Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives & More (2022)
Quillbot Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives & More (2022)

Original price was: $80.Current price is: $15.

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