7+ Best AdSpy Alternatives & Competitors Of 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Online advertising spy tools help you get high-converting social traffic at a low cost per click! If you are looking for the best alternatives to AdSpy you must read this article to discover the best ones for your business progress!

If you are looking to reach a new targeted audience, then social media advertising will you to achieve real business results! AdSpy is one of the most popular ad spying tools and includes a large database of ads on Facebook. Using this FB ad spy tool, you can gather all your competitor’s top ad strategies, analytics, reports, and more. But if are looking for the cheapest AdSpy alternatives, you are at the right place! Read our full blog to get to know the top AdSpy alternatives & competitors to get the best deal for you!

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What Are The Best AdSpy Alternatives In 2023?

Best In Business
Minea Review


Selected KPIs to facilitate analysis of ads
Identify target brands by category
Selection of winning products by AI
Analysis of all the ads for a shop
Regular updates
Powerful and affordable subscription
They offer a FREE Trial, which is great to test the application.
Trending Product
BigSpy Review


Shows ads from more than 6 major social networks
It comes with an effective Search box
In-depth information from different angles
A massive number of creatives
Recommended by 1000+ people.
9+ Platforms Include Facebook, Instagram, and many more
They offer FREE Trials and offer everything at such a minimal price.
Most Affordable
DropiSpy Logo


Best Customer Response
User Friendly UI
Best for drop shippers and retailers
The best ads spy to find the best Winning Products
No.1 product research tool for Dropshippers
Pricing Plan starts from 0$/per month
They offer FREE Trials and are best for dropshippiers and retailers.
Editor's Choice
Anstrex Review


Comes with three software in one platform
It supports FTP services
Chrome Extension Available for this platform
You Can Save Countless Hours On Research
You Can Rapidly Build Awesome Landing Pages
They offer FREE Trials and are best for dropshippiers and retailers.
User's Choice
PiPiAds Logo


Helps to find the trending products
Largest global data bank
Allows to access ad materials
Discover real TikTok-winning products
No. 1 TikTok ads spy tool
Viral TikTok Products & TikTok Top Ads
Best value
PowerAdSpy logo


It is a Cloud-based platform
Download Landing Pages
Real-Time data available
They offer you crystal clear visibility of Ads analytics
Can Data Of Millions Of Ads From 100+ Countries
Easy To Use
AdPeriscope Logo


Provides advanced data sorting possibilities
Offers a comprehensive set of creatives
Best landing page ripping tool in the market
They offer simple search and advanced search both options
They are one of the best landing page ripping tools in the market

Though AdSpy is one of the top ad spying tools, it doesn’t meet all your adverts requirements and is quite costly compared to its competitors! Paid ad campaigns are undertaken on social media platforms to reach target audiences in social media advertising, which is an extension of digital marketing. Marketers and advertisers can use popular social media networks to promote their companies and encourage purchases.

In this online world, It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your message seen as user attention is becoming increasingly rare. Social media advertising has a big impact since it helps you to reach out to your ideal buyers at all stages of the buying process. According to the latest social media advertising statistics, brands are looking to spend big on social media ads which are projected to reach over $173 million in 2022. In 2022, social media video ad spending will grow by 20.1% to $24.35 billion.

To get discovered on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you need o to adopt the right advertising strategies to get the maximum conversion from your social media ad campaigns! Here in this guide, we have listed the best AdSpy alternatives that will help you to attract more customers and boost your sales with the right advertising strategies! Let’s get started.

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Here are my top picks for the best alternatives to AdSpy that you must try:

Complete List Of Top AdSpy Alternatives & Competitors



Best Free AdSpy Alternative

BigSpy highly recommended

Multi-Ad Platforms
Big Ad Database
Powerful Search

BigSpy is the best free AdSpy alternative with a database of Facebook ads spying, Instagram ads, YouTube ads spying, Pinterest Ads, Google PPC ads spying, TikTok ads spying, and more. More than 650 million ad creatives have been created with this ad spy software, which is used by 1 million online marketers all around the world.

It is one of the cheapest ad spying tools that you can easily get started for free! Apart from this, it can be used to identify winning ad campaigns and have a secret eye on what your competitors are doing to score higher conversions! BigSpy is one of the best social media advertising spy tools, especially for Facebook’s ads, with a user-friendly design, simplified filtering, and in-depth analysis of your competitors’ ads and find profitable opportunities that will work for you!

Using this AdSpy free alternative, you can simply build social media advertising and make the funnels that work in a fraction of minutes with the BigSpy ads spy tool, which contains product trends, product stores, and top-level reports you simply can not ignore. It also assists you in getting ideas for different niches with real-time data as well as trending ads that will maximize your profitability.

BigSpy is best suited for online business owners, blogging platforms, eCommerce networks, dropshipping businesses, product finders, affiliate marketing platforms, freelancers, ad agencies, media buying, and more.

BigSpy Features

  • User-friendly dashboard: BigSpy comes with a user-friendly dashboard that includes powerful search options for ad creatives. Their filter option lets you search for an ad by category, Country, language, device type, etc. It has a unique layout for both beginners and pros.
  • Screening options: It supports various screening options which include marketing objectives goal filter, ad creative format, CTA types, keyword search, page categories, affiliate network, likes, comments, shares, affiliate networks, custom data range, affiliate ID, and many more that any ad spy tool can provide you!
  • Multi-platform ads search: BigSpy also lets you track ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo, among other social media platforms. It is possible to get adverts on the top 7 social media platforms with this software.
  • Detailed ad analysis: This excellent free Adspy tool gives you ad research, ad trends, and advertiser rankings. You will have access to clear data about the advertising and will be allowed to use specific creative to market your service or product.
  • BigSpy free chrome extension: BigSpy includes a free chrome extension that allows you to save the ad whenever you browse on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Now it is very easy to collect adverts on your social networks, plus you will have the chance to enable or disable this option.

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy comes with 3 pricing plans, which include:

  • The free plan starts at $0/mo
  • The basic plan starts at $9/mo
  • The Pro plan starts at $99/mo
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $300/mo




Best Social Spy Tool

PowerAdSpy best values

A huge database of Facebook ads
Amazing custom search filter
Real-time engagement
Access to ad videos and images

PowerAdSpy is another free AdSpy competitors that help you uncover your competitor’s ad strategy and keeps you one step ahead in this competitive market. With this competitive intelligence software, you can track your competitor’s ad strategies on all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, GDN, and Native ads.

PowerAdSpy also allows you to quickly adapt your competitor’s techniques to your own campaigns, which could save you hundreds of dollars and endless hours spent testing creatives and identifying your target demographic. Whether you’re an ad planner, ad agency, a media buyer, or a creative, this ad spy tool can help you to create your own ads from scratch. Apart from this, it comes with a unique operating interface that enables you to track your competitors’ angles, ad copies, and creatives in terms of age, competitors, keywords, and audience.

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Not only this but using this free ad spy tool can understand the trending advertising strategy and marketing tactics of top players in your niche and implement the best practices in your own strategy! This tool also maximizes your level of engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares can drive more clicks, and increase ROI. With their search for ads feature, you can search for competitors’ ads and keyword research and make your next campaign a hit! You can also integrate with third parties with the PowerAdSpy chrome extension feature and monitor your competitors’ sites and what ads they are running. Lastly, PowerAdSpy provides amazing customer support.

PowerAdSpy Features

  • Amazing search algorithm: PowerAdSpy has an impressive search algorithm to help find show ads based on keywords, phrases, and other search terms, which makes it easy to select specific ads.
  • Supports multiple contents: PowerAdSpy easily finds many video ads that work well on Facebook and also helps to create amazing video ads and understand the most effective CTAs.
  • Powerful Geo-targeting: This is one of the most crucial features that help you sell physical products by knowing the geographical location of your potential customers targeted by your competitors.
  • Millions of data: This spy tool updates its huge searchable database of millions of ads from 15 countries so far with thousands of new ads. Now you never have to miss the most trending advertisements in your niche!

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy comes with 6 pricing plans:

  • Free plan costs $0/mo
  • Basic plan costs $49/mo
  • Standard plan costs $99/mo
  • Premium plan costs $149/mo
  • Platinum plan costs $249/mo
  • Titanium plan costs $299/mo
  • Palladium plan costs $349/mo




Best Native Ad Spy Tool For Content Creators

Anstrex editor's choice

Build winning native advertising campaigns
Find the hottest selling dropship products
Dominate push notification advertising

Anstrex is one of the best ad intelligence software that will help you to spy on your rival’s marketing campaigns and grow your ad business to the next level! Knowing your competition’s darkest secrets is highly advised for marketing experts, especially if you are one of the hundreds of affiliate marketers or native advertisers who use native ads.

Using this native ad spy tool, you can easily spy on the most effective native ads strategy of your competition. Anstrex is one of the best AdSpy alternative free tools that have over 15 million advertisements from 50k+ advertisers scattered over 92 countries, to dive deeper into competitors marketing strategies and plans. It is best suited for eCommerce and dropship owners and also helps to boost profits generated by B2B and B2C marketers.

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The most amazing feature is it has an easy-to-use interface and advanced search and filtering options that delivers filtered data such as ad network, country, platform, language, affiliate network, and more. Compared to other ad spying solutions that can’t provide exact data on a region or language, this ad spying software can dig deep into the market, effectively reducing the danger of making poor choices. Moreover, it has a 24/7 live chat option and phone support!

Anstrex Features

  • Advanced keyword search: Anstrex comes with advanced keyword search filters to get more specific ads, and also allows you to apply quick filters like ad network, Geographical location, language, and more.
  • Bookmark options: This Adspy alternative provides the bookmark option where you can save all your favorites. Plus, it also allows you to form favorite groups and arrange your ads in a specific manner so that you can find them later in case you lost them!
  • Deploy your landing page: Anstrex provides a number of tools and plugins for testing landing pages and personalizing them for a specific company or industry. You can easily submit it to the server using this capability without having to download or save an offline copy.
  • Real-time analysis: This tool not only allows you to follow future clients and trends but also allows you to create campaigns that are most profitable for them. This function aids marketers in generating urgency and hence has a better understanding of your products and services.

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Native plan starts at $59.99/mo/user
  • Push plan starts at $79.99/mo/user
  • Native & Push plan costs $124.99/mo/user




Best Ad Spy Tool For Affiliates

AdPeriscope easy to use

All major ad networks
Landing page download and ad deployment tool
3G/4G Data from 150+ carriers

AdPeriscope is one of the most profitable adult ad spy tools for affiliates. It gives the power to discover the winning marketing ideas and creatives to boost your profitability. Apart from this, it helps you to beat your competition by providing access to a large number of banner databases and also spying on hidden campaigns.

It assists you in analyzing your competitors’ native ads and determining what works for them, as well as assisting you in developing your own advertising strategies in such a way that your ROI goes up. Now it will be very easy for you to keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies and how they are running their ad campaigns. Other extra features include a powerful affiliate filter that helps you identify hundreds of affiliate networks.

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AdPeriscope searches a database of over 10,000 publications to determine which ones are providing a greater interest rate to online marketers. It is a wonderful tool and highly recommendable for your adult campaigns.

AdPeriscope Features

  • Simple search option: Now you can easily search for the latest banners and ads through simple keywords. Plus, you can easily scan all banner ads for your business.
  • Advanced alert options: With this Adspy alternative you can monitor native online adverts for you, but it also sends you a signal when one of your competitors launches a campaign.
  • Complete data: This wonderful tool gives a detailed picture of your entire campaign along with competitor analysis! No need to compromise with partial data!
  • Full set of creatives: With AdPeriscope you’ll be able to see all of the campaign creatives how an advertiser is now running and have previously deployed. So you can quickly identify the most effective ad creative and maximize your return on investment.

AdPeriscope Pricing

AdPeriscope starts at $89.99/mo/user and includes all major adult ad networks, data from 56 countries, online chat support, and more.




Best Ad Spy Tool For Dropshipping

DropiSpy most affordable

In-depth insight into trending ads
Simple interface for effective navigation
Discover winning dropshipping products

DropiSpy is one of the best social network AdSpy alternatives designed for dropshippers and online retailers that allows you to monitor your competitors’ ads and winning strategies! Its powerful technology offers you access to hundreds of advertisements and allows you to easily filter them so you can locate winning ads, lucrative dropshipping products, and profitable dropshipping niches easily.

Moreover, this Shopify ad spying tool also helps you to understand the most profitable dropshipping strategies and techniques and also enables you access to thousands of innovative dropshipping websites with their daily page views, ranking variables, and many more!

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Plus, DropiSpy comes with powerful built-in features such as keyword searches, eCommerce platforms, media types, page titles, last active times, first seen dates, domain names, CTA buttons, languages, ages, genders, reactions, shares, and comments that will help you to stay ahead from your competitors!

DropiSpy Features

  • Responsive user interface: DropiSpy comes with an intuitive interface for effective navigation with the fastest servers.
  • Advanced filters: Dropispy has a number of powerful filters that allow you to simply add or remove advertisements that don’t meet your needs. Some of the most advanced filters include keyword search, ad creation date, media type, page name, first seen date, last seen date, audience countries, language, gender, age, domain, eCommerce platforms, CTA button, likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • Excellent support: DropiSpy offers amazing customer support for 24 hours. With their premium plans, you can also get instant access to their live chat support.
  • Large Database: Dropispy’s product database has tens of millions of advertisements, and the program is updated daily, bringing you over 1000 new ads every day.

DropiSpy Pricing

DropiSpy comes with 2 pricing plans:

  • The free plan starts at €0/mo
  • Premium plan starts at €29.90/mo
  • Business plan starts at €249.90/mo




Best Ad Spy Tool For TikTok

PiPiAds user's choice

Free for first 3 days
Helps to find and promote hot-selling product
Offers 1000 view ads per day
Excellent sales support
$155$399 visit site

PiPiADS is one of the world’s largest TikTok ad spy tools, allowing you to find the TikTok video ads data you need for your online business. With this app, you can spy on the TikTok advertising platform, as it comes with a variety of filters to help you find ads.

Apart from this, it can be used for eCommerce, branding, and other promotional activities of your competitors. Aside from that, you’ll find the most recent and up-to-date advertisements for brand awareness, apps, and e-commerce purchases here. They also have a global database that enables intellectual filtering and ad search across a wide range of topics.

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PiPiAds also provides incredibly helpful information on commercials, such as the date, the number of Ad Impressions, and the popularity of the ads. They also offer a thorough examination of ads and target groups, as well as extra ad plans for landing pages, expenses, and other factors.

PiPiAds Features

  • Creative templates: PiPiADS gives you access to a variety of templates, such as a creative template for your advertising and material inspirations to help you generate higher ad quality materials responsive to market trends.
  • Discover competitors’ policies: It helps you to evaluate the most winning ads of your competitors so that you can build your own ad strategy!
  • High-quality ad materials: With this amazing feature, you can get informed about the latest updates that could affect your sales.
  • Find hot products for your dropshipping business: PiPiAds helps dropshippers to discover the trending products for their business and also integrate with various eCommerce platforms!

PiPiAds Pricing

PiPiAds comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • VIP plan starts at $ 155/mo
  • The Pro plan starts at $263/mo
  • Enterprise plan is customizable.


Final Words On AdSpy Alternatives

The best AdSpy alternative is BigSpy, which is one of the six best AdSpy alternatives listed above. AdSpy is one of the most popular social media ad spying tools, BigSpy offers unique ad tracking functionality for 6 different social media networks!

Aside from tracking advertising on social media sites, BigSpy allows for thorough targeting, extensive observations, landing page downloads, and live ad engagement, among other things. Moreover, it has enhanced search filters for all kinds of niches, countries, and categories of ads which makes it the best alternative to AdSpy!

It is highly recommended for all online marketers, ad agencies, freelancers, eCommerce businesses, and various other businesses. If you are looking for a cheaper AdSpy alternative, then you must give it a try! AdSpy is relatively more expensive compared to its competitors, and if you are looking for a free AdSpy alternative then you must signup with the BigSpy free plan and get amazing benefits for your next ad campaign!

I hope, you liked this article. If you have questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below! And don’t forget to share which one is your choice and why! Thanks again and have an awesome day ahead!

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