Best Auto Repair Software And Systems For Small Businesses In 2022

With the right auto repair software, you’d save time, have better communication, increase the use of engagement and ratify tracking as well, as it would help you self-regulate repair shops. In this article, we have listed and reviewed the top Auto repair software that can help you in acomplishing your business goal.

Car owners are well aware that each new vehicle they purchase is more complicated than the one before it. Auto repair shops are also becoming more sophisticated, though it may not be as obvious. The introduction of new auto repair software and shop management software has had a positive impact on the business, significantly improving on previous practices. The reasoning is simple: customers want things done quickly and correctly. Computerization is the answer.

Using available technology to its full potential saves time, helps you organize your business, and improves customer communication. These benefits, as well as others, contribute to a better customer experience and increased loyalty, which is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

So here is a quick list of the best auto repair software for your business:

List Of Best Auto Repair Software

Ari Auto Repair Software


Client Management
Vehicle Management
Inventory Management
Reports and Statistics
Appointments & Service Reminder
Accounting Features
Fresh Desk Contact Center


Inventory Management
Repair ticket management
Field service management


Customers and CRM
Complete Invoicing Module
Robust Inventory System
Customer Map


Repair Order Management
Inventory & Stock
Reporting & Data
Point of Sale

Auto repair shop owners are generally trying to :

  • Attract new, tech-oriented technicians
  • Provide better customer service
  • Improve profit margins

When you’re dealing with all three of these issues at the same time, auto repair software is essential. Your team can use auto repair software to automate daily shop operations. You can also gain a better understanding of your store’s performance.

Below, we will break down what auto repair software is. Learn the need-to-know features and benefits of using auto shop management software as well as the buyer’s guide.

What Is Auto Repair Software?

Auto repair management software is a program that automates the day-to-day operations of an auto repair shop. Other useful features of this software include the ability to strengthen customer relationships, increase profit margins, and easily schedule employees.

Automotive repair software includes tools that help automotive technicians with both car repairs and office tasks. These tools are used by car service businesses (for example, body shops, inspections, and collision repair) to manage vehicle databases and track information like repair history, maintenance schedules, job estimates, and various diagnostics, as well as repair mapping and ordering parts.

Why Should You Use Auto Repair Software?

  • With more detailed work orders, streamlined scheduling, customer service history, and improved customer communication, you’ll save time and increase employee productivity across the board. Return your technicians to the cars and away from the clipboards.
  • Auto repair software gives you access to a variety of reports, analytics, and key performance indicators, such as labor costs, to help you track the performance of your auto repair shop. You don’t have to do anything but use the system, generate reports from the data the software collects, and figure out how to increase revenue.
  • A paperless shop management system is capable, adaptable, safe, and professional. Reduce unnecessary paper and print costs, and rest easy knowing that your digital documents are protected by data encryption and other software security tools. No more duplicate data entry, disorganized file cabinets, or hurried note-taking when you can quickly combine lists, update customer information across systems, and communicate with customers online.
  • With a user dashboard, reports, and more, you can get the shop overview you’ve been looking for. Whether you have one or ten locations, see job statuses, parts statuses, work timers, and customer information all in one place.
  • With automated customer service reminders, you can cut down on the number of disappointing no-shows for scheduled service appointments. A quick text or email to a customer could be the difference between reliable revenue and wasted labor hours. Plus, customers appreciate the reminder and modern convenience.
  • With auto repair shop management software, it’s easier to keep your inventory up to date and well-stocked. You can set up triggers so that the software orders parts from your chosen suppliers automatically when the stock reaches a certain level.
  • You can stay competitive by using Auto repair software. Don’t get left behind by auto shops that have upgraded and are already reaping the benefits of a comprehensive and affordable auto shop software solution in terms of operations, sales, and customer relationships!

Complete Review Of Best Auto Repair Software



Free Automotive Repair Software


Client Management
Vehicle Management
Inventory Managemen
Reports and Statistics
Appointments & Service Reminder
Accounting Features
$29.99/month Chcek Offer

ARI (Auto Repair Invoices) is a management tool for independent mechanics, auto repair shops, and car dealerships. ARI is one of the best free auto repair software. It has an iOS/Android app as well as a Web version that can be accessed from any desktop PC or laptop. Repair businesses can list services in an online booking directory, receive requests from clients, and approve/deny appointments from within the application.

ARI streamlines the entire repairing lifecycle for businesses with a variety of modules for accounting, a built-in spare parts database, client relationship management, invoicing, estimation, car diagnostics, and more. It allows mechanics to diagnose a vehicle using customizable inspection checklists, detect damage to create job cards, assign work to mobile technicians, order spare parts, raise service invoices, and send automated reminders to customers. Professionals can also use a centralized repository to keep track of information about new and returning customers, such as addresses, payment methods, GPS coordinates, and previous visits.

ARI Features

  • Client Management – Client management is at the base of any business, especially auto repair. ARI makes sure that you have full control over your customer database, and that is why they have added extended functionality such as sort, filter, search, vehicle ownership, billing statement, and much more!
  • Vehicle Management – From license plate reading to services history, ARI comes with all the necessary tools to manage your vehicle database. What’s even more impressive is that ARI does not charge you based on how many vehicles you register.
  • Inventory Management – Are you looking for a CRM system for your auto repair shop inventory? Do you want to keep track of your stock right from your mobile device? Look no further because, aside from many other auto repair software features, ARI comes with a truly remarkable CRM system designed specifically for car repair shops.
  • Accounting Features – Using ARI, you can take full control over how much money goes in and out of your car repair business. With ARI’s accounting features, you can create purchase orders, track your expenses, and monitor your profits!
  • Reports and Statistics – Whether you want to check your monthly profit or your mechanics’ labor times, this auto repair software ensures you that there is a report you can pull for your need. View beautifully-designed graphs for your paid invoices, sales, and even due-to payments!
  • Job Cards & Work Orders – ARI comes with one of the best job card templates in the automotive industry as the best auto repair software. You can assign work to your mechanics, track their hours, and even let your customers approve or decline recommended vehicle repairs. They can do all of this online, and you can automatically notify them at each stage of the process.
  • Invoices – Create invoices on the go and send them to your customers in a matter of minutes. Add your business’s logo, change the color, adjust the header, and more to your invoice templates. With online payment options, you’ll never miss a payment again, and you can rest easy knowing that all of your past-due invoices will be handled promptly.
  • Estimates – Auto repair estimates are the building block of any repair shop. They are the first thing your clients see before they even get a chance to check your garage. So make sure you create and send proper estimates to your customers.
  • Inspections – ARI comes with a comprehensive list of 30+ check items. In most cases, that should be more than enough to ensure a thorough inspection. However, for those mechanics who want to go above and beyond, ARI offers the possibility to create their own custom checklists. In addition to that, you can also mark damage reports straight on your device so that’s clear where the damaged areas are located.
  • Appointments & Service Reminder – Forget about third-party calendar apps and booking systems, you can easily keep all your auto repair appointments inside ARI. This functionality offers immense power to auto repair shops by taking the hassle out of the booking process. This software will also keep track of all your service reminders and send automatic emails to your clients 1 week before their car service is due.

ARI Pricing & Plans

ARI offers 3 simple plans:

  • Free Plan – $0
  • Monthly Plan – $29.99/month
  • Year Plan – $299.99/Year



FreshDesk Repair Management Software

Cheapest Auto Repair Software


Inventory Management
Repair ticket management
Field service management
$15/month Check Offer

FreshDesk Repair Management software eliminates manual and unproductive tasks, streamlines workflows, and allows service teams and technicians to focus on completing repairs on the field and exceeding customer expectations.

FreshDesk repair management system solves many issues that service and after-sales teams face when managing their maintenance and repair requests. It simplifies the process of collecting every service request, recording information about the job, and enabling easy access to both dispatch teams and technicians.

FreshDesk repair management solution helps both parties collaborate easily and provide updates on the go. Repair teams can instantly notify field technicians of updates on a job and track the progress of tasks in real-time.

By using a FreshDesk repair management solution to schedule repair jobs, you can assign the right technicians and improve communication between dispatch teams and on-field personnel, technicians can reach customer locations faster, prioritize assignments, and solve issues quicker. Service teams can also set up automated workflows for repetitive tasks to help improve productivity.

With Freshdesk, you can create a service task for every repair request with all the required fields such as description, location, status, priority, etc. This way, service managers and technicians get complete context of all their service tasks in one place. Freshdesk also supports omnichannel ticketing, allowing you to convert customer requests from multiple channels such as Email, Phone, Chat, or Social Media into requests within the helpdesk.

FreshDesk Repair Management Software Features

  • Inventory Management – Repair management software can assist you in gathering information about the equipment to be assessed ahead of time in order to manage asset inventory and ensure that technicians are properly prepared. Technicians can use the mobile app to take photos and notes on the parts that need to be replaced while on the job. A purchase order can be planned ahead of time, improving parts management and lowering logistical and inventory costs.
  • Repair ticket management – With Freshdesk, you can create a service task for every repair request with all the required fields such as description, location, status, priority, etc. Service managers and technicians can get a complete picture of all their service tasks in one place in this way. Freshdesk also supports omnichannel ticketing, which allows you to convert customer requests received via email, phone, chat, or social media into helpdesk requests.
  • Scheduling – The scheduling tool is useful for dispatchers who need to assign repair tasks to technicians, manage workloads, and prioritize jobs. Any task can be assigned to a technician by simply dragging and dropping it into an available time slot on their calendar, and Service Managers get an integrated view of every field worker’s job schedule.
  • Field service management – The Freshdesk mobile field service app enables field teams to manage their daily tasks on the go. The app gives repair engineers access to all the essential information they need, including customer address, date & time of the job, contact details, etc. The app can also open up directions to the customer’s location in any map application to help technicians navigate better.

FreshDesk Repair Management Software Pricing

  • Free – $0.00
  • Growth – $ 15/month billed annually
  • Pro – $49/ month billed annually
  • Enterprise – $69/ month billed annually




Mobile auto repair software


Customers and CRM
Complete Invoicing Module
Robust Inventory System
Customer Map
$49.99/mo Check Offer

RepairShopr is a powerful ticketing software designed specifically for repair shops, with features such as contract / SLA management, incident management, knowledge base management, alerts/escalation, automated routing, multiple brands/products, and a self-service portal. By collaborating with other agents, you can resolve tickets faster and more accurately with this help desk software. Users of the software can easily organize repetitive customer questions into FAQs and use page templates to categorize tickets according to priority.

RepairShopr Features

  • Customers and CRM– With powerful customer management and search you have your entire database instantly available from anywhere. We added the important parts of a CRM and left out all the confusing stuff so your team will ramp up quickly and get to work.
  • Customer Map – Another example of our powerful data analytics tools is the customer map – quickly visualize your data to gain insights that may have been impossible to determine without using a fully integrated back-office tool like RepairShopr.
  • Complete Invoicing Module– Invoicing system with all the power a repair business or retail store will need.
  • Robust Inventory System -Inventory that was rebuilt from the ground up in 2015 to support the most advanced workflows including; batch tracking, RMA and return tracking, rework tracking, and tons more. If a job comes back (even years later) you’ll have the ability to pull up the exact Purchase Order that product was bought from, so you can determine the vendor and all the product instance attributes.
  • Track Parts Orders from Ticket to Arrival to Invoicing – Many repair shops need to custom order one-off items to complete a job that you don’t have or want in your inventory system. Track random purchases, attach them to a ticket, and automatically have them create a charge when the Ticket gets invoiced, we have you covered.

RepairShopr Pricing

  • Starter Annual – $49.99/month (Billed Annually)
  • Repair Shop Annual – $ 99.99/month (Billed Annually)
  • Big Chain Annual– $99.99/month (Billed Annually)




Best Repair Management Software


Repair Order Management
Inventory & Stock
Reporting & Data
Point of Sale
$169/mo Check Offer

Repair and service management software for electronics repair businesses. Fixable automate 80% of the workflow so that you can reduce the turnaround time, improve service experience, and increase customer satisfaction levels. Its smart workflows, based on over a million repairs logged into its system, help you manage repairs efficiently.

Handle logistics, inventory, payments, and more on a centralized platform, saving time on each. Your managers can set up customizable workflows, track repairs, and use the auto-fill functionality to enter data. Fixably allows technicians to communicate with customers via emails or text messages, and manage service contracts with a few clicks.

Gain insights into client and third-party orders through customizable reports. Organizations can monitor revenue and the number of received or closed repairs daily, weekly, and monthly via real-time reporting dashboards.

Service professionals can manage POP, CLC, WCR, and other files, automatically generate purchase invoices, and translate customer documents into multiple languages.

Fixably Features

  • Repair Order Management – You can track repairs from intake to delivery on one platform to ensure increased efficiency, lower turnaround times, and improved customer satisfaction. Use the intuitive repair workflow or configure one that suits your business.
  • Inventory & Stock – Fixably offers a stock module that has flexible features to help you organize and control your inventory in a way that is most useful for your repair and service business.
  • Reporting & Data – Track repair data, revenue, and spending to make decisions that help grow your business. You can also create dashboards that give you a quick overview of all business functions, strengthening your understanding of the business.
  • Point of Sale– Your customers matter the most, which is why solutions that ease customer interactions, especially over the counter, are crucial.

Fixably Pricing

  1. Starter – $169/month
  2. Performance – $ 599/month
  3. Enterprise – Customizable


How To Choose Auto Repair Software For Your Business? | Buyers Guide

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by options when there are so many software vendors, each with its own unique set of features and pricing. Every auto repair shop management software vendor will undoubtedly claim that their product is superior to the competition.

If you’re looking for software, you might be wondering, “What is the best auto repair shop management software for my automotive business?”

The clear-cut answer is: It Depends

Each auto repair software will have its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some software companies place a greater emphasis on the development of specific features than others. Some may be missing features that your store requires.

Furthermore, the two auto repair shops will not be the same. A large auto repair shop with thousands of repairs completed per month will have different needs and requirements than a small auto repair shop.

Because of all of these variables, we recommend the following when looking for a software vendor. Simply follow our simple steps for selecting the best auto repair shop management software and you’ll know exactly what to look for by the end.

Here’s a list of our recommended steps to create a process for buying garage management software:

Step 1: Understand what you need

Step 2: Ask yourself the following questions for a quick needs assessment

Step 3: Make a list of potential software vendors and their current features

Step 4: Create a shortlist of vendors whose features solve your shop’s needs

Step 5: Do your research on customer reviews

Step 6: Test a free trial of your potential software vendors

Step 7: Make the choice

🤔 Understand What You Need

To begin, you’ll need software that’s tailored to your specific requirements, with features such as the ability to view and manage inventory, receive and send payments, track customer data, generate reports, analyze revenue and expenses, and more.

In fact, you’ll have to consider a customer’s entire repair process from start to finish. What operational steps are taken from the time a customer schedules an appointment with your auto repair shop to the time they pick up their repaired vehicle?

For instance, your current shop procedure might be something like this:

  • The customer schedules an appointment with your shop and leaves their vehicle there.
  • A work order, or a list of possible repairs, is created by your repair shop.
  • Repairs are carried out, and notes are kept on the repairs.
  • After the repairs are finished, an invoice is generated and sent to the customer.
  • The customer settles the bill and drives away in their vehicle.

Move on to the next step after you’ve made a list of your pain points and areas for improvement.

🤔 Ask yourself the following questions for a quick needs assessment

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before selecting an auto repair software.

❓What features and functionalities are you looking for?

For example, the best auto repair software will allow you to add and maintain details of repair items in a database, manage the items from a centralized location, and generate reports based on your inventory data if you plan on having effective inventory control and management. Consider whether you require invoicing software, business intelligence, and other critical features that can be combined in an all-in-one platform.

❓Is the software offering the required features and functionalities?

Connect the functionalities you identified with the software’s key features. Determine how many features on your list you checked – the more, the better. A good auto repair software system will address all of the company’s problems and provide business intelligence and analytics.

❓Can the software run on the systems you use?

Discuss this with your technical team in detail, and see if any changes to your current systems are required to adapt the software.

❓Is the software’s pricing plan within your budget?

Keep in mind that the price will vary greatly depending on the number of features you want in your program. Furthermore, if you intend to customize the program, the initial cost could skyrocket.

🤔 Make a list of potential software vendors and their current features

Do some research on potential software vendors after you’ve gathered the answers to the above questions. You can do this in a variety of ways. Our curated list will be the best option for you.

Each software vendor should have a website with more details about its current features. We recommend making a list of all the features of any current vendor you’re considering.

🤔 Create a shortlist of vendors whose features solve your shop’s needs

After you’ve compiled a comprehensive list of features, compare your potential software vendors to your needs and pain points from Step 1. Your ultimate goal should be to identify potential features that correspond to the current pain points in your automotive business. In fact, you should focus on the benefits rather than the features of the software.

There are two reasons to put this step’s emphasis on benefits rather than features:

  • This ensures that you’re only looking at software vendors who can actually help your company solve its problems.
  • This keeps you from overpaying for or purchasing software that has features you don’t require.

🤔 Do your research on customer reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of software that meets your requirements, do more research on the software provider and read customer reviews.

Customer reviews can help you figure out how helpful and efficient the software provider is with their services. Keep in mind that your system may need to be updated and maintained on a regular basis. A team with a track record of success and a loyal customer base will provide high-quality services while saving money in the long run.

You can also look through all of the software providers’ customer lists to see how many auto repair shops are similar to yours.

🤔 Test a free trial of your potential software vendors

It’s always a great idea to put theory into practice! Sign up for free trials with the remaining software vendors on your list to get some hands-on experience with the software.

The benefit of using free trials rather than purchasing the software should be self-evident: there is no substitute for actually using a product.

🤔 Make the choice

It’s time to make a decision after you’ve completed your free trials with the various software providers. Choose the option that best meets your requirements and integrates with your business processes.

As your company grows, you’ll need to keep your business management software up to date as well. Ensure that any updates or new software versions are installed as soon as possible.

Conclusion On Best Auto Repair Software

The best auto repair software will make running your business easier and more efficient while also giving you access to powerful tools that will help you keep better track of your day-to-day operations.

These systems also automate processes such as scheduling, invoicing, inventory management, and so on, saving you money and time. The right auto repair shop management system will take care of everything if you choose wisely.

We hope that this blog has helped you evaluate the best auto repair management software available. If you have any further questions, please post them in the section below. Our experts will assist you in making the best decision! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful day!

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