16 Best AI Photo Colorizers For Converting Black & White Photos To Color

Recreate Black And White Photos To Colors With The Help Of AI Colorizers

Both Paid And Free AI Photo Colorizers With Features, Pricing & More

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Do you like uploading new pictures and getting likes on them? Yes! We all love to upload pictures on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We also want to upload our old memories on social media but the old pictures are black and white and dull. That means you will not upload them absolutely not there are some of the best AI photos colorizes apps where you can colorize your black and white images and bring life in them.

But do you know? In the 1960s, only a few amounts of people had colorized techniques. But now it is not the situation. There are a lot of colorized tools available on phones as well as on laptops. Even if you are not a pro editor but still you can edit pictures with the help of Ai picture colorizer, web apps, plugins, and software, etc.

However, it is not easy to transfer black and white pictures into color one. But you don’t have to worry about that because Ai colorize techniques have made things easier. Even if you do not have the apps like Photoshop but still there are a lot of AI image colorize apps available that can help you to do it with just one simple click.

But there are lots of application that claims to create a magnificent quality of images without damaging the old image. So it is very demented to which application is used for editing.

So here is the list of best AI Photo Colorizers To Turn Black And White Photos To Color. Let’s have look at this.

What Is An Image Colorization?

Image colorization is a process of allocating the colors to a greyscale image to make it more artistic which is appealing and conceptually meaningful. These are recognized for doing sophisticated tasks that often require knowledge of image content and manual adjustments in order to achieve an artifact-free quality.

What Is The Purpose Of AI Photo Colorizers?

All of us have back and white pictures which are present from generation to generation. This makes us curious that how it looks when we colorize them. There are lots of ai colorized photo editors present where you can convert these black and white pictures into color ones. So there are lots of best apps to colorize black and white photos that you can come across with. There are lots of benefits to colorizing pictures.

Here is the list of benefits that you will enjoy while converting your black and white pictures into color:

  • This applications helps in colorizing the pictures withut damaging the picture.
  • It also helps in bring life to the old pictures
  • Image colorizer online helps in making colors more details
  • It also helps making the photos more interesting and realistics.

Watch How To Create Black And White Images To Colour Images

If you are afraid of how to colorize your black and white photos. Then here is the demo video of how to create black and white pictures to color.

Best AI Photo Colorizers

Quick List Of Best AI Photo Colorizers

 For all the social media lovers who want to edit their old pictures into new ones here is the list of top AI Photo Colorizers To Turn Black And White Photos To Color. If you are not a pro editor don’t worry because all these apps are user-friendly but some of them are paid and some are cost-free.

16 Best AI Image Colorizers


Vance Ai Photo Colorizer

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Editors

Vance Ai Photo colorizer is a free AI picture Colorizer app which helps in colorizing the black and white picture by simply using Deep Convolution Neural Network within 5 seconds. The Ai colorization Algorithms are trained so well that they can transfer millions of black and white images into the color images. Through this, there is an addition of natural colors into your old black and white pictures.
This app has Integrated AI photo colorization which turns your black and white images into color images. It also gives your images wonderful AI features in order to get rid of noise and blur pictures.
This application uses AI technology and Deep learning which brings spectacular and natural looks to your old photos. If you want to colorize your old family photos, classic film screenshots, or B&W landscapes this app helps you to do so.

Vance Ai Photo Colorizer Features:

  • Coloreize Photo online: in this Vance Ai app one can easily colorize their pictures online with the Ai image colorization.It also do not need any kind of photoshop skills.
  • Free Image Colorizer: You can get Free Image Colorizer by using this app
  • Best AI colorize algorithms: It has the best Ai image colorize algoriths which help to convert your old black and white pictures into colour image.
  • Data Safe Garentee:This app claers tthe uplioaded images within 24 hours so feel safe while using it.
  • It can automatically make the images colorize from black and white.
  • It offers 5 images free trails.
  • If you are a pro user then you can use PSD Formate.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It is lacks editing tools.

Vance Ai Photo Colorizer Pricing

Vace Ai Photo Colorizers comes with 3 plans:

  1. For Basic ($9.99): 200 credits/month, Unused credits roll over
  2. For Pro ($ 19.99): 500 credits/month, Unused credits roll over
  3. For 3Months($24.99): 600 credits in total




Best AI Photo Colorizers For recreating the old pictures

From the year 2020 MyHeritage is the home to the universe’s best technology for boosting and colorization of the old pictures. It is the foremost global platform that is used for exploring family history. It is a very powerful photo colorization app that automatically puts color into black and white pictures.

It has sophisticated matching technologies, billions of international historical records, and at-home DNA that helps you to connect with your past, present, and future. It only takes 10 seconds to colorize your old picture into a new one.

MyHeritage Features:

  • Colorize: Colour your black and white photos into coloured photo by deep learining technology.
  • Restore colors: You can also restore your faded color photos.
  • Animate Family Photo:You can also animate your family photo through this technology.
  • You can colorize the photo without losing its quality.
  • You can create 10 colorized photos after signing in
  • You can share these pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • You can also download these colorized photos.
  • A watermark is added for the nonsubscribers.

MyHeritage Pricing

This application offers two plans:

  • MyHeritage DNA Kit: $39
  • MyHeritage DNA kit + MyHeritage Complete Plan: $39




Best AI Photo Colorizers For Refreshing Your Memories

Colourise.com is an AI-powered Photo Colorization which mainly used for the colorization of the images. It is a very hassle-free task. It did not need any photoshop and it 100% automatically turns the old black and white photos into colored photos. There is no need to signup or download any programs.

Colourise.com Features:

  • Colourize Photo Easily: you can easily colourized your photo by just uploading it into the workstation,Process and then it is ready for download.
  • Colorized Photos For Free: With the help of this app you can easily colorizes your photos without spending any penny.There is no limitation for uploading the images.
  • Adding Lifelink To Old Photos With Colourise: This application transforms your to make black and white photos into astonishing pictures with a magnificient freatures.The most import thing is that there is no water mark available in the pictures after downloading it.
  • It is fast to use.
  • It can colorize your image in just one click
  • It can colorize black and white photos for free
  • There is no batch processing

Colourise.com Pricing

It is free of cost



Deepai.org Colorize

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Image Colorization.
Deepai.org Colorize

Deepai.org Colorize is mainly used for colorization of the old black and white pictures as it is an image colorization API. This is free, open-source software. It trained a deep learning model which helps to convert black and white to color photos. After lots of training, the models are well trained about how to make colorize photos from black and white photos.

The outcome of the images is mesmerizing like the images have Portraits, interiors, and outdoor scenes which makes the images more realistic. In this app, you are only able to upload pictures of 1200px for any dimension. However, this application will shrink the images if you upload any large image in it. There is no download option in this software. But you can save the images directly on your laptop after colorizing the picture.

Deepai.org Colorize Features:

  • Image colorization: This application can changes your greyscale images into color images with some amazing effects and quality.
  • Photo Restoration: With the help of this application you can add splace of life to your old image swithin a frasction of seconds.
  • Video Colorization: You can also edit the old black and white films by simply add color to every frame.
  • It helps in colorizing black and white
  • It is user-friendly.
  • There is no watermark available.
  • It limited the size of the images.

Deepai.org Colorize Pricing

This is a freeable application.




Best AI Photo Colorizers For Free Users

Colourise. online is a very powerful photo colorization application which is an AI-based tool that can automatically convert black and white photos to color photos online for free. It is very easy and also fast to use. Through this app, you can easily revolve your old pictures into a new ones with just a few clicks. And this whole process is 100% automatic which basically means that you only have to upload the pictures in order to colorize it. It can be only done with just a few clicks.

Colourise.Online Features:

  • Fast : You can esaily colorize your pictures within 30 seconds.
  • Simple to Use: Colorize.com can easily restore the original colors of most of the images. YOu do not have to download the extentions or the software.
  • Easy To achieve great effects: This image colorize online allows you to create colorise photos with AI and bring a new life to the pictures.
  • Without watermark: This Photo colorization software permits you to download the images without any watermark.
  • It is totally cost-free
  • You do not need any skills for this.
  • It has a limited image size

Colourise.Online Pricing

It is cost-free




Best AI Photo Colorizers For Python Users

Deoldify is the state of art that can convert black and white pictures into color ones. This applicatedIt is basically a Python-based software tool. It is one of the best amazing free photo colorizing software but getting full access to this app is arduous for regular users. It mainly runs on Ubuntu and it requires an adequate amount of knowledge about how you want to install this application on your computer or laptop.


  • Self Attention:This application uses U-Net architecture and also can modified this architechture in order to use Spectral Normalization.
  • Two -time scale update rule: this application is trained in GAN architecture. This is fundamentally just one to one generator architechture.
  • Colourization: It can convrets black and ehite pictures into colourd pictures and the result is astonished
  • It is a Python-based software
  • You can colorize the images through it
  • It is cost-free
  • No cons to be found

DeOldify Pricing

It is available for free.



Playback. Fm

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Hassle-Free Editing Pictures
Playback. Fm

Playback. Fm is an online AI colorize software that can transfer black and whites photos free of cost. But you can only upload one image at a time. The good thing about this app is it has no limitations. It is also feasible.

On the basis of a neural network, the model is trained with numerous amount of pictures. This app has a facility to preview the picture which helps you to check whether the color image is accurate or not.

Playback. Fm Features:

  • It helps in colourize the pictures within a few seconds
  • This application has no limitation
  • It has the facility of previewing the image
  • It is free to use
  • You can use this app easily
  • This application has no limitation
  • The application has a lot of ads.

Playback. Fm Pricing

It is cost-free





Best AI Photo Colorizers For Portrait Enhancer

Luminar is a very professional image colorized online application with some amazing features. This application authorized you to create the best quality colorized black and white photos. You can use the brushing tools of this app as it is powered by AI technologies which come with many tools to enhance the features of the pictures. The color space effects help to appear certain color in the back and white pictures.

Luminar Features:

  • Sunrays: This application has a option to add the ray of sunlight which immproves your puctires.
  • Perfect potraits: It has a realistic effect on the potrait pictures which is done by AI Skin Enhancer and Potrait Enhancer.
  • Reveal the hidden beauty: The AI structures are trained in such a way that it detects the areas that can look richer and upgrade only them without damaging the faces nad the skin.
  • Add contrust: As compaired to regular constrast the Smart Contrast helps in converse both the colors and details of the image.
  • You can colorize the images with superior quality
  • It has lots of editing features.
  • It is chargeable.

Luminar Pricing

Luminar Application comes with three plans :

  • $47: Lifetime license, Lowest price for an easy start and more
  • $69: Lifetime license, 30-day money back guarantee and more
  • $98: 24/7 technical support, Lifetime license and more



Image Colorize

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Image Repair

Image Colorize is AI colorize photo editor which helps to convert black and white photos to color online for free. You can easily access the free version online. But the picture which you will upload must be smaller than 500 MB.

And if you give a large image then it will comprise the quality.No photoshop skills are required to transfer the black and white pictures to the color one. You must be worried about privacy, so there is good news that all the uploaded images will be cleared within 24 hours.

Image Colorize Features

  • AI Colorization: Colorize black and white pictures automatically for free of cost
  • AI enhances: It brings a clarity in blurry and poor quality images.
  • AI retouch: It allows to make the okld blurry pictures to make it look better.
  • AI repair: It can also repair the damaged images within a few seconds.
  • It is quite accurate sits
  • It can be used comfortably
  • It provides both online tools and colorized black and white photos freeware 
  • You do not have to log in or sign up
  • There is a limitation in picture image

Image Colorize Pricing

This application is cost-free




Best AI Photo Colorizers For Free Of Cost

Colorize. digital is AI colorized Photo generator that is used to colorize black and white images. With the help of UI design you can colorize the pictures within a few seconds and also this is 100% accurate.

Colorize.digital Features:

  • AI-Powered Image: This free colorization of old photos application is AI powered image which helps in colorize the black and white image to colur one.
  • Cost Free: With this application you can totally colorize your black and white images free of cost.
  • It is free of cost
  • It helps in colorizing pictures effectively.
  • It is unstable in performing.

Colorize.Digital Pricing

It is free of Cost



Hotpot.ai Colorize

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Art Maker
Hotpot.ai Colorize

Hotpot Ai service analyzes the black and white images and turned them into actual color photos. This AI image colorizes assert to colorize black and white images of historic figures and enhance them automatically. The outcome of these images is very sophisticated. In this application, the pictures are not saved without the permission of the users.

Hotpot.ai. Colorize Features:

  • AI picture Colorizer: You can colorize the pictures with AI which actually turing the black and white pictuures to colors within the seconds.
  • Ai Art Maker Beta: You can turn you imagination into art. it has powered by the latest technology. This applications helps in creating art and images based on the simple text instruction.
  • AI Pictre Restorer: You can restore and repaire your images without damaging the old one.
  • AI Backgrounf Remover: Wnat to emove annoying background this application als capable of doing it within a few seconds.
  • File Transfer: You can also transfer the file with the help of this applications.
  • Colorize black and white photos using AI
  • Can also use as a photo restorer
  • Background remove easily
  • No free trial

Hotpot.ai. Colorize Pricing

Hotpot.ai.Colorize comes with 3 pricing plans:

For Once:

  • 800 credits: $10
  • 2000 credits: $25
  • 4000 credits: $50
  • 8000 credits: $100
  • 16000 credits: $200
  • 40000 credits: $500
  • 64000 credits: $800


  • 1000 credits / month: $10 / month
  • 2500 credits / month: $25 / month
  • 5000 credits / month: $50 / month
  • 10000 credits / month: $100 / month
  • 20000 credits / month: $200 / month
  • 50000 credits / month: $500 / month
  • 80000 credits / month: $800 / month


  • 1100 credits / month:$120 / year
  • 2750 credits / month: $300 / year
  • 5500 credits / month: $600 / year
  • 11000 credits / month: $1200 / year
  • 22000 credits / month: $2400 / year
  • 55000 credits / month: $6000 / year
  • 88000 credits / month: $9600 / year





Best AI Photo Colorizers For Reframe The Pictures

Photoshop is the best application for colorizing black and white images. You can also customize the photoshop according to your wish. Too much manual work and too much time spent on it can bore you. If you use AI, photo colonizers of this app while selecting the base color of your black and white pictures and then you can Photoshop it.

Photoshop Features:

  • Reframe your pictures: You can easily fix flaws and swap backgrownds by simple clicking few words. You can also add effects, remix colors, and change someone’s expression.
  • Collaboration and Commenting: you can share your pictres to web, desktop, and iPad
  • Plugins: There rae new plugins which are available in this application.
  • This app offers unparallel editing features
  • You can take advantage of versatile features
  • This converts black and white Photo to color online free applications can easily transfer to the devices.
  • Can also customize images from social media
  • It has a high requirement for the computer system.

Photoshop Pricing

Photoshop offers you four plans:

  • For individuals: $20.99/month
  • For Students And Teachers: $15.99/month
  • For Teams And Business: $49.99/month
  • For School And Universities: 34.99/month



ColorSurprise AI Pixbim

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Enlarge AI

This is very easy to use colorize black and white photos freeware AI-based software which helps in adjusting the color temperature, intensity, contrast, and gamma. The software also provides brush tools that help to fix the colorization. The outcome is very impressive.

ColorSurprise AI Pixbim Features:

  • Pixbim Color Surprise AI: You can colorize old black and white pictures using the deep technology.
  • Pixbim Object Remover AI: If you want to remove objects,text or other things then this application is perfect for you.
  • Pxibm Enlarge AI: This colorize black and white software can also enlarge the resolution of the images.
  • Pixbim Unblur Shake AI: Want give a blurry effect on your picture then through this application you can do so.
  • It is user friendly
  • It has free upgrades
  • There is no image size restriction
  • It has batch mode or batch processing of photos
  • Sometimes the result is not ideal

ColorSurprise AI Pixbim Pricing

This application offers 5 plans

  • Color Suprise AI: $39.99
  • AI Enlarge Photolabs: $49.99
  • Pixbim Object Remover AI: $37.99
  • Pixbim Unblur Shake AI: $34.99
  • Pixbim Video Colorize AI: $59.99




Algorithmia Image Colorization

Best AI Photo Colorizers For Algorithm User

This colorized black and white photo software is hosted by AI Vendor Algorithmia. This software is is a mixture and it is functioning well on the images.

Algorithmia Image Colorization Features:

  • Colorful Colorization: This colorize black and white photos software helps in Colorizes blac and white pictures.
  • Sentiment Analysis: With this application you can determine Positive or negetive from text
  • Autotag: This colorize software helps in placing tag in the texts automatically
  • It helps in colorize the color
  • can determine positive and negative from the text
  • You can also use free trails
  • Price is not be founded

Algorithmia Image Colorization Pricing

NOTE: The price of this application is not available. For More Information contact to the vendors





Best AI Photo Colorizers For Different Filters
Screenshot13 1024x415 1

This application is a very powerful photo editor application with sharp features. It can generate colorized pictures with high quality. You have to install the software before using it.

Movavi Features:

  • This application helps in automatic photo oganizations
  • You can also remove objects and backgrownd
  • This convert black and white photo to Color app has a lots of filters and effects
  • you can also record video through this application
  • It has many automatic tools
  • There are lots of editing features.
  • It adds a watermark to result in a free plan

Movavi Pricing

This application offered plans:
For Business:
Movavi Video Suite:
Business license
Business license
Business License(For 1-year Subscription):$ 159.95
Business License(For LIfeTime):$199.95

PDFChef By Movavi:

PDFChef Cloud (1year): $35.99
PDFChef (Lifetime): $45.99
PDFChef Cloud Plus(1year): $ 65.99




Best AI Photo Colorizers For iOS Users

Photomyne application suits most of the pictures. This is a smart and automatic Process for image colonizers online. It can be a browser and also available as a download app on android and iOS.

Photomyne Features:

  • Scan Photos And Relive The Past: You can easily Scan photos.
  • Memories Live Here: You can keep your family history safe with this application
  • It supports in PC and Laptops
  • It is very simple and quick to use
  • The speed of this app is very slow

Photomyne Pricing

This application is free of costs



Lastly, to summarize the whole thing AI image colorization is basically making the greyscale image into a colored one without damaging the original pictures. It also helps in adjusting the images in so sophisticated way that actually brings life to the dull photos.

As per my recommendation, if you love to edit pictures for free then the best colorize photo online free application is Image Colorize and for paid applications, Photoshop is best for colorizing black and white photos.

Thank you for going through the blog. Still have questions in your mind? Don’t forget to drop them in the comment section below! We are happy to respond you all!

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