Best Elementor Appointment Booking Plugins In 2022

The WordPress market offers so many booking systems with Elementor compatibility that it gets difficult to find the best option for your needs. So here is the curated list of the best Elementor Booking Plugin in 2022.

If you’re looking for Elementor appointment booking plugins, you’re in luck. Today, we have the top Elementor booking plugin that you can use to create booking forms, create calendars with booking detail, list booking slots, and more.

So here is a quick list of the best Elementor Booking Plugin of 2022.

Quick List Of Best Elementor Appointment Booking Plugins In 2022

Booknetic- Best Appointment Booking Plugin Overall Best

Responsive design
Workflow management
Custom forms
Customer panel
15+ integrations

Amelia Elementor Booking Plugin

Custom Services Schedule
Schedule Recurring Appointments
Woo Commerce Integraion
Support For Stripe Payment System
Support for multiple services and service categories
And more…

Pinpoint Booking System

Responsive Booking Interface
Booking Calendar Extension
Synchronization with google calendar API
Multiple Online Payment Gateways.
And more…

JetAppointment Elementor Booking Plugin

Add services and set up their provision terms
Display service providers and link them to services
Service booking through the availability calendar
Create a booking form adjusting post-submit actions
And More…

Simply Schedule Appointments

Easily Manage Your Time & Display Your Availability
Completely Customize to Your Liking
Seamlessly Integrate Scheduling into Your Workflow
Receive Modern, First-Class Support from the Support Team.
And more…

MotoPress Booking Plugin

Accept Payments Online or Upon Arrival
Add & Customize Unlimited Services
Add & Manage Unlimited Employees
Create Discount Coupons
Multiple Services Bookable at One Go
And More…

Now when you have got the list, it’s time to evaluate the feature and pricing of the above-mentioned booking plugin. So let’s get started.

Detail Review Of Best Elementor Booking Plugin

WordPress provides dozens of booking software, including plugins for Elementor appointment booking. Some only offer premium plans, while others are free. Naturally, not every one of them is interchangeable and appropriate for formal business websites.

So let’s review the top booking plugins for Elementor and discuss their advantages.


Amelia Elementor Booking Plugin

Best Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin

Custom Services Schedule
Schedule Recurring Appointments
Woo Commerce Integraion
Support For Stripe Payment System
Support for multiple services and service categories
And more…

Amelia is an advanced booking plugin for WordPress that allows customers to make reservations and appointments through your website with ease.

The plugin aims to make appointment booking a simple process for customers and also make things easier for business owners to manage their clients and customers. With the plugin, you can offer a simple step-by-step process for booking appointments instead of the conventional methods that involve a lot of filling out forms.

In fact, Amelia is one of the best Elementor Booking Plugins available to WordPress users. Amelia is a powerful and beginner-friendly appointment booking plugin that’s suitable for many different types of business websites.

Amelia dubs itself as an “enterprise-level WordPress appointment booking plugin”, mostly because of its wide range of advanced features and simplified functions geared toward service-based websites and businesses.

Amelia does not store any customers’ data in compliance with GDPR. In Amelia Customer Panel, your customers can access, manage, and delete their personal data at any point in time.

By the way, if you are planning to use Elementor, don’t forget to read our Elementor Review.

Amelia Elementor Booking Plugin Features

Some of the key features of the Amelia Elementor Plugin are:

  • SMS Notifications: Be in instant touch with your customers and employees – communicate with them through SMS text messages.
  • Custom services schedule: Take advantage of full scheduling flexibility with the custom services schedule feature – configure the working hours and breaks individually per service and employee combinations.
  • Schedule Recurring Appointments: Make sure your customers will become your returning customers by letting them schedule recurring appointments. Choose whether your appointment recurrence is daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Maintain your customer satisfaction on regular basis.
  • Custom Fields for booking forms: Construct the booking form to match your business best – configure the custom fields (checkboxes, text areas, etc.) to collect any additional necessary information from your customers.
  • Step-by-step booking wizard: An alternative way of scheduling appointments is by choosing one parameter (service, employee, date) at each step.
  • Customizable design: Choose colors and fonts for the front-end elements to make the booking controls match your WordPress theme and corporate brand style.
  • Automated notifications: Send e-mail & SMS notifications both to customers and employees – when an appointment is booked, pending, canceled, rejected, birthday greeting, appointment follow-up, and others.
  • Group appointment bookings: Appointments do not always have to be individual. Amelia supports group bookings as well (e.g., for group excursions). Each service can have minimum and maximum capacity.

Amelia Elementor Booking Plugin Pricing

The annual plans of Amelia Plugin are as follows:

  1. Basic – US$79 (1 DOMAIN / YEAR)
  2. Pro – US$119 (3 DOMAINS / YEAR)
  3. Developer – US$249 (UNLIMITED DOMAINS / YEAR)

Upon purchase, you will receive an instant download link and an invoice to your inbox, and access to our online store where you will be able to download the plugin, check subscription status or cancel at any time.

Reason To Buy
  • Extremely easy to use and well-designed interface to manage all your bookings.
  • Amelia booking plugin provides business owners and managers with a dashboard page that summarizes all business-critical KPIs and displays them in widgets, charts, and tables that allow checking the performance with a 5 seconds glance.
  • You will get monthly updates with new features.
  • World-class support team to help with any problem.
  • Admin and employees can track the appointments in a dynamic calendar view. The calendar can present appointments for monthly, weekly, daily, and timeline view, and can be filtered by employee, location, service, or service category.



Pinpoint Booking System

Most Easy To Use Elementor Booking Plugin

Responsive Booking Interface
Booking Calendar Extension
Synchronization with google calendar API
Multiple Online Payment Gateways.
And more…

Pinpoint Booking is a WordPress plugin that lets you show booking calendars and take reservations on your website.

Pinpoint is a booking plugin that would be very useful to hotels, beauty salons, or personal trainers if you’re looking to rent accommodations, schedule services, do appointment booking, or receive online reservations and appointments of any kind within your WordPress website.

This WordPress plugin allows you to take appointments and display reservation calendars on your site. If you own or manage a hotel, personal training company, beauty salon, or other types of specialty businesses that require an effective system to handle online reservations, rental accommodations, or any other type of appointment, this is an important option to consider.

The Pinpoint booking calendar’s extensions give you more flexibility while improving your clients’ overall booking experience. They provide further opportunities for customers to enjoy your service or give you additional information.

Pinpoint Booking System Features

Some of the key features of Pinpoint Booking Systems are as follows :

  • Fully Responsive: Pinpoint is completely responsive and works well on all devices, from smartphones to large desktop monitors.
  • Multilingual support: All text in the booking system is easily editable from the plugin backend, allowing you to use any language you want.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce: WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Pinpoint can be extended with WooCommerce, allowing you to take advantage of WooCommerce’s shopping cart and payment methods. WooCommerce is a completely free platform.
  • Support for taxes, coupons/fees, and booking rules: There are numerous tools and options available to help you run your business smoothly.
  • Notifications via SMS and email: Keep your customers informed about their reservations by sending automated email or SMS notifications.

Pinpoint Booking System Pricing

  1. Personal: $70 (1 site/ 1 year)
  2. Business: $140 (5 Sites/1 year)
  3. Developer: $ 280 (25 Sites/ 1 year)
Reason To Buy
  • Its booking calendar’s front-end interface is responsive, thus it adapts to any browser or device your clients browse your website on.
  • The Pinpoint booking calendar has a set of extensions that can drastically improve its flexibility and enhance your customer’s booking experience. 
  • With Pinpoint’s WooCommerce integration, you can take advantage of the shopping cart, payment gateways, and all other features.
  • With Pinpoint, you can receive your client’s payments or deposits directly online. The default payment system is Paypal, but if you have other preferences, you can add also them to your booking calendar.



JetAppointment Elementor Booking Plugin

WordPress appointment plugin for Elementor and Gutenberg

Add services and set up their provision terms
Display service providers and link them to services
Service booking through the availability calendar
Create a booking form adjusting post-submit actions
And More…

JetAppointment was created by Crocoblock developers, known for their best Elementor addons. JetAppointment is a WordPress appointment plugin that features all the tools needed to build a website with services and providers and book them on a short, hourly basis. With it, you get the functionality required to allow the customers to make an appointment: pick the necessary service, select a date and hours available in the provider’s calendar.

This plugin helps you to build a fantastic appointment website. This plugin has a beginner-friendly installation wizard, which guides you in creating a new appointment form. By the way, this is an excellent appointment plugin for advanced WordPress users, as it provides you with flexibility and customization. JetAppointment also provides you with single and multistep forms, easy to customize features. You can set working hours, days off, holidays, etc.

JetAppointment Elementor Booking Plugin Features

  • Calendars: JetAppointment guarantees flexible scheduling and easily manageable calendars. First, you can set an Availability Calendar with some specific Labels, if needed, and provide time slots right there for each day. Combining JetAppointment and Google Calendar, you can easily synchronize the schedule, add the necessary events, and even connect it with WooCommerce.
  • Multiple services and providers: If you provide more than one service (it might be a SPA salon website or some barbershop, or else with various services), you can easily configure them on your website. Yes, you can add them all. JetAppointment will handle everything. By the way, the post relations between services and providers are set automatically, so no more confusion with configuring them.
  • Individual service settings: The beauty of JetAppointment is how effortlessly you can set specific prices, time, and other parameters for each service you add. So, each service is configured separately in case of need.
  • Time things: Well, all of them are easily manageable too. You can do with time slots everything you want, actually, because JetAppointment has everything to create a super-flexible appointment calendar.
  • Appointment Capacity. A helpful feature for defining the number of available spots for each time slot.
  • Multi booking. If the customer likes your center so much that they want to make several appointments and get different services from your providers, you can guarantee them this possibility. Let them choose different time slots and dates.
  • Some perks for the admins. Intuitive Dashboard for adding and editing appointments — convenient bird-view and easy management are important. Also, you can filter all the appointments you get by Service, Provider, Status, and search by date or meta fields.

JetAppointment Elementor Booking Plugin Pricing

JetAppointment is a premium plugin, but it’s quite affordable with plans starting at just $19 for use on a single site or $39 for use on unlimited sites.

However, you’ll also need the separate JetEngine plugin to access full functionality, which starts at $26. You can also get both plugins as part of the full JetPlugins suite, which costs $85 (and also comes with tons of other useful Elementor extensions).

Reason To Buy
  • Make the appointment booking semiautomated. Users can choose to repeat the scheduled appointment every day, week, month, and year.
  • You can Set a specific time slot allowing the customer to book a service at a fixed duration and price.
  • Unlock all payment systems available from WooCommerce modules alongside third-party email services like Zapier and Integromat, Google Calendar, and more.
  • Excellent and personal support via tickets, live chat, messengers, and Zoom calls.



Simply Schedule Appointments

Appointment Booking Plugin for Consultants and Small Businesses

Easily Manage Your Time & Display Your Availability
Completely Customize to Your Liking
Seamlessly Integrate Scheduling into Your Workflow
Receive Modern, First-Class Support from the Support Team.
And more…

Simply Schedule Appointments is an easy-to-use Elementor appointment booking plugin. It’s an appointment booking system loved by 10,000+ businesses, with a 5-star review average.

The Simply Schedule Appointments booking calendars are easy and fast to set up. And enjoyable for your customers and clients to book and schedule appointments. You can set up the appointment scheduling calendars to take your first booking in less than minutes.

Simply Schedule Appointments is perfect if you want to let your customers schedule phone calls, in-person or virtual video meetings, or coaching appointments.

You can tame your schedule and easily manage when you’re available for bookings. And block off dates when you don’t want to be disturbed for bookings — no more phone calls or back-and-forth emails to find a meeting time that works.

Simple Schedule Appointment Features

  1. Advanced Scheduling Options: Display your availability by day, time, and type of appointment—allowing you to make the most of your schedule and grow your business.
  2. Blackout Dates: Easily designate work holidays, birthdays, and other unique days that you wish to blackout your availability.
  3. Google Calendar Sync: Automatically sync with your Google Calendar to confirm true availability and avoid scheduling overlapping meetings.
  4. Deeply Integrated with WordPress: Automatically associate booked clients with their WordPress accounts, allowing you to dynamically show them useful displays on your website—like their upcoming appointments.
  5. Conversion & Goal Tracking: Understand the funnel your website visitors go through before scheduling an appointment and optimize the flow for more conversions.

Simply Scheduling Appointment Pricing

  1. Plus Edition – $99
  2. Professional Edition – $199
  3. Business Edition – $299
Reason To Buy
  • Unlimited booking calendars, appointments, and team members with the yearly subscription.
  • The customizations are endless, match the booking calendars to fit your style and business.
  • Whether you use our built-in integrations or you use a tool like Zapier — SSA fits into any workflow.
  • Sync with dozens of different CRMs with the WP Fusion integration.



MotoPress Booking Plugin

WordPress appointment scheduling plugin for Elementor

Accept Payments Online or Upon Arrival
Add & Customize Unlimited Services
Add & Manage Unlimited Employees
Create Discount Coupons
Multiple Services Bookable at One Go
And More…

The MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin is exactly that – an Elementor appointment and booking plugin. The plugin makes accepting bookings and appointments on your website incredibly simple.

It also allows you to easily track and manage your appointments from a simple dashboard. As a result, the plugin is ideal for a variety of businesses, including beauty salons, tutors, online classes, gyms, lawyers, and others.

It’s also incredibly simple to use, making it ideal for both novice and advanced users. To be honest, no prior technical knowledge is required to use the plugin. 

It offers you all the nifty features and options you need to accept bookings on your site, but in a clean interface that doesn’t get in your way. Also, it’s a lightweight plugin that doesn’t torture your server with code bloat. That means the plugin doesn’t disappoint in the features and performance departments.

MotoPress Elementor Booking Plugin Features

  • Multiple Language: The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin for WordPress is available in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. That means you can simply choose the needed language in your WordPress settings and voila – the plugin is automatically switched to the professional translation, both the backend admin tools and the actual website content sourced by the plugin.
  • Automated Email Notifications: Immediate email notifications associated with bookings and respective automated booking status changes will help you reduce the client waiting time, thus managing booking much faster. The MotoPress WordPress scheduler plugin allows you to tweak the content and style of both admin and customer email notifications.
  • Allow Booking for Groups: Clients can book an appointment for a group of people. For example, that can be a yoga class or an escape room reservation for several people at a time. As an admin, you are free to configure capacity settings in the WordPress scheduler plugin by defining the maximum number of persons possible for one appointment, as well as optionally multiplying the service price by the number of people.
  • Centralized Admin Bookings Calendar: Thanks to the built-in appointment booking calendar, admins, employees, and other team members can quickly and easily view all past and future bookings in their current statuses. The reservations are centralized in one place and you can access them in a color-coded calendar view, individual booking preview, or timetable in chronological order.
  • Multiple Services Bookable at One Go: Allow your customers to add several services to their cart during one submission. All appointments can be booked for different services, times, dates, and employees – in just one go. Make it easy for a customer to reserve several appointments without the need to go through the same booking procedure several times.

MotoPress Elementor Booking Plugin Pricing

MotoPress provides 2 simple pricing plans, such as:

  • Single Site – $49.00
  • Unlimited Sites – $199.00
Reason To Buy
  • Step-by-step booking wizard for your clients. Once clients reach your booking page, they are treated to a seamless booking experience that boosts conversion rates and triggers impulse booking.
  • Capability to add unlimited services with multiple variables e.g, creating one-time or recurring services. That makes the plugin quite flexible.
  • Clean admin interface that allows you to manage appointments from one central point. You can see and edit a lot of info manually if you so wish.
  • Allows you to unlimited locations, which makes the plugin perfect for solopreneurs and multi-shop businesses in different locations.


Other Booking Plugin For Elementor

Some other Elementor Booking Plugins that are worth mentioning are:

  • Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration
  • Online Booking Calendar Scheduled247
  • Master Addons for Elementor
  • CBX Restaurant Booking
  • WP Time Slots Booking Form

Benefits Of Online Booking For Business?

Some of the key benefits of online booking for your business are:

1. Increase your sales and expand your company:

An online scheduling booking platform will help your company bring in the bacon, thanks to its online payment feature. You can also charge customers for late cancellations or no-shows. If you’re looking to make money, online scheduling can assist you.

The ease with which you can create, post, promote, and sell online is another significant benefit of online booking software. You can mix and match services or let customers choose their own equipment. This will boost sales, even more, allowing customers to get exactly what they want. Upselling should be integrated into the booking process, allowing you to offer customers context-specific deals.

2. Expanding and defining your customer profile:

Few elementor plugins include functionality that keeps track of the client’s information as they interact with the business. This data, which is stored for a longer period of time, serves as a repository of meaning for the client, their preferences, and their behavior.

3. Build a relationship with your clients:

Customers save time by booking and scheduling appointments online, which may seem counterintuitive at first. If you use online scheduling/booking, clients will be able to use your services more quickly. Online booking allows small businesses to build long-term relationships with customers thanks to strong email and communication channels.

When clients’ schedule permits, they can easily schedule these last-minute appointments. An Appointment Booking Software can help you organize client meetings and make providing high-quality service a breeze. Customer retention helps to increase customer lifetime value and brand loyalty.

4. Enjoy insights from data analysis:

Who is making a particular service reservation? When do you get the most bookings—during the week, the month, or the year? How many people abandon the reservation process before securing an appointment? Your booking data analysis can provide the answers to all of these questions, which can then be used to guide future decisions regarding marketing plans, service packages, pricing schemes, and other matters.

5. Increase payment speed and security

The best online reservation systems allow for instant and secure payment processing, allow for partial or full prepayment and expedite the transfer of funds into your account. Make sure the company you want to handle your payments has strong, transparent policies in place for preventing fraud and settling disputes.

How To Choose The Best Booking Plugin For Elementor?

There are a few crucial aspects to look for when choosing an online booking WordPress plugin for Elementor:

1. Ease of use:  The plugin ought to have an easy-to-use user interface.

2. Compatibility: The most recent WordPress version should be compatible with the plugin. If you need a plugin with a variety of payment options, consider Google Calendar integration (PayPal, Stripe). then come to a decision.

3. Support: Pick a plugin that offers support if you encounter any problems.

4. Features: Pick a plugin with the features you need, like the capacity to accept payments, send out reminders, and handle appointments.

5. Pricing: To find the WordPress plugin that best meets your needs, compare the prices of various options.

Conclusion On Best Elementor Booking Plugin

The above-mentioned plugins are all excellent and each has a special user interface and set of features. Additionally, these plugins can be very helpful in growing and overseeing booking. So, if you think this blog is useful, please feel free to share it with your friends. You should try them out and see which ones work best for you.

Although I will add this: if you aren’t certain which one you should go with, just do yourself a favor and get Amelia. I’ve personally been using it for a while now with no issues.

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