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Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox. Ultimate Comparison Guide

Looking for an in-depth comparison guide between Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox? Read this guide, to understand how they are different and which one is best for your business.

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Struggling to find the best one between Earth Class Mail vs Traveling Mailbox? We got you covered. This guide will help you decide which virtual mail service best fits your needs. Read this side-by-side comparison of Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox based on incoming mail features, product details, pricing, and verified user reviews.

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Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox: Ultimate Comparison


Earth Class Mail

Traveling Mailbox

Company Information

Founded: 2006, United States

Founded: 2011, United States


Starting from $19/month

Starting from $15/month

Check Deposit

Mail Forwarding


Mail Scanning

Mail Shredding

Physical Address


Live Online

Integration With

Integration With Dropbox

Integration With Google Drive

Integration With Box

Integration With

Integration With Element Finance

Integration With Evernote

Integration With QuickBooks

Integration With QuickBooks Online

Integration With Wufoo

Integration With Xero

Free Version

Trial Version

Comparing Earth Class Mail vs Traveling Mailbox – Overview

What Is Earth Class Mail?

You don’t have to go to the mailbox to get your mail. Earth Class Mail helps thousands of businesses and individuals access their postal mail online 24/7, on any device. Earth Class Mail has digitized millions of pieces of mail that would have otherwise cluttered offices, littered homes, and filled landfills.

Instead, your important mail turns into secure, searchable PDFs. Customers deposit checks, pay bills, and share documents online—all without ever touching an envelope. With virtual addresses in over 80 cities across the United States, its customers include people around the globe and businesses of every size, from entrepreneurs to top companies such as Coinbase, Reddit, Grammarly, and Lyft.

Earth Class Mail, established in 2004, is part of LegalZoom, the #1 provider of online legal and compliance solutions for small businesses and individuals. Also Read, Best LegalZoom Alternatives & Competitors.

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon

Traveling Mailbox Overview- What Is A Traveling Mailbox?

Travelling Mailbox interface
Travelling Mailbox Interface

Traveling Mailbox ranks as one of the top virtual mailbox services because it offers numerous addresses, a mobile app, and high-level security for your mail.

Traveling Mailbox is a US-based virtual mailbox provider. It offers a diversified array of services that include real street addresses for you or your business, as well as virtual office services like a local fax number. These services are invaluable for those living abroad but who need an address in the United States to receive postal mail.

While Traveling Mailbox has very competitive prices and looks great on paper, its customer service leaves much to be desired, which translates into many low user ratings and negative reviews. On the other hand, most users have nothing bad to say about other aspects of the service. Consequently, signing up for Traveling Mailbox makes sense if you’re willing to risk the bad rep in exchange for lower prices and limitless cloud storage.

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon

Comparing Earth Class Mail vs Traveling Mailbox – Features

Earth Class Mail Feature

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon

1. Online mail management

Signing up for Traveling Mailbox enables you to receive your mail while traveling. They are then expected to scan the exterior before you receive a notification that you are unable to do so at this time. You can then check your inbox at a later time to shred, forward, and integrate it into Google Drive.

Traveling Mailbox provides a variety of options for handling physical mail, allowing you to feel as if you were in control. If you choose to scan the contents of the mail, Traveling Mailbox will open your mail and upload it online in PDF format. You can then view your mail from any device.

In addition to that, you can also rearrange the scanned mail that you received into folders to get related emails and separate the important mail from your junk mail.

2. Mail and package forwarding

If your shipment is only partially available or a product is on backorder, you may find it tricky or even impossible to locate the item you desire to purchase on the web. In this scenario, it’s advisable to make use of Traveling Mailbox’s forwarding services, which let you place an order for a product online and then have it transferred to your address.

Traveling Mailbox makes the process extremely easy and efficient for its users. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up for Traveling Mailbox and get a US street address of your choice.
  • Sign in to the eCommerce website where you want to purchase as you usually would.
  • Add the virtual street address provided by Traveling Mailbox as your delivery address.
  • Start purchasing the items they want.

Once Traveling Mailbox receives your packages, you can view your shipping label online and instruct Traveling Mailbox where you want them forwarded. Mail forwarding also wage works similarly; the only difference is that you must submit and submit the USPS form 1583 to have your mail forwarded.

3. Check Deposit

Depositing your checks into a bank can take multiple trips. Signing up for Traveling Mailbox allows you to make depositing checks faster since they are already deposited for you.

The best thing about this feature is that it’s available on all plans. Traveling Mailbox charges $5 for shipping your check to your bank account. However, it’s well worth the expense because Traveling Mailbox always prioritizes check deliveries and guarantees they are delivered within a day.

4. High-level security

Having Safety as its core strength, Traveling Mailbox has an advantage over its competitors since it offers a unique level of luxurious protection. Since its launch, the reputation of the company’s privacy and data protection has continued to be incredibly important to them. Traveling Mailbox pledges that you will keep your personally identifiable information confidential.

Each package is given a barcode that is scanned each time the package is touched in the facility. Their facilities are also made secure by constant video surveillance all over the place. Traveling Mailbox’s staff has explicit orders never to handle anyone’s mail unless they get explicit permission. It’s also worth knowing that Traveling Mailbox is completely HIPAA compliant, and users can get a BAA contract if they choose the extended plan.

5. QuickScan and junk filter

Suppose you are in a rush and cannot wait to receive mail that has already arrived at your package processing facility. In that case, the QuickScan option can prioritize your mail. This ensures that your mail gets scanned immediately after it arrives at this location. This service is so fast that users can access scanned mail within minutes of it arriving.

Traveling Mailbox also offers intuitive ways to get rid of any junk mail. All you need to do is mark your mail as junk mail, and Traveling Mailbox will shred it immediately. This saves you tons of hassle when trashing your mail manually piece by piece.

6. Software integrations

The most noteworthy feature of Traveling Mailbox is its ability to integrate with leading cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing users to upload their scanned mail onto their preferred cloud storage account.

Besides third-party integrations, Traveling Mailbox offers in-house software integrations, such as their Send-A-Fax and Mail-A-Letter integrations.

The former allows you to get a free local fax number from which you can receive faxes, and the latter will enable you to upload online documents and letters that Traveling Mailbox can print and deliver to an address as mail.

Finally, Traveling Mailbox also provides a Business Associate Agreement, or BAA, in the Extended Plan or better, which ensures that your private information stays intact and safe.

Traveling Mailbox Features

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon

1. Mail scanning with full-text search

Earth Class Mail’s greatest and most engaging function is its mail scanning feature. Its digital copies of your postal letters are provided in high quality, allowing you to instantly access your mail on demand.

Further, Earth Class Mail even provides a full-text search with its mail, which means that you can quickly locate the key phrases in your postal mail to skim through the rest and find the important message.

Users can also store their postal mail at Earth Class Mail’s facilities or shred them securely. With your physical mail process entirely digital, you and your business save immense amounts of time and get precise control over your mail.

2. Automated check deposits

Earth Class Mail’s check deposit service lets you scan the checks you receive by mail and have them deposited directly into a bank account of your choice. This automated process frees up the time you would otherwise spend going to the bank and filling out paperwork.

Enabling automatic check deposits further enhances this feature by automatically depositing your checks the moment in the mail that you get them.

This service is straightforward to set up, and you don’t need to sign up for any contracts or submit startup fees that may cut a hole in your wallet. Not only that, there’s no limit to how much you can deposit, which is crucial for large business transactions. Your checks are scanned and deposited in extremely secure facilities that ensure your financial security.

3. Mail Forwarding

Virtual mailbox providers frequently offer features such as virtual mailing addresses or mail forwarding, which automate and digitize mailing processes. What makes Earth Class Mail stand out is the company’s ability to make the process completely automatic and all digital. Mail may then be forwarded and delivered to any place where the delivery services of FedEx and UPS are capable.

Earth Class Mail makes it easier for you to control how the shipment looks, the order in which it goes out, its delivery times, and any insurance coverage you require via the package. For international shipments, they also comply with any customs substitute forms, helping you save even more time.

4. Secure mail and document shredding

A secure mail and document shredding feature are among the most innovative and environmentally-friendly services provided by Earth Class Mail. All postal mail received electronically at your address is automatically uploaded to the cloud and a storage device of your choice. After you’ve chosen a secure document shredding option, it is then possible to deposit the destroyed papers back into the ground.

Not only does this process clear up the space you have occupied by ridding you of unnecessary physical copies, but it also helps the environment thanks to the company’s recycling process. With that said, if you’d like to keep the physical copies of your documents, Earth Class Mail is happy to be able to provide storage for them for 30 days.

5. Powerful Integrations

Earth Class Mail has a well-documented and robust API that allows users to integrate the Class Mail platform into many different websites and software programs. The platform itself also integrates with Google Drive,, Dropbox, Box, Quickbooks, and Xero. This allows users of the platform to store their postal mail and all pertinent documents automatically within their online cloud storage accounts.

Utilizing Quickbooks with Earth Class Mail allows customers to easily track the deposits they make towards checks by tapping into a website that they trust, with the purpose to record any payments they receive. Lastly, using Earth Class Mail’s Xero integration allows them to automate the entire check deposit process.

Comparing Earth Class Mail vs Traveling Mailbox – Pros And Cons

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon

Earth Class Mail Pros and Cons

  • Integrations with major cloud-based platforms such as Google Drive and Evernote and their proprietary software such as Send-A-Fax add flexibility and extra features.
  • Traveling Mailbox provides unlimited cloud storage to all users for scanned envelopes and PDF images in your online Mailbox for free until you delete them or close your account.
  • Traveling Mailbox offers considerable discounts on package forwarding thanks to their bulk deliveries.
  • Good check deposit service receives checks on your behalf and automatically sends them to a bank account of your choice.
  • If you upload your mail or documents to your account, Traveling Mailbox can send the mail on your behalf, saving you time and effort for going to your local post office and doing it yourself.
  • Their live customer support is available all day, seven days a week through live chat, phone at 855-749-1737/919-561-6631, or email at
  • High levels of security with video surveillance on their mailing facilities, with full HIPAA compliance and barcoding of each package to promote additional protection for your mail.
  • Dedicated Android (rated 3.5/5) and iOS (rated 2.8/5) apps help users access the website from the comfort of their smartphones or other devices.

Earth Class Mail Pros And Cons

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon
  • A wide variety of virtual address locations allow you to get your mail from anywhere in the country quickly. 
  • Extremely fast check deposits and mail scanning, saving users a ton of time.
  • Precise and streamlined controls for managing shipments. 
  • Supportive customer support team with a great attitude that gets things done. 
  • Flexible pricing plans so users can choose the perfect service according to their budget.
  • Secure facilities that ensure your mail remains private and your checks aren’t stolen.

Earth Class Mail vs Traveling Mailbox – Pricing

Earth Class Mail Pricing

Personal Mailbox

Premium Mailbox

Startup Mailroom

Business Mailroom

Virtual address available? 





Maximum recipients





Incoming mail and scans limit










Traveling Mailbox Pricing



Small Business

Enterprise Tier 1

Incoming mail limit





Page scan limit





Maximum recipients





Leftover scans roll over to next month?










What Are The Alternatives Of Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox?

Traveling Mailbox

Scan the outside of each envelope
Open and scan, forward, or shred
Securely view your mail online anywhere
Forward your Mail and Packages anywhere
Deposit your Checks to your bank account
Receive packages from companies like Amazon

iPostal1 – iPostal1 provides digital mailbox customers with mailing addresses and with the technology to view and manage their postal mail and packages digitally from anywhere, at any time, with an app, or online. In the future, millions will obtain a digital mailbox for business or personal use and experience the new possibilities digital mailboxes bring.

Anytime Mailbox – Anytime Mailbox is a software platform solution that gives business centers and mail center owners the ability to offer their customers a virtual mailbox. They list each location as an address in their network on their website. The independent business centers or mail center owners decide which services and features to offer and how much to charge.  Therefore, there is no unified pricing or service plan.

PostScan Mail – PostScan Mail allows individuals and businesses to easily manage their postal mail online. Access your mail in the cloud, from anywhere. PostScan Mail scans postal mail and then alerts customers of its arrival by email, eliminating the need to constantly monitor mail deliveries. You can then decide what to do with your email by sending a request: Open, scan, and email to you, forward to your location, or store for pickup. You can also request the mail be shredded or recycled. All PostScan Mail services are safe, secure, and designed with the customer in mind.

VirtualPostMail – VirtualPostMail is a virtual mailbox service with innovative mail services that help people live and run their businesses remotely without being tied down by physical paper and location. We offer mail scanning, mail forwarding, package forwarding, check deposit services, free registered agent services, and more. This virtual mailbox offers free mail shredding, free 60-day mail storage, no cancellation fees, no setup fees, and unlimited digital storage.

US Global Mail – US Global Mail is a personal mail and package forwarding service that allows you to get a physical US street address where you can get your mail and packages delivered. Through a Virtual Mailbox, you can then see images of your mail and get it shredded, deposited, or shipped with up to 80% off on shipping rates.

Conclusion On Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox

Though Earth Class Mail and Traveling Mailbox both offer a virtual mailbox, virtual address, check deposit, and mail forwarding services, we recommend going for Travelling Mailbox as it helps to protect your identity and ensure the safe delivery of your postal mail to you online anywhere in the world.

Traveling Mailbox is one of the most affordable Postal Mail Scanning Services where you can manage your postal mail online anywhere in the world 24/7, 365 days a year. If you compare both services, Travelling Mailbox start at $15 for 35 mail page scans per month. Whereas, Earth Class Mail plans start at $19 for 50 mail item scans per month for up to 20 pages each. Traveling Mailbox page limits can add up quickly on a much smaller number of mail items.

Thank you for reading this Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox comparison. Hope this guide will help you to choose what’s the best choice according to your needs.

FAQs On Anytime Mailbox Vs Traveling Mailbox

1. How long does it take to set up a Traveling Mailbox?

Setting up a Traveling Mailbox only takes a few minutes. Simply signup by clicking Get Started under the plan above, checkout, and review your new address in as little as 5-10 minutes during normal business hours!

2. Do I need to live in a certain state to use your service?

No! Anyone from any State or Country can signup and use a Traveling Mailbox from any of the addresses that we provide.

3. Is Traveling Mailbox secure?

Traveling Mailbox provides a secured facility under 24/7 surveillance instead of sitting in your mailbox out by the road. They also ensure the safe delivery of your postal mail to you online anywhere in the world.

4. Is Earth Class Mail HIPAA compliant?

Earth Class Mail is a constitutive service absorbing electronic postal mail from its members, on receipt of the email is logged in, organized, and stored securely by an Earth Class Mail HIPAA-trained professional.

5. How much does it cost to scan my mail?

Email scanning is available using the basic plan, which limits the number of scans the monthly plan includes. If you stay within your monthly limits, there will be no additional charges for scanning your mail. You will find a page counter in your online mailbox that will keep track of how many scans you have had.

6. Which is the best virtual mailbox service?

If you’re looking for the best virtual mailbox service, consider choosing Anytime Mailbox or iPostal1 as your virtual mailbox. As a web-based-first service, you can access these tools online, no matter where you are in the world.

7. How do I set up my Earth Class Mail account?

When you subscribe to a monthly plan, we will help guide you through the steps of completing the 1583 form, which grants us permission to open your mail. We will also send you an email confirming your new virtual address and your login information, so you can access your email account on Earth Class Mail.

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