12 Best YouTube Ads Spy Tools For Marketers

Decode Youtube Ads with the help of the Best Youtube Ads Spy Tools. Get deep insight into the youtube ads campaign of your competitors with real time data, and create better strategy to get large traffic at low cost

Why do we need Youtube Ads spy tools? It is to be mentioned, on average, a person spends 3 hours a day watching youtube videos. So it is obvious thousands of companies invest a lot to get customers through youtube ads.

If you are trying to run youtube ads too, you must do it with discretion so you don’t lag behind your competitors and lose money. So in order to keep an eye on your competitor’s youtube ads, and do them even better, you need the best Youtube ads spy tools.

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With the help of these YouTube ads spying tools, one can find all the related ads for instance leaderboard ads, Short Video Ads, and Banner Ads for their video. It is critical to recognize that there are several spy solutions for YouTube that may assist you in spying on your competition. I have mentioned some famous tools like Anstrex, PowerAdSpy, and so on.

Top Picks For The Best YouTube Ads Spy Tools

These YT ad spy tools come with so many features that they can reduce your time for getting the most effective campaigns in the market. You can use keywords to find related ads with it.

The most important question is, how to use them?

It is the serious one, the new marketers always get confused about the dashboard as every platform has its unique designs. Some are hard to use and some are easy, but the main features of every platform are almost the same. Even, some of the platforms have some extra features.

Most platforms provide tutorials with their platforms for their users so that they can find no difficulty to use them. Moreover, you can find more videos related to the platforms on YouTube by expert YouTubers.

What is a YouTube Ads Spying Tools?

If you are a marketer then you must know how effective YouTube Ad Spying tools are. Most of the users think that these tools are just copying and pasting software and nothing else, but this is the wrong concept about ad spying tools.

With the help of YouTube Ad spying tools, anyone can get related ad campaigns only just by using keywords or advertisers’ names. One can filter the results to find useful data. This is not done yet.

By using these tools you are able to download the landing pages of your competitor’s ads which means you don’t have to create any landing page from the start. In Anstrex you can directly to your web server without downloading the landing page. You can use some of the platforms for free and others are offering refund policies.

Youtube Ad Spying Tool Features

When comes to the topic that what you are getting with these YouTube ad spying tools then we have to discuss it thoroughly. Almost every platform has its own features for instance on Anstrex and DropsiSpy, you can find the hottest product for dropshipping. Anstrex has an Anstrex Push feature by that you can send push notifications.

Top Performer YouTube Video Ads by View

This is the regular feature of an ad spying tool where it allows to identify the top performer on YouTube by filtering all the results based on the parameter of View. If one video has more viewers than another one then it reflects that the video of the first one has good content for its view. In a world of information, we have to find which video is really good for the audience. Providing wrong information will give you the wrong impression.

Top Advertisers on YouTube Ads

This is one of the best features of all the Youtube ad spying tools, it implies that you will know who is the advertiser including all the advertiser names available in the dashboard. Also, you can check which advertiser is paying more for ads.

How to Look For a Specific Competitor

Keeping an eye on your competitor is the most vital part of your marketing strategy. You can do it alone, but you know what if you are a smart marketer then you should use your third eye to spy on your competitors.

YouTube ad spying tools not only help you to spy on your competitors but also analyze their strategies. You can check what ad campaigns are running by your competitors.

How to “Spy” on Your Competitors’ YouTube Ads?

Follow these steps to find your competitors and spy on them easily.

Step#1: Choose any platform

Select the platform from the above list, since I have said earlier that all the platform has their unique feature then it will help you in a different factor.

Step#2: Install the Extension For Chrome

Most of the platform comes with a chrome extension for a better experience, you should install the extension on your browser for better improvement.

Chrome extensions can make your life easier when it comes to YouTube Ad Spying especially since you can save a lot of time by not having to jump between multiple tabs and you can do a lot more, below are the best youtube ads spying tools that come with advanced chrome extensions.

You can check your competitor’s ad history, insights, and much more directly from your social media newsfeeds. Youtube ad spying tool chrome extension can help you discover your competitor’s successful campaigns and hidden niche ideas.
Chrome extensions for youtube ad spying tools can help you with some other things such as one-click capture of your competitor’s youtube ads, saving ads to your personal library, automatically tracking performance every day, and more.

Step#3: Search on Dashboard

On the dashboard, you will find so many ads running on, Click on every ad to check the details, also You can also write your competitor’s name or keyword related to the ads.

Why Should One Use YouTube Ad Spying Tools?

One may think that why he should use these heavy platforms to spy on YouTube ads instead they can do everything manually by themselves. Well, that is true that you can do everything from finding the top profitable ad campaigns to doing a deep analysis of the ads which cost you so much time and effort.

Smart marketers use these platforms since it saves their time, effort, and more importantly pocket. These Youtube or TikTok Ads spying tools not only help to earn more from your website but also assist in ROI.

Some of the tools come with a landing page downloading option, where you can visit any ads and their landing pages to download them, That means don’t start from the beginning where you have to write everything on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These platforms assist to extract and also customize them.

What else you can do with YouTube Ad Spy tools? A bunch of things!

For instance, track the trending ads including the hottest products for dropshipping. Make your dream come true, don’t waste too much time searching and finding the ads and products on the internet. Might be you have to examine millions of pages and websites for perfect ads if you don’t use these tools. So make your wise decision for having your first tool to save your time and chill with Netflix. ðŸ˜‰

Who Can Use This YouTube Ad Spy Tool?

All the marketers use this kind of platform, but there are some other domains of marketers who use these platforms too. These are:

  • Drop Shipper
  • Performance Marketers
  • Brand Advertiser
  • Content Creator
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • AD & CPA Networks
  • R&D Departments

How To Choose Correct YouTube Ad Spying Tools?

You can read thousands of articles and watch videos to know about the platform. But tell me, is it enough to tell it is worthy or not for you? Absolutely not, if there is someone who can tell it fits for you then it is only you.

After using this product you can tell if it helps full for your business or not. Then how it is possible to use these products? Simply, this is not a wizard thing to do. All you need is just your device and the internet. If you visit these platforms then you will find that most of the platforms allow you to have your first free trial, so try this and check whether it is really good or not.

On the other hand, other platforms assure that if someone doesn’t like that platform then they will refund the money without asking a single question. Isn’t that amazing? Try the top platforms on the internet and if you feel it is worthy then have it forever.

Final Words For YouTube Ad Spy Tools:

Hope you like this recommendation since I have spent almost 3 to 4 months to find the best YouTube Ad Spying tool and I have invested more than $500 to test them. After all of this, I have come to the conclusion that not all platforms are best. If you tell me to suggest the best platform then I would say PowerAdSpy, BigSpy, Anstrex, PiPiAds, and DropiSpy are the top 5 platforms one should use.

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