11+ Best Filebot Alternatives To Try And Organize Your Digital Media

List Of Best Filebot Alternatives To Organize Your Video And Audio Files (With Features, Pricing And More)

Do you store lots of digital media on your computer or mobile devices? Are you frustrated that you can’t find the right file at the right moment? Does it take you ages to find out the particular media files that you are searching for?

It is because there are too many files and folders that you have created over time to categorize your downloaded and edited media files that now you are the only one who’s not at ease with all the messy and jumbled digital contents spread all over your mobile device or computer? It becomes very frustrating when you want to take a clip from a movie or TV show for editing videos with your ultimate video editing software on offer and you couldn’t find the content.

If you are facing trouble searching for your stored digital assets then worry not! There is an end number of good media management tools out in the market to make you feel at ease. I guess you have heard of filebot or may have used filebot at some point of time. However, filebot is not the only player, there exist a good number of best filebot alternatives. If you are searching for Filebot free alternatives then you are in the right place!

However, Filebot is not the only file renamer or media organizer you can use. The interface may not suit you, you may not want to pay $48 for a Filebot license, or you may want something that integrates with Ombi and checks for new episodes to torrent.

List Of Best Filebot Alternatives

Media Center Master

A Powerful Solution For Mastering Your Digital Media Library

TV Rename

Organize Your TV Shows With The Swiss Army Knife Of Media Management Tools

Ant Movie Catalog

Ant Movie Catalog Is A Complete Movie Management System Suitable For Serious Collectors & Consumers

Shoko Anime

From Small AniDB My List Program To Full Blown Client-Server Architecture Program, Shoko Anime Has Become A Trustworthy Name

Advanced Renamer

Batch File Renaming Utility For Windows

Tiny Media Manager

Tiny Media Manager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing

TV Renamer

A Java GUI Utility To Rename TV Episodes From TV Listings


MediaElch Is A Media Manager For Kodi

Rename My TV Series 2

The Most Trusted Movie And TV Show Renamng App

Bulk Rename Utility

The Bulk Renaming App On The Internet


Sonarr Is A PVR That Allows You To Download Video Files From Usenet
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What is Filebot?

Filebot is a software tool that helps you organize and rename movie, anime, and video files. You can use Filebot to look up subtitles for movies and shows you have downloaded. It pulls titles from movie databases automatically, and you can also search for subtitles from OpenSubtitles.

Best Filebot Alternatives

Complete List Of Best Filebot Alternatives

In this blog, I’ve reviewed the best filebot alternative that will certainly help you organize video and audio files on your mobile device or computer. Let’s begin our review on the best Filebot free alternatives.


Media Center Master

Best Filebot Alternative For All Digital Media
Media Center Master Home Page
Media Center Master

Media Center Master is a useful tool that helps you administer, organize, and manage your entire video library of movies and TV series episodes. This program is all-in-one where you can automatically download movie subtitles, search for torrents of new episodes, and directly control the uTorrent program.

Media Center Master Features:

  • Easy To Manage : Using Media Center Master, you can manage your media library and it will automatically download new episodes of the shows you list for watching.
  • Torrent Support: It also supports torrenting from a variety of web sources. Media Center Master is a great alternative to Filebot if you’re looking for an app to organize your media files.
  • Accessing Metadate: Its free version enables you to perform all basic functions like fetching metadata for movies and TV shows and it supports use with Plex, Kodi, and Emby.
  • Automated Torrent Support: Built-in, fully-automated episode torrent and Usenet downloads from multiple sources. Keep your T.V. series updated through the internet for free.
  • Automatic Thumbnail Download: In the premium version, video frames will be automatically extracted as thumbnails or screenshots; in the free version, it won’t be automatic.
  • Enhanced Metadata Tool: Video metadata can be embedded directly into the premium version.
  • Parallel Threading: The premium version supports parallel fetching in multiple threads
  • Automated Subtitle Download: Subtitles downloading for both movies and T.V. in multiple languages can be done with this best filebot alternative.
  • Powefrul Post-Processing: Programmable post-processing for movies and television is available for user convenience.
  • Smooth, powerful interface to organize your media collection
  • Support dozens of the most popular external metadata formats
  • Full metadata editor with tools to automate movie and T.V. episode renaming
  • Extendable fetcher system allows other programmers to write fetchers, sample source code included in the forums
  • Flexible post-processing allows command-line operations after a movie title has been fetched, works great with Stark Covers
  • Some lagging of the UI can be optimized for better user accessibility

Media Center Master Pricing:

While the premium version costs a little more than Filebot for a one-time license fee, you do get access to both annual and one-month licensing options.

  • One month premium license for Media Center Master —$3.95 USD
  • One year premium license for Media Center Master —$24.95 USD
  • A lifetime premium license for Media Center Master —$59.95 USD



TV Rename

Best Filebot Alternative Windows Software
TV Rename Home Page
TV Rename

With TV Rename—the best filebot alternative, you can organize your TV shows and organize your media library. It fixes and cleans up TV show names, and it syncs with Kodi and other media players. Besides copying files from folders you select, TV Rename will add files into your Media Library. You can also download TV posters for the shows you watch, while the app automatically creates metadata. If you don’t have another episode of a show in your library, the app creates a list and a web search for you to find those episodes. You will also be informed when the next episode of your show will be released.

TV Rename Features:

  • Functionality Of Manual Addition: Manual addition is the simplest way of adding shows into the library. You can search for the show by name or for more precise addition enter a TVDB Id. All the options about the show can be edited, but they key ones to add are, directory location to store the location of the files for the series and time zone for the series.
  • Functionality of Bulk Addition: TV Rename can search through your library of existing organised files to find shows that are not in the library. This is initiated from the menu bar, with config options are in the preferences under ‘Bulk/Auto Add’.
  • Funtionality Of Automated Addition: TV Rename can look at ‘spare’ files in the ‘download’/Search folders. If it cannot find a home for them then it tries to find the series on TVDB and asks the user for clarification via a streamlined add dialog. Once accepted, TVR automatically adds the show. If auto folder creation is on, then the folders get created in the library automatically and the appropriate files copied in.
  • Enhanced Scanning: There are 4 types of scaning on offer that include Single Show where a single show can be scanned manually; Quick Scan that offers a ‘clever’ scan that looks in the download directory for shows to scan. It also scans missing episodes from the recent list; Recent Scan where a scan that looks at all shows that have had an episode aired in the last few days. The number of days can be specified in the preferences and Full Scan where it Scans all shows that are set to be scanned.
  • Finding Missing Files: Once a scan is complete, TV Rename will identify files to move/copy/rename and additional files to download/create. For episodes that are still missing, TV Rename will try and find them for you. There are 6 places it could search that include File System – If found it will remove the episode from the missing list and move the file into the correct place; RSS Feed for torrent links, JSON Web page for torrent links, if found then it will download the torrent file; SABnzbd, uTorrent, qBittorrent – If found it will mark it as downloading so you know not to try and find the item again. See The Torrents/NZB Tab for more informaiton.
  • Organising Media: While the main objective of TV Rename is to rename and move/copy files into the appropriate locations in the library, there are many other things it can do at the same time. It can keep files together, the system will keep files that share the same name together, renaming them all as one. This keeps related files (images, information, metadata) joined together. The system can also be configured to keep language specific files together for when you have subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Automating Functionality: TV Rename aims to do as much as it can to automate the storage of media files. To make the process as automated as possible it can auto add shows, TV Rename can be setup via preferences to automatically create folders for shows and series. This will create based on the defaults, auto folder & file deletion that can identify files and folders that can be removed and then get rid of them.
  • Export Multiple Formats: TV Rename can be setup to automatically export files which summarise the status of your library in multiple formats such as RSS, XML, iCal, M3U, M3U8, WPL, ASX, XSPF, etc.
  • TV Rename will download any needed show information from The TVDB, and compare it with the contents of the media library
  • TV Rename knows where your media library is and where to look for new files efficiently
  • Offers a very simplistic and funky user interface for organizing all your digital media
  • From multiple media locations to library language to show and episode images to metadata, to TheTVDB and µTorrent integration; virtually every aspect of TV Rename is configurable
  • TV Rename is a media management tool that runs on Windows and looks after all your TV show files; making them presentable for Kodi (XBMC), Mede8er, PyTivo, and other media hubs
  • TV Rename can be made possible for mac users

TV Rename Pricing:

TV Rename is open source and free to use. You may freely modify it for non-commercial use. All TV Rename asks is that you feed improvements back into the project so others may benefit.



Ant Movie Catalog

Best Filebot Alternative Linux Software
Ant Movie Catalog Home PageAnt Movie Catalog Home Page
Ant Movie Catalog

Ant Movie Catalog, filebot free alternative is an open-source application that helps with managing a large collection of movies on DVDs, CDs, and tapes. You may create movie catalogs by either entering the information manually or grabbing it from various online sources and media files.

Ant Movie Catalog Features:

  • Easy To Use Tool: Ant Movie Catalog provides a resourceful set of options for helping you manage a large movie collection.
  • Accessibility: The main feature of Ant Movie Catalog is its ability to let you input a wide array of information about a movie like the title, the director, the producer, the actors, the country, the year it was published, the video format, the audio format, the length, a short description and more. It’s a complete inventory system for movies whether they are DVDs or CDs. It can also extract available data in various movie media.
  • Supports Multiple Language: English, Bielorussian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
  • Tracking Functionality: Ant Movie Catalog even allows you to put in the names of people that you are willing to lend your movies to. You can even keep track of how many movies have been borrowed and returned. This is very convenient if you have a lot of movies and you’re a very good friend who lends his movies to several people at a time.
  • Back-up Your Files: Using Ant Movie Catalog, you can back up your collection by exporting it as an XML file. You can even print the entire collection with customizable templates. Other export options include HTML, SQL, and CSV files.
  • Importing Images: The software also lets you include images in your movie inventory. You can either import images or link to files hosted elsewhere. JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats are supported.
  • Regular Updates: The app is regularly updated and is compatible with games, audio files, and image files. Ant Movie Catalog works with the Ant Renamer, to help you automatically rename files. It also gives you a preview facility to check the title and thumbnails.
  • Can display the list as a tree, where movies are grouped by a specified field
  • can import information from various media files such as audio & video codec, bitrates, resolution, framerate, size
  • Can store pictures inside catalog or link to external files
  • Can store catalog in two file format, its own binary format or XML
  • This program is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the terms of the General Public License
  • The user interface can be made visually appealing and intuitive for better usability

Ant Movie Catalog Pricing:

It’s a free and open-source program made to manage your collection of movies unlike the Filebot license, so you don’t need to worry about any subscription plans to utilize the tool. However, if you want to make a donation, you can pay via PayPal and other payment options.



Shoko Anime

Best Filebot Alternative Linux Software
Shoko Anime Home Page
Shoko Anime

This brings us to our first app that truly focuses on anime. While Filebot can work with anime files, it’s primarily designed for TV shows and movies. If you are an anime lover and want the best filebot alternative oriented towards anime, then this particular app is for you. Shoko Anime is a file management app created to sort, index, and organize anime files. It automatically matches and updated your titles against the centralized AniDB database.

Shoko Anime Features:

  • Centralized Database: Files are hashed and compared against AniDB’s database to find the correct episode and series. By hashing the existing title of your file and comparing it to the AniDB database it matches the files and then updates the fine name. Once the file names are updated, it allows you to customize your library by series information, characters, and related series with best filebot alternative.
  • File Management: Easily handle multiple, duplicate and missing files within your collection using our built-in utilities. Using the app, you can locate missing anime files in your media library and remove duplicate anime files.
  • Media Player Support: Integration with multiple media player programs allows you to watch your collection wherever you’d like.
  • Extensive API: Expand the capabilities of Shoko to suite your needs or to bring Shoko to an entirely new platform.
  • Shoko Anime is designed to be easy to navigate and find the content you are looking for
  • Shoko Anime is open-source, hosted on GitHub, and mostly written in Markdown making it incredibly easy to contribute
  • Using the app, you can locate missing anime files in your media library and remove duplicate anime files
  • Shoko’s comprehensive API allows anyone to build your own plugin
  • Additionally, it helps you manage your anime files, such as finding missing anime files or removing duplicate files
  • This platform is limited to anime media files

Shoko Anime Pricing:

It’s a free and open-source program made to manage your collection of anime unlike the Filebot license, so you don’t need to worry about any subscription plans to utilize the tool.



Advanced Renamer

Best Filebot Alternative Tool For Managing All Your Media Library
Advanced Renamer Home Page
Advanced Renamer

With Advanced Renamer you can construct new file names by adding, removing, replacing, changing cases, or giving the file a brand new name based on known information about the file. It is easy to set up a batch job using multiple methods on a large number of files. The 14 different methods enable you to change the names, attributes, and timestamps of files in one go. The files can also be copied or moved to new locations based on information in the files. Advanced Renamer is an excellent alternative to Filebot if you want to organize your music files and images as well.

Advanced Renamer Features:

  • Clean Interface: Advanced Renamer has the cleanest and easy to use interface. Even a beginner can use the tool easily.
  • Image Files: This mass file renamer is a great utility for organising digital pictures for both professionals and beginners. The thumbnail mode lets you display thumbnails directly in the file list giving you maximum control of the renaming process. With this program you can rename all your photos in a snap.
  • GPS Data: If your image files contain GPS data you can add the name of the city and the country where the picture was taken. Coordinates are used to lookup city, country, and state names from a database containing more than 100,000 cities around the globe.
  • Music Files: MP3 and other music files often have messed up names and contain weird characters. With Advanced Renamer you can change the names of your favourite music files to more suitable names using the built-in ID3 functions with best filebot alternative.
  • Video Files: Ever wanted to add the codec or the resolution of a video to the filename? With the video tags you can add various information about video and audio content to the names.
  • TV Shows: Add episode title or airdate to video files containing TV Shows after importing show information from the tvmaze.com website.
  • Live Support: The website has a live support forum, so you can always find someone to help you with any issues you may encounter.
  • Very easy to use and the simple user interface makes it easy for the user to understand the platform better
  • You get to choose from 14 different customizations that you can use while updating names, attributes, and more
  • The app creates thumbnails for each file with a title
  • The advanced renamer app is also multilingual
  • The website has a live support forum, so you can always find someone to help you with any issues you may encounter.
  • Advanced Renamer can be made possible for mac device users

Advanced Renamer Pricing:

If your aim is to organize music and images, Advanced Renamer is a great alternative to Filebot. Unlike the Filebot license, You Can download and use the software for free however if you want to unlock all the features then you can buy their personal or commercial plan.

  • A non-expiring license key for personal use on any number of devices ca be purchased for $20.
  • A non-expiring license key for commercial use on any number of devices ca be purchased for $30.


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Tiny Media Manager

Best Filebot Alternative For Movie Management
Tiny Media Manager Home Page
Tiny Media Manager

The best filebot alternative has to stand on the same benchmark created by some other players and this app has proved to be a trustworthy tool. Tiny Media Manager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata for the Kodi Media Center (formerly known as XBMC), MediaPortal, and Plex media server. Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux, and macOS with the best filebot alternative.

Tiny Media Manager Features:

  • Multi OS and multilingual support: tinyMediaManager is designed to run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and is translated into various languages.
  • Movie Management: Get data from TheMovieDB.org, Imdb.com, Ofdb.de, HD-Trailers.net. Create NFO for use with Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal and automatically rename files and folders as you like.
  • TV Show Management: Find TV shows and episodes in subdirectories with powerful episode/season detection. Get data from TheTvDB.com, TheMovieDB.org, Imdb.com.
  • Automatic updates: TinyMediaManager has an integrated updating system.
  • Command line support: TinyMediaManager supports command line arguments. With this function you are able to call tinyMediaManager functions from other tools.
  • Scrape Meta Data: TinyMediaManager gets all necessary meta data for your movies from TheMovieDB.org, Imdb.com, OFDb.de, Moviemeter.nl and even more.
  • Get Artwork: Artwork such as fanart, poster, clearart, discart, logos and more can be downloaded from TheMovieDB.org and Fanart.tv.
  • Get subtitles: Get a list of available subtitles for your movies from OpenSubtitles.org.
  • Rename Movie Files: TinyMediaManager supports you to organize your file structure. You can rename your movie files and folders files to suit your needs.
  • Create NFOs: TinyMediaManager will produce Kodi and MediaPortal compatible NFOs as well as import NFOs written by other tools like EmberMediaManager. This will allow an easy migration to tinyMediaManager.
  • Powerful Import Engine: TinyMediaManager, best filebot alternative has a powerful engine to import the file structure of your TV shows. It has many regular expressions to detect the episode and season information out of the file/directory names.
  • You can extract images from TV shows, including movie posters, logos, and screenshots, from reliable sources like The Movie DB and Fan Art TV.
  • You can also manually edit metadata with tinyMediaManager
  • Subtitles can be downloaded from Open Subtitles with tinyMediaManager
  • The best part about Tiny Media Manager is that the free version gives you access to 80% of the features on hand. This alone makes it the best filebot alternative.
  • Get the latest version of tinyMediaManager for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • You can scrape movie data for up to 50 movies when using the free version

Tiny Media Manager Pricing:

You can download tinyMediaManager and use it for free in a limited way. If you want to unlock all features you need to buy a license for the PRO version. A 1-year PRO version license per user will cost you $11.29 USD, you can install tinyMediaManager on as many machines as you wish.



TV Renamer

Best Filebot Alternative Linux, Windows, Mac OS
TV Renamer Home Page
TV Renamer

If you are looking for the best filebot alternative, then look at this app. While this app shares a similar name to TV Rename, filebot alternative windows, it is a distinctly different product, and unlike Filebot, it is free and open source. With this app, you can rename multiple files at once, and customize the renaming process! It will clean up the file names and make them easier to index, search, and organize. You can choose from a 32-bit version as well as a 64-bit version for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

TV Renamer Features:

  • Clean Interface: TV Renamer, filebot alternative windows has the cleanest and easy to use interface. Even a beginner can use the tool easily.
  • Drag & Drop Platform: TV Renamer offers easy drag and drop and standard ‘add file’ interface.
  • Bulk Renaming: Rename many different shows at once, making it easy and hassle free experience for you.
  • Multiple Customization: Customise the format and content of the resulting filename.
  • Downloading: You can download the correct version for your operating system (OSX, Windows, Linux) and architecture (32 or 64 bit).
  • Automatic Clean-up: It will automatically clean up the file names and make them easier to index, search and organize. You can use the app to rename multiple files simultaneously, and you can customize the renaming of your files.
  • Very Simple & clean UI provides you no learning curve
  • Its open-source repository, ideal for developers
  • You can customize the format and content of the resulting filename
  • you can set parameters for how your files should be renamed
  • There are both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version, for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Still need lots of UI enhancements

TV REnamer Pricing:

It’s a free and open-source program made to manage your collection of anime and a great filebot alternative Linux tool, so you don’t need to worry about any subscription plans to utilize the tool. Contributions of a bug report or pull requests are always gratefully received. The source is and always will be open!




Filebot Free Alternative Platform
MediaElch Home Page

MediaElch, filebot alternative windows is a media manager and renaming tool that you can use as an alternative to Filebot if you use Kodi. You can generate NFO data for Kodi using the app, and download fan art automatically from a variety of sources such as The Movie DB, The TV DB, IMDB, and more.

MediaElch Features:

  • Clean Interface: MediaElch has the cleanest and easy to use interface. Even a beginner can use the tool easily. It is one of the most popular filebot free alternative on the internet.
  • All-In-One Organizer: With MediaElch, you can organize all your music files in one place. The data scraper function works with music files as well. You can scrape data from sites like Audio DB, All Music, and Discogs.
  • Scrapers: MediaElch comes with many scrapers including The Movie DB, The TV DB, IMDB, fanart.tv, The Audio DB and many others. The Fan Art TV website also allows you to scrape art images.
  • Formats: Media Elch’s The Renamer is Media Elch’s media management tool. This app allows you to rename and organize your media files, as well as export all the data to HTML format.
  • Development: MediaElch is open source and is developed continuously. Feature suggestions can be made at Github.
  • MediaElch offers all the essential features of an advanced renamer
  • MediaElch has a number of scrapers available including IMDB, the Movie DB, the Audio DB, TV DB, and fanart.tv
  • MediaElch creates NFO files for use with Kodi
  • MediaElchs source code is available at Github
  • MediaElch is available on Mac OS, Windows & Linux
  • Needs some learning curve to understand the usability of the software

MediaElch Pricing:

MediaElch is an open-source tool and available for free to download to all users.



Rename My TV Series 2

Best Filebot Alternative Software For Media Renaming
Rename My TV Series 2 Home Page
Rename My TV Series 2

Rename My TV Series, a tool to rename tv series episodes has been around for a while now, and it’s time for an update. The updated name is Rename My TV Series 2.

Two of the main reasons for this new version are the needed update of the user interface and support for the new API of TheTVDB.com. But there is more; macOS users wanted a 64-bit version to avoid the 32 bit complaining and having the application signed was on the wishlist for them as well. Support for SSL (since theTVDB.com API requires this), the use of notifications and the support for a dark theme, the merging of 2 episodes, caching results, are a few of other desired or needed items.

Rename My TV Series 2 Features:

  • API Support: After the update came into force Support the new TheTVDB.com API (v2).
  • Data Caching: You can do caching shows and banners with this filebot free alternative, so reloading at the later time could go faster.
  • Multiple Themes: Dark Theme support MacOS and Linux only, accent color observed.
  • Automated Categorization: Automatically move files into a desired directory structure.
  • Custom Filters: Define your own file and directory name format.
  • NFO Files: Create NFO files for the TV Show and for the individual Episodes.
  • Banner Storing: Store a banner for the TV Show with this filebot free alternative.
  • Merging Files: Merge 2 Episodes into 1 to ensure a hassle free search experience.
  • Resolution Detection: Detection of resolution, video format, Audio and Video codec, and audio channels.
  • Very easy and simplistic tool, making it beginner-friendly
  • This tool is being used by a lot of users to help rename TV-Series files
  • It offers the option to move renamed files to a new location
  • Updates are being provided on a regular basis
  • This software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • This tool has a simple objective to fulfill, which is to rename TV show episodes

Rename My TV Series 2 Pricing:

Unlike other TV renaming apps, Rename My TV Series 2 is completely free to use. If you like the software, you can make a small donation via PayPal, donate on Patreon, or donate Bitcoin.



Bulk Rename Utility

One Of The Best Filebot Alternative For Bulk Renaming
Bulk Rename Utility Home Page
Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility is an easy-to-use file rename program (a.k.a. file renamer). Renaming multiple files and/or multiple folders has never been easier! It has a small memory footprint so it can be left running all the time without consuming all your memory. It started as a freeware Visual Basic tool, but as its popularity has grown it has been completely rewritten in C++ to be robust and lightweight – and very, very fast! It can easily handle folders/discs containing well over 100,000 entries… and it can batch rename 1,000s of files in seconds.

Bulk Rename Utility Features:

  • Preview Option: Preview the new names before renaming.
  • Directory Recursion: Process files/folders in all sub-directories too.
  • Supports Javasript: Use Javascript to rename files / folders.
  • Renaming via Metadata: Rename photos using EXIF metadata i.e. “Date Picture Taken”, “Resolution” and other information embedded in all JPG photo files.
  • Changing Atributes: Rename files using Windows File Properties e.g. length, width, height, rate, publisher, title, etc. More than a hundred attributes for different file types.
  • Renaming MP3: Rename MP3 files using ID3 tags which is also known as MP3 ID3 tag renaming.
  • You can rename multiple files quickly with this tool
  • Bulk Rename Utility allows you to easily rename files and entire folders based upon extremely flexible criteria
  • You can also rename photos using EXIF metadata.
  • You get the option to change files’ creation and modification time stamps
  • Bulk Rename Utility can be downloaded on Windows
  • Bulk Rename Utility can be made possible for Mac OS users

Bulk Rename Utility Pricing:

Bulk Rename Utility is completely free of charge for personal, private use, at home. To use Bulk Rename Utility for or within a business entity, company, or commercial environment or for commercial purposes, a commercial license is required for each computer where Bulk Rename Utility is installed, all the prices are listed below:

  • 1 Computer —$92.95 each
  • 2 to 5 Computers —$63.95 each
  • 6+ Computers —$49.95 each




The Best Filebot Alternative For Monitoring Downloads
Sonarr Home Page

Formerly known as NZBDrone, Sonarr is a PVR that allows you to download video files from Usenet automatically. Sonarr can fully be integrated with other newsreaders and NZB downloaders, allowing users of programs like NZBGet and SABnzbd to conveniently and automatically get the video files that they want. Once you set Sonarr up, you really don’t have to do much to get your shows. It will keep looking for them and downloading them as they become available. Sonarr has several helpful features to help you on managing your downloads and monitoring upcoming releases and eventually automate the downloading process.

Sonarr Features:

  • Automatic Failed Download Handling: Sonarr makes failed downloads a thing of the past. Password protected releases, missing repair blocks or virtually any other reason? no worries. Sonarr will automatically blacklist the release and tries another one until it finds one that works.
  • Scheduling & Automation: As previously mentioned, Sonarr has a calendar feature which is a convenient way of monitoring upcoming video releases. These releases can conveniently be found in one location, giving users more freedom to do other things without having to constantly remind themselves if the videos they’re waiting for are about to come out.
  • Configuration: Sonarr allows you to customize the profile quality of the video files you are looking for. You can set the resolution and also enter the cut-off details on this section.
  • Usability: Sonarr has a visually appealing interface that can be enjoyed by users of different platforms. The crisp and clean look of the software provides a pleasant experience for downloads to explore the program, manually search for files, monitor upcoming releases, and easily automate downloads.
  • Comes with a simplistic and clean UI
  • Sonarr aggregates data from a number of different sources, including TVDB, TVRage, and TMDB
  • You get full integration with Kodi, Plex
  • Automatically detects new episodes to your library
  • Support for major platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Comes with limited functionality

Sonarr Pricing:

Sonarr is completely free to download and use, its developers encourage donations so that they can continue updating the program and provide good support. You can donate to Sonarr with Bitcoin or by becoming a financial contributor via Open Collective.



Here in this blog, I’ve listed down all the filebot alternatives to make you choose the best out of it and have a great time managing your digital media. All alternatives to filebot are a great tool that pulls names of shows and movies from several different online databases and automatically renames the files accordingly. It’s great for fixing weird naming schemes on torrented TV shows or pulling actual episode names for episodes. Do you want to organize all your anticipated TV shows with filebot free alternatives, then worry not! All the above-listed filebot free alternatives will help you manage your digital files accordingly!

We are glad that you have come this far and have read our blog on the best filebot alternatives. Further, if you have any suggestions or questions don’t forget to drop them in the comment section below. It’s our pleasure to respond to you all!

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