7 Ways to Hire A Podcast Voice Actor For Your Podcast Channel

It’s a bit tricky to find the right voice actors for a business campaign in a podcast. After all, the voice in your campaign narration takes part in defining whether the audience wants to take the next action. With the wrong, unsuitable voice for a marketing campaign in a podcast, people can turn to move on to your competitors in a jiffy.

But with the right voice for your campaign, people can take action and become your loyal customers. This is why you should pay attention to hiring the best podcast voice actors for your podcast channel

Now let’s go over some tips that will help you for hiring a podcast voice action that can shed more light on your campaigns:

1. Understand your brand’s tone of voice

Your business’ tone of voice is what makes it unique. This distinctiveness makes it easier to narrow down your search since you’ll know what kind of voice works best for your brand. For example, if you are a consultant service providing insights about business, make sure to apply professional and witty tones in your podcast channel to attract an audience interested in entrepreneurship.

Then, if you want to promote your podcast, use a video campaign explaining your channel to reach out to a wider audience. People on social media love watching brand-related content, such as product demo videos, tutorial videos, and other marketing videos, because they can learn the information quickly. 

2. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is also an essential factor to consider when hiring voice actors. For instance, if you target individuals who belong in the age group of 20-30, choose a voice that resonates with the youth since it will be easier for them to relate to. Once they find their favorite voice actor, they will be more likely to subscribe to your podcast channel.

On the other hand, if you fail at understanding what your audience wants, it’s harder to capture their attention from the get-go. That’s why choosing the right voice actors in your podcast channel is crucial because they will represent your brand when discussing an important subject. 

3. Consider your budget

As mentioned earlier, spending time and effort finding the best voice actors for your podcast channel is worth it as long as they deliver results. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a project without ensuring good returns from it, would you? That’s why having a budget at hand is important before starting this process since it’ll make things clearer.

Before searching for voice actors, you should know how much you want to hire a podcast voice actor. Will the amount of invested money bring a great return that drives your business? This is crucial to answer because there are tons of professional-level voice actors available. However, you could choose only a few that match your budget as well as your podcast persona.

4. Ask for work samples

Aside from knowing how much you should spend for voiceover services and understanding your brand’s tone of voice and target audience’s preference, knowing what projects and industries they have previously worked on helps you narrow down your options even further.  

Make sure to hire knowledgeable talents to do voices per genre to give more options during auditions. This will make it easier for you to find voice actors who go well with the project at hand. For example, if your talents have previous experience in podcasting, this will make a great choice because you’ll reduce the cost and time in onboarding your new hire to match your project. 

5. Have a second opinion about demo sounds

Demo sounds are often the best because they’re samples of how your voice actors’ voices just sound like. However, make sure to listen to them and then say that this is all there is to it— there must be something more about their persona in their performance which you can’t hear in these particular files. 

Try listening to (or better yet, watch) some other demos instead. You might find another take on certain characters or get interested in other cool stuff. Then, you can ask for a second opinion from your colleague on whether a particular voice matches your podcast brand. Having others give their ideas will help you make a better decision in your business.  

6. Ask friends for suggestions

If all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with just asking people around for referrals, particularly good friends who’ve worked with professional voice artists in a podcast channel before. Sometimes they have some hot leads that would convince you whether or not it’s worth hiring these individuals. If so, reach out and ask them about the potential talent for your podcast channels.

7. Consider asking a talent agency

Voice talent agencies will help you find the right candidate for your business. They often have a big database of talents which you can choose from and pick the best according to your needs. The agency will contact those candidates on your behalf and negotiate their terms. 

All you’ll need to do is look through an agent-vetted list of voice actors within your budget, then hire them. You might want to consider this option if you are looking for someone with previous experience in commercials, radio ads, or podcast industries.

Key Takeaways

Finding voice actors can be challenging for new podcast channels, especially if they have no experience in hiring ones before. So, how are you supposed to go about this? It’s simple. Before you look for podcast voice actor hiring, the first thing you should do is determine your needs and understand the voiceover work you want to do.

Before signing any agreements with voiceover candidates, always ask for sample recordings to determine if they’re right for the job. If possible, try asking them questions regarding their experience related to your podcasting projects. That way, you’ll know if they have the skills to deliver the voiceover performance that your podcast channel deserves.

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