Doodly vs MySimpleShow vs Powtoon: Which Animation Tool Provides the Best Value for Your Money?

Comparing doodly vs MySimpleShow vs Powtoon in terms of Features | Pricing | Support | Pros And Cons | And More...

There are numerous best video editing software programs that may be used to create engaging and visually beautiful videos. Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon are three popular video-making tools, and each has unique features and functionality. It’s important to consider the specific requirements and goals of your video project before making a tool choice. Each piece of software has benefits and drawbacks of its own. In this response, we’ll go into greater detail about Doodly vs MySimpleShow vs Powtoon to help you select the best software for your video creation requirements. We’ll contrast their attributes, prices, and usability.

Doodly vs MySimpleShow vs Powtoon Detailed Comparison Table:

Bottom Line
platform supported
Free Trial
Best for
Character Animation
Text Animations
Hand Style
Create Unlimited Videos
Visit Site
Bottom Line
Doodly makes it easy for anyone to create engaging animated videos. Its user-friendly interface and customizable templates require no technical expertise.
platform supported
Windows, Mac
Free Trial
Limited Free Trial Version
$39 per month
Email support
Best for
Small & medium business
Character Animation
Doodly presents users with a choice of four animation styles: whiteboard, blackboard, cartoon, and Doodle, to add a creative touch to their videos.
Text Animations
The platform offers an abundance of pre-loaded font types and styling options like size, color, and opacity to enhance the visual appeal of videos.
Hand Style
140 hand style available
Doodly boasts a larger selection of templates, compared to Toonly, increasing the likelihood of finding one that caters to your specific requirements.
You can use a whiteboard, green board, blackboard, or any downloaded image as a background.
Create Unlimited Videos
You can create unlimited videos.
MySimpleShow logo
Visit Site
Bottom Line
The easy-to-use tool for creating engaging explainer videos in minutes.

platform supported
Free Trial
Best for
Large Enterprise
Character Animation
The characters can be customized by changing their appearances, such as their clothing, facial expressions, and movements.
Text Animations
Users can choose from different text styles, fonts, colors, and animations to customize the appearance and movement of their text.
Hand Style
MySimpleShow does not focus on this sort of animation
Provides a library of templates for different industries and purposes, such as education, marketing, and corporate communication.
Provides a library of pre-made backgrounds that users can use as a starting point for their video projects.
Create Unlimited Videos
MySimpleShow has unlimited access to videos as part of its subscription plans.
Visit Site
Bottom Line
Powtoon is a versatile platform that offers customizable tools and features for creating engaging and professional-looking videos
platform supported
Saas/Web, iPhone, iPad
Free Trial
24/7 Live support, Online
Best for
Small & medium Businesses
Character Animation
Choose from endless clothing combinations, facial features, skin tones, hairstyles, and accessories to customize your characters to suit your needs.
Text Animations
In Powtoon you will get a text animation formatting option.
Hand Style
Powtoon offers a lot of hand styles like- male hand, female hand, etc
Launches a new ready-made template for work.
You can use video, image, and color as a background.
Create Unlimited Videos
Premium users can get a free HD download.

Use of Video Editing Software in White Board Animation

Video editing software is required for creating whiteboard animations. Whiteboard animation is the process of creating a video that imitates the act of drawing on a whiteboard by collecting hand-drawn content, adding music, and editing the film to make it look seamless. 

One of the free best whiteboard animation tools is VideoScribe. VideoScribe offers a user-friendly interface and a library of customizable images and templates, allowing users to create engaging whiteboard animations without any prior design or animation experience.

With video editing programs like Filmora, Toonly, and Vyond the aesthetic attractiveness of the movie can be increased by adding audio, deleting unnecessary footage, altering the timing of the animation, and adding effects. Thanks to the use of video editing software, the finished product is an excellent whiteboard animation that effectively tells the audience what is being meant.

What is Doodly?


Doodly is whiteboard animation software.
It has a drag-and-drop interface for easy use.
Doodly has customizable templates and assets.
$39/month Visit Site

Doodly is cutting-edge software that enables users to create captivating whiteboard animations for a variety of purposes, such as sales and social media videos. Unlike traditional animation software, Doodly uses a point-and-click system to produce images for various types of animations, including blackboard, glass board, and green screen. This user-friendly platform empowers individuals to create professional-looking videos that can grab the attention of viewers and convert them into customers.

How to use Doodly?

Here are the steps to create a video using Doodly:

steps to use Doodly
Open Doodly software

Open Doodly software: First, you need to open the Doodly software on your computer. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it from the Doodly website.

Choose a style

Choose a style: Once the software is open, you will see a list of different Doodly styles. Choose the style that best suits your video and click on it.

Choose a canvas

Choose a canvas: After selecting a style, you will need to choose a canvas. Doodly provides different canvas options such as whiteboard, blackboard, glass board, and custom background. Select the one that you want to use for your video.

Add elements

Add elements: Now it’s time to add elements to your video. Doodly has a library of
thousands of pre-made images, characters, and props that you can use in your video. You can also upload your own images if you prefer.

Add text

Add text: If you want to add text to your video, you can do so by clicking on the “text” button and typing in your message. You can choose from different fonts, sizes, and colors.

Customize elements

Customize elements: You can customize the elements you’ve added by resizing them, changing their colors, and flipping them. You can also add animations to make them move.

Add a voiceover

Add a voiceover: If you want to add a voiceover to your video, you can do so by
recording it within the Doodly software. Alternatively, you can upload an audio file if you have one.

Add music

Add music: You can also add background music to your video by selecting a track from the Doodly music library or uploading your own music file.

Preview your video

Preview your video: Once you’ve finished creating your video, you can preview it by clicking on the “preview” button. This will show you how your video will look when it’s complete.

Export your video

Export your video: Finally, when you’re happy with your video, you can export it by clicking on the “export” button. Doodly allows you to export your video in different formats such as MP4, MOV, and WMV. You can also choose the resolution and quality of the video.

Doodly makes it easy for anyone to produce professional-looking whiteboard animations, regardless of their level of experience.

What is MySimpleShow?


MySimpleShow is a web tool for creating explainer videos.
Pre-made templates, voice-over narration, and visual elements.
Simplifies complex ideas with AI-powered technology.
$129/month Visit Site

Users can quickly and easily produce explanation videos using the online video creation tool Mysimpleshow. Artificial intelligence is used by the software to automatically create visual representations of the content once it has analyzed the text that the user has entered. Users can create visually stunning and educational videos with less time and effort thanks to this functionality. To further improve the aesthetic appeal of the film, Mysimpleshow also provides a collection of pre-made templates and images. Even for people who have little to no experience in video production, the platform is made to be easy to use and accessible. Businesses, educators, and individuals use Mysimpleshow to produce a wide range of films, including marketing videos, instructional videos, and videos for personal messaging.

How to use MySimpleShow?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Mysimpleshow to create a video:

steps to use Mysimpleshow
Sign up for an account

 To get started, go to the Mysimpleshow website and create a free account. You have the option of registering with a Google or Facebook account.

Choose a template

After logging in, select a template that best suits the kind of video you want to make. There are many different templates on Mysimpleshow, such as “explanation video,” “personal message,” and “educational video.”

Write your script

You will be requested to write your script after selecting a template for your video. Mysimpleshow uses artificial intelligence to analyze your writing and select images that complement the ideas. Because the application is intended to make short explanation movies, take sure to write simply and clearly.

Customize your visuals

Once you’ve finished writing your script, you can alter the visuals Mysimpleshow has recommended. You can alter the hues, pictures, and animations to fit your style or identity.

Record voiceover or select a voice

Choose a voice from the library or record your own voiceover. You have the option to record your own voiceover or choose a voice from Mysimpleshow’s library. It is simple to make videos in several languages because to the software’s wide selection of accents and languages.

Preview and finalize your video

After modifying your voiceover and visuals, preview your video to ensure everything is in place before finishing it. Whenever you’re satisfied with the outcome, save and download your video.

Share your video

Your video can be shared on social media, embedded on a website, or used in presentations once it has been downloaded.

Overall, Mysimpleshow is an approachable tool that makes creating videos easier. It is an excellent tool for organizations, academics, and individuals who want to quickly create visually stunning videos that are entertaining without expending a lot of time or effort.

What is Powtoon?


Powtoon is a cloud-based animation software
Enables users to create engaging animated videos and presentations
Provides a vast library of pre-built templates, characters, and animations
$15/month visit site

Powtoon is a cloud-based platform used for creating animated videos and presentations with a user-friendly interface and a vast library of customizable templates, characters, and animations. It is popular among businesses, educators, and marketers for creating visually appealing and engaging content. Powtoon also offers various features like collaboration tools, voice-over recording, and screen recording, making it a comprehensive solution for content creators.

How to use Powtoon?

Here is a step-by-step analysis of how to use Powtoon to create an animated video or presentation:

Steps to use Powtoon
Sign Up and Log In

To use Powtoon, you need to sign up for an account on their website. Once you have signed up, log in to the platform.

Choose a Template

After logging in, you will be directed to the Powtoon Studio, where you can start creating your animated video or presentation. The first step is to choose a template that matches your needs.

Customize the Template

Once you have chosen a template, you can start customizing it to fit your content. You can add your own text, images, and media assets, change colors and fonts, and add backgrounds to match your branding.

 Add Animations and Effects

After customizing the template, you can add animations and effects to your video or presentation. Powtoon provides a vast library of animations and effects that you can use to make your content more engaging and dynamic.

Add a Voice-Over

You can also add a voice-over to your video or presentation to make it more informative and engaging. Powtoon offers a voice-over recording tool that you can use to record your own voice-over or upload an audio file directly.

 Preview and Publish

Once you have completed your video or presentation, you can preview it to see how it looks. If you are satisfied with the result, you can publish it directly to the Powtoon platform or download it to your computer.

Doodly and Mysimpleshow and Powtoon: Main Difference

Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon are all popular video creation tools with unique features and capabilities. Doodly is known for its hand-drawn animations, while MySimpleShow offers a simple, minimalist design and automated animation suggestions based on the text entered. Powtoon offers a wide range of styles and customization options.

MySimpleShow is the most user-friendly of the three, while Doodly and Powtoon have more complex interfaces. Pricing models vary between the three, with Doodly and Powtoon offering tiered pricing models and MySimpleShow offering a limited free version and paid options with more features. The specific needs and goals of a video project should be considered when choosing between these tools.

Doodly vs MySimpleShow vs Powtoon: Comparison of Features

Here is a comparison of the features of Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon:

Doodly features
  • Visual style: Doodly specializes in hand-drawn animations, MySimpleShow offers a simple and minimalist design with customizable characters and icons, and Powtoon offers a wide range of styles, including hand-drawn, cartoon, and infographic.
  • Customization: MySimpleShow and Powtoon offer a high degree of customization, with the ability to create unique characters, backgrounds, and animations. Doodly offers more limited customizability but does offer a library of pre-made assets that can be modified.
  • Ease of use: MySimpleShow is designed to be extremely user-friendly, with a simple interface and automated animation suggestions based on the text entered. Doodly and Powtoon have more complex interfaces but also offer more customization options.
  • Pricing: Doodly and Powtoon both offer tiered pricing models based on features and usage, while MySimpleShow offers a limited free version, as well as paid options with more features.
  • Collaboration: Powtoon and Doodly offer collaboration features, such as the ability to share and edit projects with team members. MySimpleShow does not currently offer collaboration features.
  • Audio capabilities: Powtoon offers advanced audio capabilities, such as the ability to add sound effects and music tracks, while Doodly and MySimpleShow have more limited audio options.

Ultimately, each of these tools for making videos has special qualities and advantages of its own. The specific requirements and objectives of a video project, as well as individual preferences and financial constraints, will determine the technology to be used.

Doodly Features 3 1


Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon are tools for making animated videos that are intended for use by both individuals and businesses in a variety of contexts, including marketing, training, education, and entertainment. Each program has a special combination of features and advantages that enable users to produce videos in various ways and to varying degrees of customization. Which tool is ultimately used will rely on the particular requirements and objectives of a video project.

Hand Animations

While MySimpleShow does not focus on this sort of animation, Doodly and Powtoon both offer hand-drawn animation. Doodly offers a library of easily customizable and animated hand-drawn components, such as characters, props, and backdrops. Along with a variety of other animation styles, Powtoon also provides hand-drawn animation. Users have the option of starting from scratch while animating their films or using pre-made templates. Overall, Doodly and Powtoon are fantastic choices to take into account if hand-drawn animations are a priority for a project.

Texts and Headings

All three video creation tools – Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon – offer the ability to add text and headings to videos. MySimpleShow’s interface is designed to automatically generate animations based on the text entered, while Powtoon and Doodly offer a range of text customization options, such as font, size, and color. Powtoon also offers the ability to add speech bubbles and captions to videos, which can be useful for training or educational videos. 

MySimpleShow Features

Animation Synchronization

All three video creation tools – Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon – offer animation synchronization capabilities. MySimpleShow’s interface is designed to automatically synchronize animations with the text entered, while Powtoon and Doodly offer more manual synchronization options, such as setting animation timings and adjusting the pacing of the video. Powtoon also offers the ability to sync animations with voiceovers or music tracks, which can be useful for creating more dynamic and engaging videos.

In-built Objects

All three video creation tools – Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon – provide users with access to a library of in-built objects, such as characters, props, and backgrounds. Doodly offers hand-drawn objects, MySimpleShow offers customizable characters and icons, and Powtoon offers a wide range of styles, including hand-drawn, cartoon, and infographic objects. Each tool provides different levels of customization and design flexibility, allowing users to create unique videos based on their specific needs and preferences.

Cloud-Based Software

Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon customers may access and work on their projects from any device with an internet connection because of the cloud-based nature of these services. MySimpleShow is entirely cloud-based, unlike Powtoon and Doodly, which offer desktop applications that may be used offline as well. Cloud-based software offers the convenience of being able to work on projects from any location and communicate with team members remotely. Also, users no longer have to be concerned about software upgrades or issues with device compatibility.

Powtoon features

Create Unlimited Videos

Users of the three video creation tools from Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon have unlimited access to videos as part of their subscription plans. So, customers do not need to pay any additional expenses and can generate as many films as they need. For businesses or individuals who need to produce numerous videos for uses like marketing, training, or education, this will be of great value. Despite the fact that each application or tool has specific restrictions or limitations, they all give the ability to make an infinite number of movies.

Doodly vs Mysimpleshow vs Powtoon: Pricing

Several pricing tiers are available from Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon to suit various user requirements and spending limits.

Doodly Pricing

Doodly pricing annually
Doodly Pricing monthly
Doodly pricing annually
Doodly Pricing monthly

The monthly prices for Doodly’s plans range from $20 to $40, with savings offered for yearly memberships.

MySimpleShow Pricing

MySimpleShow pricing

The monthly prices for the plans offered by MySimpleShow range from $129 to $499, with discounts available for yearly subscriptions.

Powtoon Pricing

Powtoon Pricing yearly
Powtoon pricing monthly
Powtoon Pricing yearly
Powtoon pricing monthly

The monthly prices for Powtoon’s plans range from $19 to $99, with discounts offered for yearly memberships.

Users can select the pricing plan that best meets their demands and budget from a choice of features and customization options offered by each product.

Doodly vs Mysimpleshow vs Powtoon: Support

Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon offer support options for users who encounter issues or need assistance with their projects. MySimpleShow and Powtoon offer a knowledge base, video tutorials, and email support, while Doodly offers a knowledge base, email support, and a Facebook community. Powtoon and Doodly also offer phone support for their higher-tiered subscription plans. Users can access these support options to troubleshoot technical issues, seek advice on video creation, or inquire about billing and account issues.

Doodly vs Mysimpleshow vs Powtoon: Conclusion

Doodly vs MySimpleShow vs Powtoon

All in all, Doodly, MySimpleShow, and Powtoon are efficient video-making software with distinctive features and functionalities. Doodly’s hand-drawn objects and simple UI make it ideal for producing animations that look like they were created on a whiteboard. MySimpleShow’s automated synchronization and configurable character library make it the perfect tool for making explainer videos. Powtoon is a flexible tool with more complex customization possibilities that can be used to generate a variety of video styles, such as hand-drawn, cartoon, and infographic styles. Which tool is ultimately used will rely on the requirements of the particular project, personal preferences for design, and financial limitations.

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