How To Create A Perfect Whiteboard Animation? A Complete Step By Step Guide + Expert Tips

Guide And Tips To Create Whiteboard Animation Video

Soumyajit SahaSoumyajit Saha

Whiteboard animation is the use of an on-screen drawing to convey a message or idea – generally information that will be beneficial to your business and company. Whiteboard animation serves as an excellent resource for businesses looking to convey complex ideas, concepts, and campaigns in more of an interesting way than just text or photos alone can provide. A study shows that you can increase your landing page’s conversion rate by a whopping 80% if you embed a video on it.

Whiteboard animation videos are usually made up of two things – written words and images which tell a story together. Furthermore, whiteboard animation has been around for quite some time now due to its unique way to convey information by making short clips like how TV commercials do it. For beginner animators, the hardest part of creating whiteboard animation is to fill it with interesting yet meaningful content. Aside from that, choosing the right Whiteboard animation software and making sure that you have everything you need for creativity and production can be another challenging task. A study shows that you can increase your landing page’s conversion rate by a whopping 80% if you embed a video on it.

🔥 How To Create A Whiteboard Animation Video?

Step 1: Write a Script

Write Script For Whiteboard Animation

The first step to creating a whiteboard animation video is to write a script. Make sure that the script is easy to follow and flows nicely from point A to B without missing anything important along the way.

Step 2: Start with the Storyboard


Once you have your basic script written, start with a storyboard – this will allow you to break your ideas down further by providing visual references for each of your key points. Images are best used for this step, as they offer more clarity than simple text on a page ever could.

Step 3: Create Images

Create Image For Whiteboard Animation

With the images in place on the storyboard, you are ready to begin the process of creating your images. When drawing, think about how close other objects are to each another – if they are close together, it may be easier to draw them in a group rather than individually. You can also use Photo Editing Tools to create them individually.

Step 4: Animate Those Images

Animate Your Whiteboard Image

With your images drawn and in place on the storyboard, it is time to animate them. When animating your whiteboard animation video, keep in mind that each frame will likely be shown for no more than 10 seconds. This forces you to make every single movement count – with only a few seconds per frame available, quick movements are often preferable to long scenes of stillness.

Step 5: Record and Sync the Audio

Record Your Audio For Whiteboard Animation

The audio is arguably one of the most important parts of a whiteboard animation video. Before recording the audio for any part of your project, practice reading through your script several times until you know it by heart and will not struggle when speaking into the microphone during the actual recording process.

Your finished product should be a whiteboard animation video that displays an easy-to-follow script and illustrates each of the main points in a clear, concise manner. If you were careful with writing your script and drawing your images, this should not take very long at all and is perhaps one of the simplest steps in creating a whiteboard animation video.

Whiteboard Animation Tips

Useful Tips For Creating Whiteboard Animation
Here, I have done some deep research to gather some of the most important tips by industry experts, which you need to know while trying to create a perfect whiteboard animation video for your business.
Add A Compelling Story
Focus on your story. What is the message you want to convey to your audience? By having a clear objective, you can form your story and create a compelling narrative.
Do Not Try To Deviate From A Classic Whiteboard Style
The rise of the digital age has given birth to many new ways of storytelling and animation styles, but there’s no denying that hand-drawn animations are still extremely popular. The reason for this popularity is simple: because they’re engaging.
Add Interesting Animated Characters
By adding relatable characters (and/or animals) who share human emotions such as anger, fear, or delight; audiences will notice that these characters come alive and become even more involved in the story that unfolds before them.
Do Not Miss Out The Drawing Hand
Not all whiteboard animations are intended to explain an idea or product, but you can still use it that way. The trick is to draw attention to your writing by making it part of the animation itself. If you simply write down your message in text format, audiences might end up ignoring it completely.
Play Around With Colors, But Not Too Much
The problem with using multiple different color schemes within a video is that doing so could make your animation look like something straight out of a bad acid trip (think Avatar meets Tron). That’s because there’s no consistency between each clip; which makes everything look very distracting and unprofessional.
Insert Emotions
It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to provide information, sell a product, or any other reasons. A video that contains nothing but monotone voices and text lacks emotional impact. Be sure to inject a sense of energy into your script by using confident, enthusiastic language and taking the time to add pauses in the appropriate places.
Add Education With A Touch Of Entertainment
However much we wish it weren’t true, the truth is that whiteboard animations are usually more effective at selling a product or getting an idea accepted when they contain elements of comedy and/or high-energy action. So there’s no harm in inserting some light-hearted humor from time to time; as long as this is done tastefully and doesn’t distract audiences from what it is you’re trying to tell them.
Add Suspense And Make The Link
Suspense is a powerful tool when it comes to storytelling, but only when it’s used sparingly. If you constantly try to build up tension in an attempt to add drama, audiences will quickly become bored and stop paying attention altogether. The best way to let suspense work in your favor is by inserting cliffhangers during key moments in your script — making sure that what follows next ties back in with the rest of the story you’re telling.
Consult With Professionals Or A Whiteboard Video Production Company
Even if you follow this list step-by-step, there’s still no guarantee that your video will be perfect — even if you hire a company to create a whiteboard animation for you. That’s because the most important part of any video is the script; which means that it’s best to put together your own (if you can) before getting someone else involved. While there are certainly benefits to working with outside parties, nothing beats having 100% creative control over your idea.

I have researched and listed some of the best Whiteboard Animation Software that are available in the market. Here is my recommendation:



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Customizable Animation
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Record anything on your computer screen
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No coding and designing experience is needed.
Lively Animation Effects
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Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro

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Allow subtitles or closed captioning to your video.
Includes hand-drawn whiteboard video.
Add soundtrack with music and sound effects.


Create videos in any style.
Start from scratch or from a template.
Easily apply expert features in one click.


As more and more businesses are using whiteboard animation to increase sales, there is also the risk that some businesses may be overusing them. While they can really help sales if used correctly, many companies don’t know how to use them effectively, which means they’re simply wasting their time and money on something that doesn’t work.

Hope this guide and Whiteboard animation Tips will help you in creating fantastic Whiteboard Animation Videos. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond.

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