Best Whiteboard Animation Software Of 2021 (Free & Paid Both)

Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular video styles that shows or interestingly explains videos and is the most widely used among video marketers. One of the most common animation software is VideoScribe where you can create your own whiteboard animation video with handy animation effects which is great for modern presentations. For creating great-looking animated videos with better audio, illustration, animation then you should definitely look for VideoScribe Alternatives.

Are you looking for the best whiteboard animation software? Modern people enjoy watching entertaining videos that attract the most than boring content. A recent study shows that 80% of the total traffic wants to watch online videos compared to any TV show. If you really want to get top-notch whiteboard drawing software for your windows or mac computer then this article is a must-read for you.

There is various other animation software that will provide you with professional-like video animations such as DoodleMaker, Doodly, Toon Video Maker. Don’t know about this software? This is the best video-making software in this modern era, where you can advertise your products or services in an innovative way and there is no limit to target a specific niche, rather it is the perfect place for your company to start integrating video into your marketing strategy.

With whiteboard explainer video software, you can make your video editing easy and get high-quality explainer videos that your audience will love. The best part is you can use this video creator app on your website, or for any educational videos to teach students remotely then you need the best whiteboard animation which is handy and easier to use.

Here, in this article, I have reviewed the best whiteboard software which is based on animation features, video quality, pricing, support, and more. Keep scrolling for further information!

What is a Whiteboard Animation Software?

Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard Animation System

Whiteboard Animation is one of the most common procedures of video style where static images are drawn on the screen rather you can call it illustrations which are accompanied by narration with better visualization for the audience sitting opposite of the screen.

With a whiteboard video creator, viewers experience a better understanding of the content which makes the video more immersive and engaging. They are basically accompanied by musical narration and background music to explain the steps of illustration.

Whiteboard animations are the perfect addition to any company’s website, social media, or email newsletters and portray a powerful message that will tell your viewers just how your company fits into their life. Standing in 2021, most of the animators are using animated whiteboard software, which is more economical to produce any type of video.

If you get the best whiteboard video software, then you can use the motion style video that shows a hand type illustrating the animation or a time-lapse video. It is true to say that this software is highly effective for marketing, training, or any kind of educational purposes.

Unlike other animations, whiteboard animation goes through the same stages of production where you need to complete your script and style frames, and then you will need a storyboard. One of the most important points is, for an effective whiteboard animation you need to understand the right path to convert your viewers into buyers or followers. The cost of whiteboard animated videos depends on different factors such as total animation time, style of characters, and speed of your schedule will affect the total cost of your video. See a demo video below:

What Are The Features To Look For In WhiteBoard Animation Software?

Before you select the best whiteboard animation software, you need to determine few things which are important:

  • Fully Customizable: In an animation software, there must have a number of customization options which are more handy to modify characters, colors, font styles, audio, video, animations and transitions. In addition to pre-designed templates make sure there are various customization options.
  • Huge Media Library: Always check, that the software includes a diverse media-library of royalty-free images,audios and videos. Now make engaging & exciting videos without any extra cost
  • Easy To Use: Another important point for the best whiteboard animation software review, you must select the software which is beginner-friendly to operate easily for creating amazing videos for your business use.
  • Voice Over Support: Almost every animated whiteboard software come with voice-over support for better understanding of the viwers. Always go for a tool, that supports voice-over for narrating your story and helps you make videos hassle-free.
  • Price: If you a newbie in video marketing industry, then price is an essential factor to consider. There is no need to spend a lot of money in new software, so the best way to start making whiteboard animation is to choose free to use tool that will save your money.

Let us now have a clear idea what are the positive and negative sides of whiteboard animation software and how do whiteboard animation videos attract a broad range of audiences:

  • Highly flexible and mobile-friendly
  • Whiteboard animation software has a greater rate of conversion
  • Striking and best suited for grabbing the audience’s attention
  • Easy to use and remember
  • Best way to pass a great deal of information clearly and promptly
  • An ideal way to advertise products or services
  • Doesn’t require any expensive equipment or skills to get started
  • Beginners-friendly tool
  • Yields high-quality explainer videos to use on your website, or online tutorial
  • Not for people who don’t have any interest in video marketing

Let us jump onto the list of best whiteboard animation software that will let you produce stunning whiteboard animation videos easily and quickly.

List Of Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Free)

Detailed List Of Free Whiteboard Animation Software

To make videos using whiteboard video creator is way better than traditional videos as here there is no need to shoot videos. It is a fantastic alternative to text as people tend to show less interest in images & text. Below are the top picks for free whiteboard animation software that are easier to use and can be customized easily as per requirements.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Free) :



Free Whiteboard Animation Software

MySimpleShow is one of the best free whiteboard animation software that helps you to create explainer videos easily for corporate situations. This software includes a free-to-use whiteboard animation plan where you can create lively images and graphics. Using MySimpleShow, you can write scripts or create great explainer videos and share them all. It includes an Explainer Engine which transforms your English and German texts into visuals.

With this whiteboard animation video software, you can engage students in an online tutorial or use it for personal use as well. It is ideal as a presentation software for Startups, Big Enterprises, and also for online presentation systems like Video Management, Video Content, Customizable Templates, Offline Presenting, Audio Content in one place.

MySimpleShow Features:

  • SimpleShow video maker provides you with the most relevant storyline templates and also help structure your content and write creative plots
  • It includes Explainer Engine that help visualize your story and engage your audience
  • You can make use of thousands of simpleshow illustrations and also upload your own logo, a specific image, or add text
  • Ir is easy to upload your own recording and let it synchronize your voice with the story
  • You can export your video to YouTube, so you can easily share the link, or download it as an MP4 file
  • Very easy to use with amazing storyline templates
  • Includes the option to add audio to your presentations
  • Lets you preview your video and make changes in an instant
  • It helps you to preview your video and make changes instantly
  • It has a limited storyline option

MySimpleShow Pricing:

SimpleShow pricing
  • Business ($129) helps you to remove the simpleshow video maker watermark, download videi in HD, commercial rights
  • Pro ($499) makes you enjoy all business benefits, add your own watermakr, edit subtitles




Best Free Whiteboard Animated Video Technology

If you want to want to make a whiteboard explainer video then RawShorts is the best option to choose from. This type of program is very easy to use and has integration with YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

RawShorts will easily transform your text to animated videos with the A.I. technology and saves hours for video creation. Want to build a Powerpoint slide? This is the best whiteboard video creator with powerful features like text to speech, animated charts over 1 million royalty media assets, and can be easily customizable.

Using this software, you can create business videos to show your clients, marketing videos to help demonstrate a strategy, or training videos with a drag-n-drop interface.

RawShorts Features:

  • A great video editor and text to video maker that helps businesses make explainer videos, animations and promo videos for the web and social media
  • RawShorts instantly create animated videos from text within seconds and saves countless hours of video creation
  • It acts as a personal video director with the power of AI and assist you in every step of your way
  • Provides an instant access of over 1 million royalty free media library which includes videos, photos, icons and animations directly from the editor
  • This tool includes thousands of whiteboard-style templates, graphics, unique characters, and more
  • Offers free demo that let you make a whiteboard animation video with drag and drop technology
  • Easily animated video maker
  • With the drag-n-drop video editor, you can easily customize and share
  • Has a huge royalty-free media library
  • Includes dozens of professionally designed templates to make videos for your business
  • Have to verify licensing for multiple users

RawShorts Pricing:

Rawshorts pricing
  • Starter (Free Trial) includes 5 non-premium exports,standard video format, 480p resolution
  • Business ($59/m) includes 50 premium exports, 1080p resolution, third party transfer rights
  • Essential ($39/m) includes 25 premium exports, 1080p resolution,10 licensed video clips




Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows

Renderforest is a completely cloud-based video maker software that is basically built for professional video-makers to build extremely powerful videos within a couple of minutes. This platform is completely cloud-based where you can upload images, videos and even change the palette and colors of your video fonts. It is ideal for animation videos, slideshows, presentations, and music visualizations with minimal time and effort. Great software for video editing and provides a limitless amount of imagination.

This is an amazing whiteboard animation software for Windows where you can create unique and interesting whiteboard animation shorts using hundreds of ready-made scenes. Renderforest’s cloud storage ensures that you can play with your video online or save your video later on for edit purposes where you can create engaging videos within minutes. It is one of the most popular video creation platforms with a wide range of templates such as Whiteboard Animation Toolkit, Trendy Explainer Toolkit, Modern Infographics Pack, Educational Video Toolkit, Healthcare Explainer Toolkit, Infographics Animation Pack, etc.

Renderforest Features:

  • It is easily customizable scenes to create engaging videos within a few minutes
  • Renderforest gives your brand an online presence with easy-to-use Website Builder which helps you to create professional website without any technical skills needed
  • Includes professional ready-to-use graphics design templates to meet your needs and you can download your file in different formats and sizes
  • Using this free online logo maker, create high-quality logos online right in the cloud within minutes
  • Renderforest gives your brand an online presence with easy-to-use website builder which helps you to create professional website without any technical skills needed
  • With this free whiteboard animation tool, you can create simple videos in a much better way that will help to deliver worthy information on a PowerPoint presentation
  • A great choice for online content editing
  • Includes hundreds of interesting templates
  • Already created 400 animated scenes
  • Create stunning video templates for any purpose with this online video maker
  • Limited by what the project provides

Renderforest Pricing:

Renderforest pricing
  • Free version ($0) includes unlimited 360p video exports, access to 200+ stock videos, watermarks on everything
  • Lite Version ($6.69) includes 10GB storage, up to 5-minute videos, 50+ commercial music tracks
  • Amateur ($9.37) includes access to 500+ stock videos, 100+ commercial music tracks, no watermarks on HD videos
  • Pro ($20.09) includes up to 30-minute videos, 200+ commercial music tracks, 5 font uploads
  • Agency ($40.19) includes up to 60 minute videos, custom watermark on your videos, unlimited HD 1080 videos per month




Free Whiteboard Video Creator

Animaker is another free whiteboard animation software where you can make animated videos easily with various functions. Using the free version, you can create 5 whiteboard videos in a month and it only supports exporting 2 minutes videos. This platform is very easy to use and download and includes several base video styles such as handicraft, infographics, typography. Around 10M people create awesome videos using Animaker and are trusted by the world’s leading brand styles.

Animaker is packed with 4 new styles which are Blackboard, Notepad, Whiteboard, Stitchboard, and Glassboard where you can select characters and props with the type of scribbling. Here, you can choose from plenty of animated templates to create your own masterpieces.

Animaker Features:

  • This software has world’s largest asset library where you will get hundreds and thousands of backgrounds, properties, texts, and music tracks for every concept
  • Includes extensive facial expressions that will bring your characters & videos to life
  • With this free whiteboard drawing software , you can create 4k video quality that will get more eyes on your content
  • Easily animates complex animations using Smart Move Technology with just a click of a button
  • Animaker provides tons of features such as camera effects, screen effects, audio tracks, transitions and more to add pro-level feel to your video.
  • Includes tons of royalty-free music tracks & sound effects inside audio library and all are ready to use
  • With the upgraded version there are 4 new styles to use
  • Easily stamp GIFs with your own watermark
  • Add effects, text, and music to make whiteboard animation video more interesting
  • Easily subtitle your videos to get them ready for every platform
  • You can only upload SD quality video to YouTube with this free plan

Animaker Pricing:

Animaker pricing
  • Basic ($10/mo) includes 5 premium downloads/mo, HD quality videos, build 5 custom characters
  • Starter ($19/mo) includes 10 premium downloads/mo,full HD quality videos, build 15 custom characters/mo
  • Pro ($49/mo) includes 20 premium downloads/mo, 2K quality videos,build 30 custom characters/mo
  • Enterprise(custom pricing) includes unlimited downloads, 4K quality videos, 20GB files upload




Animated Whiteboard Software
Powtoon software

Choosing the best whiteboard video software not only creates professional-looking videos but it seems to be more engaging than only images and texts. PowToon is a powerful video presenting software that allows you to drag and drop your way to an animated presentation to present your product or service in an eye-catching and fun way. This tool allows you to create professional videos without the agency price tag and helps to reach and engage your audience with exciting videos in every style and for every audience even without any designing skills.

This software is incredible to make a presentation with a short video type. If you are very new to this whiteboard animation field, then you can learn by attending a live webinar and start making stunning animation videos. With the free version, you can make up to 3 mins videos in HD quality with storage of 100 MB.

PowToon software is great for Freelancers, Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, and also for marketing and social media marketers. This software helps you to reach and engage with your audience with powerful videos in every style anywhere without even any designing skills needed. This software has great integrations with Facebook, Canva, PowerPoint, Adobe, HubSpot, YouTube, and more.

Powtoon Features:

  • PowToon has extensive visual library with 100s of ready-made video templates, animated & branded characters, designed elements, and millions of royalty-free images, HD footage, and soundtracks
  • Includes 100s of ready-made video templates, animated & branded characters, designed elements, and millions of royalty-free images, HD footage, and soundtracks
  • Get instant sharing of your downloaded videos in any format and publish them directly to favorite channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Hubspot, and more
  • Build your own branded characters by customizing their hair, clothing, facial expressions, and animated gestures
  • Get complete brand control and easy access to the right brand fonts, colors, characters, and templates, all in one place
  • Includes royalty-free music to make perfect whiteboard animation
  • This software includes free to use an object to touch up video
  • Easy sharing and download videos in any format
  • Create videos up to 3 mins in HD quality with 100 MB storage
  • The free version includes a watermark on all published products

Powtoon Pricing:

PowToon pricing
  • Pro Version ($3.74/mo) includes 5 premium exports per month, access to pro & free content, 2 GB storage
  • Pro+ Version ($12.05/mo) includes unlimited premium exports, unlimited access to all content, 10 GB storage
  • Agency ($20.13) includes unlimited premium exports, build your own branded characters, 100 GB storage, upload custom fonts




Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Mac

VideoScribe is one of the commonly used and one of the best whiteboard animation software which helps you to make perfect whiteboard animation videos with various images and music. Now you can easily captivate your explainer videos in minutes with the all-new drag and drop technology.

With the free plan, you will get 5000+ images to use and record your own voice-over by yourself which is a great feature to hear your voice in the animated videos anytime you want. Moreover, you can share videos easily with YouTube, Vimeo, and Powerpoint. It offers a 7-day free trial, and used by millions of people, and is a very fast and secure online tool. Great whiteboard animation software for mac users with a variety of useful features to make stunning videos.

Not only this, it has a huge content library that includes hand animations, graphic items, unique fonts, and easily customizable music. With the free plan, you will get access to the free library of over 7,300 images, a diverse range of hands, pens, erasers & more, over 190 royalty-free music tracks, record your own voiceover, import your own music or voiceover.

VideoScribe Features:

  • Easily draw images automatically and your images will get converted to SVGs
  • VideoScribe is very easy to use and creates super cool high quality white board animations with a writing hand effect
  • This best whiteboard animation platform allows you to create unique and interesting videos with the free images library which is very useful
  • Easily to import your assets and export MOV and WMV animation video files
  • Easily shareable to Vimeo & PowerPoint or you can download your videos locally
  • Very effective whiteboard animation software
  • Has the ability to import SVG files
  • Unlimited online support and free product upgrades
  • Includes a free library of over 7300 images to use your assets
  • Helps to create unlimited MOV & WMV video files and save scribe files online
  • No option to record videos in MP4 format

VideoScribe Pricing:

VideoScribe pricing
  • VideScribe Monthly Plan starts at $17.50/mo
  • VideoScribe Yearly Plan starts at $8/mo
  • VideoScribe Quaterly Plan starts at $35


List Of Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)

Detailed List Of Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Paid)

In this part, I am going to list down the best picks of whiteboard animation software (paid whiteboard video makers) that will help you to make stunning animation creation a lot easier with a better storyboard, illustration, and voiceovers. Here is a complete list of the best whiteboard video creator for stunning animation stories in 2021:

Best Whiteboard Video Software In 2021:



Whiteboard Explainer Video Software

Fiverr is one of the most commonly used whiteboard video explainer software which is used to hire freelancers. In this animation platform, you will definitely meet your expectations to hire professionals in the shortest period of time. Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance platform that comes with hundreds of gifs posted by various kinds of video creators.

Here, you can select the perfect animator after a lot of stages such as following their reviews, samples, and years of experience. You will be amazed to know that the professionals are verified for their excellent quality of work and service. Moreover, most of the animators will provide you with a voice-over or you provide your own. Everything is pretty simple to use, and safe and you get get your work done in a secure way. The best part is you can spend extra money on the “Pro Service” which will help you get more engaging whiteboard animation explainer videos for a better audience understanding.

Fiverr Features:

  • Fiverr provides you to select presentations on multiple metrics which are based on location, money and experience
  • Another most important feature is you can ask the video creator to make changes or enhance the video for better quality
  • This platform, keep the amount securedly to safeguard the interest of clients
  • In this platform, you can tell your story uniquely with whiteboard & animated explainers, animated gifs, character animation etc
  • Helps you to hire professionals from any location across the world
  • There is no chance of scam, as only verified professionals are hired
  • The entire process of video creation is very smooth
  • You have the option to reject the payment in case it doesn’t meet your requirements
  • A bit costly

Fiverr Pricing:

  • Basic Plan Starts at $21.09
  • Gold Plan Starts at $42.19
  • Platinum Plan Starts at $63.19
Fiverr pricing




Best Professional Video Editing Software

FilmoraPro is one of the best whiteboard animation video creators that take your whiteboard animation to another level. It has an easy-to-use user interface that provides smooth animation and supports 4K HD and 2D/3D animations where you can personalize your images with graphics.

With FilmoraPro, you can instantly remove the background noise and replace it with a high-quality audio file. Moreover, there are options such as automatic audio sync, an audio compressor to normalize the volume of your clips, and audio transitions for smooth sound between clips. Here, you can customize your own animations and bring life into your clips and also add realistic zoom or camera movements in your video.

In case, you feel a problem with your moving motion clips, you can change the speed and duration of animations to create fluid motions. There are options like color grading where you can experience detailed color correction with high-quality presets and adjust Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights.

FilmoraPro Features:

  • It allows you to verify changes and give a more consistent and eye-catching look to your video clips
  • With the motion tracking feature, you can tether text or graphics to moving points in your videos
  • It allows you to apply preset motions or customize your own animations with keyframes
  • You can create realistic camera movement or add a zoom
  • It helps you to record a voiceover directly into your project timeline and also scale animation timeline with hotkeys
  • Now you can easily hide different elements of your video through custom shapes or presets
  • Offers preset audio transitions for smooth sound clips
  • Easily animates customizable texts
  • You can manipulate your footage in creative ways using the warp & distort feature
  • Easily determine the ideal color setting for any image or video with auto-correction
  • High memory & CPU usage

FilmoraPro Pricing:

FilmoraPro Pricing
  • Free Plan ($0) includes all features and free updates
  • Perpetual ($149.99 one-time-fee) includes all features, free updates, no watermark, free tech support
  • 1-year Plan ($89.99 billed annually) includes all features, no watermark, free updates, free tech support




Best All-In-One Video Editor For Windows & Mac

Camtasia is the most popular whiteboard animation software for screen recording and video editing that allows you to record and create professional-looking videos on both Windows and Mac computers. It gives you pre-made animations that take your video to the next level where you can customize your animation to create behaviors, or zoom in, zoom out and pan animations to your screen recordings.

Not only this, Camtasia allows you to make great-looking videos a large library of video tutorials. Camtasia is most suitable for users who want to share tutorials and any kind of how-to videos. It offers pre-built assets to customize your videos for a professional polish. You can turn your PowerPoint integration or import slides directly into Camtasia. With the all-new drag and drop feature, you can create high-quality professional videos and easily add an extra wow factor to your videos.

Camtasia Features:

  • It allows you to Reduce background noise, even out audio levels, add audio points, adjust pitch and gain, and much more to ensure high-quality audio in your videos
  • Camtasia helps you to instantly upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course
  • It makes your videos more interactive by creating quizzes and also encourages your learners for extra attention to your videos
  • It includes pre-built video templates that reduces editing time and also helps to create custom templates for videos
  • You can easily add camera effects to your screen recordings and add a personal touch to your videos by adding crisp video and audio straight from your webcam
  • Provides great audio effects and annotations
  • Includes screen recording options for recording the entire screen
  • Offers pre-built assets that you can easily customize
  • You can add transitions between slides and scenes
  • Fast operation, with fast video export speed
  • Includes 30 days money-back guarantee
  • It takes time for the editing operation that goes through each dialogue box

Camtasia Pricing:

Camtasia pricing
  • For Individual($294.61) : Includes One time fee, comes with a single license
  • For Business( $294.61) : Includes One time fee, Compatible with Windows and Mac, Volume discount business pricing, Site Licenses
  • For Education($200.34) : Tax exempt ordering available, one time fee, compatible with Windows and Mac, Volume discount pricing, site licenses available
  • Government & Non-Profit($263.95) : Includes one time fee, Compatible with Windows and Mac, Tax exempt ordering available




Powerful Whiteboard Video Software

If you don’t have animation skills, Animiz is the best choice for online whiteboard animation software to create great-looking animations in very little time. It is the most powerful video software for creating types of videos for any need. Whether you want to create animated storyboard templates and scenes for all types of videos.

Animiz helps you to create the best animation demos, simple video import processes, for easy publishing with some of the most attractive features. Animiz allows you to add subtitles to your videos to make sure they look best, you can also use images from the library to make your videos more convenient. You can also publish videos using Animiz whiteboard software, with a beautiful customizable video cover to grab the attention of the audience and it is the best whiteboard animation software for mac.

With this video animation software, you will get ready-made templates to create high-quality animated videos. Not only this Animiz includes a huge library of pre-designed assets like characters, icons, SVG images, and shapes for animation designers. Now you can easily make your video presentation more engaging with interactive effects and unique design that will engage audiences.

Animiz Features:

  • Animiz software comes with simple multi-track timeline that helps to customize background, camera, captions, animations, etc
  • It allows you to design creative dashboard for your video project to rename, download, share and delete the video project you have uploaded to the cloud
  • Animiz software has various flexible options to publish your project as an online video, offline video and Gif or you can publish your videos in 6 different formats which are mp4, .mov,.avi,.mkv etc
  • It includes multiple free video assets such as roles, images, sounds, SWFs, charts, which helps you create fabulous video scenes
  • It includes drag-and-drop interface where you are able to edit every element’s animation effect in timeline as well
  • This software includes hand-drawn animation effect that looks looks more vivid and fascinating that display your static contents in an interesting way
  • Includes 300+ lively animation effects for interactive videos
  • Add multiple fabulous scene transitions to play videos smoothly, clearly, and naturally
  • Add right background music for visual enjoyment
  • Explains videos with colorful hand-drawn animation effect

Animiz Pricing:

Animiz Pricing
  • Free ($0) includes 1 user, 10G Cloud Storage, 5 Scenes per Project, 2 Backgrounds Per Scene, 500+ Royalty-free vector images
  • Standard ($29/mo) includes 12 built-in roles, 100G cloud storage, 5 backgrounds per scene, 1000+ royalty-free vector images
  • Professional($299/year) includes 2 users, unlimited cloud storage, 16 built-in roles, 15 backgrounds per scene
  • Enterprise ($999) includes up to 10 users, unlimited cloud-storage, unlimited scenes per project, unlimited cameras




Best 3D Whiteboard Animation & Explainer Video Maker

Explaindio is one of the best whiteboard animation software for 2D and 3D animation, explainer videos, and doodle sketches. It helps you to create unique animations and provides multiple animations, over 180 pre-made text animations for more personalization and engaging videos.

It comes with desktop software for Mac and Windows and you can create offline videos and you can create and export an unlimited number of videos. It is the coolest and easiest to use desktop app for creating highly interactive doodle video, or an animated 2D or 3D video for your marketing, an explainer video to educate, engage, and get sales, or create custom training videos, everything is done for you.

Being one of the cheapest and most flexible software on the market it is used by most marketers for major marketing videos and for building animated videos. It is the best VideoScribe alternatives that provide animated motion background video to make your videos richer with 300+ stock images and 800+ Doodle Sketch Images. It basically focuses on creating amazing video content to help you get more leads and make more sales.

Explaindo Features:

  • With Explaindio, you can customize, mix and match with other scene templates to generate your own sales videos
  • It has pixabay integration that provides you access to thousands of free stock photos and mix them with your own videos
  • It has built-in transitions and easy video creation wizard with 140+ pre-made video, image and doodle objects animations
  • Explaindio includes multi-timeline editing that will help you edit videos at a faster rate
  • It comes with 200+ pre-done animated scenes which are customizable with your content like text, image, videos, colors and more
  • Ability to play multiple animations at the same time
  • Easy access of creative assets in the cloud
  • Offers built-in transitions and keyframe animations
  • There is no need for any coding or technical skills
  • Helps you to create stunning videos with 100+ HD background videos
  • Offers 6 animated characters to tell stories
  • It doesn’t offer the same price flexibility unlike other software of the same genre

Explaindo Pricing:

Explaindio pricing
  • Explaindo Video Creator Monthly Plan starts at $37/mo
  • Explaindo Video Creator Annual Plan starts at $67/year
  • Explaindo Video Creator One-Time starts at $497



Easy Sketch Pro

Best Sketch Video Software

EasySketchPro is one of the best whiteboard sketch video software that will create stunning videos with the “drag-n-drop” technology which boosts sales for any business. It is already proven that sketch videos tend to convert 2-3 times higher with interactive features such as add your own background music, voice-over or you can select from the vast library of ready-made tracks and the best part is everything is customizable.

With this doodle creation software, you can instantly create doodle videos or sketch within minutes. Easy Sketch Pro provides you to choose from a stunning library of amazing backgrounds. It is ground-breaking software where you can upload and publish your videos to YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, VeeRoll, Google Videos in a couple of seconds. It is an extremely powerful software and is ideal for local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants for double engagement of viewers and greater possibility of more sales.

You can use EasySketchPro, in just 3 simple steps:

  • With the drag and drop builder you can easily create sketch video
  • Import your own regular video using 100s of images to create stunning video of your own
  • Click on the option “build” and upload your sketch video easily

Easy Sketch Pro Features:

  • It allows you to add your voice over or music to the animated video or the uploaded video
  • Get access to a stunning library of pre-recorded music for more personalization where you can add animated text
  • Easy Sketch Pro provides you with over 50 new pens, brushes, Chalk, Crayons at your fingertips
  • Now you can easily set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to live video
  • It offers hundreds of royalty-free images to achieve the required customization and creative professional videos
  • With this ground-breaking software you can create live sketch videos that offers professional canvas types
  • Works with both Mac and Windows computers
  • Easily export video in MP4 format
  • You can easily import and add your own logo, images, video, or soundtrack
  • Create videos with professional polished backgrounds
  • It can directly publish videos on multiple platforms including YouTube and Vimeo
  • Doesn’t supports iOS and Android devices

Easy Sketch Pro Pricing:

  • Easy Sketch Pro Starter Plan starts at $37
  • Easy Sketch Pro Business Plan starts at $67
  • Easy Sketch Pro Business Pro Plan starts at $97
Easy Sketch Pro pricing




Best Professional Doodle Video Creator

Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software where you can create super engaging, professional doodle videos even without any technical knowledge or designing skills. With this software, you can create professional doodle videos in minutes to entertain, engage and affect your viewers in a positive way. Doodly is ideal for YouTube marketers, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Facebook advertising, and other creative people to make the world a better and happier place.

It is very simple to use and easily customizable and supports flexibly on both Mac and PC systems. It comes with a number of built-in library characteristics which include audio, photo files, props, and more and you can export your doodle sketch videos in various mp4 file sizes. Do you know the best part? Here, you will get continuous free software updates better features and functionality.

With Doodly you can create unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and even glassboard doodle videos automatically as well as add your voice to your video or upload a professional voiceover. This animated whiteboard software built with Smart Draw Technology, allows you to select male and female hand types as well as various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect personalized touch.

Doodly Features:

  • Doodly is incredibly intuitive and very easy to use ans is perfect for people who doesn’t have any design or technical skills
  • It has all new drag-n-drop interface, that will help you to create animated videos without any drawing skills
  • It comes with a complete royalty-free music tracks,perfect for any genre and create your videos like a professional
  • Doodly is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and you can install easily it in your computers
  • Includes a large selection of male and female hand types with various colors, sizes and ethnicities
  • Doodly is very to use software for professional doodle videos
  • It offers free software updates
  • Offers royalty-free audio tracks that you can include in your video
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac systems
  • Includes thousands of custom drawndoodle sketch images
  • A bit expensive compared to other options

Doodly Pricing:

Doodly pricing
  • One Time Price For Today: $67
  • Gold Plan starts at $20/month
  • Platinum Plan starts at $ 30/month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $40/month




Best Professional Whiteboard Animation Software

Vyond is one of the best whiteboard animation software for professional animators that helps you to achieve better visual communication through powerful storytelling, repurposing, and customization of content. This animation software is highly beneficial for various industrial fields such as marketing, training, eLearning, and HR for better collaboration.

In this platform, you can seamlessly import MP4 files to deliver a more immersive learning experience and is highly used by small-business owners to consultants for better engagement and captivating video. Vyond makes your content unique by offering thousands of characters, movements, and colors that will add depth to your videos. Not only this, you can even import custom music and get complete creative control by uploading logos, fonts, sound files, and videos.

Now you can easily transform your videos the way your organization communicates through a video that is customizable enough for both your brand and department needs. This whiteboard animation software is a great choice for training your distributed workforce or achieving higher conversion rates for your marketing team which is affordable for any organization.

VYOND Features:

  • Vyond lets you search for the most suitable templates based on job role, style, and category
  • It help you to create videos easily with huge library of templates, sounds, props, and so much more and an essential tool for creating content in minutes
  • It is a very flexible platform that helps you easily incorporate video into your campaigns to improve marketing results
  • It has an exclusive lip-sync feature that transforms boring characters into real humans for more engagement
  • Vyond helps you to tell stories beautifully so that you can communicate like a pro
  • Creates highly compatible videos for email marketing campaigns
  • Easily customizable characters, models, and objects of your choice
  • Get access to hundreds of custom logos and texts
  • Easily transforms generic content into dynamic within minutes
  • Need more animated objects for whiteboard videos

VYOND Pricing:

Vyond pricing
  • Essential ($299/year) includes export video options in 720p resolution, Vyond logo, color changable props, classic whiteboard characters
  • Premium ($649/year) includes export videos 1080p resolution, animated GIF export, 2D characters, Live chat, Vyond Community access
  • Professional ($999/year) includes video collaboration, shared libraries, user management panel, font, import, 2D characters for a modern look, priority phone support
  • Enterprise includes video sharing features, animated GIF export, Vyond secure suite, live chat option, Vyond Accel




Whiteboard Explainer Video Software

TruScribe is an amazing whiteboard animation software that creates hand-drawn whiteboard videos to grab the audience’s attention and simplifies complex information with an amazing storyline. It includes digital graphic recording which helps to visualize a webinar or online meeting in a completely new way.

Using TruScribe, you can reach new levels of engagement and let you communicate with your audience in a stronger way. Create the best quality content with amazing features such as attractive design, modern machine voice, editing, etc.

Nowadays, marketers especially need to focus on the content that they are putting out there due to the significant impact of online presence on a company’s performance. Using TrueScribe, you can create custom hand-drawn infographics that will share data and ideas in a more creative way with science-backed technology called the Scribology method. Do you know the best part? This platform provides creative services for almost every area of your organization.

TruScribe Features:

  • It allows you to create marleting explainer videos for any kind of startup business or ayou can also create technical drawings for creative companies
  • Helps to create creative hand-drawn whiteboard video with custom infographics that will improve your online presence
  • Easily create whiteboard animations which are effective for for explaining complex topics and simplifying difficult ideas
  • With this custom whiteboard animation video maker you can create videos for internal seminars or even for advertising purposes
  • This explainer video software is great for storytelling, high-quality illustrations, and valuable content
  • Add subtitles or closed captioning to your video to improve its accessibility
  • Includes hand-drawn whiteboard video which includes graphic recording and infographics
  • Add soundtrack with music and sound effects
  • Choose solid backgrounds with various options
  • Videos have high engagement and conversion rates
  • Video production may be time-consuming

TruScribe Pricing:

  • Pricing depends on the length of your script that means if your script is under 160 words then your budget will be low
  • In case your video length is over 20 minutes then your script is 700 words longbut here you can save your money and time




Best Software For Professional Looking Videos

Moovly is another best whiteboard video software for professional-looking videos that helps you to create videos in any style you like, even your organization’s brand style. With this whiteboard drawing software, you can automatically generate subtitles or add artificial voice-overs that can be translated into any language. It is a powerful tool where you will get a large selection of graphics, stock images, and options to upload your own pictures and videos.

Moovly is the most flexible platform and powerful API that can automate the production of videos and create its own branded video products and services. Moreover, it is a great choice for educational video content, lessons, explainers, or tutorials. This animated whiteboard software is entirely cloud-based where you can upload your own images, sounds, and videos to your personal media library and share your created videos on various online platforms.

It includes a Storyblocks library that gives you access to 1 million royalty-free stock videos, photos, illustrations, motion graphics, music, and sounds. With Moovly, you can make stunning videos without the need for having design skills or technical training and make your audience remember your animated videos.

Moovly Features:

  • Includes a list of professionally made video templates that you can modify according to your needs
  • Moovly libraries contain over 1 million free assets, including professional-quality videos, motion graphics, music, sound effects, photos, and illustrations
  • It is a complete browser-based video editor that seamlessly works on all browsers, without any download or installation
  • It helps you to upload your own images, sounds and videos or you can use the built-in media libraries to use any photo, screenshot on your computer or other devices
  • Easily convert text to voice-over and choose from over 20+ languages with the help of natural sounding human speech
  • It comes with a simple drag-and-drop user interface enabling every computer user to easily create video content
  • Offers largest stock media libraries
  • Fully cloud-based software no need to install or download
  • Very simple and versatile video creation tool
  • Includes millions of royalty-free media objects to create stunning videos
  • Pro version needs advanced animation features

Moovly Pricing:

Moovly Pricing
  • Free ($0) includes everything free such as create videos with Moovly studio, publish to YouTube, Vimeo, 20 personal uploads
  • Pro ($24.92) includes HD 1080p quality, text-to-speech, unlimited personal uploads, create video templates, customer support
  • Max ($49.92) includes 50 downloads or exports per month, screen and webcam recording, automated translation of videos, color removal
  • Enterprise (custom pricing) includes user management back office, custom group libraries, multiple accounts in one group, white-labeling options, premium customer support level



Final Words

Whiteboard animation is the most engaging way of grabbing the attention of an audience where you can share your ideas and thoughts in a more innovative way. In my best whiteboard animation software review, I have listed the best whiteboard animation software in 2021 which will definitely help you to create and edit videos more easily.

Personally, after a lot of research work, I would definitely suggest you get the best animated video software that will the most suitable choice for you. If you want to create stunning doodle videos then you must choose Doodly, whereas Vyond and Renderforest are great for amazing animations and are very easy to use.

Choose the best app that suits your requirements, so that you become more productive to create video contents that your audience will always remember. Thank you for being a part of this article. Now I Hope, it is clear what are the best whiteboard animation software you can choose for you.

Have anything to ask? I will be happy to answer all your questions promptly! Don’t forget to share in the comment section below which whiteboard software do you select!

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