10+ Best Website Builder For Podcast Creators In 2021

List Of Best Website Builder For Podcasts (Listed And Reviewed)

(Listed Both Paid & Free Best Podcast Website Builderswith Features and Pricing)

The world of podcasting is soaring and with each passing year, the number of active podcast listeners is increasing. Just this year, the United States recorded 120 million podcast listeners, which is expected to exceed 160 million by 2023. 

However daunting the work of podcasting seems, there is a bonzer reward of popularity that comes with it. To reach that phase, just creating your podcast will not be enough. You would need a website as well to upload, distribute and market your creation. These websites are useful in distributing the podcasts to key directories including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify among others. This could be possible through podcast website builders.

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Figuring out which is the best website builder for podcasts can be difficult. With the growth in podcast listeners, there also has been an increase of options available on the market – making it difficult to decide what’s right for your needs!

There are several website builders for podcasts that are available in the market. Picking out the best for your podcast may seem tedious. Having a website for podcasts is tempting, however, you need to be careful while choosing one. Let’s find out what is the best website builder for podcasts.

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What Are The Features To Look For In A Website Builder For Podcast?

Podcasts are a popular way of distributing media, as there is no set format and you can talk about whatever you want. Because of the lack of specific formatting, it has been difficult for laypeople to create their own podcast without extensive knowledge on how to record their voices, edit, etc. The rise of podcast website builders has made it so even those without knowledge of media creation can have a webpage to post their podcasts on the internet.

The main important features to look for in a website builder for podcasts are:

  • Ease Of Use : The more complicated and difficult it is to use the builder, the less likely you are to update your site or make improvements. You do not want a website builder that takes extensive knowledge of coding and design in order for you to make simple updates such as creating a new page on your site. A good podcast website builder should be able to let you do everything you need to do with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Clean, Modern Design: The website builder should have a clean and simple design so that it is easy for users to navigate their site. It should also allow the user to make customizations themselves instead of having to pay someone else in order to alter the look of the site.
  • SEO Optimization Tools : You want a web presence for your podcast because it is the easiest way to promote yourself and get traffic from search engines. A website builder with SEO optimization tools will make sure that you are able to maximize your page ranking as much as possible by optimizing keywords and meta tags on your homepage.
  • Automatic Episode Imports : You want a podcast website builder that can create an RSS feed for your site so that you are able to have the most seamless way of uploading new podcasts to your site without having to manually do it yourself. This also allows for visitors to easily subscribe to your podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, or other places where people can get podcasts so that they do not have to go through a lot of steps just to be able to listen to your episodes.
  • Subscribe And Share Buttons : Having a website builder with share buttons on each page will allow visitors the ability to easily spread your podcast across other social media platforms. They should be able to easily share your podcast with their friends and family on social media so that you can get a larger following.
  • Flexibility In Design And Input : You need a website builder that will let you create custom templates for each page of your site, especially the homepage because that is where people will be able to see what you have been up to lately. A podcast website builder with flexibility in design and input will let you keep the same template for all pages but also have a different look from the homepage so that people know what page they are on when they click through to other parts of your site.

Best Website Builders For Podcast

Quick List Of Best Website Builders For Podcast

There are various ways to build websites for podcasts without having to learn how to code or hiring any developer! With the help of the right website builder, you can create a website for free at a very low cost! Below is a complete podcast websites list for your podcast episodes to grow your audience!

Best Website Builders For Podcast:



Best Website Hosting For Podcasts

Producing a well-researched podcast is one thing and building the best website for podcasts is a different thing. Podpage is a dedicated website builder that allows creators to build their sites within 5 minutes. The builder has a number of interesting features that can add value to your website. It only takes just a few drags and drops and the rest is taken care of. The best part is, you don’t need to know even a tiny bit of coding. 

With the help of its simplistic editor, you can build a listener-friendly website for your podcast. The features that come with this website builder are the ability to automatically create transcripts, players, episode pages, and guest profiles. 

The automated analytic tracking feature of the builder makes yours the best podcast website in your niche. 

Podpage Features:

  • It allows integration with various directories to help you succeed in podcasting.
  • Your listeners can send you voicemails and it will be wonderful if you play them on your show.
  • Its streamlined email marketing feature allows you to send messages directly to your listeners.
  • You can monetize your listeners via BuyMeACoffee, Superchat, Patreon and others.

Podpage Pros:

  • It tracks analytics with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google on its own.
  • Uses the host media player automatically.
  • Transcripts are displayed beside notes of the shows.

Podpage Pricing:

  • Basic ($5/mo):  Custom domains, Google Optimization, Web hosting
  • Professional ($15/mo): Imported reviews, transcripts, tracking analytics
  • Network ($25/mo): Unlimited sub-pages, search option across all podcasts




Best Custom Website Builder For Podcasts

Reaching out to a listener base that does not only comprise your friends and family is a tough deed. Producing a quality podcast is the major chunk of that task. Although, you will never miss out on growing your audience when you have a website. 

Webflow is one of the best website builders for podcasts that will allow you to give your audience production-ready experiences. You can make your website look as you like. Without the understanding of coding, you can custom-make the best website for podcasts

The drag-and-drop feature gives you a number of options where you can interchange images, texts, videos, and several other elements on the page. However, Webflow is not a website builder that is dedicated to podcasts. Therefore, you will need to connect it with a third-party tool to host your podcast. 

Webflow Features:

  • It allows on-site page editing and updating.
  • No prior-knowledge of coding is required to custom-build the website.
  • Provides a number of useful resources along with an extensive knowledge base.

Webflow Pros:

  • It has in-built metadata controls, XML sitemaps, SEO tools and others.
  • Entirely visual canvas that allows customizing websites.
  • Integrates with several marketing tools flexibly.

Webflow Pricing:

  • Basic ($12/mo): 25,000 monthly visits, 100 form submission facility every month and does not require a CMS to operate.
  • CMS ($16/mo): 100,000 monthly visits, 1,000 form submission facility every month along with 2,000 collection items. 
  • Business ($36/mo): 500,000 monthly visits, 2,000 form submission facility every month along with 10,000 collection items.




Best Podcast Website Builder For Beginners

It is another best website builder for podcasts that requires no knowledge in building your site, and it takes just a couple of minutes. Podcastpage brings you several features that are just perfect for your podcast. 

This website builder has a simplistic visual editor that allows you to bring out and place sample text and image elements on a page before you actually put it live. There is a dedicated feature for podcasts where you can import all your episodes including the existing and previous ones within just a click. 

It also comes with audio players that you can brand entirely by adding audio soundwaves, timestamps, and embedding players from different podcast hosts.

Podcastpage Features:

  • Offers several professionally-designed templates.
  • It optimizes the content using SEO best practices without having users to learn the complex optimization tools.
  • It allows users to add a ton of customer pages.
  • All key essentials for web hosting are done by Podcastpage.

Podcastpage Pros:

  • Streamlined platform for simplified use.
  • Integrates with third-party tools like Headliner, Google Analytics, Twitter and others.
  • In-built features for hosting podcasts.

Podcastpage Pricing:

  • Personal ($8/mo): 100 audio messages from the audience, one podcast show.
  • Podcast network ($18/mo): Build up to 3 websites, 500 audio messages from the audience, multiple podcast shows.
  • Enterprise ($39/mo): Priority support, host up to 7 websites, unlimited audio messages from the audience.




Best Tool For Podcast Website Template

Want to build the best podcast websites? Squarespace is the exact place which you should choose. There are a number of industry-leading website templates that are designed professionally, and some are dedicated to podcasts as well. 

You can also align your brand identity with the several color pallets and designer fonts that are available there. They offer very few extensions or plugins along with the feature to add your podcast’s RSS feed and one of the best podcasts websites you can ever choose!

However, Squarespace has an additional feature to add multiple third-party extensions to increase the functionality of your website for podcasts.

Squarespace Features:

  • It is simple to customize the websites using innumerable design options.
  • Allows content promotion on social media platforms and in-built email marketing tools.
  • Facilitates setting up of online stores and integrating the website with various payment processors including PayPal. 
  • It allows downloading content and synchronizing files with Dropbox.

Squarespace Pros:

  • Allows integrating multiple podcasts in one site.
  • Integrated email marketing tools to boost brand awareness.
  • Tracking episode listens and downloads using third-party applications.

Squarespace Pricing:

  • Personal ($16/mo): Wide selection option for templates, 24/7 support, free custom domain.
  • Business ($18/mo): Sell online with a 3% transaction cost along with other features.
  • Basic commerce ($26/mo): Avails full-fledged online selling, specific tools to manage online stores, business options available on Instragram.
  • Advance commerce ($40/mo): Advanced e-commerce tools like gift cards, abandoned cart recovery and flexible discount features.




Best Free Website For Podcast

WordPress covers most of the websites in the world and undoubtedly it is the best website hosting for podcasts. It not only streamlines building the best podcast websites but also facilitates a wide array of features.

The built-in content management system (CMS) can be operated with no hassle and no prior understanding of coding. There are a ton of free plug-ins that are there on the platform that can take your website to insurmountable heights. 

There are several professionally-designed templates that you can customize according to the necessities. You can also connect your podcast hosts through one of many free plug-ins. Building production-ready websites on WordPress requires no involvement of tech professionals. 

Build your website on WordPress with a few clicks and wait for the audience to discover you automatically. 

WordPress Features:

  • It offers tons of useful and professional-level free plug-ins.
  • It has powerful marketing, SEO and email tools for building your audience.
  • Automatically upgrades to new versions.
  • More secure with constant upgradation.
  • Real-time support from WordPress community.

WordPress Pros:

  • Avails turning the website into an eCommerce platform.
  • Exhaustive web hosting solutions.
  • Availability of free domains including .com, .club etc.

WordPress Pricing:

  • Personal ($4/mo): Free domain for one year, payment collection tools, unlimited email support.
  • Premium ($8/mo): Live chat support, premium themes, integrated Google analytics.
  • Business ($25/mo): Advanced SEO tools, access to more than 50,000 plugins.
  • eCommerce ($45/mo): Payments can be accepted from 60+ countries, top shipping carriers integration, avail premium design options for online stores.




Best Podcast Player Website For Video Interviews

This website builder is gaining popularity with each passing day. Hosting websites for podcasts on Wix. It offers several templates for podcasts and you can use the Wix Podcast Player app. However, your podcasts need to be handled externally.

Wix has amazing listener engagement tools and it has dedicated website templates and SEO features. Coupled with the specialized features of your podcast host, Wix can be used to create the best sites for podcasts. 

The Wix App Market has several options from where you can download the necessary elements for your website as you require.

Wix Feature:

  • It creates new pages for new podcast episodes automatically.
  • Easily upload high-quality videos.
  • Build your community and reach out to new listeners through the Wix forums app.
  • It offers Site Booster App to help your website to get noticed.

Wix Pros:

  • Allows linking websites for podcasts with social media platforms.
  • Dedicated page for premium content.
  • Mailing lists to send branded newsletters to your subscribers.

Wix Pricing:

  • Combo ($14/mo): Custom domain, 3GB of storage space, 30 minutes of video.
  • Unlimited ($18/mo): 10GB of storage space, 1 hour of video.
  • Pro ($23/mo): 20GB of storage space, 2 hours of video.
  • VIP ($39/mo): Custom domain, 35GB of storage space, 5 hours of video.




Best Website For Professional Podcasters

It contains everything that you need to build a website for podcasts. It has all the tools for a website’s promotion, growth, and monetization. Initially, you can begin using the website builder for free and unlock the paid features as you grow your audience.

The paid features include automatic distribution of podcasts on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others. Podbean also offers unlimited professional themes that can be customized according to your requirement to build a brand identity.

You can integrate your own branded domain with Podbean and utilize the features that it has to offer. 

Podbean Features:

  • It offers 100% control over the website with customizable design templates.
  • Live stream facility will avail you to reach out to an expansive audience.
  • Audio recorder feature allows you record, publish and edit your podcast using your phone.
  • Easily share your content on social media platforms.

Podbean Pros:

  • Extensive distribution option for your podcasts.
  • Availability of stringent analytics tools.
  • Publishing podcasts just a few clicks away.

Podbean Pricing:

  • Basic (Free): 5 hours of storage space, 100GB of monthly bandwidth, custom domain
  • Unlimited audio ($9/mo): Unlimited storage space, unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited plus ($29/mo): Video podcast available, embeddable players
  • Business ($99/mo): Suitable for big enterprises, dedicated customer support, advanced engagement statistics.



Podcast Websites

Overall Best Website Builder For Podcasters
Podcast Website
Podcast Websites

As the name suggests, it is a fully-dedicated website builder for podcasters. It has all that is required to not only host a website but to build the best sites for podcasts. 

It features simplistic elements such as website development, hosting unlimited podcasts, drag-and-drop design options that will enhance your website. This is as simpler for beginners as it is powerful for developing the website further. 

This podcast website builder is a one-stop solution to give a boost to your audience reach.

Podcast Websites Features:

  • 24/7 dedicated customer support from experts.
  • Expansive community support along with exhaustive video tutorials.
  • Extensive email marketing tools to connect with the audience.
  • Simple Podcast Press Player for effortless management.

Podcast Websites Pros:

  • Cancel subscription within 30 days.
  • Expansive automation and marketing tools.
  • Innumerable library for video tutorials for a head start.

Podcast Websites Pricing:

  • Popular ($97/mo): Unlimited blog posts, website pages among others, unlimited visits.
  • New ($77-paid annually): Inclusive of first RSS feed.




Best User-Friendly Podcast Website Builder

It is the most popular podcast website builder that has been available in the market for a long time. As many as 100,000 people have begun their journey in the domain of podcasts through Buzzsprout.  

It is simple in use and designed for those who are starting off their podcast journey. It allows you to create spotless and professional websites along with a customizable podcast player. 

With Buzzsprout, your job is to produce the podcast episodes and upload them with proper descriptions. 

Buzzsprout Features:

  • Listing podcasts on all top directories
  • Advance progress-tracking statistics.
  • Magic Mastering to enhance audio quality.
  • In-built transcription facility.

Buzzsprout Pros:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Easy to understand and insightful statistics.
  • Supportive integration with social media platforms.

Buzzsprout Pricing:

  • Free: Two hours of uploads per month for 90 days.
  • $12 per month: Three hours of uploads per month, unlimited episode hosting.
  • $18 per month: Six hours of upload per month, Magic Mastering features for an additional $9 per month.
  • $24 per month: 12 hours of uploads per month, additional hour for $2.




Best Podcast Website Builder With Advanced Analytics
Simplecast podcast website builder
Simplecast Podcast Website Builder

Primarily a podcast hosting website, it has recently started building websites for podcasters. It is equipped with an embeddable podcast player. Simplecast also has an advanced analytics feature for each episode. It allows you to analyze the performance and improve accordingly. 

Simplecast comes with the advantage of its podcast hosting features and it allows you to build your website according to your design preference. 

Simplecast Features:

  • Comparison of analytics between two or more episodes.
  • Reports of unique listeners.
  • Over 120K downloads each month.

Simplecast Pros:

  • Productive support team.
  • Analytics with graphical interface.
  • Impressive embeddable player interface.

Simplecast Pricing:

  • Basic ($15/mo):  Unlimited uploads and storage, secured website, support through email.
  • Essential ($35/mo): Comparison of analytics between two episodes, exhaustive analytics.
  • Growth ($85/mo): Comparison of analytics between five episodes.



The ways through which you can build websites for your podcasts are innumerable and each way will give you a satisfactory result. However, there are a few key aspects that need to be kept in mind while deciding on choosing the best podcast website builder — features, ease, price, flexibility among others.

Your primary knack is to create awesome podcasts, leave the marketing and audience reaching pangs to these website builders. If you are a beginner or a professional, you are always on the lookout for better solutions to market your podcasts. 

To that, I would recommend you to try out Podcastpage. It is comparatively cheaper and has all the competitive features that you need. 

Our comment section is always open for all your unsolved queries. Please share this article with whoever you know is struggling to find a better solution for their podcasts. And don’t forget to join our Facebook Page – Saas Talks, where we discuss upcoming Saas product reviews and other Saas-related topics.

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