How To Convert Article To Audio Podcast? With Or Without WordPress Plugins

Are you trying to figure out How to Convert Article to Audio Podcast Free? This article will surely help you to get the answer.

When having a blog, you might want to expand your audience and reach a broader number of internet users who rely on audio and other mediums of communication apart from written text and graphics.

Yes, audio podcasts are a great way to get people’s attention, especially since people prefer to listen to information that has a personal touch, rather than read it in-depth.

After the pandemic, podcasts gained more popularity. Now, almost every website owner, content creator as well as entrepreneurs, are involving and incorporating podcasts into their content creation activities.

Once the audio has been converted, you can give the relevant post a fresh look and you should be able to locate the playable audio in your audio files as well as download them in different formats like MP3 or WAV format. You can also boost their reach to a wider audience through several podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Audible, Google Podcasts, Youtube Channel and more.

This article will answer all your queries about converting a blog to a podcast episode in the simplest way possible.

Firstly we will discuss the steps on how to convert your WordPress blog to podcast online, then we will talk about some online tools that are available to help you with that.

You can also use the above table of content to jump to any section of the blog.

How to Convert Article to Audio Podcast In Simple Steps?

Podcasting is a convenient way of transmitting evergreen information to users. People enjoy multitasking, and listening to podcasts makes it easier for them to understand guides, stories, and other content. 

The best way to improve basic text information and make it more relatable and recognizable is through podcasting. You can convert blog to podcast on WordPress easily with the help of wordpress blog to podcast converter.

But before discussing how to convert a blog into a podcast, letโ€™s look into several ways podcasts can help you in your content creation journey.

  • Audio podcasts are easy to comprehend.
  • Users can work, drive, cook or do other tasks and listen to podcasts at the same time.
  • A more personalized experience.
  • Automated form of communication.
  • Portable approach to guides and other stuff.

Here are some easy steps to convert a blog into a podcast with minimum effort. Letโ€™s get straight to the step-wise procedure to start the blog and podcast simultaneously.

Step 1: Develop Podcasting Strategy

Developing Podcasting Strategy is the first step to converting your WordPress blog post to podcast audio. Fortunately, if you already have a WordPress blog, developing a podcast strategy around it will be simpler. All you need to do is create a clear plan for structuring and arranging your content. Repurposing your content to make it more engaging is the key to podcasting your blogs.

Your topic organization will be central to your podcasting strategy. Non-trendy or dated topics don’t need to be complicated. To preserve the essence of articles, you must choose the blog posts with the highest blog engagement rate and turn them into podcasts.

The icing on the cake is that you can create a new section of your blog specifically for podcasts, making it simple for visitors who are only interested in listening to podcasts to find them.

Step 2: Gather Your Finest Blog Posts:

You’ll get advice from everyone to turn your blog into a podcast, but nobody will tell you how. Your published content is the key component that drives the success of your podcast. So, rather than creating content from scratch for your own podcast, you can reuse your blog’s most popular articles and then turn them into audio.

Make sure to classify the content when selecting blog posts for podcasts. Confusion for the user will only result from mixing things up. It is, therefore, preferable to create categories and convert articles to audio based on their specific genre.

Step 3: Transform Articles into Scripts

Stick to the script!

You need to write a proper script if you want to convert a blog to a podcast.

Podcasts tend to have a more casual tone. Making audio podcast scripts for each blog post you want to convert requires a little bit of extra work. With decent scripting, you can convert a blog to a podcast-only format. Your content won’t sound natural if you don’t.

You must comprehend the content transition before you can launch a blog or podcast. If your blog posts are well-written, turning them into audio only requires a few scripting skills. Bloggers mistakenly believe that well-written text articles will suffice to produce high-quality podcasts when they convert blogs to podcasts.

While the professionals advise starting a blog and podcast altogether, having a well-composed plus point is a plus point. It means that while your published content can aid in the audio conversion of your articles, you still need to create scripts for effective podcasting.

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Step 4: Convert Articles to Audio

It’s time to switch from blogging to podcasting now!

There are several ways to turn a blog into a podcast. Purchasing an AI-generated voice app is the first option. The alternative is for you to read the article aloud. For greater engagement, you can also pay a celebrity or influencer to host your podcast.

You might pay dearly for that. It takes only a few minutes for your content to be transformed into the most human-like and natural human voice tone using less expensive speech conversion tools.

Letโ€™s discuss how these two options will help you convert the blog to a podcast.

Option 1: Computer-Generated Voice App/Online Tools:

You can quickly convert a blog post to a podcast using a computer-generated voice app and tools. Apps that read to you all of your published content in a matter of minutes have been made possible by artificial intelligence.

These tools convert articles into audio files that you can stream on your podcast using conversational AI protocols. Voice apps with AI convert text to speech. For your podcast, you can customize a variety of settings, including accent, gender, and audio fonts.

We will list down some best podcast converters online in the latter part of this article.

Option 2: Podcast via Voice Artist:

The apps that produce computer-generated voices are a great way to turn articles into audio for podcasting. On the other hand, podcasts featuring a real person’s voice will give podcast listeners a more intimate experience and solid connection. You can start a podcast and blog simultaneously to give your audience a more specialized experience.

The host, a good mic, and a recording system are additional resources needed for podcasting with a voice artist. But according to recent research, human-hosted podcasts increase audience interest and traffic interaction.

You have the option of hosting your podcast yourself or hiring a voice actor, celebrity, or influential person to do so. You should keep in mind that whoever you select to host your podcast will eventually end up serving as the face of your company. Choose accordingly.

Step 5: Find a Hosting Platform:

It’s time to get a hosting platform Once you convert articles to audio and start a blog and podcast. A hosting platform is a type of cloud storage where you can keep all of your podcast audio files and manage them instantly. Additionally, podcast hosting services provide a number of tools for editing and enhancing audio files for increased engagement.

It will be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with how to make podcasts. There is no need to worry, though, thanks to the right podcast hosting platform.

Step 6: Make Podcast Live

It’s time to go live for the general public after saving all of your blog posts as files or after creating all of your podcasts. Before streaming, be sure to classify your podcasts. Otherwise, when selecting their preferred category, your audience will become perplexed. For user convenience, it is best to make a separate section for each of your podcasts, as was already mentioned.

List Of Best WordPress Blog To Podcast Converter Online Tool

There are many Podcast Recording and Editing Software in the market, but it’s hard to find a genuine Article To Podcast converters. So now when you are done with the steps on “how to convert Article into audio podcasts online”, here are some tools to convert your Articles into podcasts.

Playht – Best WordPress Blog To Podcast Converter Plugin

With Playht, you can create high-quality audio versions of your articles using realistic Text to Speech AI voices and SEO-friendly embedded audio players to increase content reach, accessibility & user engagement. Choose from a growing library of 832 natural soundings AI voices with humanlike intonation in 132 languages and accents powered by machine learning technology to narrate your content. Features

  • Text To Voice Editor

A Powerful Text to Audio Online Editor. Powered by machine learning, our interactive editor will ease the way you create audio using AI voices. The Play.htโ€™s online text to the audio editor is a tool that gives you access to all the best text-to-speech AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft to create the most realistic audio for your needs.

  • Ai Pronunciations Library

Create custom pronunciations for brand names, acronyms, and niche terminologies, and save them in your very own pronunciations library. Specially designed to help you have your brand names, acronyms and niche terminologies read out accurately, the Play.htโ€™s pronunciations library allows you to take fine control over how words are pronounced and save them to be reflected throughout your content.

This feature also supports the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), allowing you to go one step further in getting those pronunciations right.

  • Audio Widget

The Play.htโ€™s audio widgets are neat-looking, SEO-friendly, fully customizable audio players that can be embedded on your website, blog, or publication to help your different audiences consume content at their own convenience or on the go. audio widgets make your content accessible, shareable, downloadable, and subscribable.

  • Ai Podcast

The audio that you create or upload in your dashboard can be distributed to all the major podcasting platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts to increase the sheer reach of your content. To create the audio content, you can either use our library of the worldโ€™s leading AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft or even upload your podcast.

  • Team Access

Project collaboration, centralized billing, and word credit management to help you create and share audio files with your team. The Teams feature allows you to effectively scale your audio creation workflows by inviting your entire team to collaborate, share and create audio files together. Pricing

The annual pricing plans of are as follows:

  • Personal – USD $14.25 / month
  • Professional – USD $29.25 / month
  • Growth – USD $74.25 / month
  • Business – USD $149.25 / month Lifetime Plan

You can avail the lifetime plan of from the LTD website like Appsumo under Appsumo LTD and offers.


How To Install And Use Blog To Podcast Converter WordPress Plugin

Step 1: Go To Your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Click On Plugin Tab

WordPress Dashboard

Step 3: Choose “Add New“.

Add WordsPress Plugin

Step 4: Search “Play ht”

Install Play HT

Step 5: Click on install to install the plugin.

Step 6: Click On Activate to activate the plugin.

Play ht activation

Listnr – Cool Article To Podcast Converter WordPress Plugin

Listnr is another tool to convert your blog posts or any text for voice-overs or podcasts with human-sounding voices. With Listnr, users can start podcasts in more than 17 languages without any recording. Listnr is also featured as the number one product of the day on Product Hunt.

Listnr is for both freelancers and commercial podcasters who want to monetize their content through advertising. It allows users to convert text into speech with AI. For YouTube videos to E-books, you can create it all using Listnr.

You can also enable the option to read-listen or watch-listen for users. This will help you get more traffic as well as improve your conversion rate. Listnr also lets you convert and distribute your audio content anywhere with commercial broadcasting rights on platforms like Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other apps.

Listnr Features

  • Text to Speech Editor – Listnr is powered by some of the world’s biggest Speech Synthesis platforms, our Text to Speech Editor makes it super simple to Generate AI Voices.
  • 5 different voice styles – Choose from over 5 different voice styles.
  • Easily embeddable audio player – Easily embed your voiceovers on your blog or website.
  • Unlimited downloads – Download/export your audio as many times as you want.

Listnr Pricing

The pricing plans of Listnr are as follows:

  • Solo – $15/month
  • Start – $30/month
  • Agency – $75/month

Listnr Lifetime Deals

You can get Listnr Lifetime Deals on Appsumo.


Tips to Develop Quality Podcast Content:

Now that you know how to create a podcast and convert articles into an audio podcast, lets us provide some pro tips to develop quality podcast Content:

TIP 1: Repurpose Your Blog Content

Your previous blog posts can’t just be thrown out. The blog post that maximized your audience years ago can still help you gain followers today because timing is everything. The blog only needs to be converted audio version. Boom!! Now you can see the real power of audio, rather than text blog.

You can pique your audience’s interest in your blog by reusing old content. You can easily launch a blog, or a podcast, and turn written content into audio. By doing so, you can easily polish your blog and make use of outdated content.

TIP 2: Invite Guests to Your Podcast

People who listen to podcasts enjoy hearing from their favorite influencers and celebrities. The best strategy for attracting listeners is to have a guest on your podcast. Of course, it would be a podcast about interpersonal interactions. Even so, it will quickly increase your traffic engagement. Consider your audience’s preferences and do some research before inviting a guest to your podcast.

By using some marketing and branding techniques, you can modestly boast about celebrities listening to your podcast. Once they are aware of the upcoming podcast, your audience will undoubtedly listen to their favorite influencer.

TIP 3: Convert Podcast into Articles

It is a tactic in reverse. This article has made numerous references to how to make podcasts and turn blogs into podcasts. It’s a smart move to turn articles into podcasts, but it’s even smarter to turn popular podcasts into articles.

After that, you can write articles to share your podcasting experience with your blog’s audience. Keep in mind that offering content in a variety of formats, like blog posts and audio podcasts, makes it easier for your audience to access the information you shared on your website.

Conclusion on How To Convert Article Into Audio Podcast Online Free

Many people want to start blogs and podcasts, and there is readily available tech support to guide you through the process. Using various podcasting techniques, articles must be turned into audio in order for a podcast to be successful. Alternatively, as WordPress users, you can quickly convert articles into podcasts using AI-powered text-to-speech tools as we mentioned before.

Alternately, you can invite well-known experts to your podcast to provide a more specialized listening experience for your listeners. Podcasting is a great tool for repurposing previous content and giving it a fresh new life.

I hope, you have enjoyed reading this article. Good content, be it in text or in audio, is always the key to attracting a larger audience. But audio content is like icing on the cake. So you must try it to dominate the market in the long run.

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