11 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins For 2024. An Ultimate Guide For Beginners And Pro Podcasters.

Are you new to Podcasting? Let me tell you a podcast is nothing but a series of digital audio files that are stored with a podcast hosting company.

Are you planning to start your own podcasting and looking for WordPress Podcast Plugins that will extend the functionality by adding advanced features and integrate seamlessly with WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for all bloggers, who want to reach a large number of audience. With the help of WordPress platform, you can promote your podcast, grow your audience and increase your podcast revenue.

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There are tons of WordPress plugins, out there! After a lot of research work, I have hand-picked a list of the best WordPress Podcast Plugins which are great to use and highly recommended for beginners and professional podcasters.

Here is the complete guide for you, with the best WordPress Podcast Plugins which will help you with your podcasting. Continue reading this article till the end!

How To Host Podcast On WordPress?

A Detailed Discussion

You can definitely host your podcast on WordPress site. WordPress is the ultimate platform where you can host a podcast. First of all, you have to create a dedicated website for your own podcast and grow your subscriber list. It is not possible to expand the functionality of your website without WordPress Podcast Plugins.

Let us see what are the advantages you can get of hosting your podcast on WordPress site:

  • Help your audience to contact you through a simple contact form, on the contact us page
  • You can connect with your listeners by sharing details about yourself
  • Get new listeners through Search Engine traffic
  • Let your fans retrieve all your episodes or just a single episode
  • Helps you to make your own WordPress Podcast theme
  • Get an enormous amount of website design options with drag and drop page builders
  • Enlarge your website’s functionality using top WordPress plugins

In the next section, let us have a list of WordPress Podcast Plugins.

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Detailed List Of WordPress Podcast Plugins

Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

There are lots of podcast plugins available, that will make your podcast journey fully successful. Consider the following list of Podcast plugins for WordPress. See below.

Top WordPress Podcast Plugins


PowerPress By Blubrry

PowerPress Podcast Plugin

PowerPress is one of the best WordPress podcast plugins, where you can monetize with ad insertion showcase your shows with advanced statistics and even you can add video podcasting. This is the most powerful WordPress Plugin where you can create subscribe pages for your podcast with the help of a simple shortcode or add a responsive subscribe sidebar widget to any page of your site.

Moreover, users can get a free WordPress website that is fully managed that is managed by the Blubrry team. PowerPress supports multiple podcasts, where you can create multiple channels for your podcast. Using this podcast plugin for WordPress, you can easily create and publish your podcast without compromising the quality.

PowerPress supports various podcast distribution channels such as Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeart, RSS, Stitcher, Pandora. Get free technical support from any account and free migration from anywhere.

PowerPress Features:

  • Create responsive podcast sidebar widget
  • Free basic podcasting statistics included
  • Distribute to all major platforms and directories such as Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart, etc
  • Includes SEO tools for your website and RSS podcast feed
  • Add both audio and video podcasts to your site and share your media files and podcast files easily
  • Embed your video podcast into WordPress with an integrated HTML5 media player with support for YouTube
  • Easy uploading and episode publishing

PowerPress Pricing:

PowerPress is a free Podcast Plugins WordPress, and there is no need to use with Blubrry hosting.If you want to use Blubrry hosting, here is the pricing plan for you:

PowerPress Hosting Pricing
PowerPress Podcast Hosting Plan



Podcast Player

Podcast Player

Podcast Player is another free WordPress Podcast Plugins which is very useful for website to play out external Podcast RSS feed with highly customizable option. With this super effective plugin, you can deliver high quality results for your listeners with download and subscribe buttons.

Using these amazing WordPress podcast plugins, you can easily show and play your podcast episode using the podcasting feed URL. Now your listeners can have easy access to all your episodes from any page or even from all the pages of your website. See a demo video below:

Podcast Player Features:

  • Display responsive podcast player just by entering your podcast’s feed url
  • Modify fetched details of your podcast
  • Show or hide individual player elements
  • Allow your listener to share your podcast episodes
  • Have multiple instances of podcast player on single page
  • Option to adjust your layout, according to the width of the podcast player
  • Open source plugin
  • Completely mobile responsive



Buzzsprout Podcasting


Buzzsprout is one of the best WordPress plugin for podcasters, where you can upload your audio file and Buzzsprout will take care of the rest. Here, you can publish your episodes immediately or schedule a day and time you’d like your episode to be available for your listeners.

Using this podcast plugin for WordPress, you will feel like a podcasting pro in no time. Buzzsprout feeds are compatible with all the top directories, so your podcast will appear wherever people are searching for it and you can easily reach millions of potential listeners by listing your podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Sticher, and many more.

Buzzsprout helps you to get to know your listeners with podcast statistics. This plugin delivers you a total scenario of your total downloads over time, what apps people are using to listen to your podcast, and where people are listening to your podcast.

Buzzsprout Features:

  • Get your podcast listed in all of the top podcast directories
  • Advanced podcast statistics to track your progress
  • Optimize episodes automatically
  • With the dynamic content tool you can add and remove pre-roll and post-roll segments to and from your podcast episodes
  • Make your podcast more accessible with transcriptions
  • Helps you to collaborate with some amazing affiliate marketing brands to generate income
  • Manage multiple podcasts with unlimited team members
Note: Buzzsprout may face some compatible issues with WordPress as it has not been a part of the latest 3 major updates of WordPress.

Buzzsprout Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Includes 2 hours upload each month with advanced statistics
  • Paid Plan($12/m): Includes 3 hours upload each month with unlimited storage and team members
  • Other plans are $18/m with 6 hours upload each month, and $24/m with 12 hours upload each month
Buzzsprout Plugin Pricing
Buzzsprout Pricing



Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press 1

Simple Podcast Press is a very easy to use WordPress podcast plugin where you can automatically publish podcast to your website. With this plugin, you can grow your podcast audience without adding additional steps to your production workflow.

Simple Podcast Press is the best way to grow your podcast audience and email list, with customizable layouts, it has quickly become my top-recommended WordPress plugin for podcasters. Get more subscribers, increase your exposure on iTunes and quickly grow your email list of potential clients.

This podcast plugin for WordPress is compatible with all other podcasting platforms, such as PowerPress, Soundcloud, PodBean, iTunes, Podcast Websites, Libsyn etc.

Simple Podcast Press Features:

  • Automatically add custom call-to-action buttons to all your episode pages
  • Grow your email list by automatically adding an email opt-in below the player for each of your episodes
  • Easily add full transcripts without cluttering up your show notes page
  • Create a podcast playlist that automatically updates itself with all your episodes so listeners can easily discover more of your content
  • Get Worldwide iTunes reviews on any page of your WordPress Dashboard
  • Automatic URL shortener to provide your listeners a short URL

Simple Podcast Press Pricing:

  • Single License($67): 1 website, auto-updating playlists
  • Professional License($97): Up to 3 websites, auto-publish to WordPress, clickable timestamps
  • Multi License($147): Up to 10 websites, automatic URL shortener
Simple Podcast Press
Simple Podcast Press Pricing



Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting, is a free podcast plugins WordPress which is built by Castos a top rated podcast plugin for beginners and professionals. With set up instructions, advanced features, and plenty of customization options, Seriously Simple Podcasting powers over 20K+ podcasts.

This WordPress plugin for podcasters is fully functional no matter who you choose as your podcast hosting provider. Seriously Simple Podcasting is very easy to use and you can update your podcast’s information or upload a new episode file, the changes automatically sync with your Castos hosting account.

With this WordPress podcast plugins, you can run multiple podcasts from a single website with their own RSS feed. Moreover, this plugin supports both audio and video podcasting. Seriously Simple Podcasting Shortcodes is fully compatible with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and any other podcasting platform.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Features:

  • Gives you more control over your content so you can start podcasting without limits
  • 100% free plugin with additional add-ons
  • Manage all updates to your podcast’s RSS feed from WordPress and changes automatically sync with your podcast hosting provider
  • Create password-protected RSS feeds to restrict access to premium content
  • Manage unique RSS feed for multiple podcasts
  • Display customizable subscribe links to Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, and Pocketcasts
  • Free analytics add ons and integrations
  • Publish podcast episodes on any post type



Libsyn Publisher Hub

Libsyn Publisher Hub

Libsyn Publisher Hub is another best WordPress Podcast Plugins create podcast episodes and drafts, as well as schedule posts, from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

Do you know the best part? Your media files stay hosted with Libsyn, and your RSS feed will also be generated by Libsyn as well, which means your web hosting server remains unaffected by your podcast, and your RSS feed and media files are unaffected by your web hosting server.

Using Libsyn Publisher Hub, you can easily connect to your listeners on all the favorite podcasting platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Moreover, they offer smartphone apps that are customized for your show that includes both iOS and Android devices.

Libsyn Publisher Hub Features:

  • Open source WordPress podcast plugin
  • Add custom artwork such as thumbnail and widescreen for your podcast episodes
  • Easily host and distribute audio, video, PDF and text files
  • Allows you for the perfect workflow for publishing podcast episodes straight from WordPress and into your Libsyn show
  • Option to publish your new video episodes immediately



Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Podcast Publisher is another free podcast plugins WordPress, an open-source software create highly expressive, efficient and super compatible podcast feeds, with full control over client behavior.

This plugin supports multi-format publishing with modern audio and video snaps. Podlove Podcasting plugin allows the podcaster to provide individual feeds for certain use cases or audiences without adding work for the podcaster during the publishing process.

This software includes a flexible template system that enables you to published podcasts in a defined fashion and change the style at any time without having to touch your individual postings. There are lot more interesting features, see some of them below.

Podlove Podcasting Features:

  • Free open-source WordPress Podcast Plugin
  • Supports multi-format publishing
  • Supports multiple audio formats such as MP3, Vorbis, Opus
  • Fully HTML5 Compaible for podcast playback
  • Easy to publish chapter information in the player to make access to structured episodes even easier
  • Includes flexible templates to change the style anytime you want



Sermon Manager

Sermon Manager

Another free WordPress podcasting plugin is Sermon Manager create multiple podcasts, and you can embed video from providers like YouTube and Vimeo.

Sermon Manager is the #1 WordPress Sermon plugin that adds Speakers, series, topics, books, and service types. add Speakers, series, topics, books, and service types. This plugin supports Apple podcasts and works with any theme where you can easily publish your episode to your site using a super flexible shortcode system.

Sermon Manager supports migration/importing from other popular sermon plugins, such as Sermon Browser and Series Engine. Moreover,if you upgrade to Pro version you will get premium ticket and support for the free version of Sermon Manager too!

Sermon Manager Features:

  • Embed video from popular providers such as Vimeo or YouTube
  • Import sermons from other WordPress plugins
  • Super flexible shortcode system
  • Supports 3rd party plugins such as Yoast SEO, Jetpack, etc
  • Completely integrated with WordPress search
  • Attach images to sermons, series, speakers, and topics





RafflePress is one of the best WordPress podcast plugins to grow your email list, website traffic, and social media followers with viral giveaways and content. This is the best WordPress giveaway plugin, where you can easily create successful giveaway campaigns and increase your website traffic to maximize your conversion goals.

RafflePress seamlessly integrates with your favorite email marketing services and CRMs that helps you to grow your email list with more subscribers, improve your engagement and super charge your growth. This plugin is 100% mobile-friendly and works on any device such as tablet, desktops and mobile.

It helps you to grow your social media integrations, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and many more. Let us see some of the key features of RafflePress below.

RafflePress Features:

  • Powerful WordPress giveaway plugin
  • Drag and drop giveaway builder
  • 100% mobile friendly on mobile, desktop
  • Helps you to grow your social media integrations
  • Grow your email marketing services and CRMs
  • Optimized giveaway landing page to get best results

RafflePress Pricing:

  • RafflePress Ultimate($359): Unlimited sites, lifetime support, and updates
  • RafflePress Growth($159): 20+ sites, giveaway landing page
  • RafflePress Pro($79): Email integrations, mandatory actions, repeat actions
  • RafflePress Plus($39): Multiple prizes, Pro actions, design options
RafflePress Plugin Pricing
RafflePress Pricing





MonsterInsights is the #1 Analytics plugin for WordPress where you can see your website analytics report right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights. With this universal tracking WordPress podcast plugin, you can automatically track how your audience are finding you, and what actions they are taking after seeing your podcast episodes.

Using MonsterInsights, you can get a detailed analytics real time report of your audience and work on the areas where you need to grow your podcasting to a next level.

MonsterInsights Features:

  • Identify the most effective ad placement sights with the universal ad tracking tool
  • In depth information of how your podcast is performing and what areas you to work on
  • With the help of A/B testing, you can have an idea which type of content are more acceptable for your audience
  • Link tracking tool help you to track which podcast episodes are more appreciable for your audience

MonsterInsights Pricing:

  • Agency($399): Up to 25 sites, premium support, client management
  • Pro($199): eCommerce report, custom dimensions, easy digital downloads
  • Plus($99): Analytics dashboard, page insights, site speed report, engagement tracking
MonsterInsights Plugin Pricing





WPForms is another WordPress plugin which is popular for WordPress form builder. This is one of the best WordPress contact form plugin where you can easily create high performance forms in just a few minutes.

If you are starting your own podcast, then contact form is a must have to build a perfect CRM with your potential audiences. WPForms is a very easy to use WordPress plugin where you can create smart workflows to save your time and keep an eye on your audience behavior.

WPForms Features:

  • Build online forms in minutes, and capture your visitors email address with conversational forms
  • Easy to use WordPress form builder where you can collect easy payments for booking and orders
  • Great way to engage with your listeners with easy contact forms
  • 100% mobile friendly and works on tablets, mobiles and desktops

WPForms Pricing:

  • Elite($299): Active campaign, Salesforce, unlimited sites
  • Pro($199): Form landing pages, conversational forms, geoloaction
  • Plus($99): Newsletter forms, Mailchimp
  • Basic($39): Unlimited forms, unlimited entries, multi-page forms
WPFoms Plugin Pricing
WPForms Pricing



Final Words On Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

Hope, now it is clear what are the best WordPress Podcast plugins to enjoy your online podcasting to a new level. If you are new to this podcast field, you should use the above mentioned WordPress podcast plugins with greater flexibility like never before! Podcasting is booming worldwide, and I am here to guide you with free and paid WordPress plugins for Podcasters.

After a lot of research work, I have listed the best podcast plugins for WordPress and I would definitely recommend you to choose from the above mentioned free podcast plugins for WordPress. Highly recommended for both beginners and pro!

Thank you so much guys, for reading this article till the end! If you have any queries or want to give more suggestions about WordPress Podcast Plugins leave your comment in the comment section below!

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