Videoscribe Alternatives Both Paid And Free Of 2022

Looking for VideoScribe alternatives? Here, in this guide, you will get the best alternatives to VideoScribe who need new software features and analyze a range of Whiteboard animation software with similar benefits at competitive prices. Choose the one that meets your business requirements.



Recruit, Onboard, & Retain Top Talent
Develop transformational leadership
Inspire genuine employee engagement


Create Eye-Popping Animation Videos.
Simplest Drag and Drop Builder
Super Powerful Character Builder


Easily customizable characters
Get access to hundreds of custom logos and texts.
Helps you easily incorporate video into your campaign.


Write your presentations in a text markup language.
Open-source software
Free To Use
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Videoscribe Alternatives Both Paid And Free Of 2022


Make explainer videos
Try whiteboard animation style
Design HTML5 banners
Create HTML5 animations
Make stunning presentations
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Create pro-level Doodle videos.
1000s of thrilled Doodlers
Easy To Use
Cartoon Animator 4

Cartoon Animator 4

2D Character Designers
2D Animation for Video Makers
Works with PSD Tools & WACOM
Motion Capture for 2D Animation
Read Full Review
Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker

Futuristic Artificial Intelligence Technology
Automatically Transforms Any Text or Content Into
Colorful Doodle Videos In Any Language
Videoscribe Alternatives Both Paid And Free Of 2022


Easy To Use Drag­-n­-Drop Video Creator
Desktop Software available in PC or Mac
No Technical Skills, Coding, Or Programming Required!


Create videos in any style.
Start from scratch or from a template.
Easily apply expert features in one click.
Videoscribe Alternatives Both Paid And Free Of 2022

Easy Sketch Pro

Create Amazing Sketch Videos
Upload your own music background
No Export/upload hidden fees


No coding and designing experience is needed.
Lively Animation Effects
Free Video Assets
Caption and Voiceover


Easily customizable
Ready-to-use graphics design templates
Already created 400 animated scenes


Easy to use with amazing storyline templates
Includes the option to add audio
Lets you preview your video
Videoscribe Alternatives Both Paid And Free Of 2022


Easily animated video maker.
Has a huge royalty-free media library.
Includes thousands of whiteboard-style templates.
Offers free demo.


Helps you to hire professionals
Only verified professionals are hired
Have the option to reject the payment in case it doesn’t meet your requirements.


Easily animates customizable texts.
Sound editing option available.
Customizable Animation
Detailed color correction and high-quality presets.


Record anything on your computer screen
Screen Recording Options
Share templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts.
Simple drag-and-drop editor makes adding, removing.


Allow subtitles or closed captioning to your video.
Includes hand-drawn whiteboard video.
Add soundtrack with music and sound effects.


Create Client-Grabbing Videos In Just 3 Clicks
Viddyoze is now packed with 260+ templates
Increased Customisation
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VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation software that helps to create traditional whiteboard animation with the all-new drag and drop technology where you can create videos in your own way even without any editing skills. This software is launched in 2012 by the company Sparkol in the UK and it is one of the most leading providers of whiteboard animations.

With these amazing whiteboard animations, you can create fantastic HD images, 50+ video templates, royalty-free music tracks as well as various graphics objects. But the point is there are various VideoScribe alternatives that provide similar benefits at competitive prices. There are various other Whiteboard animation tools such as DoodleMaker, Doodly, and Toon Video Maker.

To be true, nowadays whiteboard animation is an incredibly effective tool that helps to advertise your product and services in an innovative way and it is the best choice for affiliate marketing. Whiteboard animation is a perfect place for your company to start integrating video into your marketing strategy. Whiteboard animations are the perfect addition to any company’s website, social media, or email newsletters.

After a lot of research work, I have got the top VideoScribe Alternative(free and paid both). Let us have a detailed list of VideoScribe Alternatives, where you will be able to present complicated ideas in a more simple and clear visual way with pre-made drawing effects as well as animation effects.

What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe Software

VideoScribe is an amazing whiteboard software that will help you to make your own whiteboard video with the drag and drop technology to captivate your explainer videos in minutes. It offers a 7-day free trial, and used by millions of people, and is a very fast and secure online tool.

Here are some key features of VideoScribe:

  • Choose from thousands of images and bring in your own images and VideoScribe converts them to SVGs
  • You can add a soundtrack and give your video some soul with the perfect music. Just select from the library of free tunes and import it to your own
  • You can publish and share your video to all other popular social networks
  • Download your video locally as an mp4, Wmv, MOV, Avi or share it directly online to Vimeo, or even export as an image sequence
  • VideoScribe is available on platforms like iPads, Desktops, and Android App and comes with a 7-day cost-free trial version
  • It has a content library that includes complex objects like hand animations, graphic items, unique fonts, and music
  • It is easily customizable with handy animation effects and is great for modern presentations and stories with clear graphics and transitions to create visually pro-active stuff

There are various other VideoScribe Alternatives that will help you to create whiteboard videos like professional scriptwriters to portray a powerful message to your viewers. Let us see how software like VideoScribe has some advantages compared to VideoScribe free alternatives:

  • With VideoScribe, you can make only whiteboard videos which may not be the ultimate way to convey your message
  • VideoScribe has various pricing option which are more on the affordable side, but the price is really expensive for getting a lifetime license
  • The UI is decent and need to be improved and has limited functionality

In the next part, let us start with the best VideoScribe free alternatives for making animations like studio professionals.

List Of Best Free Alternatives For VideoScribe

Detailed List Of VideoScribe Alternative Free Software

If VideoScribe doesn’t suit you, then there are various other free alternatives of VideoScribe that will help you create great-looking animated videos with better audio, illustration, animation and will definitely convert your followers to buyers.

Top VideoScribe Alternatives (Free):



Powerful Video Presenting Software

PowToon is a powerful video presenting software that allows you to drag and drop your way to an animated presentation to present your product or service in an eye-catching and fun way. This tool allows you to create professional videos without the agency price tag and helps to reach and engage your audience with exciting videos in every style and for every audience even without any designing skills.

PowToon software is great for Freelancers, Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, and also for marketing and social media marketers. This software helps you to reach and engage with your audience with powerful videos in every style anywhere without even any designing skills needed. This software has great integrations with Facebook, Canva, PowerPoint, Adobe, HubSpot, YouTube, and more.

Powtoon Features:

  • PowToon has extensive visual library with 100s of ready-made video templates, animated & branded characters, designed elements, and millions of royalty-free images, HD footage, and soundtracks
  • It has exclusive features such as screen & webcam recording or you can deliver personal announcements,walkthroughs and more
  • Get instant sharing of your downloaded videos in any format and publish them directly to favorite channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Hubspot, and more
  • Build your own branded characters by customizing their hair, clothing, facial expressions, and animated gestures with this VideoScribe Alternatives
  • Get complete brand control and easy access to the right brand fonts, colors, characters, and templates all in one place.

Powtoon Pricing:

PowToon pricing




Free Alternatives For VideoScribe

Animaker is the best 2D Animation software that will bring new ideas to your life. This platform is very easy to use and download and includes several base video styles such as handicraft, infographics, typography. Around 10M people create awesome videos using Animaker and are trusted by the world’s leading brand styles. You can download 5 videos /mo with watermark, 10 gifs/mo with HD quality, and get 3 premium tracks/mo.

It is a great VideoScribe alternatives, where you can choose from plenty of animated templates to create your own masterpieces. It is an amazing alternative option to VideoScribe where you can simplify your video making by getting a wide range of options. Some fantastic features are listed below.

Animaker Features:

  • Animaker helps you to Create custom characters with tons of facial features and accessories to choose from
  • Includes auto lip-sync that matches your character’s lip movement with one click
  • This software has world’s largest asset library where you will get hundreds and thousands of backgrounds, properties, texts, and music tracks for every concept
  • It includes advanced animation options with smart move with just a click of a button
  • With this free alternatives for VideoScribe , you can create 4k video quality that will get more eyes on your content
  • Animaker helps to bring your characters and videos to life with over 20+ facial expressions

Animaker Pricing:

Animaker pricing




Free Online Animation Software

Vyond is a popular animation software that helps business enterprises to create professional animated videos for various job roles such as marketing, training, and eLearning for better collaboration. This is a great platform for everyone such as from small-business owners to consultants for better engagement and captivating video. With this secure video creation platform, you will get the highest security standards and privacy for your customers worldwide.

We all know the best form of communication is telling a compelling story. And Vyond helps you to tell stories beautifully and visually through video. Now you can easily transform your videos the way your organization communicates through a video that is customizable enough for both your brand and department needs. Highly recommended as a free alternative for VideoScribe.

VYOND Features:

  • Vyond is an essential tool for creating content that drives positive business outcomes.
  • Lets you create videos easily with library of templates, sounds, props, and so much more that will help you to achieve higher conversion rates for your marketing activities
  • Get a huge library of customizable templates that make videos fit the need of your business and help you reach your objectives
  • This is a very flexible platform that helps you easily incorporate video into your campaigns to improve marketing results

VYOND Pricing:

Vyond pricing




Best Free Online Presentation Software

SlideDog is the best free online presentation tool that lets users effortlessly combine media from multiple sources into a single presentation, which suits it for conveying complex ideas or for making a presentation more dynamic and fun. It is designed as an online presentation tool that works both offline as well as online elements like YouTube Videos for better interactivity.SlideDog is free-to-use software that supports brief trials of premium features.

This is a browser-based presentation editor with free cloud storage that focuses on appearance rather than storytelling which can be easily downloaded as well as embedded.

SlideDog Features:

  • It helps in conveying complex ideas or for making a presentation more dynamic and fun
  • It is a multimedia presentation toool that lets you combine owerPoint presentations, PDF files, movie clips, web pages into one innovative visual that attracts more audience interaction
  • With SlideDog, you can create custom playlists for all your presentation files and media exactly the way you want
  • Using this VideoScribe free alternatives you can create the web content easily with elements such as transitions, animations, sounds, fonts and multimmedia
  • With this VideoScribe Alteratives,you can remotely control the presentations and playlist from your smart phone, tablet or secondary computer and also share them with real-time audience

SlideDog Pricing:

SlideDog pricing




VideoScribe Alternative Open-Source

Hovercraft is an amazing VideoScribe alternatives that will help you write your presentations in a text markup language with automatic repositioning of slides. It is similar to VideoScribe a highly recommended free alternative for VideoScribe. Hovercraft is a free online open-source software and is absolutely free to use.

Hovercraft Features:

  • Using hovercraft you can easily put up on a website for anyone else to see
  • Now you can pan, rotate in 3D with automatic repositioning of slides
  • The slide show generated is in HTML, so you only need a web browser to show it
  • It an open-source software and absolutely free to use
  • Create stories for products, platforms and places with this best free alternatives to videoscribe




Best Free Online Animation Maker

Animatron is the perfect animation tool for businesses and startups that will grab attention with animated banner ads as well as educate your leads with explainer videos. It is the top alternatives to VideoScribe where you can choose from thousands of free, pre-animated characters, backgrounds, and props and create professionally designed & themed infographics, icons, and animated sets to help you build scenes in a jiffy.

Animatron helps you to create your own design studio with a user-friendly interface where you can easily customize everything you want such as from basic shapes to animated characters as well as you can even change their animations.

Animatron Features:

  • Amazing free alternatives for VideoScribe to customize everything or you can add animated text and branding elements in a flash
  • It has library of 500k royalty-free video clips, audios, and photos to delight your fans with new stories
  • It has 200 pre-animated sets to drag-n-drop and sell more with video catalogues and demos
  • With this VideoScribe alternatives you can export anything anywhere to the most popular media formats with ease and share your animations to all social media platforms
  • Create whiteboard animation style explainer videos and make stunning presentations with HTML5 presentations

Animatron Pricing:

Animatron pricing


List Of Best VideoScribe Alternatives (Paid)

Detailed List Of Best Windows PC/Mac Laptop Alternatives To VideoScribe

If you are looking for the best VideoScribe alternatives or animation tool then this article will the right choice for you. In 2022, whiteboard animations have better digital flexibility that makes marketing possibilities practically endless! In addition to an influential and precise call to action, whiteboard animation videos are more economical to produce than any other type of video. In case you have found VideoScribe is not the perfect fit for you then you must check out the following compiled list for creating great-looking animated videos.

Best Alternatives To VideoScribe In 2022:



VideoScribe Alternative For Mac And Windows PC

Doodly is one of the best VideoScribe alternatives where you can create super engaging, professional doodle videos even without any technical knowledge or designing skills. With this software, you can create professional doodle videos in minutes to entertain, engage and affect your viewers in a positive way. Doodly is ideal for YouTube marketers, Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Facebook advertising, and other creative people to make the world a better and happier place.

Doodly is very easy to use and helps you to create unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and even glassboard doodle videos automatically. Doodly is built with a Smart Draw Technology, that allows you to select male and female hand types as well as various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect personalized touch. Not only this, you can automatically add your voice to your video or upload a professional voiceover.

It comes with a number of built-in library characteristics which include audio, photo files, props, and more and you can export your doodle sketch videos in various mp4 file sizes. Do you know the best part? Here, you will get continuous free software updates better features and functionality.

Doodly Features:

  • With Doodly’s Smart Draw Technology, you can draw any images in seconds or choose between various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect touch
  • It comes with a complete royalty-free music tracks,perfect for any genre and create your videos like a professional
  • Doodly is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and you can install easily it in your computers
  • Doodly is incredibly intuitive and very easy to use ans is perfect for people who doesn’t have any design or technical skills
  • It has all new drag-n-drop interface, that will help you to create animated videos without any drawing skills

Doodly Pricing:

Doodly pricing
  • One Time Price For Today: $67
  • Gold Plan starts at $20/month
  • Platinum Plan starts at $ 30/month
  • Enterprise Plan starts at $40/month



Cartoon Animator 4

Best Professional 2D Animation Design
Cartoon Animator

Cartoon Animator 4 which is formerly known as CrazyTalk Animator is a 2D animation software designed for turning images into animated characters, or you can control images with your expressions and generate lip-sync animation from audio, and also accomplish 3D parallax scenes or produce 2D visual effects.

With this professional animation software, you can rapidly customize characters and create content and it is the best 2D animation for video marketers. Moreover, this cartoon animator supports both transparent video ((MOV) and image sequence (PNG) export while providing useful features such as exporting selected items for fast video compositing. It is highly recommended as a VideoScribe alternatives.

Cartoon Animator Features:

  • It has motion capture for 2D Animation and is great for Webcam and iphone facial Mocap
  • Cartoon Animator is great for creating animate 2D characters with 3D motions and also supports elastic and bouncing curve editing
  • This software is great for 360 head creation and performance systems with new creative assets
  • It has photoshop pipeline that will turn Photoshop Layers into 2D animated characters and helps to export animations to PSD Layers for graphic designs
  • It comes with Prop Dynamics & SFX that will help you give life to props and create interactive compound animations
  • With all new update it comes with AE Script for Cartoon Animator with flexible output options for after effects

Cartoon Animator Pricing:

Cartoon Animator 4 pricing



Doodle Maker

Best Animated Doodle Video Creator

Creating animated videos with doodle video apps have limited features and is complicated to use. Have you ever tried creating animated videos using DoodleMaker? DoodleMaker is the future of video creation with the all-new Artificial Technology where you just have to follow 3 easy steps- Click, Doodle and Profit. DoodleMaker is the fastest animated doodle maker that helps you to produce premium quality videos on any topic.

With this software, you can translate any video into over 60 languages and also choose from 160+ human-sounding voices that will bring life to your message. DoodleMaker has multi-purpose video capabilities where you can create Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard, or videos with your own custom background image or color inside one platform. Here, you can set the perfect theme for any message in vivid full color.

It is perfect for lead generation, eCommerce, Branding, Affiliate Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Product Creation, and any other kind of Agency Business. It is an amazing alternative to VideoScribe that helps you to make Brand New Videos effortlessly with next-generation A.I.Enjoy next-level video engagement without any experience in video marketing and create videos like a pro in the hottest niches & industries.

DoodleMaker Features:

  • DoodleMaker comes with natural sounding voiceover with both male and female voiceovers in 60+ languages and voices
  • It has prebuilt doodle style effects, transitions and animations and unlimited possibilities for effortless video creation in minutes
  • There is point and click customization option that helps you to change colors, backgrounds, images and more
  • In this video animation software, you will get 300+ ready-made template to choose from or start you can start from scratch
  • Using this Doodle video creation software, you can naturally boost conversions and sales and generate up to 9X higher conversions & 2X higher sales

DoodleMaker Pricing:





Best 3D Animation & Explainer Video Maker

Video has become the strongest and easiest way to captivate, engage, and sell on the internet today. Explaindio is an all-in-one video creator that focuses on creating attention-grabbing, professional-looking 2D and 3D explainer videos in minutes. It basically focuses on creating amazing video content to help you get more leads and make more sales.

Using Explaindio, you can engage and attract more visitors to your website and get 100% free traffic. It is ideal for video creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses that will take your advertisement video to the next level. It is the #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video Creation software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Being one of the cheapest and most flexible software on the market it is used by most marketers for major marketing videos and for building animated videos. It is the best VideoScribe alternatives that provide animated motion background video to make your videos richer with 300+ stock images and 800+ Doodle Sketch Images.

Explaindio Features:

  • Explaindio has multiple animations at the same time with full multi-timeline editing
  • It helps to import videos in most popular format like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, and MP4
  • It has built-in transitions and easy video creation wizard with 140+ pre-made video, image and doodle objects animations
  • With Explaindio, you can customize, mix and match with other scene templates to generate your own sales videos
  • Now you can create and export as many videos as you want without any technical skills or coding skills required
  • Explaindio comes with over 300+ fonts included with background audio tracks and also includes 180+ pre-made text animations

Explaindio Pricing:

  • Explaindo comes with 14 days free-trial to eliminate your stress or hesitation and helps you to give a try whether it is for you or not
Explaindio pricing




Best App For Professional-Looking Videos

Moovly is one of the best VideoScribe alternatives for creating stunning videos in any style. It is a powerful tool where you will get a large selection of graphics, stock images, and options to upload your own pictures and videos.

Moovly is a great choice for enterprises to create their own internal videos for communication or training. It is applicable for small and medium businesses to create professional videos for their business or clients. Educational platforms use Moovly to create their own educational video content, lessons, explainers, or tutorials.

With this fantastic video creation platform, it is very easy to create videos in any style such as motion graphics, cartoon, or doodle style that suits your organization’s style. Moreover, Moovly helps you to meet your needs where you can start from scratch or from a template.

Moovly Features:

  • Moovly enables you to create videos in any style you like, even your organization’s brand style
  • It helps to add hundreds of artificial voices or generate subtitles and tranlate any language
  • With this powerful, cloud-based video editor you can update your application easily without the need for any software or plugin installation
  • It helps you to upload your own images, sounds and videos or you can use the built-in media libraries to use any photo, screenshot on your computer or other devices
  • Moovly Studio comes with a huge library of images, sounds, music and stock videos that helps you to create new video content
  • Here you can convert text to voice-over and choose from over 20+ languages with the help of natural sounding human speech
  • In this software, you can add subtitles to your videos or generate them automatically and export your subtitles as standard SRT, CSV or XLIFF files or import subtitle files with the same format

Moovly Pricing:

Moovly Pricing



Easy Sketch Pro

Amazing Doodle Video Software For Any Business

Easy Sketch Pro is an amazing software that helps you to sketch out the opening scene transition from sketch to live or where you can add your own music or voice-over to both sketches/live video. It is an extremely powerful software and is ideal for local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants for double engagement of viewers and greater possibility of more sales.

Easy Sketch Pro provides you to choose from a stunning library of amazing backgrounds. It is ground-breaking software where you can upload and publish your videos to YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, VeeRoll, Google Videos in a couple of seconds. It is an extremely powerful software and is ideal for local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants for double engagement of viewers and greater possibility of more sales.

Easy Sketch Pro provides you to choose from a stunning library of amazing backgrounds. It is ground-breaking software where you can upload and publish your videos to YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, VeeRoll, Google Videos in a couple of seconds.

Easy Sketch Pro Features:

  • It helps you to add your own images or use huge resource of royalty-free images
  • This software is 100% customizable with stunning library of amazing backgrounds
  • Easy Sketch Pro provides you with over 50 new pens, brushes, Chalk, Crayons at your fingertips
  • This ground-breaking software is packed with image-ready library that is highly compatible with Mac/PC
  • Add your own logo with over 12,000 premium image and sound tracks where you can upload your own music background

Easy Sketch Pro Pricing:

  • Easy Sketch Pro Starter Plan starts at $37
  • Easy Sketch Pro Business Plan starts at $67
  • Easy Sketch Pro Business Pro Plan starts at $97
Easy Sketch Pro pricing




All-In-One Video Creator

VideoMakerFX is an incredibly powerful video maker software that helps you to create awesome videos in minutes without any limits or watermarks. Most of the top marketers already know the power of this incredible tool that helps them to create engaging videos for their audience. Not only this, it is a way better alternative to VideoScribe that helps you to make product promotion videos, offline business promotion videos, EXPRESS Video Sales Letters, Amazing Photo Slideshows as well as Logo Intros & Stingers.

Video is the ultimate way that helps you to explain your message or product in a very short period of time and saves your valuable time. If you really want to boost your income & business, then you need to make incredible videos to sell your products and services and build your own authority. VideoMakerFX will provide you with HD-Quality Videos and is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac. And the best part of this VideoScribe alternatives helps you to create outstanding video creation that will boost conversions for every marketer.

VideoMakerFX Features:

  • VideoMakerFX is very simple to use and fully accessible for both Windows & Mac
  • It includes 20+ royalty-free music tracks which are super professional and 240+ awesome animated slide scenes to make any kind of video
  • This video maker software comes with huge backgrounds & graphic collection that you can easily apply with a few clicks
  • It is the fastest way to make beautiful & simple video sales letter which is specially designed for marketers
  • It provides very useful training & guides that is everything you need to get started and become the owner of your videos
  • VideoMakerFX creates videos of top styles such as Whiteboard Style, amazing typography, Video Sales Letters, Next level Presentations,Photo Slideshows and many more

VideoMakerFX Pricing:

  • VideoMakerFX includes Full Developer Rights with One Time Payment $27
VideoMakerFX pricing




VideoScribe Free Alternatives For Windows

Animiz is the simplest animated video presentation software to create professional
animated video presentations & gifs for free. It is very useful to make animated video presentations for your business/course/events and many more.

With this video animation software, you will get ready-made templates to create high-quality animated videos. Not only this Animiz includes a huge library of pre-designed assets like characters, icons, SVG images, and shapes for animation designers. Now you can easily make your video presentation more engaging with interactive effects and unique design that will engage audiences.

You can upload videos to Animiz for free and share them on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you really looking for free alternatives for VideoScribe then this is the best option for your video presentations anywhere anytime.

Animiz Features:

  • Animiz is very easy to use without any coding and designing experience needed
  • It helps you to create highly engaging and captivating video presentations by dragging and dropping
  • It includes multiple free video assets such as roles, images, sounds, SWFs, charts, which helps you create fabulous video scenes
  • This animation software comes with simple multi-track timeline that helps to customize background, camera, captions, animations, etc
  • Now you can easily spice up your video content with built-in lively animation effects
  • Animiz software has various flexible options to publish your project as an online video, offline video and Gif.You can publish your videos in 6 different formats which are mp4, .mov,.avi,.mkv etc

Animiz Pricing:

Animiz Pricing




All-In-One Video Creating & Branding Platform

Renderforest is a completely cloud-based video maker software that is basically built for professional video-makers to build extremely powerful videos within a couple of minutes. This platform is completely cloud-based where you can upload images, videos and even change the palette and colors of your video fonts. It is ideal for animation videos, slideshows, presentations, and music visualizations with minimal time and effort. Great software for video editing and provides a limitless amount of imagination. Highly recommended as a VideoScribe alternatives.

Renderforest’s cloud storage ensures that you can play with your video online or save your video later on for edit purposes where you can create engaging videos within minutes. It is one of the most popular video creation platforms with a wide range of templates such as Whiteboard Animation Toolkit, Trendy Explainer Toolkit, Modern Infographics Pack, Educational Video Toolkit, Healthcare Explainer Toolkit, Infographics Animation Pack, etc.

Renderforest Features:

  • Provides hundreds of video templates in various categories, ranging from intros and music visualizations to explainer animations and promotional videos
  • It is easily customizable scenes to create engaging videos within a few minutes
  • Renderforest gives your brand an online presence with easy-to-use Website Builder which helps you to create professional website without any technical skills needed
  • Includes professional ready-to-use graphics design templates to meet your needs and you can download your file in different formats and sizes
  • Using this free online logo maker, create high-quality logos online right in the cloud within minutes

Renderforest Pricing:

Renderforest pricing



Final Words

To wrap up, I would definitely recommend you guys to choose one of the above-mentioned VideoScribe Alternatives, for a better user experience and amazing updates that will help you to create professional videos of your own.

Personally, after a lot of research work, I have come across the best substitute for VideoScribe that will provide you with amazing handy animations, graphic items, unique fonts, and music tracks. Moreover, if you are very new to the video marketing business these tools will be a great choice for you to boost your sales and conversions.

Thank you for reading this article till the end. Now, I hope you have got a clear idea what are the free alternatives for VideoScribe that will bring your boring data into stunning presentations, infographics, reports, or any other form of video content.

Still, have questions to ask? Please let me know if you have any queries or suggestions for better VideoScribe Alternatives! Happy to answer all and hear your thoughts.

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