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The use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has increased significantly in the past few years, especially because everyone is searching for ways to save money. And all VOIP service providers don't offer VoIP apps for iPhone. So I have researched and listed down some of the Top VoIP Apps for iPhone And Android mobile phone users.

Nowadays, most business communication is done through software and mobile phones. But which are the best VOIP apps for iPhone and Android mobile phones? Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) apps are not only capable of making calls and sending texts, but also provide capabilities like video conferencing, presence-based team messaging, and extensive integrations. Moreover, most can be used on mobile devices without the need for bulky desk phones. Furthermore, the best VoIP apps come in three flavors: softphones, iOS, and Android.

It can be difficult to choose the best VoIP apps for android and iPhone users, especially with the wide variety of VoIP service providers available today. After doing some research, we found there are a number of options on the market that can fit many of your business needs, especially for iPhone android mobile phone users.

List Of Best VoIP Apps For iPhone And Android Mobile Phones


Custom Phone Greeting
On-hold options
Multiple Extention
Call Forwarding


Easy install and setup
Superior call quality
Instant and group messaging


Local Numbers
Toll-Free Numbers
Send & Receive SMS
Record Calls


Enables you to make phone calls over the Internet
24-hour support
Real-time analytics

Fresh Caller

Call Masking
Deflect Calls with Voicebots
Automate Your Call Routing
Freshcaller mobile app


Turn messages into tasks
Follow the task progress
Monitor your team efficiency


Auto Reply
Contact Panel
Avoid Spam


Call Forwarding
Conference Bridge
Do Not Disturb
Call Blocking


Unlimited Free Voice Calling
Unlimited Free Video Calling
Secured by end-to-end encryption 


Free Audio and HD video calling
Call recording and Live subtitles
Industry-standard end-to-end encryption.


Make crystal clear calls and switch to video easily.
Group Chats and Calls
End-to-end encryption

Facebook Messenger

Free To Make VOIP Calls
Group Calling Features
Highly Secured

Best Voip Apps For iPhone

  • Grasshopper – Overall Best VOIP for iPhone users.
  • Nextiva – Top VoIP Apps For iPhone.
  • JustCall – Expert Choice For Best iPhone VOIP App.
  • RingCentral – Best VoIp For iOS.
  • Skype– Best Free VoIP For iPhone Users.

Best VoIP Apps For Android Mobile Phones

What is VoIP Apps For iPhone And Android Mobile Phones?

You can use your computer or smartphone to make and receive phone calls with this program.

For enterprises and small businesses looking for a low-cost way to communicate, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is ideal. The VoIP platform includes a number of premium features that provide business users with better phone services for a lower cost.

The only way to use VoIP for phone calls was to use SIP desk phones. Whenever a voice call is established over a VoIP network, the server initiates the phone session (SIP).

Instead of using a VoIP desk phone, VoIP apps implement this widely accepted standard. Because of faster internet connections over the last decade, VoIP has become even more appealing.

Best VoIP Apps For Mobile Phones



Overall Best VoIP apps for iPhone and Android

Custom Phone Greeting
On-hold options
Multiple Extention
Call Forwarding

You’re a busy small business owner. You don’t have time to be tied to an office, let alone a desk phone. By using the Grasshopper iPhone apps you can access your phone system from anywhere. Use the Grasshopper app for business calls and texts, while your personal calls and texts stay totally separate. Both your personal and business phone numbers are on one phone.

You can use Grasshopper Voip apps For iPhone and Android for business calls to keep your work and personal lives separate. Thus you can experience the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere on any device. Grasshopper iPhone VoIP apps also let you view your call history to follow up on missed calls quickly and easily.

Grasshopper Features

  • Custom Phone Greeting: A custom phone greeting is a recording that plays automatically when a customer calls. They can be set to play right at the start as a professional welcome, as a voicemail greeting, or even as an away message when you can’t answer. Business phone greetings can give your small business a larger and more professional appearance. They can also help you save on labor costs by replacing a live secretary for answering calls.
  • On-hold options: Grasshopper VoIP app for iPhone and Android offers live transfers and holds music for inbound calls. You can choose from several tracks or upload your own music. It’s easy to transfer a customer without dropping the call. You can transfer to another extension or phone number, in two ways: Blind or Supervised. Blind automatically transfers the call, while Supervised lets you speak with the recipient first. This is great for sharing context so your teammate is ready to take it away!
  • Multiple Extention: Included in each Grasshopper plan, virtual phone extensions allow you to automatically route callers to the information, department, or employee that they need.
  • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is a phone system feature that works by redirecting any incoming call to another phone number or service. For example, you can use call forwarding to send a call directly to voicemail, to your home phone, or to a colleague’s smartphone. This feature is also often referred to as “call transfer.”

Grasshopper Pricing

  • Solo – $26/month (billed annually). With this plan, you will get 1 Phone Number and 3 Extensions. The extension can forward to any phone number you choose or they can all forward to you. This plan is perfect for the entrepreneur with a side gig.
  • Partner – $44/month (Billed Annually). With this plan, you will get 2 Phone Numbers and 6 Extensions. This plan is best suited for for the growing business with 1-3 employees.
  • Small Business – $80/month (Billed Annually). With this plan, you will get 5 Phone Numbers and Unlimited Extensions. This plan is perfect for those, who need more flexibility in call routing options.
  • Easily detect suspected spam calls with WiFi calling (Available in US only)
  • Make and receive calls over WiFi in areas with little or no cellular coverage.
  • You can set up push notifications for missed calls and messages
  • Text in US now supports MMS and Group messaging capability.




One Of The Top VOIP For iPhone and Android

Easy install and setup
Superior call quality
Instant and group messaging

Nextiva provides a full-featured VoIP app for iPhone and Android. It’s a great complement for your team if they work in the office or work remotely. Use the Nextiva App to manage your business phone, giving you the flexibility to go anywhere and stay connected with everyone. When you’re away from your desk phone, use the app to make audio and video calls, instant message team members, and see who’s available or who’s busy — all from your iPhone and Android. It’s like carrying your office in the palm of your hand.

All in all, using third-party apps for your VoIP systems is incredibly helpful. Regardless of your business purpose or mission, communication is important. Using VoIP effectively with iPhones will indubitably benefit your business.

The Nextiva App is a highly rated VoIP app on Android and iOS. Nextiva VoIP iPhone apps truly function as a call center in the palm of your hand. Nextiva subscribers can download the mobile app and immediately enjoy its feature-rich capabilities.

Offering much more than phone calls, the Nextiva App drives team collaboration with group chats, video calling, and one-click conference calls. Together, these features provide users with a versatile communications platform in their hands.

Users will also appreciate the ability to manage their availability and call routing directly within the application. For example, you can adjust call forwarding, call rejection, and manage voicemails in an instant.

The Nextiva App is available free in the App Store.

Nextiva Features

  • Easy install and setup
  • Superior call quality
  • Instant and group messaging
  • HD video chat and screen sharing
  • Visual voicemail

Nextiva Pricing

  • Essential – $11.95/user/month. (Easy, quick start plan.)
  • Professional – $20.95/user/month (Great choice for smaller teams.)
  • Enterprise – $26.95/user/month (Great for small & medium teams.)
  • Ultimate – $57.95/user/month (All our enterprise-ready features)
  • Unlimited voice & video calling.
  • Auto-attendant & toll-free numbers.
  • Call and network quality monitoring




Best Voip For Android Users

Turn messages into tasks
Follow the task progress
Monitor your team efficiency

If you are looking for the Best VoIP Apps for Android, Bitrix24 is what you need. Unlike other VoIP solutions, Bitrix24 works both as your internal PBX system and as a contact center for inbound and outbound calls. In addition, you can connect other communication channels, if you have them, and collect incomings in one place. Bitrix24 offers quality control, automation, efficient management, call analytics, and the opportunity to run professional campaigns.

It’s also the only VoIP system that comes with fully featured CRM tools. Importantly, when your clients call you from a phone number recorded in CRM, they will be identified, connected to the assigned manager and their phone call will be logged and recorded, if necessary. All interactions with the client are recorded and logged though, not just calls. So if you need to send SMS or use WhatsApp to the same client you had a call with, Bitrix24 can help you with it. bitrix24 is not just a business VoIP system, but the very best VoIP system that will support your business from all sides.

Bitrix24 also provides free VOIP Apps for iPhone which is an integral part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem. It comes in super handy when you’re on the go or have to work from home. Set tasks, make video calls, use chats, post comments, and do so much more with our mobile app.

Bitrix24 Voip app for iPhone brings together people and information so that you could get more work done faster.

You can thus create, collaborate, and communicate with your team in your own online workspace – whenever and wherever you are. Free for an unlimited number of users.

Britix24 Features

  • Turn messages into tasks: What if a brilliant idea came up halfway through your discussion? Waste zero time by turning this idea into a task right from the chat! Add the responsible person, set the deadline, and follow the work progress via comments underneath the task.
  • Follow the task progress: Post your comments to any task the way you would do it in the chat. You can pin a task to the top of your list to never miss an important update. Look out for the red counters indicating expired tasks. All the task updates are posted in one place.
  • Monitor your team efficiency: Britix24 intelligent task reporting will give you a clear picture of which tasks are currently in progress, completed, or expired for each of your team members.

Britix24 Pricing

  1. Free– 100% free
  2. Basic – $39/mo
  3. Standard – $79/mo
  4. Professional – 159/mo
  • Unlimited users free
  • Custom quotes and invoice 
  • Free iPhone VOIP Apps
  • 5GB free online storage




Expert Choice For Best VoIP Apps For iPhone

Local Numbers
Toll-Free Numbers
Send & Receive SMS
Record Calls

With JustCall, you can get a local or toll-free phone number in any of the 58 countries (including the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Japan, European countries & more) and start making & receiving calls and SMS.

JustCall lets you create and manage your own international call center, helpdesk, or global sales team within seconds and minutes. With in-built CRM, rating system, and integrations, you can replace your old-school telephony systems with new age, scalable, and omni-present phone systems.

With a click of a button, take your business global. Improve your perception and make your international clients comfortable by providing them with a local number to call. Empower your sales team to explore global sales opportunities and keep a close and real-time track of their activity and performance.

You don’t need any new hardware or cable or sim. All you need is a Justcall account and your phone or computer. Make calls using our app or website and receive calls directly on your phone number (without any internet requirement)

Justcall always takes care of your data with the seriousness it deserves and has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They have also revised their internal processes, security, and terms & privacy documents to ensure we are compliant with this regulation.

Let’s get started with Justcall now.

JustCall Features

  • Local Numbers: Local numbers can give your small business a multi-city feel or your big business a local feel. JustCall has local phone numbers in 70 countries that you can get with a click.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: Give your business a national presence with a toll-free number. It has toll-free numbers in US, UK & Canada.
  • Send & Receive SMS: Send and receive messages through your Justcall phone number.
  • Record Calls: Record every call on iPhone on each of your numbers to better monitor your performance as a team.
  • Keep Existing Numbers: Want to keep your existing phone number? You can port your local or toll-free number to JustCall.
  • Custom Numbers: Need a number that spells your company name or simply want something memorable for your callers? We are happy to help you find the perfect number for your business.

JustCall Pricng

  • Standard – $ 20/user/month (billed annually)
  • Premium – $ 40/user/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprize– Customizable Pricing.
  • JustCall is focused on data security and privacy protection.
  • Offer seamless, round-the-clock support with IVR, Smart Call Routing, Live Call Monitoring, SMS Bots.
  • Build smooth workflows for sales and support teams with native integrations for over 100 + CRM, Helpdesk, and business tools.
  • JustCall is the smoothest and fastest solution to manage your phone support.




Best Free iPhone And Android VoIP app

Auto Reply
Contact Panel
Avoid Spam

Pinger VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) was founded in 2005 by a mannequin dressed in Christmas lights with the goal of revolutionizing mobile communication. The headquarters of Pinger is in San Jose, California.

Pinger provides VOIP apps for mobile phones that allow businesses and individuals to communicate more cost-effectively using their mobile phones. Pinger is a free VoIP app for iPhones that provides a local phone number.

Pinger offers two services; Textfree texting app and Sideline. Textfree VoIP apps for iPhone allow you to make unlimited phone calls and send unlimited text messages for free. Pinger lets you receive text messages from customers worldwide and send them to clients in 36 countries. Sideline is an application that adds a second phone number to your phone using technology similar to a Textfree application. Sideline is accessible on android, iOS devices, and Microsoft windows and macintosh.

Pinger Features

  • Voicemail: Using the standard Pinger iOS VoIP app, you can record up to three voicemail greetings and have voicemails automatically transcribed. You can also use keywords to search your inbox, such as “appointment” or “project name.”
  • Auto Reply: When auto-reply is enabled, you can create and save up to three 160-character text messages that Pinger will send to missed callers automatically. Even if customers call you multiple times in a 24-hour period, Pinger only sends the message once.
  • Contact Panel: Pinger allows you to can see the name of unknown callers, take notes, and save new contacts right after you hang up a call.
  • Avoid Spam: It detects spam calls, telemarketers, and potential fraud so you can easily avoid them.
  • Number ID: Pinger VoIP apps for iPhone allows you to see whom phone numbers belong to, even if they aren’t saved as a contact.
  • Reminders: While using Pinger VoIP Apps for iOS, you can now schedule text reminders from your work calendar to reduce appointment and meeting no-shows.

Pinger Pricing

  • Free iOS VoIP app: Free calls to other Pinger users, unlimited texting, and you can earn or buy minutes for outbound calls.
  • Pinger Plus: $9.99 per user, per month for unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, unlimited texting, and an ad-free mobile experience.
  • Allows you to purchase or earn minutes on the free version.
  • You can change your Pinger number often with a Pinger Plus subscription.
  • Pinger allows you to send text messages to customers in 36 countries and receive them from any country where texting is supported.




Best VoIP iPhone apps

Call Forwarding
Conference Bridge
Do Not Disturb
Call Blocking
$19.99 vISIT sITE

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) is another VoIP for iPhone that unifies calling, messaging, and meetings worldwide to provide seamless communication between customers and employees using a flexible, global cloud communication platform.

The VBC Mobile App enables on-the-go employees to stay connected no matter where they are in the world. They can maintain a single number across all devices so they can be easily reached by colleagues and customers. VBC reduces monthly phone expenses, enables centralized billing, and does not require annual contracts.

The Vonage Business Communications VOIP app for iPhone is available at no additional charge. Existing VBC customers just log in with their username and password. (Data charges may apply to mobile app usage depending on the mobile plan)

Vonage Features

  • Call Forwarding: Vonage Business Communications incorporates a staggered call forwarding option called Follow Me. It allows employees to forward calls—via their User Portal, Admin Portal, or Mobile App—so their desk phone rings first for a selected amount of time, then another number rings for a selected amount of time, and then finally the call goes to voicemail.
  • Conference Bridge: For Vonage Business Communications customers, Conference Bridge is a powerful, easy-to-configure conferencing service that accommodates up to 30 people. Easily add or mute participants from the intuitive dashboard, get a dedicated number and password protection, and host or join a conference call bridge through their iOS App on your smartphone (data charges may apply).
  • Do Not Disturb: This feature is included on all of Vonage Business Communications-supported phones—temporarily stops incoming calls from ringing your Vonage phone number. Silence all distractions and send calls to voicemail.
  • Call Blocking: You can block calls, both inbound or outbound, based on an area code, number, or other options like 411 or international calls. Call Blocking is available for your entire account or just a single extension.

Vonage Pricing

  • Mobile: $19.99 per line, per month for unlimited calls in the U.S. and Mexico, unlimited SMS texting, App Center integrations, and team messaging
  • Premium: $29.99 per line, per month to add unlimited video meetings with up to 100 participants, IP phone compatibility, CRM integrations, and a multi-level auto-attendant
  • Advanced: $39.99 per line, per month to add 15 hours of on-demand call recording, visual voicemail, and call groups.
  •  Maintain a single business identity when calling, texting or video conferencing.
  • Communicate your way with calling, texting, or video conferencing anytime, anywhere.
  • Play or read voicemails and even manage settings on the go.
  • Activate Call Forwarding or “Do Not Disturb” status.
  • Import, view, and edit business contacts across multiple devices

What are the Benefits of VoIP Apps For iPhone And Android?

  1. VoIP is a cost effective way to communicate
  2. VoIP apps are easy to use.
  3. You can free dial internationally.
  4. VoIP works over the internet.

You have the best chance to have zero dropped calls using VoIP apps, which are not prone to interruptions or drops in connection quality while the phone call is being set up.

Conclusion On Best VoIP For iPhone and Android Mobile Phones

It’s essential to be able to communicate with coworkers and customers on your cell phone, but few people want to carry around multiple phones. However, there are some best VoIP providers, but not all of them have VOIP apps for iPhone and Android users. So if you are an iPhone or Android user, a VoIP app is a must-have. You don’t need any extra devices to keep your business text messages and calls separate. Furthermore, VoIP apps include features such as professional greetings, video conference calls, and searchable messages, transforming your phone into a virtual office with unified communications tools.

Hope our list of Best VoIP apps for iPhone and android has solved your problem. VoIP apps provide iPhone users with a range of features, from basic call screening and forwarding to advanced analytics and multi-level auto-attendants. We reviewed paid and free VoIP apps for android and iPhone and compared them based on pricing, general features, and advanced functions. Get one of these and don’t forget to mention your favorite one in our comment section.

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