How To Make A Video Collage From A Photo Collection

Smartphones have allowed us to click pictures wherever we go. These pictures get piled up in our phone gallery and are rarely used. What if there was some way to use these pictures to create something else? Check this guide on how to make a video collage from a photo collection.

You can compile these pictures together to make a video collage. This video collage will contain pictures that will give the feeling of a video through its animation. These video collages can be a perfect gift for your friend’s birthday or anniversary. You can share these collages on your friends’ social media timelines on their birthdays. Facebook is popular for wishing birthdays. You can use a Facebook post scheduler to pre-schedule these video collages.

Creating a video collage may look challenging, but it is very easy once you understand its basic working. You can use a video collage maker online to create a perfect video collage for yourself and your friends. Read our guide on Doodly Vs Powtoon Vs Toonly Vs VideoScribe Vs DoodleMaker.

Video collage also stores all your photos in a single file, which reduces the space consumption on your device and keeps all your photos in one place. You can create different collages for different categories of photos. In case, you find it difficult to manage your photos all in one place, you can read our guide on Best Photo Management Tools.

You can use a video collage maker online to create a perfect video collage for yourself and your friends.

How to Make Video Collages from Photos

video collage

A video collage is a collection of photos and video clips with a split-second effect in between where the images appear to be moving. The audio in each video clip is muted and replaced by another audio played throughout the video collage.

There are various effects through which you can use the transition of images in your video collage more accurately. You can change the borders of the photos and alter the clip and use animation. Check our guide on Doodly Vs DoodleMaker

1. Use an Online Video Collage Maker

There are various collage makers available online, and you can use anyone to create awesome collages for yourself. A video collage maker is easy to use and can create a perfect video collage. All the video makers require the user’s registration, and after one such simple process, you can use all the free features of the video collage maker. You can also purchase paid tool with many more features and templates than the free one.

2. Choose Your Template

You can choose from a list of different templates. These templates are suitable for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and retirement; and are not just limited to it. You can celebrate your friendship, festivals, trips, and other moments you have captured in your photographs.

3. Choose Your Photos

Choose the images that you want to include in your video collage. There are some steps through which you can easily upload your photos in your collage maker. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open web-based video collage maker.
  • Go to the folder where you have stored your photographs.
  • Click the CTRL button, and select all the photos you want to include in your video collage.
  • Drop the selected file in the location provided in your collage maker.
  • Rearrange the photos in a proper sequence

4. Select Suitable Template

Select a template that is suitable for your photos. Always choose the templates that are required for the occasion. Each template has its capacity for the number of images it can hold. Choose the template according to the number of photos you want to keep. The number of images a template can hold is mentioned on it, which makes the task easier. You can also check the samples of the templates before saving your photo collage. You can put the images in the collage maker, preview the video collage and select it accordingly.

5. Create A Video Collage

After you have done all the above-mentioned processes, you can select the final images and templates you want to choose. This will be your final sample and will be considered only if you click the save button. You can check your video collage after completing it by clicking on the play button. You can change the template as many times as you want to. Make sure to use an appropriate template that justifies the memories and theme of the photographs.

6. Edit The Collage

You can also edit the photos in your collage maker. If any of your photos in the collage is not of good quality and requires many touch-ups, then you can easily do it through the video collage maker. You can edit, enlarge, reduce or discard the image if it is unsuitable. You are not creating a collage. You are creating memories here, so you need to be specific about the photos you want to use.

7. Adjust the Animation Settings

The video collage isn’t limited to moving photos. It also has many animation settings. You can use these animations in your collage to make it more appealing and watchable. Animations bring life to any picture or image, and hence using a correct animation for the collage can increase its worth 100 times.

Video collages are used for many purposes, such as sharing them on social media to wish your friends and families on special occasions. This article provides the best ways of creating a video collage. It gives a detailed description of how the photos can be used to create a collage. This article also guides how to perform certain steps while using a video collage maker. These video collage makers are useful and save a lot of space, as the photos are merged into a single file.

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