Kartra Pricing Plan and Cost ( 2022 Guide). Which Plan Is Best For You?

Struggling to find out which Kartra pricing plan is best for you? In this guide, we have covered each and every Katra pricing plan detail that will help you to sell courses, membership site subscriptions, and build a beautiful online business. Read this detailed guide and choose the best plan for you!

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that offers a variety of special Kartra tools that you may use to both develop and customize your products. Build a great online business by selecting from hundreds of professionally designed templates that are mobile-friendly. Kartra is designed for solo business owners that want to expand their operations online. And I have to admit that Kartra’s extensive feature set does seem to make this easier. All capabilities, including email marketing, landing sites, and helpdesk, are included in even the most basic subscription. Read our guide on Best Learning Management Systems 2022.


Annual billing saves $240


  • Upto 2,500 Leads

  • 1 custom domain

  • 15,000 emails /mo

  • 50GB bandwidth

  • Host 100 pages

  • Host 50 videos

  • Sell 20 products

  • Build 2 membership sites

  • Add 1 additonal

    team member 

  • Connect 1 helpdesk

  • Agency not included


Annual billing saves $600

$199/ month

  • Up to 12,500 Leads

  • Unlimited emails

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited pages

  • Unlimited videos 

  • Unlimited products

  • Unlimited membership sites

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited team members

  • Kartra Agency

  • Unlimited helpdesks


Annual billing saves $840


  • Up to 25,000 Leads

  • 5 custom domains

  • Unlimited emails

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited pages

  • Unlimited videos

  • Unlimited products

  • Unlimited membership sites

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited helpdesks

  • Kartra Agency


Annual billing saves $1440


  • Up to 50,000 Leads

  • 10 custom domains

  • Unlimited emails

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited pages

  • Unlimited videos

  • Unlimited products

  • Unlimited membership sites

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited helpdesks

  • Kartra Agency

However, how much will this all cost you, and is it worthwhile?

To help you decide which Kartra pricing plan is best for you, I’ll be examining each one in this pricing guide. For those that want to compare Kartra pricing packages to a few other all-in-one marketing solutions, I’ve also included a comparison chart lower below.

Summary of the Kartra pricing plans;

  • Kartra Starter Plan ($99/month) with 2,500 contacts
  • $199/month Kartra Silver Plan with 12,500 contacts
  • $299/month Kartra Gold Plan with 25,000 contacts
  • Kartra Platinum Plan, which costs $399 per month and has 50,000 contacts

Kartra Pricing Plan

Kartra Pricing
Kartra Pricing

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform that combines extensive features and functionalities with ease of use and flexibility.

Kartra is a platform for developing landing pages, CRM, membership sites, shopping & checkout, email marketing, list building, video hosting, business management, and much more that is specifically made for marketers. It is not just a sales funnel platform.

The plans offered by Kartra start with a simple, condensed starter package and add extra features and increased bandwidth to accommodate expanding organizations. Discover the capabilities and benefits of each plan by reading on. With Kartra, it’s simple to upgrade if your company outgrows its existing plan because the software adapts to your needs.

  • Kartra Starter Plan $99/M (1 custom domain, 2500 leads, and 15000 emails/M)
  • (12500 Leads, 3 custom domains, Unlimited Emails), Kartra Silver Plan $199/M
  • (25,000 Leads, 5 Custom Domains, Unlimited Emails) Kartra Gold Plan $299/M
  • $499/M for Kartra Platinum Plan (50000 Leads, 10 custom domains, Unlimited emails)
  • Enterprise concept for Kartra (Fully customized price & features)

Let’s have a closer look at Kartra’s pricing and the different plans they offer.

Kartra Starter Plan (Starter Plan: $99/month, $240 saved with an Annual Plan)

Kartra memberships

For a startup, small, or company that is just starting out online, the Kartra Starter Plan is the ideal pricing plan for your business which is small or newly set up. It is intended to assist the company in growing its email marketing lists and, as a result, boost the proportion of repeat consumers.

You can only use one domain with this plan, but if you’re just starting and want to concentrate all of your efforts on one website and 100 landing pages, for the time being, that’s not always a bad thing. To fit your complete online company portfolio as you begin to scale, you may eventually want to upgrade to one of the plans that offer limitless membership sites, landing pages, and domains.

Additionally, you are limited to 15,000 emails and 2,500 contacts. Again, this is excellent for new internet enterprises, but as you expand, you can find these restrictions to be very onerous. The cheapest plan they have is called the Kartra Starter Plan, and while it’s ideal for new small enterprises, there’s a strong possibility you’ll outgrow it eventually and need to go up to the Kartra Silver Plan.

Kartra Starter Plan Key Feature:

  • Attractive, safe checkout form
  • Possibility of accepting payments via PayPal and major credit cards
  • Drag and drop landing page builder that is simple to use
  • Numerous mobile-friendly templates that have been expertly designed
  • Tools for creating gorgeous lead capture forms
  • A detailed dashboard that’s incorporated to aid in maintaining order
  • 100 landing pages maximum
  • Hosting for fifty videos maximum
  • Sell up to 20 items

For Whom Is This Plan?

Any small business just getting started online should choose the Kartra Starter Plan. This Kartra Plan is best for all small businesses.

This pricing tier includes all the resources a business requires to produce stunning landing pages, eye-catching layouts, and more. The Starter Kartra package also provides capabilities to fully customize your business while keeping it appealing and appealing to clients.

Kartra Silver Plan

Kartra Silver Plan: $199/month; annual membership plans save $600.

The Kartra Silver Plan offers an enormous increase in contacts of 12,500 and unlimited emails. Silver Plan has many unlimited tools, up to three websites and the plan let you create an unlimited number of sales pages and landing pages that are permitted under the Silver Plan. For mid-sized companies who are extending their websites quickly to increase sales, having unlimited pages is a major benefit. Due to the unlimited nature of all the services, this package provides tremendous value.

Kartra Silver Plan Key Feature

  • Getting used to a comprehensive, integrated Kartra email marketing system
  • Tools for making a gorgeous multi-page flow
  • Innovative methods for using video to market products and services
  • access to live chat at the assistance desk
  • being able to find and supervise affiliates to market things using their affiliate management system
  • Countless pages spanning three domains

For Whom Is This Plan?

Businesses that have outgrown the starting plan may consider the Kartra Silver plan a great plan that businesses are well established.

Numerous tools in the Kartra Silver package are unrestricted, and more emails and leads are permitted. Before the Gold plan, it was a wonderful starting point because it provides the resources to support business growth and client acquisition. Additionally, the Kartra Silver package offers emails in addition to much more leads than the Starter level. This is ideal for increasing engagement with potential clients.

Kartra Gold Plan (Kartra Gold Plan: $299/month; $840 saved with a yearly subscription)

The Silver plan is expanded upon in the Kartra Gold plan. The sales funnel software makes a few key enhancements to this strategy.

Kartra Gold Plan receive an increase in leads from 12,500 to 25,000. Unlimited pages and five custom domains are also available for development and maintenance under the Kartra Gold plan. The Kartra user of this subscription has access to both the Kartra agency and the Kartra marketplace.

Kartra Gold Plan Key Feature

  • Tools for creating surveys and quizzes to determine the best method to offer things that potential clients want
  • Aesthetically attractive and secure checkouts
  • A simple page builder
  • Numerous templates
  • Adding lead capture forms to videos with tools
  • A comprehensive framework for email marketing
  • Access to excellent customer service
  • Being able to find and supervise affiliates to market things using their affiliate management system

For Whom Is This Plan?

For a medium-sized firm go with the Kartra gold plan. Kartra gold plan also provides a variety of tools to increase your company’s email list, boost your online visibility, and develop an endless array of goods and services that will appeal to your target market. Kartra gold plan is best for medium-sized firms for sure.

Kartra Platinum Plan (Kartra Platinum Plan: $499/month; yearly plan saves $1440)

The sophisticated and comprehensive Kartra Platinum strategy is designed for large-scale businesses. It provides ten custom domains with unlimited landing pages, up to 50,000 leads, and. The Kartra Platinum plan has every feature required to run a sizable e-commerce operation.

Kartra Platinum Plan Key Feature:

  • Any number of team members is possible.
  • The ability to create unlimited membership websites with a user-friendly membership portal builder.
  • A comprehensive dashboard that is incorporated to help with scheduling
  • access to the Kartra agency for simple client administration

For Whom Is This Plan?

The Kartra Platinum plan is appropriate for a large company with a large crew. The Plan allows users the unique opportunity to handle everything from one location thanks to the software’s strength. With the Kartra Platinum subscription, you can build stunning pages, work on an unlimited number of membership websites, develop live and automated email and text campaigns, and much more.

Kartra Discount: How Much Does Kartra Plan Offers Discount?

If you decide to buy an annual package, Kartra will charge you a 25% discount. This discount is available on all of their plans.

Additionally, Kartra offers a 14-day free trial for just $1 that gives users access to all services. Kartra is not currently running any promotions or offering any discounts. However, a free additional Kartra Agency feature from the Silver Plan and higher is included with each plan.

If you choose the yearly pricing option, you can also take advantage of a 25% Karta discount deal on all the plans. Depending on the plan you choose, signing up for this deal can save you $240 to $1440 annually. Therefore, I strongly advise choosing a yearly plan and taking advantage of a Kartra Discount Deal if you have long-term business goals and are seeking the greatest pricing deal.

Kartra Features And Tools

  • Kartra Checkouts- This is probably the most potent tool included in the Kartra package. Kartra Checkouts give you the ability to sell anything—goods or services—online and come equipped with all the tools you need to convert clients. Kartra excels at its Checkout function. You can choose how your consumers can pay using the snag-free checkout system, which guarantees the success of your online store. You can customize the look of their checkout forms, manage their accounts in a sophisticated CRM, and add upsells and cross-sells to your store thanks to this tool.
  • Kartra Funnels and marketing campaigns- The Kartra Funnels and Campaigns features of Kartra are entirely connected with effective sales processes. Let Kartra handle the rest while you use content and videos to attract leads. By automatically sending emails and categorizing new users based on their behaviors, the multi-page funnel flow will maximize efficiency by turning leads into customers. To establish distinct behaviors in line with your marketing objectives, you can indicate triggers.
  • Kartra Memberships- This service-based, content-driven economy is ideal for Kartra Memberships. You may rely on Memberships to send content, courses, and training materials quickly and as automatically as possible if your business involves education. Set and forget any drip content you desire while keeping control over the memberships of certain people. Any form of material, including audio, video, and everything in between, is compatible with memberships. The step-by-step vibe Kartra can provide your content library will be adored by your users.
  • Kartra Calendar- Kartra Calendars is a real-time booking solution that dispenses with the need for costly, custom-built software to run service- and registration-based enterprises. With Kartra Calendars, your business can engage with consumers and book events like doctor visits and yoga sessions on a seamless interface. You can always view your client’s booking history with Kartra Calendars.
  • Kartra Mail- Kartra’s robust mail tool makes it simple and efficient to create email campaigns. Users may drag and drop any form of content, including photos and videos, onto one of the thousands of themes available. Include custom tags as well. Kartra Mail is a very powerful tool for user engagement because it integrates with both email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Kartra Agency 2022

Kartra also offers a free Kartra add-on feature starting with the Silver plan and higher is the Kartra agency feature. You may access and manage each of your customer accounts through the Kartra agency from a single location.

Kartra agency allows you to quickly perform client analytics and automate reports for your clients using this feature, which is simple to use and offers a secure one-click log-in.

Kartra Pricing Summary

You have the option to select one of the various pricing plans based on your budget and business requirements prior to trying out Kartra.

Kartra pricing 2022 offers 4 different, totally customizable plans that range in price from $99 to $499 per month. If you select the annual option, additional discounts are also available. The platform charges a single flat rate per plan every month; there are no additional or hidden costs. The nicest thing is that Kartra offers features at various limits rather than locking any of them into any certain plan. Additionally, all business sizes—from tiny businesses to medium-sized enterprises to large businesses—are covered by the price options. You can also select a more affordable plan and upgrade as your company expands.

Kartra Pricing Review – Final Verdict

Kartra is a potent platform for digital marketing that may assist you in running and expanding your internet business. Your company can become more cost-effectively managed and stress-free.

You should absolutely take into account Kartra if you are already operating an online business using a variety of technologies because you will be able to acquire more for less money. Kartra helps streamline your company by consolidating all of the products and subscriptions into one location, allowing you to focus on expanding rather than managing. Kartra can undoubtedly simplify and centralize the management, automation, sales, and marketing of your organization. You can construct your website, landing pages, and sales funnels, sell products, manage marketing contacts, automate marketing campaigns, and more with Kartra.

Kartra is extremely simple to use, allowing you to customize the price plan to suit your company’s demands and automating a number of laborious procedures.

FAQs On Kartra Pricing

1. Can I cancel or change my Kartra plan?

For Kartra users, the cancellation can also be done via the Billing Profile self-service portal in your account.

2. Can I integrate Kartra with other platforms?

Yes, you can definitely integrate Kartra with other platforms.

3. Does Kartra have an Affiliate Program?

With Kartra’s integrated affiliate management system, you have a wide range of choices for rewarding, compensating, and interacting with your affiliates. All with single-click ease. Create global or product-specific commissions that are based on a predetermined monetary amount or a percentage.

4. How Much Does Kartra Cost?

Kartra Starter plan is $99 per month. Kartra Silver plan is $199 per month. Kartra Gold plan is $299 per month. Kartra Platinum plan is $499 per month.

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