Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks (2022 Guide). Which LMS Platform Is Best?

Having an online presence is crucial for tutors to guarantee that their courses are properly archived for future use. The organization and storage of your course materials across numerous LMS platforms are made easier by holding online classes. Here in this guide, we will help you to decide which online course platform Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks is better for you.



Mighty Networks


  • Free – $0/month

  • Basic Plan – $49/month

  • Pro Plan – $99/month

  • Premier Plan – $499/month

  • Free Plan – $0/month

  • The Community Plan – $23/month

  • The Business Plan – $81/month

Sales And Marketing

Website Builder

Membership Fee

First 100 students are free and Additional US$0.10 per active growth user 

5% Free plan ,2% business plan and 3 % community plan.


Payment Method

 Payment Paypal with other online sites 

Payment with multiple currencies

Free Plan 

Help Support 

Live chat,phone email help centre .

FAQ, community guildlines, case studies and resourses

Pro membership plan 

Phone And live Chat

Online Trainning 

Free Version

Future students can review these classes in addition to the ones they are taking now. Tutors may be able to make the most of their course materials and increase their audience using an online platform. However, this endeavor can only be accomplished with effective software that provides user-friendly features. In light of this, I’ve decided to research two well-known online course platforms today which are Thinkific Vs Mighty Network.

Thinkific’s all-in-one platform specializes in assisting those who want to share their course materials online. Users can build a personal brand thanks to this program. Due to its e-commerce capabilities, many users find Thinkific offers to be an excellent alternative for monetizing their course materials. It does not require a sizable fan base to start and aids in marketing your program.

On the other hand, Mighty Network course creator was created to assist companies in building communities around their for-profit online courses. The program integrates with social media platforms so that users can build a following for their brands. With Mighty Networks, these brands with sizable social network followings can simply translate the numbers into purchases of course materials.

Let’s have a closer look at the comparison of two platforms of online course creation Thinkific Vs Mighty Network where you can create and sell your online courses with amazing marketing features, pricing plans membership, and subscription, and much more about learning management system marketing tools.

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Thinkific Online Course Creator

thinkific navigations
Thinkific Navigations

With Thinkific’s all-in-one online course platform, anyone can easily design and deliver great courses on a website with their logo. If you’re looking for a platform that makes it simple to achieve your objectives, whether they want to inform your clients, sell courses to generate income, or simply develop your brand and engage your audience then use Thinkific. Start selling courses on Thinkific today and join the hundreds of consultants, experts, writers, presenters, trainers, teachers, coaches, professional associations, and businesses who have already done so. With Thinkific you’ll be able to access some excellent tools for online community platforms.

Thinkific site settings
Thinkific Site Settings

With no transaction fees and adequate features in their base package, Thinkific offers a good bargain. It’s now even better thanks to enhancements to landing pages. Use Thinkific for online courses and believe it to be the best starting point for those interested in creating online courses. Check our guide on Latest Thinkific Coupons & Promo Codes 2022.

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Thinkific Key Features

Thinkific dashboard
Thinkific Dashboard

Here are some important Thinkific features:

  • Drag and drop course creator
  • E-business
  • Evaluations and Certificates
  • Building Membership Sites
  • Build a community
  • Cohort-based Course
  •  Excellence in Support and Training

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Mighty Networks Online Course Creator

mighty networks dashboard
Mighty Networks

A cloud-based social networking tool called Mighty Networks was created to assist marketing teams in developing customized landing pages, tracking leads, and connecting with customers on a single dashboard. By joining pertinent communities, it enables users to learn about new products or courses.

It provides all the crucial features that creators require to develop a dynamic online community, including an activity feed, member directory, articles, polls & quizzes, events, groups, etc. Even completely developed online courses can be developed locally.

A few sales and marketing features are also provided by Mighty Networks, such as the ability to create sales pages and charge one-time or recurring fees. Consequently, you can leverage the platform to provide communities, courses, and memberships in one location as much as possible.

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Mighty Networks Key Features

mightry networks features
Mighty Network Features

Here are some of the best Mighty Network features, which are as follows:

  • Processing of payments
  • Member classification or profiling
  • Users can build networks by adding an unlimited number of members and access multiple business accounts through topic-based discussions polling
  • Topic-based activity feeds
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices allow users to directly message followers and receive real-time notifications for posts as well as share photos in communities.

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🤑 Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks Pricing Comparision

Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks Pricing Comparison

Mighty Networks has three pricing tiers, whereas the Thinkific platform offers four. The Mighty Networks Community Design Masterclass feature is available on the Community and Business plans for an extra cost. Each plan has a different cost for member subscriptions.

Now let’s get straight away with Thinkific and mighty network’s different pricing plans:

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific Free Plan ($0/mo)

  • Membership sites are not supported
  • Material hosting, quizzes, unlimited students
  • However, just a few courses are available for free
  • Membership sites are not supported.

Who Should Use It?

With the Free plan, you just get the most fundamental course-building tools. To host your content, organize it into a course, professionally deliver it, and increase student engagement. Additionally, rather than using your domain, your school will make use of a Thinkific subdomain. Even though you can only establish one course, the good news is that you can have an unlimited number of students enrolled in your school.

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Thinkific Basic Plan ($49 a month, or $39 if paid annually)

  • Includes Free plan features, coupons,
  • A custom domain
  • Supports an unlimited number of students along with unlimited courses
  • Membership sites are not supported.

Who Should Use It?

Many Thinkific websites start with the Basic plan because of these characteristics, which are necessary for anyone wishing to begin aggressively selling online courses. In addition, you have the option to utilize a custom name and have access to some useful sales and marketing tools like discounts and affiliate marketing (or subdomain).

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Thinkific Pro Plan ($ 99 per month or $79 if paid annually)

  • All the features of the Basic plan are included in the Pro plan,
  • Thinkific also offers two site admin accounts
  • Five-course authors, membership sites, and limitless courses.

Who Should Use It?

Overall, the Pro plan is very affordable and will be useful for the majority of independent creators. You can begin a 30-day free trial if you want to give it a try. If you wish to share your Thinkific account access with additional team members, you can also create two site admin accounts and up to five-course admins.

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Thinkific Premier Plan ($499 per month or $399 if paid annually)

  • All Pro plan features
  • Five-site admin account
  • Fifty-course authors
  • Unlimited students and courses are included in the premier plan

Who Should Use It?

Finally, if you want many administrators or instructors to have access to your school, you can have up to five site admins and fifty-course admins. Groups, which make it simple to enroll students in bulk and allow you to organize student communications, progress, and reporting, are another helpful feature you get. Selling your courses to businesses in bulk, as a result, is simpler.

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Mighty Networks Pricing Plans

Mighty Networks Plans

Mighty Networks Free Plan ($0/mo)

Mighty Networks courses
Mighty Networks Courses
  • Get started for free with the core community for free platform functions (member profiles, posting, commenting, and messaging
  • The mighty network offers community privacy settings
  • A 5% member subscription charge
  • Can all be managed by up to three “hosts” (admins).
  • A $349 Community Design Masterclass is available.

Who Should Use It?

This free plan is for individuals.

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Community Plan $28/mo ($23/mo if billed annually)

  • All community features mentioned above, plus customizable member categories, a member leaderboard
  • Member referrals, private groups inside the community
  • 3% member subscription costs
  • unlimited hosts, members, and moderators.
  • Masterclass in Community Design is available for $149.

Who Should Use It?

Therefore, the Community plan will work well for you if all you want to do is create a standalone online community. Other than that, the entry-level plan gives you 50GB of total storage and the ability to create a custom domain and a free SSL certificate. In addition, your members can download the Mighty Networks iOS and Android applications to access your community and maintain community involvement.

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Business Plan, $98/mo ($81/mo if billed annually)

  • All of the above, in addition to the development and selling of online courses
  • The mighty network supports thorough analytics, Facebook, and Google pixel tracking
  • 2% member subscription charge
  • a $99.00 Community Design Masterclass is included.

Who Should Use It?

In general, the business model is appropriate for creators who wish to establish a stand-alone community while providing online memberships and courses.

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Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks- Membership

Thinkific Membership

Community engagement is encouraged by Mighty Networks, and the membership sites feature is available in all plans. This software solution makes it simple to charge for membership because it supports an unlimited number of users. On the other hand, Only Pro Plan gives you the option to launch membership sites using Thinkific.

Mighty Networks Memberships

So clearly, The fact that Mighty Networks’ subscription solution is accessible on all plans, even the Free Plan, makes it superior.

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Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks- Integration

Thinkific Integrations

You can obtain comprehensive analytics on all of your members, activity, and posts with the Mighty Networks Business Plan. For tracking on your platform, you may be able to integrate your detailed Google Analytics pixel.

The detailed analytics options on Thinkific course creation platforms are superior because they are thorough with access to detailed analytics and are available for all plans.

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Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks- Website Builder

Thinkific site builder

You can edit your pages using the drag-and-drop functionality of Thinkific. You can utilize a personalized domain and have total control over HTML or CSS. You can also choose your template’s theme from a variety of educational themes.

The Mighty Networks platform is a dynamic website that lets you create articles under chosen topics and create customized activity feeds. Custom membership tiers and member profiles with bios and direct messaging capabilities are an option. With more configurable capabilities and a wider selection of templates, Thinkific’s page builder is superior.

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Thinkific Vs Mighty Networks- Create Online Courses

Thinkific online courses
Thinkific Online Courses

No matter the membership package you select, the Thinkific platform offers a wide range of functionality for developing and marketing, and selling online courses. To construct the ideal curriculum, you won’t need to know how to code. You can feed content through text, video, downloadable PDFs, quizzes, and surveys.

mighty networks online-courses

If you choose the Business Plan at Mighty Networks, you have the option of adding an infinite number of online courses. There is no limit to the number of teachers you may add, and you can access text, video, photographs, and links in the content feed. Online courses from Thinkific are ideal for online education, developing, sharing, and imparting knowledge together in one place.

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Thinkific and Mighty Network Sales and Marketing Features

Thinkific email-marketing

Thinkific provides a set of features for sales and marketing tools, including coupons for promoting your online course and course bundles for upselling. Your ability to make more money from your online courses is enhanced by additional integrative marketing techniques.


On the Mighty Networks platform, it is possible to receive notifications of any new posts or activities. Events may be planned and advertised locally and virtually thanks to connections with Zoom, Facebook Live, and Crowdcast.

The sales and marketing wide range of features of Thinkific is stronger for selling online courses in particular.

Thinkific Vs Mighty Network- Final Verdict

Based on a comprehensive and in-depth study, I suggest Thinkific for developing and marketing online courses due to its vast range of features. You have the option of establishing membership sites starting with the Pro Plan.

However, Mighty Networks is a great choice if creating a community around your brand is your main priority. With its straightforward pricing options, you can access membership sites with online courses on the Business Plan while staying under a strict budget.

Both platforms are excellent for online classes and member interaction. However, Thinkific is effective for both small and large organizations. Which of these two fantastic options is best for your particular needs may depend on how scalable they are for you.

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FAQs On Thinkific Vs Mighty Network

1. How do mighty networks work?

All the typical characteristics of an online community are included in a Mighty Network, including topics and articles, a dynamic activity feed, member profiles, chats and comments, social media sharing, polls, questions, posts, events, direct messaging between members, and more.

2. Does Thinkific have a free plan?

The Thinkific free plan offers a lot of value. On their free plan, you can create one complete course and have an infinite number of students. This covers all material hosting, such as videos. Additionally, you’ll have immediate access to any earnings you generate as well as their quizzes and surveys.

3. Is Mighty Networks free?

Absolutely! No credit card is needed for your 14-day Free Trial, which is completely free. Plus, even when your trial period is up, you can utilize The Free Plan indefinitely.

4. How much does Thinkific cost?

Price: Free to $499 per month
Most widely used plan: Pro Plan for $99 per month
Discount per year: Yes, enjoy a 20% discount!
Free trial: Get a free taste of Thinkific’s essential features.

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