Best Shopify Spy Tools To Analyze Your Competitor’s Marketing Campaigns ( Ranked & Reviewed)

If you are a Shopify store owner then it is vital to spy on Shopify stores. We know those are frustrating times when you cannot understand what you are lacking in your strategies or formulations. Here, in this article, we have explored some of the best Shopify spy tools to create a better and more optimized store in the future.

Looking for how to spy on Shopify competitors? Then you are at the right place! In today’s competitive dropshipping industry, having a strong spy app that keeps track of competing Shopify stores is crucial. Spying allows us to learn from other successful stores’ standard practices. Finding out what things others are offering, how their websites are structured, and what tools they use to increase sales are all examples of this. In this guide, we will discuss the best Shopify spy tools, that will help you to analyze your competitors and improve your own marketing strategy & techniques!

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What Are The Best Shopify Spy Tools Of 2023?

Best In Business
Minea Review


Selected KPIs to facilitate analysis of ads
Identify target brands by category
Selection of winning products by AI
Analysis of all the ads for a shop
Regular updates
Powerful and affordable subscription
They offer a FREE Trial, which is great to test the application.
Trending Product
BigSpy Review


Shows ads from more than 6 major social networks
It comes with an effective Search box
In-depth information from different angles
A massive number of creatives
Recommended by 1000+ people.
9+ Platforms Include Facebook, Instagram, and many more
They offer FREE Trials and offer everything at such a minimal price.
Most Affordable
DropiSpy Logo


Best Customer Response
User Friendly UI
Best for drop shippers and retailers
The best ads spy to find the best Winning Products
No.1 product research tool for Dropshippers
Pricing Plan starts from 0$/per month
They offer FREE Trials and are best for dropshippiers and retailers.
Editor's Choice
Anstrex Review


Comes with three software in one platform
It supports FTP services
Chrome Extension Available for this platform
You Can Save Countless Hours On Research
You Can Rapidly Build Awesome Landing Pages
They offer FREE Trials and are best for dropshippiers and retailers.
User's Choice
PiPiAds Logo


Helps to find the trending products
Largest global data bank
Allows to access ad materials
Discover real TikTok-winning products
No. 1 TikTok ads spy tool
Viral TikTok Products & TikTok Top Ads
Best value
PowerAdSpy logo


It is a Cloud-based platform
Download Landing Pages
Real-Time data available
They offer you crystal clear visibility of Ads analytics
Can Data Of Millions Of Ads From 100+ Countries
Easy To Use
AdPeriscope Logo


Provides advanced data sorting possibilities
Offers a comprehensive set of creatives
Best landing page ripping tool in the market
They offer simple search and advanced search both options
They are one of the best landing page ripping tools in the market

Moreover, spying on competitors can help you learn more about their business plans, best-selling items, successful ad campaigns, and where they focus their marketing efforts, among other things. Spying provides you with competitive information, consumer insights, and inspiration to help you run a successful eCommerce platform like Shopify. Using this Shopify store spy tool, you can execute product research, improve your own results and discover the actual secret of how your rivals are making hundreds of dollars with their own Shopify store!

Knowing your competition is, without a doubt, critical to your long-term success. As a result, spying on Shopify stores is critical as a Shopify store owner. Using Shopify spy tools, you can figure out what kind of material your competitors are interested in. You can generate more focused and stronger content if you learn it. However, if you don’t have the right instruments for spying on competitors, you’ll rapidly become frustrated. Let’s proceed with some of the best Shopify spy tools of 2023!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to use the best Shopify spy tools to keep a check on your competition. Users will be assigned to each tool, allowing them to learn about other stores’ themes, rankings, advertising, pricing, and more. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Here are my top picks for the Shopify spy tools that you must try:

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6 Top Shopify Spy Tools For Ecommerce Marketers In 2022



Best Free Shopify Spying Tool

BigSpy highly recommended

Multi-Ad Platforms
Big Ad Database
Powerful Search
It comes with an effective Search box
In-depth information from different angles
A massive number of creatives
Recommended by 1000+ people.

BigSpy is the #1 free Shopify spying tool for generating sales for eCommerce stores! Bigsby may assist you in spying on your competitor’s every move, from Facebook marketing to other social media advertising methods. It is considered as best Facebook ad spy tool Shopify Apps for ad performance metrics to unlock the secret for a successful social media marketing campaign. Check BigSpy Coupon Code, to get BigSpy at the lowest discount price!

BigSpy is a powerful tool for spying on the competition, both inside and outside of Shopify. This tool’s Shopify store feature offers various URLs of top-performing Shopify stores. So far, their specialty category, targeted country, social media marketing, and Facebook likes have all been successful. You may boost your marketing ideas and methods using this Shopify spy tool, which is popular with small and medium business owners! BigSpy specializes in analyzing competition ads on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and mobile in-app ads. BigSpy also helps in YouTube Ad Spying, Google PPC Ad Spying, and TikTok Ad Spying.

Apart from this, BigSpy also helps you to check out the top-performing Shopify stores in the same category or some new category and explore your competitor’s store layout, the targeted country as well as their winning social media advertising campaigns! With this free Shopify spy tool, you can execute more improvements in your Shopify store as well as focus on more important tasks to promote top products on Shopify! With a user-friendly design, streamlined filtering, and in-depth study of your competitors’ ads to find profitable opportunities, BigSpy is one of the best AdSpy alternatives, especially for Social media like Facebook.

BigSpy is the best free ad spying tool for affiliate marketing that helps you get real-time data as well as trending advertisements that will maximize your revenue.  BigSpy is ideal for bloggers, eCommerce networks, dropshipping enterprises, product finders, affiliate marketing platforms, freelancers, ad agencies, media buying, and more.

It’s a fantastic free advertising spy tool that gives you access to a wealth of information for key platforms! You can also look for successful advertising techniques and creatives to help your competitors win! You may also sort by CTA types, page categories, or keywords, and obtain extensive information about each ad, including ad copy, performance, targeted locations, and more.

BigSpy Features

  • User-friendly dashboard: BigSpy comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to search for ad creatives in a variety of ways. You can look for adverts based on their category, country, language, device kind, and other factors. It has a unique design that is appropriate for both beginners and experts.
  • Screening options: You can easily discover various screening options such as marketing objectives goal filter, ad creative format, CTA types, keyword search, page categories, affiliate network, likes, comments, shares, affiliate networks, custom data range, affiliate ID, and many more features that any ad spy tool can offer!
  • Multi-platform ads search: BigSpy allows you to track ads on various social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. With this software, you can acquire ads on the major seven social media platforms.
  • Detailed ad analysis: Get detailed ad analytics, ad trends, and advertiser rankings are all available for free with BigSpy. Plus, get access to detailed advertising information and be able to use unique creativity to promote your business or products in your Shopify store!
  • BigSpy free chrome extension: This free Shopify spy extension allows you to save ads from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. It’s now very simple to collect advertisements on your social networks, and you’ll have the option to enable or disable this function as per your needs!

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy comes with 3 pricing plans which are pretty affordable:

  • The free plan starts at $0/mo
  • The basic plan starts at $9/mo
  • The Pro plan starts at $99/mo
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $300/mo




Best Affordable Shopify Spy Tool

PowerAdSpy best values

A huge database of Facebook ads
Amazing custom search filter
Real-time engagement
Access to ad videos and images

PowerAdSpy is another cheapest Shopify spy tool that will help you to find trending creatives and offers a breeze and helps to unlock new angles for your own campaigns. Apart from this, you can also use this tool as a Shopify, Magento, and Woocommere tracking tool to discover viral products and be among the first advertisers to cash in on the latest products.

PowerAdSpy also helps you to discover new products to promote or even start your own dropshipping business, after seeing what is working well for other advertisers. Moreover, you can track your competitor’s ad strategies on all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, GDN, and Native ads.

You can also PowerAdSpy review

PowerAdSpy is affordably priced for huge brands, allowing them to spy on competitors to enhance the efficacy of their internet marketing initiatives. PowerAdSpy also makes it simple to apply your competitors’ strategies to your own advertising, having saved you hundreds of dollars and hours spent testing creative types and defining your target audience. It also includes a straightforward user interface that allows you to track your competitors’ perspectives, ad content, and creative styles in terms of age, competition, keywords, and market trends.

Additionally, this Shopify spy app also helps you to find the most helpful traffic sources which aid marketers to decide how to invest their marketing funds by finding the most likely traffic source for a particular niche. Finding out how your competitor’s site compares to your own can reveal a lot about the competition and help you determine how much time and effort you’ll need to rank higher. It is a perfect all-one solution that I will highly recommend for your marketing research needs!

PowerAdSpy Features

  • Amazing search algorithm: PowerAdSpy is an innovative search algorithm that makes it simple to find display adverts based on keywords, phrases, and other search parameters.
  • Sort ads by different ad metrics: It can help you find the best-performing advertisements from your competitors and provide you with ideas for how to improve your own advertising approach. We can also use PowerAdSpy to filter ads based on a set of metrics with a certain value range. You may save a lot of time and effort by using PowerAdSpy’s features. You can now get relevant ads with a certain number of likes, shares, and opinions to help you conduct a more comprehensive inspection.
  • Supports multiple contents: PowerAdSpy rapidly discovers a huge number of successful Facebook video ads, as well as assisting in the production of amazing video ads and identifying the most effective CTAs.
  • Powerful Geo-targeting: Another crucial feature is that this tool helps you sell physical things by allowing you to see where your competitors’ potential clients are located.
  • Millions of data: PowerAdSpy includes millions of extra ads that have been added to this spy tool’s massive searchable database from 15 different countries. Never again will you miss out on the most effective ads in your niche!

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy comes with 6 pricing plans:

  • Free plan costs $0/mo
  • Basic plan costs $49/mo
  • Standard plan costs $99/mo
  • Premium plan costs $149/mo
  • Platinum plan costs $249/mo
  • Titanium plan costs $299/mo
  • Palladium plan costs $349/mo




Best Shopify Spy Tool For Native Ads

Anstrex editor's choice

Build winning native advertising campaigns
Find the hottest selling dropship products
Dominate push notification advertising

Anstrex is one of the top competitive intelligence platforms that help to make informed decisions and grow your business. Using this push notification ad spy tool, you can see your competitor’s ads on several traffic types such as native ads and pop ads. Moreover, it also helps to track your competitor’s ads, which include images, text, and even landing pages! It has a vast database that is frequently updated and offers a simple user interface that makes identifying effective native ad campaigns in any category! Anstrex has a lot of filtering options, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can also Anstrex review

It also gives you a brief overview of the landing sites and assists you in obtaining information on advertising networks. Advertising can be filtered using a variety of criteria, including Alexa rank, days on the market, ad strength, and more. Native advertisements can be assessed over a wide range of countries, categories, and languages. You can use Anstrex to see how long an advertisement has been running, and on how many platforms!

Anstrex is a great place to start looking for profitable dropship products and marketing tactics. You can easily adapt your competitor’s technique and start seeing success in your own eCommerce and dropshipping business by looking at what’s working for them.

Anstrex mainly offers a set of products targeted toward online advertisers and performance marketers. Anstrex delivers information on your competitors’ internet marketing and advertising actions, enabling you to get a competitive edge and promote your business.

Anstrex also includes software for eCommerce and dropship store owners that streamlines everything from product importing to inventory management and order fulfillment. It has over 15 million advertisements from 50k+ sponsors spread throughout 92 countries. If you want to unlock all the secrets of native advertising and build excellent campaigns, then Anstrex Push would be a great purchase!

Anstrex Features

  • Advanced keyword search: Anstrex includes comprehensive keyword search filters as well as quick filters like advertising network, geographical location, language, and more to help you find better-tailored advertisements.
  • Bookmark options: Anstrex includes a bookmarking feature that lets you save all of your favorite websites. It also allows you to build favorite groups and arrange your advertisements in a specific way so that you can find them if you lose them!
  • Advanced filtering option: One of the most advanced filtering feature, you can discover new content categories and long-tail keywords.
  • Deploy your landing page: Anstrex has a number of tools and plugins that can be used to analyze and customize sales funnels for a specific brand or industry. You can use this capability to submit it to the system without having to download or save an offline copy.
  • Real-time analysis: The Shopify spy tool not only allows you to keep track of potential customers and trends but also allows you to create advertising that is most profitable for them. This feature can be used by marketers to generate urgency and acquire a better understanding of their products or services.

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Native plan starts at $59.99/mo/user
  • Push plan starts at $79.99/mo/user
  • Native & Push plan costs $124.99/mo/user




Best Shopify Spy Tools For Adult Campaigns

AdPeriscope easy to use

All major ad networks
Landing page download and ad deployment tool
3G/4G Data from 150+ carriers

AdPeriscope is a powerful adult spy tool that allows you to monitor the websites that are prominent in the pornographic internet market. It’s a popular choice among website and business owners that want to display native adverts on their pages. It features content from over 50 countries, as well as all of the leading adult networks and over 150 mobile operators.

Using this Shopify spy tool you can search for keywords, ad networks, countries, mobile carriers, device types, languages, third-party trackers, and banner dimensions, then sort your results by duration, ad strength, date-seen, and landing page Alexa rank. The best thing about Adperiscope is that it provides you with a comprehensive list of publications. They have access to tens of thousands of publisher websites as well as their data. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly determine which publishers provide the best return on investment for advertisers.

You can also AdPeriscope Review

AdPeriscope can assist you in evaluating your competitors’ native ads and determining what actually works for them, as well as designing your own advertising plan to increase your ROI. You’ll find it much easier to keep records of your competitors’ techniques and how they run their advertising campaigns now. One of their amazing features is the ability to identify hundreds of affiliate networks using a sophisticated affiliate filter. It’s a brilliant product that you should utilize for your adult campaigns, and it’s a great deal!

AdPeriscope Features

  • Simple search option: Now you can use basic keywords to get the most recent banners and advertisements. You can also instantly review all of your company’s banner advertisements in real-time!
  • Advanced alert options: AdPeriscope not only keeps track of native online ads for you, but it also sends you notifications when one of your competitors starts a campaign.
  • Complete data: TThis incredible tool gives you a complete picture of your entire campaign, as well as a competitor study! Now there is no need to adjust for incomplete data!
  • Full set of creatives: You’ll be able to see the majority of an advertiser’s recent and future ad creatives if you use AdPeriscope. In this way,   you’ll be able to easily discover the most effective ad creative and boost your return on that investment.

AdPeriscope Pricing

AdPeriscope starts at $89.99/mo/user and includes all major adult ad networks, data from 56 countries, online chat support, and more.




Best Shopify Spy Tool For Dropshipping Stores

DropiSpy most affordable

In-depth insight into trending ads
Simple interface for effective navigation
Discover winning dropshipping products
$29$199 visit site

DropiSpy is a great way to spy on dropshipping stores since it allows eCommerce business owners to open an online store without having to stock or manage inventory. You may spy on your competitors and see what products they’re pushing and how they’re selling them on Facebook by using this ad intelligence tool. Check out the DropiSpy Promo Code today if you want to get DropiSpy at a discounted price!

You can also DropiSpy Coupon Code

Additionally, this tool has built-in filters for increased engagement, dropshipping, and winning products. In the Dropshipping Shops and Advanced Product Search areas, you’ll find all the data you need to make your business idea a winner. They also provide data about the products they utilize, such as regular page visits, ranking factors, and many other things that will help you to stay on top of the latest trends!

DropiSpy also has built-in features such as keyword searches, eCommerce platforms, media types, page titles, last active times, first seen dates, domain names, CTA buttons, languages, ages, genders, reactions, shares, and comments to help you gain a competitive edge! The software also has several built-in filters, such as recently viewed top-selling products, high interaction, and dropshipping. It’s one of the most cost-effective ad spy tools for getting ideas from successful dropshipping and manufacturing companies. Apart from this, this tool provides you with information about products, pictures, store details, and what long-term strategies are trending!

DropiSpy Features

  • Responsive user interface: DropiSpy has an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to easily find the fastest servers for effective navigation!
  • Efficient searches: DropiSpy offers various search filters which include keywords, ad kind, country, creative type, network, likes, shares, date ranges, and so on.
  • Advanced filters: This tool has a number of strong filters that let you easily add or remove ads that don’t fit your needs. Keyword search, ad creation date, media type, page name, first seen date, last seen date, audience nations, language, gender, age, domain, eCommerce platforms, CTA button, likes, shares, and comments are just a few of the more extensive filters.
  • Excellent support: DropiSpy offers exceptional customer service that is available around the clock, seven days a week. With their subscription options, you can also get quick access to their live chat service.
  • Large Database: DropiSpy’s product database has tens of millions of advertisements, and the software is updated daily, providing over 1000 new ads to you every day.
  • DropiSpy chrome extension: This Shopify dropshipping spy tool allows you to monitor your competitors’ advertisements while browsing their websites. When you log in to their dashboard, you can simply download this plugin!

DropiSpy Pricing

DropiSpy comes with 2 pricing plans:

  • The free plan starts at €0/mo
  • Premium plan starts at €29.90/mo
  • Business plan starts at €249.90/mo




Best Shopify Spy Tool For TikTok

PiPiAds user's choice

Free for first 3 days
Helps to find and promote hot-selling product
Offers 1000 view ads per day
Excellent sales support
$155$299 visit site

PiPiAds is a leading Shopify spy tool for TikTok Ads, and it can help you set up and link your Shopify store to TikTok! Aside from that, PiPiAds includes a Google Chrome extension called PPSPY, which is a free Shopify Analysis Tool that will assist you in determining the most suitable strategy for your Shopify dropshipping business.

PiPiAds integrates uncountable video data with business ads, giving you access to the greatest business plans to help you enhance your business game by assisting you in building a positive marketing strategy, audience list, targeted specialty, and location target, among other things. Furthermore, you will receive the most current and up-to-date advertisements for advertising activities, apps, and e-commerce selling.  They also provide a comprehensive analysis of ads and target groups, as well as extra ad plans for landing pages, costs, and other aspects.

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PiPiAds assists you in following your competitors and their upcoming ads, as well as analyzing the most comprehensive and exhaustive rival ad resources, such as their products and ad strategy, among other things. You may follow worldwide short-form video advertisements and items in real-time with this TikTok ad spying software. You’ll be able to monitor exactly which products are being marketed, as well as follow their increasing value. If you are looking for creative ads and beat your competitor with latest promotional strategies then PiPiAds can help you to search for hot products online!

PiPiAds Features

  • Creative templates: PiPiADS provides a number of designs, along with a unique template for your advertisements and content inspirations, to help you create higher-quality ad components that are market-driven.
  • Discover competitors’ policies: Now it is very easy to evaluate your competitors’ most successful commercials so that you can create your own ad campaign!
  • High-quality ad materials: You can remain up to date on the most latest update that may affect your sales with this design ads strategies, you can look at the advertising policies of your competition.
  • Find hot products for your dropshipping business: PiPiAds assists you in selling your competitors’ top products and allows you to swiftly follow the design and implementation of ad campaigns in order to maximize your profit.

PiPiAds Pricing

PiPiAds comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • VIP plan starts at $ 155/mo
  • The Pro plan starts at $263/mo
  • Enterprise plan is customizable.


Final Words On Shopify Spy Tools

Starting to learn from other stores, or even spying on them, can save you hours of labor and the headache of trying out new products. There is no scope to make any mistake since you can learn from other Shopify store owners what works and what’s not. The majority of business tools handle the job for you and save you a lot of time, but if you prefer a manual spy, they can also provide useful information.

There are a lot of Shopify spy tools that can fit your specific niche and budget and help you to improve your online eCommerce store sales by understanding your competitors! Now it’s your decision to get the best strategy and implement it yourself to make a good growth strategy for your own business! We recommend you to try BigSpy if you are tight on the pocket, PowerAdSpy in case you are looking for a cheap option, Anstrex if you want to spy on native ads, and lastly DropiSpy for spying on dropshipping stores.

Using the Shopify tools listed above, you can dominate the dropshipping industry and generate winning product and category ideas to help you start making money right away!

Hopefully, this guide will inspire you to stay motivated and one step ahead of the competition. Please feel free to post any questions or recommendations in the comment box below! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best wishes!

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