AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity: Which Is The Best Ads Spying Tool?

In Search Of Best Adult Ads Spying Tools? Find Two Best Ads Spying Tools and Which One Works Better in this AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity article.

Here in this article, You can see an in-depth analysis of AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity, two of the best Adult ads campaign spying tool that can reduce the workload by a lot and make your ad campaign much more profitable.

AdPeriscope and AdPlexity, both ad spying tools offer a range of features that allows you to spy on your competitor’s ads campaign and see what’s working out the best for them. You can modify those campaigning strategies with your creativity and build a better ads campaign strategy.

Before diving into the in-depth comparison of AdPeriscope vs Adplexity, we need to see what exactly ad spying tools are and how can you be benefitted from using them.

What Are Ads Spying Tools?

In the world of advertisement, the competition is fierce. With thousands of advertisers working on creating the best ad campaign strategies, spying on the ads campaign of your competitors certainly provides an edge. You can adapt the best adults ad campaign strategies and make them even better. People employ spying tools for Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube tools for ads spying for this purpose.

Spying on competitors’ adult ad campaigns is a tedious job, doing it manually can take several hours and still the results won’t be accurate. This is where tools like Adperiscope vs AdPlexity come into play. These adult ad spying tools can do the job in minutes, and that too accurately.

Website owners that want to keep an eye on their competitors frequently utilize an Ad Spy Tool. It assists you in analyzing your competitors’ native ads and determining what works for them, as well as assisting you in developing your own advertising and marketing campaigns in such a way that your ROI skyrockets.

AdPeriscope and AdPlexity are two of the best Ad spying tools to spy on your competitors. But Which one is the best pick? That we’ll be seeing in the section down below. Let our AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity dual begin.

AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity: Side by Side Comparison

Both AdPeriscope and AdPlexity offer a rich set of features. We are going to compare them side by side and see who comes out on top and wins the AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity battle.

AdPeriscope is a relatively new technology in the ad spy market that offers adult websites cost-effective ad spying services. With Anstrex‘s ideas and expertise behind it, this technology is swiftly gaining traction among internet industry influencers.

AdPeriscope was created with adult website owners in mind, and it allows them to spy on other adult websites in their niche. The main goal of the application is to help businesses unlock the secrets of successful adult advertising campaigns.

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AdPeriscope vs Adplexity: AdPeriscope Advantages

AdPeriscope Advantages
  • AdPeriscope makes it simple to see the greatest adverts from many ad networks online.
  • You can examine and analyze your competitors’ landing pages.
  • You can utilize the greatest landing pages for yourself by downloading them.
  • You can analyze the most successful ad campaigns that attract the biggest number of clients online.
  • AdPeriscope enables you to create your own innovative campaigns to enhance your company’s numbers.

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Key Features Of AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope Features
AdPeriscope Features

Greater Rate of Interest

Because of the enormous area that AdPeriscope covers, it is certain to attract higher rates of interest. It runs on 8 ad networks and supports 56 countries and more than 152 mobile providers.

Multiple Sorting Options

By simply typing in the main target term of the campaign, AdPeriscope allows you to look up the status of certain adverts and banners. This application will automatically spy on the banner after it has been located.

Multiple Filtering Options

With AdPeriscope’s administration tool, sorting information is a breeze. You only need to enter information such as strength, Alexa rating, duration, ad length, and performance, and AdPeriscope will locate your chosen banner in a flash.

Data Extraction

AdPeriscope uses a number of filters to offer you only the info you’re looking for. You may refine your Ads campaign search by using filters such as countries, devices, Ad networks, third-party trackers, banner size, and more. The advanced filtering option does not end here. You can also use this to distinguish affiliate offerings from other affiliate networks. This is achieved by employing a complex filter option.

AdPeriscope Device Support
AdPeriscope Device Support

Advanced Search Option

For both novices and advanced users, AdPeriscope offers two types of search possibilities. With the simple search option, you simply type in the keyword you wish to target, and the system will search its database for all banner names that meet your criteria. When it comes to advanced search, the ad spying tool provides a robust search option that makes use of a sophisticated Boolean question builder for pinpoint searching.

Download and Deploy Landing Pages

When consumers spy on a campaign with AdPeriscope, they can download a landing page. A novice can use this function with ease. AdPeriscope offers a sophisticated option for tech-savvy pro users, allowing them to download the landing page, edit, optimize, and re-upload it to their campaign.

Advance Alert

Adperiscope keeps you informed about the activities of your competitors. It maintains track of your competitors’ activities so you may build a sound strategy.

List Of Publishers

AdPeriscope Publishers List
AdPeriscope Publishers List

This AdPeriscope function is well-liked by those who have benefited from it. This ad spying tool scans a database of over 10,000 publications to see which ones are giving online advertising a higher degree of interest.

Additional AdPeriscope Features

Apart from these features AdPeriscope also provides an affiliate filter to filter affiliate networks, it allows you to mark and save your favorites and ad creatives, and many more features that make it one of the best ad spying tools in 2022. With all these features AdPeriscope certainly gets an edge over AdPlexity in the AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity face-off.

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AdPlexity vs AdPeriscope: What AdPlexity Offers?

Adplexity is one of the most reliable ad spying tools that can be used to get competitive intelligence from competitors’ ad campaigns. AdPlexity works in more than 70 countries and 120 mobile carriers. By only entering on their platform, you can easily download promotional materials like landing pages and banners from successful ad campaigns in an instant.

You can read our AdPlexity review for more details.

Adplexity Features

Landing Page Downloads

As the name suggests, by using this amazing feature you can easily download any landing page you want from competitors.

100 Affiliate Networks

With only one click, this AdPlexity function allows you to find the best ads promoting affiliate deals from over 100 affiliate networks. This is, without a doubt, the most fantastic AdPlexity feature I’ve ever seen.

Super Fast Search

They have a fantastic ultra-search tool that returns results in a matter of seconds and can be used by advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, and a variety of other entities.

120 Carriers

AdPlexity is a solution that effortlessly discovers any covert campaigns that are running on mobile carrier traffic from all around the world.

PopUp Redirects

AdPlexity can aid in the tracking of campaigns that rely on pop-under ads.

Device Integration

Adplexity supports all the major devices like Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, PC, etc.

Seeing the set of features of these two ads spying tools offers we can clearly see AdPeriscope gets a clear edge over AdPlexity in this AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity dual.

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AdPeriscope vs Adplexity: Which are the Most Affordable Ads Spying Tool?

Before jumping into any product, we need to think over its return on investment, If we can get better ads spying tool at a better price then why not get it? Let’s see who’s offering a better price in AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity.

AdPeriscope Pricing

Unlike other competitor espionage tools, AdPeriscope doesn’t confuse the customers with different prices. It comes with only one straightforward pricing.

AdPeriscope Pricing
AdPeriscope Pricing

For only $89.99/month AdPeriscope offers:

  • All Major Adult Ad Networks
  • Data From 56 Countries
  • 3G/4G Data From 250+ Carriers
  • Landing Page Download & Deployment Tool
  • Online Chat Support

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AdPlexity Pricing

Unlike AdPeriscope, AdPlexity offers various products for different prices. Let’s see them below.

Adplexity Mobile: $199/month

AdPlexity Desktop: $199/month

AdPlexity Native: $247/month

AdPlexity Push: $149/month

AdPlexity eCommerce: $199/month

Adplexity Carriers: $149/month

As you can see the pricing itself is very confusing and it costs more than twice compared to AdPeriscope. So the clear winner of this AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity is undoubtedly Adperiscope for its rich set of features and its affordable pricing.

Concluding Opinion On AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity

Without a doubt, if you have to select between AdPeriscope and AdPlexity, you should go with AdPeriscope because it is less expensive than AdPlexity. Without a doubt, at this price, you can begin spying on your competitors’ native advertisements right immediately and create more profitable campaigns.

I hope this AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity blog was able to satisfy your queries, if you still have any doubts remaining you can reach me in the comment box down below. I’ll be happy to answer you.

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