Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: Which Email Marketing Software Should You Choose?

Are you in a dilemma about how to choose the right eCommerce marketing platform? By choosing the right eCommerce platform, you can help your online stores grow! If you want to build email marketing strategies, then both Omnisend and Klaviyo can be your great eCommerce marketing platform to integrate and play nice with the biggest eCommerce platforms, like Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Both Klaviyo and Omnisend can offer amazing third-party integrations ranging from loyalty and rewards programs to shipping tracking providers, and checkout services. Omnisend and Klaviyo are two of many trackable email marketing tools for e-commerce businesses. These cloud-based platforms have been designed to appeal to a variety of audiences, but what they all have in common is that you get access from any device with an internet connection!

Want to know more? Scroll down to read an in-depth Omnisend Vs Klaviyo! Today, I will discuss in detail Omnisend Price Plans, support, pros, and cons of Omnisend as marketing automation!

For those just getting started in the world of email marketing, Omnisend is a good choice because it’s simple and easy to use. For more advanced marketers or companies willing to spend money on their campaigns Klaviyo may be what you need as its tools offer greater robustness with features tailored towards growth strategies like segmentation by interests which can help track customer behavior over time so that business decisions are better informed based off actual numbers rather than guessing!

It is tough to say which tool will come out ahead in this battle. The Omnisend app has been around for a long time and Klaviyo’s newer product seems just as good, if not better! Let’s take a closer look at both tools individually so you can make your decision with confidence!

Without any further ado, let’s go through Klaviyo vs Omnisend to explore their features, pros and cons, and use cases! Let’s dive a bit deeper and take a look at each aspect of the battle Omnisend Vs Klaviyo below! Here, we will discuss in detail Klaviyo Vs Omnisend Pricing, reasons behind migrating from Omnisend to Klaviyo.

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Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: What Are The Basic Differences?

You know what they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You might think that an email composer with the design style of Cloud City awaits you when it comes to Omnisend or Klaviyo. But don’t be fooled – both providers offer plenty more than just their own unique logos and colors in order for your campaigns to have potential! Here are the main differences between Klaviyo vs Omnisend!

Let’s take a look at each platform so we can see how this plays out: 

  • Klaviyo has tons of segmentation options, allowing you to reach practically any customer or niche your heart desires. Omnisend is lacking when it comes to email list segmentation. however, this doesn’t hold true for all the features offered by Klaviyo which makes them superior in comparison!
  • Klaviyo’s templates are more extensive and offer a wider variety of options to customize your messages. On the other hand, Omnisend offers simple email templates
  • In contrast to the simplicity of Omnisend which is especially suggested for beginners, Klaviyo comes with a broad feature set with a higher price tag which is better for more experienced users.
  • With Klaviyo email marketing automation you can add basic customizable text, images, columns, buttons, and tables. Whereas, Omnisend’s email builder provides you with a lot more options for customization.

Klaviyo Vs Omnisend Comparison: Email Marketing Automation

Both these email composers allow you to drag and drop elements into your email campaign. Omnisend and Klaviyo both offer plenty of templates to create stunning emails manually. With Klaviyo’s email builder you can create unique discount codes which are pretty complicated, plus you can also add in products directly from your store!

In Omnisend’s email builder, you have a lot more options for customization. Plus, with Klaviyo you can do a lot more work with the content you create. Klaviyo gives you all the features to scale your business as it grows and there is no need to worry about switching to other marketing platforms!

Omnisend also offers the Product Picker feature that allows you to pull products from your store directly into your campaign. You can integrate with Nosto for smart product recommendations, so customers will be even more convinced about their purchase!

You can create more engaging campaigns with Omnisend. The eCommerce platform lets you offer discounts and other promotions through scratch cards or gift boxes, giving customers an opportunity to win their own bargains while they shop! You also have video options for those who want a creative edge – or HTML customizations if that’s what gets your blood pumping!

On the other hand, Klaviyo’s email builder is highly applicable for beginners as it misses some eCommerce features which can save a lot of time while creating campaigns.

Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: Omnisend Review

Omnisend is a cloud-based marketing automation tool for more advanced users who may have outgrown their beginner-friendly email marketing platform. It’s designed to support sales-driven eCommerce businesses and one of the best features it has going on are reports that show which customers bought items from specific emails or campaigns, making this ideal if your main concern involves automating even over list segmentation as well!

Omnisend offers more eCommerce-friendly features, like unique discount codes and scratch cards that allow your customers to win their discounts in an exciting new way. Additionally, you can add videos or custom HTML for advanced users if they won’t have even greater interactivity with the campaign itself!

No one likes to spend their time on tedious tasks. That is why when it comes down to eCommerce and online marketing campaigns the most important thing isn’t what software you use but how efficient your workflow will be with that particular tool or service? Klaviyo does not have all of those features which makes me wonder if marketers would really want this type of experience in an email builder at times, especially since some other platforms provide better flexibility for repetitive workflows like scheduling emails during specific periods each day/weekend- even month-long campaigns!

Klaviyo offers a great email builder that helps marketers to build their subscriber list organically. With features like Omnisend’s landing pages, it is easy for them to create an effective campaign with minimal effort! By gamifying the Wheel of Fortune sign-up form, it is now easier for your customers to enter their email addresses and receive discounts without feeling like they’re being sold or spied on.

Omnisend Features

  • Create on-brand shoppable emails in no time
  • Pre-built eCommerce workflows
  • Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  • Customer Lifecycle Stages
  • Capture & convert new subscribers with popups, landing pages, wheel of fortune, and signup boxes
  • Advanced reporting
  • Increase your sales potential with email, SMS, Web Push Notifications, Facebook Retargeting Sync, Google Retargeting Sync
  • Abandoned cart follow-up
  • Drip email marketing campaign functionality
  • 80+ integration with eCommerce & messaging platforms to boost growth
  • Migration tools to make your migration a breeze
  • Connect and easily manage email for multiple eCommerce stores under a single account

Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: Pros And Cons Of Omnisend

Omnisend comes with unique features that make this software stand out from other competitors. But there are some disadvantages that you must consider.

🔥 Omnisend Pros

  • Newsletter campaigns: The content editor is the usual one you see on email marketing apps, but it works so smoothly and well. Of course, there’s a Product Picker that allows you to just pick a product from your store and it goes straight into your newsletter, no need to add images or descriptions.
  • Pre-filled Popups: Popups are great because they look amazing right out of the box. It’s all pre-filled so if you don’t like looking at a blank screen, you can just adapt the wording and it’s there.
  • Easy And Effective: It comes with a triggered email/ automation setup which is very easy and effective.
  • Unlimited Contacts: Omnisend permits unlimited contacts with a free plan when most other providers have a limit unless you opt for a paid subscription.
  • Great Customer Support: Provides great customer support.
  • Email Content Templates: Omnisend comes with email content templates, UX experience, audience segmentation, and tagging.

🔥 Omnisend Cons

  • Comes with a large selection of templates and more flexibility with customization
  • Lack of sample templates and campaigns.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend email marketing pricing
Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend email marketing platform comes with flexible pricing plans:

  • Free ($0) where you can reach up to 250 contacts, 500 emails/mo, up to 60 SMS, up to 500 web pushes.
  • Email ($16) where you can reach up to 500 contacts, 6000 emails/mo, up to 60 SMS, unlimited web push.
  • Email & SMS ($59/mo) you can reach up to 500 contacts, unlimited emails, up to 3933 SMS/mo.

Not only that, Omnisend offers a 14-day free trial. In case your upgrade plan expires, you can automatically place the free plan. Plus, the enterprise plan, with custom pricing. Here you will get unlimited emails per month and SMS credits. The best part is, you can start with $20/month.


Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: Klaviyo Review

Klaviyo is a cloud-based email management and marketing tool that’s perfect for any business looking to save time. It integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce so you can handle your emails in one place no matter what type of eCommerce site or storefront operation you have going on! Klaviayo’s innovative interface enables users at any level of expertise from beginners who want a simple way to connect their website through advanced marketers looking for detailed date tracking options!

Klaviyo’s email marketing platform simplifies the process of segmenting your customers so you can focus on what matters most. You just need to enter their information once, and then Klaviyo will do all the work for you! Klaviyo will help you personalize your emails, campaigns, and flows. They’ll even import customer information so that they can be segmented based on their needs! With Klaviyo send smart segmentation

You can personalize promotions and campaigns to your subscribers, or send abandoned cart reminders. You’ll also have the option of targeting repeat customers with customized emails! It’s designed for e-commerce stores, and it seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Magento. It can be used in both B2B or B2C companies that have their own website instead of an online shopping mall where customers are just browsing products without purchasing anything from them directly – this plugin will make your site interface more personalized!

Klaviyo Features

  • One-click integrations
  • ROI-based reporting
  • Powerful segmentation
  • Facebook advertising
  • Pre-built autoresponders
  • Website tracking
  • Dynamic data blocks
  • Email personalization
  • Product recommendations
  • Custom activity fields
  • Drag-and-drop email design
  • Responsive email templates
  • Email newsletter with triggered emails
  • Signup forms and popups
  • Abandoned cart series
  • Smart sending and custom integrations
  • Real-time trackings

Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: Pros & Cons Of Klaviyo

Klaviyo is packed with amazing features, which are very easy to learn and use. There are some drawbacks which are to be considered:

🔥 Klaviyo Pros

  • Email automation that nurtured new prospects with education and promotion content
  • Klaviyo segmentation helps you segment your list by behavior, purchase history, and by demographics
  • Klaviyo provided excellent reporting by campaign and marketing period and also allows you to track open, CTR, conversion, and revenue
  • Klaviyo allows you to store graphics from previous campaigns and use them in future marketing efforts
  • Custom integration with major market software using their API
  • Easy to use with intuitive user experience, where you can learn and navigate and set up with email automation and flows
  • Provides tons of segmentation options to create groups and manage leads and potential customers
  • Klaviyo smart send time protects subscribers by skipping recipients you recently emailed
  • Comes with built-in templates and automation workflows to get started fast
  • Better analytics to examine which campaigns have the best click-through rates, conversions, and open rates.

🔥 Klaviyo Cons

  • Needed more improvements to the graphics management so that it would be easier to resize images
  • Klaviyo is a bit expensive, compared to its alternatives
  • Basically designed for eCommerce businesses and service providers may not be able to use Klaviyo to its full potential
  • Its advanced functionality results in a steep learning curve

🔥 Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo comes with 3 powerful marketing flexible pricing, where you can pay for the email contacts and SMS messages that your business actually needs. Klaviyo comes with 3 powerful marketing flexible pricing, where you can pay for the email contacts and SMS messages that your business actually needs. It comes with a price evaluator where you can get an accurate idea of how much you need to pay.

  • Free option allows you to add 250 contacts and send 500 emails max
  • Email costs $20/month for up to 500 contacts where you send an unlimited email, with email and chat support
  • For 1500 contacts costs $45/mo
  • For 3,000 contacts costs $70/mo
  • Email marketing package allows you to add SMS. It allows you to add 100 SMS messages to your 500 contacts package, which costs you around $3.50.


🔥 Why Choose Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an amazing tool for beginners and experts alike. It’s perfect if you want to create custom emails, set up segmentation, or target specific customer groups with ads – no matter your level of expertise! If you want your e-commerce store to be successful, and have been marketing it for a while now without any success at all? You might need Klaviyo.

The tool can really help with listings that are segmented by interests or products in order to get the message across better ways than ever before! It also has some nice advanced targeting options so even if this is something brand new just take time to learn about all its features!

🔥 Omnisend Vs Klaviyo: Which Is Better For Your Ecommerce Business?

Klaviyo has tons of segmentation options, giving you an endless way to connect with subscribers no matter what stage they’re in or why. With KlaviYou’s wide selection of email templates and overall feature set, it has everything a company needs for its customer experience journey! Personally, Omnisend is more automated and comes with affordable pricing plans which is more approachable and scalable for smaller enterprises.

🔥 Omnisend Vs Klaviyo FAQs

1. What is an Email Marketing Tool?

Email marketing tools are the best way to promote your business via email. With a host of features and benefits, these automated services can help you collect subscribers while also creating personalized templates that get opened by more people! Email marketing tools help companies collect subscribers, create and send emails, and also allow you to access analytics.

2. What is Email Automation?

Email automation is the best way to send emails on your own time without having to worry about all those pesky scheduling complications. You can use email automation for sending blog updates, newsletters, and other types of messages that need regularity but don’t necessarily have an exact schedule planned out in advance!

3. What is the Best Email Marketing Software?

The email marketing industry is constantly changing and evolving. There are many different options for you to choose from, with their own unique features and integrations; the best one will depend on what your business needs! It can be hard to decide which email marketing software is the best for your business because they all come with different features and prices. But as a growing company, it’s important that we choose something affordable so our budget won’t suffer in addition to having enough room to grow into other areas of communication like Facebook Messenger or Skype conversations.

4. How can I send emails for free?

The free trial should include everything your chosen plan will offer once you start paying for it, which is a great way to see how an email marketing software performs in a real-world setting. Some of these tools come with unlimited subscribers and emails but be wary if that’s all there is on the low end or high because this isn’t what most users want from their service – reliable performance at affordable prices!


If you’re looking for a marketing platform to help grow your eCommerce business, then both Klaviyo and Omnisend are two great options. They each have features that make them unique from one another but in some ways they can work together as well! Klaviyo and Omnisend are two of the top platforms for eCommerce marketing. They both have features that make them better than other similar services, such as building subscriber lists or landing pages to promote your products on their social media channels!

Klaviyo and Omnisend have some similar features for your campaigns but there are also a few key differences. On the basis of building subscriber lists, landing pages or both services equally well-Klaviyo comes out ahead with its ease-of-use design whereas you’ll find better success with sending emails through OmniSend if email marketing is what interests you most!

According to my opinion, Omnisend is a far better marketing automation platform, which is easier to automate and track multi-channel marketing campaigns. In case, if you have to want advanced email marketing software then Klaviyo is the best option!

Hope you liked this article on Omnisend Vs Klaviyo. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to join our FB Group- Saas Talks where we discuss upcoming software reviews and other saas-related topics.

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